She knew it; she knew it in her heart and soul that she had fallen for her immature, idiotic, completely insane partner, and even more insane; he had fallen for her too.

Her mouth opened and six short words came out.

"This is what love feels like."

Just as she gave voice to her powerful revelation the key-bearer's face turned beet-red. She removed Natsu's hand from her sacrum and suddenly became very fascinated by it, pulling at and toying with his fingers.

"Um, well, I mean, I think this is what it's like, I've never actually felt it before, but I've read about it in books and it sounds just like this and err well we've always been close and it's perfectly normal for a girl and a boy to have these feelings…"

Natsu's dizziness gave way to clarity, his nausea to a deep fire in his belly and confusion became understanding. The dense young mage finally understood what Mira had been talking about, he did love Lucy, he always had. Just now he knew it was the kind of love where he wanted to kiss her, oh Mavis did he want to kiss his crazy partner's soft, moving lips – oh she's still talking. He gripped her toying hands and leaned in to look piercingly into her eyes.

"So if we're in love then you won't slap me if I kiss you this time?"

This stopped Lucy's mutterings right in their tracks, Natsu's intense stare expressed that he wanted an answer, he was asking consent to kiss her! Her eyes flickered down to his close-pressed lips, yes, she wanted it.

With a tiny shake of the head Lucy affirmed, "I won't."

He kissed her, he kissed her with all that he was. And it was perfect, he dug his hands into her hair and the heat emanating from them sent her into a high of pure euphoric bliss. Just like his fighting he took her lips with exhilaration and confidence, gauging her every move and countering with his own.

Natsu stopped for air, eyes alight with fire and excitement, "whoa Lucy this is great! Is this what love is too?"

Lucy simply laughed and pulled him back in.


Author's note: Done! Hope you all enjoyed it! Just a quick chapter to wrap it all up :)


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