It felt like any other day in the boisterous Magnolian guild of Fairy Tail. Cana was enjoying her daily date with the wine barrel. Mirajane stood behind the bar talking to Levi as Jet and Droy sat on adjacent barstools hanging on her every word. Grey and Elfman stood in the centre of the hall discussing what it was to be a man as Juvia nodded fervently at Grey's argument. However, in one corner of the guild Natsu Dragneel looked ill as he gazed in the direction of one Lucy Heartfilia. Suddenly his face lit up as a thought came to him and he dashed straight into the master's office.

The small man stood on his desk with his arms crossed behind him staring over the stunning view of Magnolia, thinking of nothing in particular, when a certain young mage interrupted his reverie.

"MASTER!" Yelled Natsu.

"Naaaaatsu?" Macarov turned around, "what is it?"

"Jii-chan Lucy has put some sort of curse on me, whenever I look at her my heart beats really fast and my stomach feels like I'm on transportation!" Natsu blurted out.

The impish man took a second to make sense of Natsu's word-barrage.

"Mmmmmm," Macarov paused and stroked his beard for what seemed like an eternity to Natsu.

"You love her," he replied contentedly.

"NANIIII?!" Natsu screeched.

Natsu sped over to the master and circled around him, examining him from every angle and rapping on his head.

"Jii-chan are you okay? You're getting old old man you should see Porlyusica and get some medicine."

The master stood patiently, hands crossed over his chest and eyes closed before he flung out his arms.

"Yamete! No curse can give you these feelings but the great and terrible curse of real love."

Natsu's mouth curved into a big grin.

"Whoooa so it is a curse! Tell me how to cure it so I can get back at her soon."

Frustrated, the little master expanded almost to the ceiling to look down at Natsu with piercing eyes.

"You baka!" but then a genius idea sparked in his giant head and he shrunk back down to size, hiding a cheeky smile. With a new air of dignity Macarov declared, "the only way to break a love curse is to kiss the person that cursed you!"

Natsu looked blank, then jumped and fist-pumped into the air.

"Sugoi! Master I knew you'd help me out!" and with that the dragon slayer sprinted out of the office, fists clenched, mouth open and fire in his throat.

Out in the great hall a brawl had started between Grey and Elfman, knocking over Cana's wine barrel and thus ensuring her participation in the combat. With this happening few noticed when Natsu burst into the room and scanned briefly for his target.

"Lucy!" He belted as he took her hand and led her out of the building.

"Naaatsuuu! What are you doing? Let go of me!"

The celestial mage barely kept her footing as Natsu dragged her along behind him. Around the side of the guild he released his target and pointed accusingly at her, his index finger just an inch from her nose. His other hand was planted firmly on his waist and his fanged mouth bore a grin of victory.

"Ha! I know how to break your stupid love curse!"

Without allowing her a single moment to assess his intensions and foil his plan, he grabbed both sides of her head in his hot hands and pulled her in for a kiss. As their lips touched Lucy was released from her paralysed state. "Nyaaaaaa!" she reeled back and slapped him hard on the cheek.

"What was that all about?!"

Natsu looked back at her, his face as blank as a slate, the big red handprint on the side was only just distinguishable from his florid face. He looked down and held his hand over his heart for a second.


His face turned to utter confusion and he let out an awkward burst of laughter.

"AAAH HA HA HA nothing, I've got to go ja'ne!" and with that he ran off into the town and disappeared.

Lucy stood shock still and brought her fingertips to her lips. What on earth just happened? Was that really her first kiss? But it happened so fast! And with that dense hothead Natsu?!

She felt dizzy and leaned against the side of the guild.

Natsu's kiss, his lips were so warm, and with his hot hands over her ears she could have melted into him if it weren't for her immediate shock.

But this is Natsu we're talking about, his only emotions are anger and excitement, he's just your friend and partner…. and what did he say about a love curse?