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'Deep in the meadow under the willow

A bed of grass a soft green pillow

Lay down your head close your sleepy eyes

In the morning you will rise. '

These lyrics are on replay as I dream; it's my voice singing the song but it sounds kind of, creepy. Then suddenly I see Rue's body lying on the floor, in the woods.

Faintly in the background I hear the song.

Suddenly Rue opens her eyes. "What have you done?" she whispers.

"You promised me, you would live," she continues. "What have you done?"

I get up and try to run away but I can't escape. I cover my ears but the song becomes louder.

Rue starts talking again. "You let me die, will you do the same to your family. They won't be happy. What have you done?" It all becomes very overwhelming, I feel trapped, out of breath, claustrophobic.

I start to scream "Stop! Stop!" but Rue doesn't, neither does the song. Then something is shaking me, I am starting to wake up.

Rue says one last thing before closing her soulless eyes, "Be careful."

I open my eyes to find Haymitch shaking me. "Prim, you were screaming. It's just a nightmare, it happens to anyone who goes into the Hunger Games. Your awake, it's not real," Haymitch tries to wake me up.

I can feel tears dripping on my cheeks. Haymitch sees that I have woken up, I feel the need to explain why I was screaming and crying. Through crying, I managed to say, "It was Rue, she was on the floor, but she was speaking. And her eyes, they were dull and lifeless, not like when she was alive, then they sparkled. And the song I sang to her was playing, and I couldn't run away, I was trapped."

Haymitch looks at me aqwardly, as if he wants to comfort me, but that isn't exactly his area of expertise. "Yeah I get it, that kind of stuff happened to me. Remember Maysilee? We became friends, until she died," says Haymitch. "Breakfast is in about half an hour."

With that Haymitch leaves. As I have a shower and get changed, I still feel pretty shaken from the dream.

We arrive in the Capitol soon, and I am off to the training centre to be put into the hands of the prep team. I grit my teeth as they wax my legs, I don't complain, I just lay their silently.

The prep team are silent except for Octavia, who is sobbing whilst waxing my legs. She apologises every times she pulls a strip, I don't do anything, from now on I must be strong. That little girl from twelve can't even surface, I must be the girl I was at the end of the last Hunger Games, this time I have many more skills though.

I have been thinking so much about the way the Capitol people acted when I arrived. They weren't screaming and cheering, they looked very much unhappy. To them I was the little girl that changed into someone who could fight. Now, maybe they don't want me to go back into the Hunger Games in fear of what could happen to me.

I hope it doesn't change me for the worse.

The Capitol people are unhappy about the fact that the victors are all going into the arena, they have come to know the victors, and it's almost as if their friends are going into the Hunger Games.

Cinna eventually shows up, I run and hug him. "What do I do? I am going to die, maybe Haymitch can win, Cinna help me, I am so scared," I say pleadingly. Cinna hugs me tighter. As soon as the words come out of my mouth, I know how stupid I am being. So much for the tuff girl.

Cinna just has that effect on me; I feel so safe around him, I just want to tell him everything I feel.

"You're going to be fine Prim," Cinna says. I compose myself and release from the hug.

"I know, I just really needed to get that out and I have to be strong in front of everyone else."

"It's alright; you're a tuff girl Prim, your much better at dealing with this than half of the other adult tributes."

Lunch is amazing, Cinna has ordered Pheasant with a selection of jewel-coloured jellies, and tiny versions of real vegetables swimming in butter, and potatoes mashed with parsley. For dessert we dip chunks of fruit in a pot of melted chocolate. Dessert is the best bit as always, I have as much chocolate as I can hold, because it is a very good thing to have some extra meat on myself, I will therefore be able to go for longer periods in the arena without food.

"What will I be wearing tonight, for the opening ceremonies?" I question Cinna.

"Something that hopefully will catch the eyes of the Capitol citizens, since this year everyone will go electronic on the outfits, trying to outdo your outfit from last year," Cinna says.

The prep team come back and help Cinna do my makeup and outfit. In my interview last year, the look Cinna gave me was mixed. I had sophisticated makeup and a young pretty dress.

This year I am the same, I wonder why Cinna has done this but, he knows what he is doing. My makeup is dark and almost evil looking, yet it makes me look beautiful. My dress is a light blue and it has the effect of snowflakes falling, it reaches my ankles and perfectly shows off my figure, making me look more womanly, older.

"Umm Cinna?" I ask.

"This isn't exactly coal themed."

"Yeah I know," he says.

"You're just going to have to trust me."

And I do because knowing Cinna; there is more to the outfit than meets the eye. Cinna leaves me, to go down to the Remake Centre.

Haymitch is over talking to some people that I don't really recognise. Last year all of the tributes waited on their carriages, this year everyone is talking, they all know each other. I walk over to Haymitch and find that he is now only talking to one person, Finnick Odair.

"Hi Haymitch," I say casually.

"This is Finnick," Haymitch says.

"Hi," I say shyly.

"You're the winner from last year. Youngest winner ever," Finnick says with false excitement.

"Why is that a bad thing?" I ask.

"Um you took my title," Finnick says seriously. Then he starts laughing. I kind of aqwardly laugh, then quickly stop.

"Sorry?" I say.

"Nah kid, don't worry," Finnick says light-heartedly.

"Prim, how old is your sister?" Finnick says.

"17," I reply sternly, knowing where he is heading with the conversation.

"Too bad I don't have another couple years, she wasn't bad looking," he says.

"You're a bit old don't you think?" I say.

Finnick holds his heart as if I've really hurt his feelings. "Ouch, never had anyone say that to me before," he says.

"Well it's about time I'd say, you're a bit up yourself," I say with my sudden flush of confidence.

"Can't wait for more of our lovely conversation in the arena," he says.

"Joy, I get to be your ally," I say sarcastically.

"All right Prim we should get on our chariot now," Haymitch says. Haymitch is wearing a tuxedo that has the same colours and the snowflakes as my dress.

"Do you know what our outfits will do?" I ask Haymitch.

"No idea, but knowing Cinna and Portia it should be good," he says.

Just before the carriages start of the remake centre, Cinna runs up to Haymitch and I. "Around halfway through your trip to the training centre, your outfits will do something, I don't want to give away what it is, but when it happens stop smiling and waving and act like your better than the crowd, okay?" he asks.

I nod in reply.

The carriages come out one by one and finally ours. The Capitol people look confused, but I just smile and wave.

We have been going for a while when suddenly I feel a whoosh of air run up my body. I look down to my dress and it is no longer a blue dress with snow, it now is a black dress that goes to my knees and has the resemblance of burning fire. My hair is still the same, in its single braid, my signature look apparently.

The Capitol people scream our names and shout and some cry in excitement. We are getting roses from all directions.

Cinna has done it again.

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