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His eyes were red, his face stained with tear lines, he was simply upset. He couldn't explain it, how just the mention of love could throw him over a cliff. How it could make his chest ache. How it always seemed he was loosing to Sasuke. Sure he had accepted the fact that he no longer had a chance with Sakura, but that didn't mean he was over her. No, it would take a long time to get over that.

He was walking a long the bare streets of the town, he walked past many different couples, each reminding him of something he didn't have. The dirt moved to dust as he bitterly kicked the ground. It wasn't fair that everyone around him was finding love, and he was just sitting there with no one. It wasn't like he was asking to be alone, no all he really desired was to be loved.


He stopped as he heard his name, it was gentle, and soft. He knew the owner of it was. It was who he came her with. He didn't want her to see him like this. He didn't want anyone to see Konoha's hero like this, but it wasn't like she hadn't already. He remembered how he ran into her after leaving before he was to deliver his speech on his teammates wedding night. How they spent the next day watching tv, and then the multiple times they had kissed. It was fair to say he enjoyed their relationship, but it would be wrong to lead her on like that. He began to rub his face too keep her from noticing his crying.

"What's up, Tenten?" He said as he turned to face her with a smile.

She hated seeing him like this. It was the same way she found him on that night, teary eyes, upset, and trying to hide it all. She knew he still loved Sakura, and nothing would change that for now. The Naruto before her wasn't the one that she knew, the one that her admiration had turned to affections. Her Naruto was strong, and always held a smile trough the toughest times. Not like the one who was lying to himself, and trying to hide his pain.

"Nothing, I just thought you were at the 'party'?" She didn't want to ask why he left for multiple reasons. One: its his personal business, and two: It wouldn't get her anywhere.

He was never one for formalities so the dinner, party, or whatever the hell you wanted to call it wasn't something he really wanted to do. Besides it wasn't like he was learning anything to deal with diplomacy, no he was more like Shion's drag a long toy. Just going from table to table, saying the same thing over and over. An 'her' the girl who he escorted outside, he would never forget about her, the one who reopened the wounds of his first love, of everything he had been trying to put behind him. Just everything.

"Oh, that boring thing. I caught Shions back turned and darted out the door." he let loose with as much conviction as he had left.

She didn't question him darting out the door, that part must have been apparent, but his reasoning was bound to be far, far off. She knew she wasn't going to get him to crack, at least not anytime soon. At least not till he finally trusted her enough to tell her anything. Sure he trusted her to cover him on the battlefield and on missions, but never on anything personal.

"I see, well I'm heading back to our room. Wanna join me?" she asked it with a hopeful smile. In their room she could get him away from whatever it was that made him upset. He needed to be safe.

"Yeah, I think I'll do just that."

The walk back to their room wasn't long, no but it was quiet. Neither side said anything, not a word. They just looked forward and kept walking. For Naruto his silence was him trying to recollect himself before he arrived at their room. For Tenten she was simply trying to figure out how to comfort him. Neither was going to well at all, he was having problems getting that girls questions out of his head, and she was having a hard time trying to get inside his head.

Not too long their walk ended and they were inside their room. Well more like two bedroom apartment. His room to the left, hers to the well right. In between was a small kitchen and living room area for both their uses. She doubted as they separated after telling him which room was his, that she would see him again that night. He would more than likely just change and go to bed. That was something she might just do as well.

He was done changing clothes, part of him wished he could just go straight to bed, which he could, but the other half, the half that wanted him to stay up, and do something was getting the better of him. He was far from being back to normal, but sleep wasn't going to help anything at this point, no it would prolong it. So he changed, it was simple a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt, nothing complicated. It wasn't seconds later he exited his room to go to the living room, if he was going to be up he was at least going to watch some tv before he did go to bed.

Tenten was in the middle of changing, when she heard his door reopen, and his footsteps draw closer, then stop. For a short time she wondered if he was waiting outside her door for something, but as she heard the tv click on, she knew that he was just going to watch tv. She even got a kick out of the things he randomly said while watching whatever it was he was watching. Things like 'What the hell are you thinking' or 'Sure listen to that stupid guy'. He sure got into things and quick. Thats when she heard it, there was no mistake, she heard it.

"Oh, great she's going to fall in love with the wrong guy.. Just like Sakura!"

All his talking stopped after that line, he caught himself, he knew he was lying to his self then. The only thing she could do was get dressed faster, and faster. She could hear something, it sounded like light footsteps, but she didn't know. As the noise slowly made its way to her door, her clothes became much harder to slip into. Seriously, how can a pair of shorts be that hard to put on. As the noise stopped, she finally managed to get into her clothes. An all she could do was stare at her door waiting at any moment for a single noise to alert her Naruto was outside it. An that happened a single knock, however feint rang into her ears.

"Naruto?" She knew it had to be him, but still asking was the only sure way to know.

"Yeah, I was wondering if.. Well maybe, you'd want to watch some movies with me." his voice sounded broken, like he could barely say anything at all.

"Yeah sure, give me a minute. " Her voice answered.

It was seconds later that she heard loud thumps, breaking objects, and finally a echoing thud. She ran out of her room to the space that occupied the room between hers and his, what did she find? Rogue ninjas trying to overtake him, or him throwing a large temper tantrum? Neither, she found a Naruto she had only seen once before. A broken one. He was lying on the floor gasping for air, hand clenched to his chest, and eyes closed. He was taking some kind of attack, what kind she didn't know, but she couldn't do anything about it. All she could do was wait it out. An that wasn't long, because he passed out. It was safe for her to say at this point he was far from okay, he was shattered, and there wasn't anything she could do about, yet.

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