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We slowly, and quietly, stalk the rabbit. I spotted it only seconds ago, Katniss is allowing me to have this catch.

I quickly raise my arm, and with a flick of the wrist send the knife barrelling into the rabbit. Straight in the head, I smile with satisfaction knowing that this will therefore not affect the meat.

I grab the rabbit and Katniss gives me a quick smile before grabbing my hand and heading straight for the pond, our father taught us to swim in.

This is the furthest in the woods I have ever been, without my father. I have noticed that the further into the woods we go, the better the game is.

I strip down to my underwear and eagerly run into the water. Katniss quickly follows.

I have been trying so hard to forget about the Games, but hunting is a constant reminder, even though I enjoy it. It is something I can enjoy doing with Katniss now.

Our thing.

Gale only hunts on Sundays now, because he has started mining. I usually find some lame excuse of why I can't go on a sunday, because I know Katniss misses hunting with him, and I don't want to spoil their time together.

Especially since I see the way that Gale looks at Katniss.

The only time's I go on a Sunday is when I want to show Gale, if I've improved on something, like making one of his snares.

I splash Katniss right in the face, and swim away.

"Come back here, little duck," says Katniss, chasing after me.

She still calls me 'little duck'. I think she is trying to hold on to me, the old me. Before I changed, before I murdered people, before I became independent. I know she wants me to depend on her; she wants to feel like I am fragile and young. So whenever I am around her I let go and become the old me.

At the beginning, right after the Games, it was hard to talk to Katniss, but now it's different. I can say anything to her; I was scared our relationship would be weakened from the Games.

Katniss grabs me and splashes me. I squeal like a little girl and try to escape. She just laughs and lets me go.

"Come on we better get out now," she says.

"We still need to check all of Gale's snares, and some of yours."

"Ok," I say as swim onto the dirt.

We both relax for a minute drying off.

"I don't want to go on victory tour," I say, to Katniss.

I know that all the dresses are pretty and I will see Cinna, but I can't stand the thought of seeing all the faces of the family's who's children died for my life. They will all wish I was dead and their child alive.

"I know you don't," says Katniss. "If I had anything to do with it there would be no victory tour. Well, really, If I had anything to do with it there would be no Hunger Games in the first place," she says.

"What about all the families. Do you think Rue's family will hate me?" I ask.

"No, why would they? You were a great friend to Rue in there. You tried to stop her from doing the very thing that got her..," Katniss trails off.

"I guess," I say, looking at my hands.

"Oh come on Prim, you will be great, in every district!" says Katniss.

I smile, and giggle. "Thank you," I say.

We get up and change back into our clothes, I re-braid my hair in its single braid. Katniss does her hair and we head off checking the snares.

Any game we get, we don't keep or trade. It goes to Gale's family; they are still barely scraping by. No matter how many times we have offered them money, Gale won't accept it. He only just accepts game because he knows they need it.

We get a lot from the traps, nine rabbits, three squirrels and a beaver. And the rabbit that I caught. I smile satisfied, and notice that Katniss is happy with it too.

Once we reach the fence of District 12 Katniss and I stop to listen to it. I wait to see if there is a hum, before continuing, just like Katniss taught me. Our first stop is the Hawthorns house.

"Hi Hazelle," I say in a cheery tone, trying to forget about the victory tour.

I really like Hazelle; she has always been so nice to Katniss and I. She also went through the same thing as my family, when her husband died in the mine explosion.

"Hello Prim, and Katniss," she says. We hand her the Game and she looks very happy.

"You two did well I see," she says.

I smile and nod.

Hazelle bring Katniss and I a tea each. When I hold on to the warm tea, I realise how cold I am. My hands soak in the warmth but the rest of my body desperately seeks it.

"Katniss are you going to the hob?" I ask.

"Yeah, aren't you coming?" she asks.

"No, I want to go home and have a shower. I'm really cold," I say.

"I guess, it wasn't the smartest idea to swim that early, but it was still fun, little duck," she says.

I drink the rest of the tea, even though it is scolding.

"I should go now," I say giving Katniss and Hazelle a hug. As I jog off I hear Hazelle, say goodbye.

When I get home, I slide off my boots and run for the bath.

"I'm home!" I yell almost at the bathroom.

"How'd you go?!" asks mum.

"Good!" I yell in reply.

I slip off my clothes, and slide into the bath. The warmth satisfies my body instantly. I soak in the bath for at least fifteen minutes just thinking. I know that for the victory tour I will need to just suck it up and go. I mean really, what other option do I have?

I can hear the honking of horns and a car engine doors banging shut and the sounds of people greeting each other. That can only mean one thing, my entourage is here.

That means, the victory tour is really starting right now.

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