Luicus started wooing Harry the next day, by leaving notes with Elvin and vampire poetry, some of it made him blush, Draco chuckled as Luicus wooed Harry the same why he wooed him, but he never let Draco feel left out with his love. It was a 3 weeks later, Draco was sat quietly in the kitchen eating cookie dough, when Harry came running into the room closing the door behind him "He is like a blood hound!" Harry gasped

"Well you do have a day left as a 15 year old." He said chuckling

"He's a pervey elf man." Harry muttered "Just wants to fuck me." He said, Draco smiled and handed him a spoon and they both dove into the cookie dough

"He just wants to have his family; he's waited a long time for that." Harry took a scoop of dough and took it into his mouth and looked at the blonde

"H…How does it feel?" he asked point to the bump

"Like I have something growing inside of me that moves and kicks me in the bladder, my back hurts and feet…but I love it." He smiled

"It does look like pregnancy suits you, you look like your glowing." He smiled at him; Draco looked into the dark green eyes and smiled at him

"You fancy meeee." He sang

"What no I didn't say that!" Draco stood up and walked over to the blushing Dhampir, and sat in his lap "What the hell are you doing?" Harry yelled looking into the sliver blue eyes of Draco; the blonde took Harry's hands and laid them on his bump and he felt the baby move "D…Draco." He whispered, looking up, the blonde kissed him on the lips, he cupped Harry's face as they deepen their kiss

"Well it's good to know that my mates are getting on so well with each other." Luicus smiled, both teen's turned to look at Luicus, he stood in the door way, looking at the pair, the dark hair teen's face was red while Draco had a tinted cheeks

"Luicus." Draco whined "Let's have some fun." He said Luicus looked at him with a raised eye brown

"Harry is still 15 until midnight." He said, Draco chuckled and licked Harry's neck

"But I can still have fun with him right? You can always watch?" he said innocently, the blonde man growled at them as Draco kept sucking on Harry's neck.

"I would rather you won't I want to take him." He said

"I was thinking he could fuck me."

"D…Draco." Harry swallowed looking at them.

Luicus had told Draco no and the pregnant teen told him he could sleep in his office that night and went out the room with his bowl of cookie dough, Luicus sighed and Harry just gave him a look the blonde man smiled and kissed Harry on the lips and started to run his fingers up and down Harry's throat

"Are you ready for tomorrow Harry?" He asked the teen,

"I…I don't know I'm still finding all this weird." He whispered, he thought Luicus to be upset by this, but the man wasn't

"I understand but you have to understand I can't hold back much longer, we have to spend the whole day together." He tells him cupping his cheeks and kissing him again before leaving the room.

Harry didn't think he would sleep that much last night, but he had the best night sleep of his life, but waking up at 5am he was filled nerves, he was 16 and today he is meant to bonds with Luicus as his mate the half vampire was scared, he decide to go for a long bath, he poured the musk bubbled bath and climbed into the hot water, he always woke up at that time and had a long soak in the tube, he heard the pop of the house elf leaving his breakfast and then leave again, he couldn't wait for his daily dose of blood…I'm going to need it… he thinks.

Walking into his bed room he sees his breakfast on the table and he walks over and starts to eat, eating first helps the blood settle in this stomach when he was done with food he reaches across to the glass of blood, and takes it and downs the blood, he placed it back on the table and leaned back in the chair and sighed and felt his eyes close as the blood took effect. In the hase of his mind he could hear someone knocking at the door, Harry open his eyes and looked up to se Luicus, the blonde man smiled at him "You okay?" he asked Harry bite his lip

"Can we talk?" Luicus looked worried but nodded as he closed the door,

"What is wrong my little Halfling." He asked, Harry blushed and looked up

"I'm scared." He said, Luicus smiled and knelt in front of him

"We can go slow, we have the whole day and some of tomorrow, everything will be okay." He smiled holding him hands; Harry closed his eyes and pulled his hands away

"It…it's not about being with you, I can do that…it…it I'm not as innocent as you think I am." He said

"I was never expecting you to virgin Harry." Luicus said, but when he sees more pinkish tears roll down the pale face, Luicus realised something and it sicken him "It's not about that is it, you're scared of sex in general, and who hurt you." he whispered

"My uncle." He said quietly

"Oh Harry I'm sorry." He said "Does anyone else know?"

"Sirius knew, and Remus, well I am pretty sure Dumbledore knows… It was after my first year and only during the summers, by my third year Remus and Sirius found out and scared the living shit out of my uncle and he never came near me again, but I am still scared."

Luicus watched the teen sob as he reach out and picked him up and held him in his arms, "It's okay you will never have to see him again, I promise you, you have to trust me that I will never hurt you." he said kissing his hands

"I…I want you to clam me but I'm so scared." He sobs into his chest,

"How about I show you how you could feel." The blonde elf said as he they sat on the bed, Harry nodded to him and looked up at him, the blonde man leaned down and kissed Harry's lips, they slowly kissed each other, Harry kissed back, Luicus hands stayed above Harry's waist line and let his hands move, the teen whimpered into the kiss as the felt the warm hands touch his skin, after a minute they pulled apart and for some air and looked at each other "Was that good?" he asked

"Yes." He answered with a blush

"I won't hurt you." Luicus promises as he kisses his lips once again.

After a while Harry's shirt has come off and the dark elf was worshiping the boy's chest tracing each scar he could find with his tongue, the teen was shriving and moaning, looking up Luicus smiled at the at the boy, there seem to be a silent connection between the two, Harry nodded as he watched the blonde pull down the PJ bottoms slowly and then slipped them off onto the floor "Your beautiful Harry."Luicus said as he kissed each hip, he moved down lower and parted open his legs and kissed along the thigh nipping at the skin getting a soft moan out of the half vampire. Harry closed his eyes and when he felt Luicus hot breath touch his cock, making him whimper, and what he didn't expect was the sudden heat and pleasure that shook though his body as Luicus covered Harry's cock with his mouth

"Luicus!" He cried out as the blonde bobbed his head up and down listening to the wonderful moans that his soon to be bonded mate was letting out, his hands held onto the silky blonde hair as he threw his head back against the pillow and moaned and cried, his hip jerking up as he reach so close to his peek and the a gentle graze of Luicus' teeth Harry screamed as he came down the blonde's throat.

Pulling back Luicus let Harry's cock fall out of his mouth and moved back up to his face and pulled him into a kiss, their tongue met and Harry could taste himself in Luicus mouth and it making shiver in lust, pulling out from the kiss again Harry looked up into his eyes "Enjoying yourself?" the blonde asked, Harry nodded "Ready for more?" he asked

"Y…Yes please." He asked, taking his wand Luicus waved it silently over Harry's entrance "Ahhh what did you do?" he asked looking at him, smiling Luicus kissed his lips again,

"It helps stretches you and wet you." he smiled "It will make it easier for me to enter you." he whispered to him as he settled in between his legs "Now settle back and relax okay." He whispered, Harry lay back down and, his heart racing and thumping against his rib cage as Luicus slowly pushed the head of his cock into his little mate.

Harry closed his eyes and bit his lips as Luicus slide in, once the blonde elf was all the way in, Harry let out a sob "Shhh its okay if it hurts, it will pass, and soon you will feel our bond start to form and that will feel better than anything you can imagine." He smiled softly as he stilled waiting for Harry to get use to his size, the teen whimpered and looked up at Luicus and warped his arms around the man and held him close, as Luicus kissed his neck, after a while of Luicus rubbing his hands over Harry's bare skin, the teen moved his hips

"M…Move please." Harry begged, Luicus smiled as he started to move his hips slowly, pulling his cock out until the head was still inside of him, and pushed back in, Harry winces as Luicus moves, refilling him, the pain was there but it wasn't as half bad as before, and soon little moans left Harry's lips as the pleasure pushed the pain away, their movements got faster as they got lost in pleasure, their bond started to grow between them, as Luicus was a dark elf he has his own set of long fangs and he let them sink into Harry's neck, gasping Harry arched his back and let out a scream as he felt himself cum on his stomach, Luicus groaned into the bite as came inside of Harry and their bond seeping into their blood leaving Luicus bond mark on Harry's neck.