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Another day, another story. But the problem is, the story stays the same every day. It was just another morning and I'm walking from home to school. The sky that was yet to be lit by the morning sun was dark grey this morning. It appears that it is going to rain,urgh, another way to ruin my idea of strolling in the park under the warm sun. School is as boring as anyone can imagine, and I am just one of those girls who wish that a super hot guy would come up to me and confess and we both live happily ever after. But everyone knows that that's not the kind of thing that will happen, and especially to me.

Dragging my feet to school and to my desk. I day dreamed on what kind of romantic scenario that I wished will happen next, until the bell rang, urgh. Everyone scattered into the classroom waiting for the teacher to arrive. 15 minutes passed and there was no sign of any teacher coming in. Just as the class is about to go into a chaotic mess of excitement that there is no teacher today, someone strode in.

As if nothing is wrong, with him, with the class or with his inpunctuality, he introduced himself. "I'm your new biology teacher, Hatake Kakashi. Pleased to meet you all today." His voice boomed around the class and everyone looked either awestruck or completely dumbfounded. Standing behind the teacher's table, is a guy that looked like he jumped out a of a magazine front page. He is roughly in his early twenties. White, greyish and soft looking hair that is spiked to the side. A button up shirt that is just the right size to give a teasing look of his perfectly sculpted body through the material. And as if to keep his face hidden, a mask that covered the bottom half of his face is present. Acting like he just noticed the curious stare at his mask, he gave the most believable lie ever - He is down with cough. Though the lie being obvious to me, the other students are practically too busy drooling or discussing over him to realise it. Rolling my eyes, I focused my attention on something else before fantasizing about having a daring yet secretive student, teacher relationship with him. Urgh, I just did.Mentally scolding myself at those thoughts, his eyes fall upon me and as if reading my mind, he gave a wink that I can't help but melt at. Realising the fuzzy feeling deep inside of me, I turned away, ignoring anything or any attention set on me. Another hour passed and soon biology was over.

Grabbing my books, I headed out of the classroom of the last period of the day. While on my way strolling along the hallway to the main gate, a pair of hands shot out of a classroom and dragging me in almost instantly. Naturally, being shock at what happened, I let out a squeal that is a bit too high.

"Shh, it's me, it's me." Pausing for a moment the voice continued" And for your info, your squeal can damage ears."

That all too familiar voice that held my attention from the beginning of the day! Raising my head to confirm the owner of the voice, I came face to face with the handsome, smirking face that towered over me. I felt a blush crept up my face. Pulling away from his hold, I put a few steps between us, hopefully hiding my blush from him, I asked

"Hatake sensei, i-is there something you need from me?"

Shit, why did I stutter?! He kept quiet for a bit, thinking of a reply before smirking, eyes holding a playful yet daring gaze.

"Well, actually yes indeed, I need a big help from you."

Is it just me or this is like those scenes where the teacher swoops the student down into a romantic kiss and tells her that he loved her since the beginning of time?! With that thought going through my mind, I shook my head lightly and start to ask what he needed.

"Well, what can I - " before I can finish my question, he leaned over to my ear and whispered "Your lips are breaking the rule, for being too tempting. " As soon as he finished, the fairy tale moment that almost every girl wished for, came.

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