The grey-eyed lady had so many wonderful stories to tell, and she never grew tired of disclosing them. On her good days, she would share her happiness, for happiness shared is twice the happiness. On her not-so-good days, she would share her misery, for misery shared is half the misery.

Today was a not-so-good day, but she glanced at the children gathered around her with a friendly smile none the less. She missed the times when she only had to worry about a few Williams, not the teaming hoard that practically ran the ever-growing town of Santoff Clausen, but she also loved all of the younger generation of children dearly. That was, after all, part of her nature as a guardian.

The children had come ready to learn, for good or bad, happy or sad, all of her stories held a moral. She told her stories to pass along the good and the bad, so the first could be learned and the second could be avoided.

"What story will you tell us today?" the children asked, and her smile turned just the faintest touch sad.

"Today, I will share the story of the Frost Prince."


Author's Note: Alright, I know everyone has their own 'Jack goes dark' stories, but I'm hoping that this is different. It's been in the works for over a month now and I started it before I'd found any 'Dark Jack' (Black Ice or Black Jack) stories. I hope that people don't find it clishe (If you do, PLEASE tell me). Also, this will be an AU from the movie and there will be no pairings.