Feeling barely able to stand, Harry was being held up by two Death Eaters he watched as Voldemort looking at him "What happen to him?" he asked as he saw Bellartix coming bouncing into the room with a big fat smile on her face

"Got carried away." Bellatrix giggled and sang, the new human looking nut job that was Voldemort walked over to her and slapped her

"How dare you, you were not touch him." He hissed angrily at her

"B…But my Lord you going to kill him any ways." She said, holding her cheeks, he growled at her and looked towards Luicus

"You asked to keep him, he's yours, just make sure he stays out of my way." He said, Luicus bowed and walked over to the teen, Harry looked up at him, unable to move his jaw, he just looked at him an gently ran his hand over the boy's broken jaw, Harry whimpered and let tears roll down his face,

"Shhhshhh." He said as he waved his wand over the broken jaw and other areas that was damage by his crazy noon to ex-sister in law. Looking into the blue eyes of the man in front of him Harry just stared at him

"You better get back to your pregnant mate Luicus." Voldemort tells him

"Narcissa pregnant?" Bellatrix asked

"No she not at least she never said you would have to asked Severus." The blonde said

"What?" the dark hair woman said, the rest of the group chuckled

"My dear Bellatrix, Luicus here is Dark Elf from his mother side; he can only have children with his mate." Voldemort said with a smile enjoying that that everyone knew but her, but he had to give her the benefit of the doubt, one she madder than the mad hatter and two she been locked away

"B…But Draco he's your son?" she said looking shocked, Luicus smiled as he move around Harry and held him closer to his chest, the teen gasp at the protective hold

"Not my son, he was adopted son may father forced me to marry her, he had hope that because he was my father that I my inheritance would not be strong enough to take a hold like that, but he was wrong, when me and Narcissa found Draco in the orphanage I knew he was perfect, he looked like a Malfoy and he was my mate but I hate to wait but it was worth it, but now I have another mate to take care so good day, come on Harry let's take you home." he said

"What?" Harry cried out as he was pulled out the room.

Back at the Malfoy house Draco sat on the large red sofa touching his swollen belly, he was waiting for his mate to come home with their new mate, he found funny how his father isn't really his father but his adoptive father, he chuckled as he rubbed the bump "I wonder what people will think of this?" he said "Tests are positive and so are spells, only Malfoy in name." He said

"Draco I'm home." Luicus said as they walked, Harry being carried in his arms

"Hello Luicus, what happen to him?" he asked as he stood up

"He feel a sleep on the way here, I am afraid Bellatrix decide to hurt him, I healed him but was mentally exhausted."

"Ummm poor boy." He whispered brushing the hair out of his eyes

"I'm going to take him up stairs and let him rest in one of the guest rooms; I think it might take while for him to come round to the idea."

"Well he was just handed off to us like a bit of meat." Draco said "Do you think he had elfin blood in him?" He asked

"No not elfin, vampric on his father's side I believe." Luicus said taking the teen up stairs.

Harry stirred, he turned on his side and then opens his eyes, and there was a window, it was large, sitting up Harry looked around the room, he sat up on the bed and looked for his glasses, patting the bedside table he found them and put them on, blinking at the sudden clearness he moved off the bed and moved into the bathroom. Luicus walked into the room with a try and saw the bed was empty and the sound of the flush coming from the bathroom, setting the tray down on the small table he looked sat on a chair and waited for the teen to walk out the bathroom and soon enough he did.

Harry open the door and stopped and looked at him blinking, Luicus looked at the teen as well and saw hesitation in his green eyes "I thought you might want some food?" he said, Harry just looked at him

"Why am I here?" he asked as he looked at the glass of red liquid "And you should not temp me with blood."

"To answer your second question my little Dhampir, you been told so long to keep away from blood that is till drive you to blood lust which will happen but only because you been denied it, but it will make you stronger." He said Harry just watched him as he moved to another chair a cross room him, just looking at it

"I…I've had blood before, when I was hurt by my uncle my dad…I mean Sirius got me some blood." He said quietly

"So you have been through the blood lust?" Harry nodded, Luicus push the glass forwards to him "Drink and I will tell you why your here." he said Harry took the drink and sniffed it before he started to drink it all when he had drunk it all he sat back and licked his lips happily "Better?"

"Ummm much." He said looking at him "So am I here?" he asked "Why am not being used a punching bag?"

"Do you remember the discussion I had with Bella?" he asked

"No, I just remember the beating, pain and then nothing I felt safe." He said with a frown, Luicus smile

"I am a Dark Elf and Draco is not my son is was adopted, my father forced me to marry Narcissa, but as she was not my true mate I could not have a child with her, I knew Draco was my mate the minute I saw him and I had to wait for him to turn 16 before I claimed him."

"And where do I come into this?" Harry asked

"Your my mate to, I knew this when I met you in your second year, but it confused me, I had Draco why do I need a second mate…so I went to my mother's people and they told me that it's not uncommon for powerful Dark Elf's to have more than one mate they can have up to three or four…which reminds me do you think your friend Remus is free for a chat?" he asked

"So…so you want a Halfling as a mate and a werewolf and you are also mated to your son who isn't your son but is adopted?"

"Yes that is the half of it." Luicus beamed that Harry has cotton on

"You have to wait until I'm 16." He said rubbing the back of his head

"I do, but my Elfin law requires me to woo you."

"Woo me?"


"Ah." Harry said nodding "What about the war?"

"You're no longer a part of it and as soon as Greyback can nab his cub neither will he." He smiled getting up and kissing Harry on the forehead "Come on Draco wants to catch."