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Tifa looked up as Cloud started playing with Marlene. Now that the Geo-Stigma was gone, he spent more time at home, more time with them.

They felt like a proper family.

She felt her heart swell with pride at the thought.

Cloud had overcome his grief, and rejoined them in the real world.

Tifa knew he could do it, she always had faith in him, even when he didn't have faith in himself.

She had loved Cloud for ages now, but just couldn't tell him. She had a feeling that he knew, but he never acknowledged it.

Tifa figured it was due to the fact he was still mourning over Aerith, and she didn't blame him. Having someone you love die like that is horrifying, and she felt terrible he had to go through that. No one should.

She watched as Marlene ran off to play with Denzel, leaving the two of them alone. Blushing, she began to busy herself with the dishes. Being around Cloud was sometimes awkward, due to the fact that she liked him, and he…. Well, she didn't know.

She felt a presence behind her and at one knew it was him.

"Thank you," he muttered.

Taking a deep breath, Tifa turned and gave Cloud a quizzical look.

"For not giving up on me… for always being there for me, and the kids." He offered her a meek smile.

Tifa shrugged. "I care about you Cloud, of course I'll be there for you…. We're a family you know."

"I know," he murmured, claiming her lips quickly.

Tifa didn't know how it happened, but was so glad it did. She had been waiting for so long for this. Wrapping her arms around his muscular form, she molded herself to him.

The kiss was sweet and soft, sending chills down her spine.

They broke apart, a light blush on his cheeks. "I'd like to be a proper family," Cloud murmured, cupping her face.

Tifa nodded in agreement. "I'd like that too."