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"Misaki?" Akihiko asked, placing down the newspaper to meet the teen's gaze.

"Hmm?" Misaki inquired, uttering a grunt to show that he heard the man. Barely giving the author any attention as he continued chopping the vegetables in front of him.

Akihiko sighed. "How does a trip to America sound?"

At that comment, the movements within Misaki's hand had stopped. He looked up at the author, shock overloading his features.

"A-America?" He squeaked, hardly able to believe the sentence that escaped the author's lips. "Are you serious?"

Akihiko smiled. "Well...you did confessed it'd be exciting to visit the western world for a change," he paused, brushing the hair out of his eyes. "So I booked us a trip there, and since its summer and you're away from school and everything...I was hoping if that would be alright with you."

Misaki's heart skipped a beat, unable to process the truth within this situation.

Yes. He remembered that day. He'd just finished his chores within the Usami residence. He walked around a bit before sitting on the couch, bored out of his mind. He happened to see some travel magazines lying amongst the counter, and thought it'd be best to pick one of them up since he wasn't doing anything productive at the moment. While he was skimming though the colored pages, he found himself instantly mesmerized by these foreign lands. He was aware there were beautiful things out there, yet it was still surprising to catch the lingering details this world produced. He was so entranced by these distant lands, that he failed to see his rabbit lingering within the living room with him.

Akihiko had just finished the remaining drafts of his latest novel, before coming out of his office for some fresh air. Just as he entered his bedroom, and was about to succumb to the blissfulness of his bed, he heard his lover making noises downstairs. Curious, he proceeded down the stairs to see what the big commotion was about. As he reached the last step, he found his kitten sitting amongst the couch ogling at some magazine. Amazingly, the teen didn't even notice him—his attention was much too occupied with the travel magazine. Seeing this made the author smile. Just what was the boy looking at? Jokingly, he asked the teen if he was contemplating some porn magazine and asked if he could observe it too. Hearing that comment made the boy flush. He instantly protested to the man that he was looking at nothing of the sort! He was only examining travel magazines…nothing more than that!

Smirking, the author didn't say anything more. Misaki had rolled his eyes. The man could so embarrassing sometimes!

After about a minute or two, the teen had ignored his perverted lover, and went back to marbling the colored pictures. Without actually realizing it, he did confess how beautiful everything was within those colored pages. He also remembered how he did mention how nice it would be to visit there sometime.

He didn't think the author would actually listen to him! He was just rambling on! He didn't expect his wishes to be taken so seriously!

Yet then again, his mind always failed to progress just how well off the author was.

He couldn't believe the author had actually did this for him. Happiness had swarmed throughout his heart. It was so primitive and fresh that he thought his heart might actually burst! The man was so kind...sharing his wealth with an uninteresting commoner such as himself. Yet even though he was tremendously grateful Akihiko had booked them upon this expensive trip, he did feel a pinch of guilt. He didn't want Akihiko assuming that he had to buy things for him in order to receive his love. Accepting that thought would place nothing but burden upon his rabbit...and that was the one thing Misaki didn't want to do. Still, it would be rude if he rejected the offer the man gave him, since he was positive the man had planned this trip for many months.

"Misaki?" Akihiko asked, a hint of uneasiness fusing within his tone because of the teen's silence. "Is something the matter?"

"No!" Misaki cried, waving his hands frantically. "Of course not!"

"Then what is it?" Akihiko questioned, the uneasiness still there. "Do you not like it? If so, I'll—"

"It's not like that at all!" Misaki exclaimed, nearly screaming at the man. He realized this mistake and blushed profoundly. Slowly, he started again. "Usagi-san…it isn't like that. I'm really...happy that you did this for me. I wasn't expecting this kind of gift...so I really don't know to say—"

Before he had the chance to complete the sentence, powerful arms had encased around his petite frame.

"Thank you," the man whispered. "For a moment, I thought I went a bit overboard." He chuckled, kissing his kitten's cheek. "You have no idea how relieving it is to hear you say that."

Misaki's heart doubled in speed. "B-Baka," he mumbled, casting his eyes downward as he was unable to peer at that perfect face. "Of course you didn't go overboard! It's just…you didn't have to do any of this for me!"

"But I wanted to." Akihiko stated, stroking those flushed cheeks. "You're always doing everything on your own—you could at least let me spoil you once in a while."

"But I don't want to—"

"Whatever it is, it won't happen." Akihiko growled. "You could never do that to me."

Hearing that comment made the teen flush in pleasure. Baka Usagi. Misaki had thought.

Akihiko chuckled from the distinctive reaction.

"Shut-up." Misaki grumbled, unable to look within those mirthful pools of lavender. "Don't laugh at me."

The author chuckled yet again "Okay, Misaki."

"Bastard," the teen growled, hitting that powerful chest carelessly. "When will we be leaving?" He stated right after, almost determined to change the subject.

"Next Tuesday." Akihiko answered, nuzzling his face within that luscious brown hair.

"Oh." Misaki replied, the disappointment clearly obvious within his tone. Tuesday had seemed so far away.

"What?" The author mused, tilting the teen's head to meet his teasing gaze. "Are you that eager to leave with me?"

Misaki flushed. "N-No!" He lied, casting his eyes away. "Don't say something so s-stupid!"

The writer snickered.

"Stop laughing at me!" Misaki snapped, hoping with all his might the author couldn't hear his heart pounding.

The author ignored him.

"Ugh!" Misaki cried, annoyance fusing within his tone. "You're such an asshole!" He growled, attempting to push the man out of the kitchen. "Get out of here! Can't you see I'm cooking?!"

"You're quite the heartbreaker, Misaki," the man teased, his eyes sparkling with glee. "You don't want to spend more time with me?"

"No!" Misaki snapped, squirming within the author's arms. "You're annoying! Leave me alone—"

Beautiful laughter befell from those addictive lips. "Don't be like that," the author purred, sliding his hands further down the teen's waist. "I just wanted us to use this opportunity to spend more time together," he teased, squeezing that plumped ass as emphasis. "Wouldn't you want that too?"

"N-No!" Misaki whined, desperately trying to get away. "I don't—hey!" Misaki exclaimed, utterly mortified. "Just where do you think you're touching—?!"

"It can't be helped," the man continued, eyeing the teen's growing erection. "Yet you needn't worry, though," he promised, "I'll be sure to take care of this lustful body of yours."

"S-Stop it!" Misaki gasped, frantically trying to escape the powerful built edging closer. "Baka Usagi! Stop! Stop this right now! I n-need to make din—ahhh!"

Akihiko chuckled. "You're so cute, Misaki," he breathed, leaning forward to kiss luscious pink lips.

It wasn't long before the penthouse walls were echoing with the sounds of ecstasy.

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