Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, my third Danny Phantom fanfic!

My "Amnesia" story is about to end! And although my "Time Travel" chapter is not yet finished, I am starting to think to end it. Feel free to read those stories!

Anyway, the story I am about to present to you is based on my experiences back in High School. So, I decided to create my new story based on that experience.

I would be updating this story in maybe three to four days, depending on my school schedule. :)

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Danny Phantom. I'm just a simple guy with admiration for the series.
HOWEVER: I own this story and all of its chapters!

A Danny Phantom Love Tale

By ItsTheNickster

A New Quest

Two Years after the Events of Phantom Planet

It was a wonderful night. Stars are shimmering, the moon beamed its magnificent light, and the city lights illuminated the surrounding mountains. People began lying down in their beds and relieve them of the stress they had after a busy day.

Indeed, this is a wonderful night, for tonight is the annual School Prom of the only High School in the City of Amity Park, Casper High. This is the chance when students can have the time of their lives, either enjoy the party, or maybe enjoy each other's company.

Every boy in the school, including faculty members, wore their best outfits. The girls dressed in their magnificent gowns, wearing sparkling jewelries. And since the theme of their prom is "Masquerade," everyone had to wear masks, to everyone's confusion and curiosity. Who would be hiding behind that mask? What beautiful faces are concealed in those mysterious figures?

A young boy, in the name of Danny Fenton, entered the school gymnasium, where the school prom is held. He was wearing a black coat, black pants, green tie and a white inner shirt, symbolizing the colors of his half-ghost. He brought with him a mask of ocean blue and amethyst purple, symbolizing him and his girlfriend.

Danny was alone at that time; Tucker was so busy dancing all the girls in the school. Valerie was chatting with Kwan, and Paulina was with Dash Baxter. His girlfriend, Samantha Manson, or as he calls her Sam, told him she won't attend the party, noting it as a "stupid dance where everyone becomes wild", and to prevent herself from wearing that dumb dress her parents bought her.

Every boy began dancing every girl in the school. Danny danced some of them, but the time they were together was so short, Danny was not satisfied. Suddenly, a girl comes in and walks toward him.

The girl was wearing a beautiful purple gown, with some black gems shining in it. She was wearing an amethyst necklace, something her mother gave her. She was wearing a purple mask, the small amethyst crystals in it seemed to sparkle as she moves her body.

Danny danced with the girl, to which he felt that he made his night complete. Danny and the girl didn't let go of each other, they were enjoying the sweet slow-beat music playing.

However, their sweet moment was interrupted by the tolls of a bell. It was already eleven! The girl quickly let go of Danny, and ran towards the exit. But as the girl was running, her mask fell off. Unfortunately for Danny, he was not able to see the girl's face before she left. The only thing that he found was her mask.


Wow! That's a good start! Well, I based my story both on my school experiences and the original Cinderella Story. Well, lemme know your thoughts by reviewing!