This is mostly just a light story about two neighbors and it's from Brittany's POV.

Brittana is endgame, of course!

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or any of its characters, unfortunately.

Bicorn!Santana and Unicorn!Brittany


You have finally moved to LA; the city of love. The city of freedom and majestic palm trees. It's where all the dreams come true and where all the magic happens. Famous people are being spotted walking the streets of Los Angeles. Everyone lives here, everyone who's worth something. And you want to be one of them. You want to belong.

No, you do not only want to be one of them; you are going to be one of them.

That's how you've been imagining it anyways. But you know that reality is a little bit more complicated than that. Even though your dad always says you can become anything, you know that hard work and optimism is the source to success, no matter what city you live in.

You've been dancing since you were three. Your mom even states you already had sick moves while still living inside her belly. She often complained about how hard it was when you were always moving around, but as long as you were gonna be a dancer just like her, you could kick as much as you wanted.

Your parents couldn't be more supportive of who you are. You know you're lucky; most parents would want their kids to become something that requires more brains, like a doctor or a lawyer. They're not only encouraging when it comes to dancing, but they're also really understanding about your sexuality.

You came out of Narnia when you were fifteen. Your mom had made a cake with the words 'gay is okay' written across the whipped cream. That cake was delicious and you were so content with how it all turned out. Your friends at school were different though. You all lived in Ohio, a small place in the middle of the United States of America, far away from any kind of humanity and understanding. Your mom and dad both lived in New York City before they decided to move away from crazy traffic and yellow cabs and instead start a family in the middle of nowhere. You always tell them what a big mistake it was of them to move away from such a fabulous city. But they only chuckle and continue to sort out weeds in your perfect little garden.

You already knew how open-minded they would be since they had spent so much time in New York and more specifically; in showbiz. So coming out to them wasn't a very difficult thing to do.

And when people in school teased you and made fun of you for being different; your parents were always there to cheer you up.

But now you're all by yourself in this crazy city and you can no longer turn to your parents for help. Of course they want to help you, they always do. But this is something you have to do alone. In your own pace and with your own creativity.

So here's your plan:

1. Move in
2. Find a job (this apartment is freakin' expensive and you have nothing else to do during the day anyways.)
3. Become famous.

It's simple; Three things to do, no rules, no pressure, no excuses.


"Moving sucks!" Quinn exclaims while sitting down on one of the paperboard boxes in your new living room. The apartment isn't big or fancy but it's still cozy and more than okay to live in. It's a wonder how much money you spent on such a small place. Back in Ohio, you could've gotten a house ten times bigger than this with a swimming pool and palm trees in the garden, for the exact same amount of money.

"Let's take a break, I'm exhausted!" You walk towards your best friend and sigh before embracing her in a big bear hug. She's been your friends since middle school and she's the only one who's willingly stayed with you since you came out. Your other classmates withdrew themselves as if you were carrying an infectious disease. It didn't even change when you told them they wouldn't become homosexuals only by talking to you. But Quinn stayed and she has your back with everything (no drugs or baby-making though). And that she helped you move all the way over to LA just proves how good of a friend she is.

"Okay, Quinnie. I'll cook you bacon if you promise to come visit me every weekend!" You say as you loosen your arms around her waist.

Quinn chuckles and go sit down on the kitchen counter.

"Do you know how much money that will cost me? Flying here and back every weekend?" You shake your head no, because you drove here with her car and you've never taken a plane like anywhere before. "Well, it's a lot of money" she states. Upon seeing the pout on your face, her eyes soften before she adds:"But yes. I'll try, Britt. I'll try".

You assume you're fulfilling your promise to her a little too slow for her liking because she jumps off the counter and starts riffling through one of the many grocery bags in search for her bacon.

When all your stuff is out of the car and the clock is way past afternoon, you both flop down on your white shiny mattress standing in the center of your small bedroom. Your feet hurt from walking those stairs and your head swirls from exhaustion. Before your eyes can flutter close and your mind can float into to dreamland, you feel the mattress dip beside you. Prying one eye open, you see Quinn standing up and walking towards the door.

"Where're you goin'?" You ask groggily.

"I'm driving home now, school tomorrow you know" she whispers, as if she wouldn't want someone to wake up. That confuses you because you thought you were the only ones in the room and you're both awake.

"Aren't you tired?" You whisper back. It's always awkward when you're talking to someone and one of you is whispering and the other is talking normally.

"Yeah, but I'll be fine though," You hear the door knob turn and you squint your eyes to be able to see anything.

"Drive safely; call me when you're home". You fight to keep at least one eye open but you're failing miserably.

"I'll send you a text, you're gonna be sleeping when I get home anyway". You hear her footsteps coming closer to you and then feel her warm lips against your cheek. "Bye, bestie. Love you".

"Love you too Quinn. And thank you," You manage to say even though your throat is thick with sleep.



You wake up feeling hungrier than you can remember ever being. Deciding to make some breakfast, you sit up in bed and pull on the same clothes you wore yesterday.

You'll change later. Now everything you can think about is food. And how good it'll taste.

You shuffle your feet into the kitchen and moon walk the last few steps until you reach the refrigerator. You quickly scan the shelves and then look again closely as if something edible would appear out of the blue. But nothing seems good even though you went shopping yesterday with Quinn. Oh well, you'll need to explore all the grocery stores in this area anyway so you can as well go now.

After showering and putting on some nice clothes, you're out the door and headed down the stairs to go explore breakfast food. Once you've entered the first store you noticed, there's so much to choose from. You're not even sure what you want to buy, so you end up buying two bags full with different foods.

On your way back to your apartment you try remembering all the stores and the parks and the restaurants you pass, 'cause you're pretty sure you'll have a use for them later. Especially that night club two blocks away from your building.

You decide to take the elevator instead of the stairs. It's good to walk the stairs, but you're tired and you're carrying grocery bags.

You shuffle inside the elevator and poke the button with your floor number. You sigh and slide a lock of your blonde hair behind your ear.

Suddenly, a hand is placed firmly in between the two closing doors in the last second before they would completely close. The hand becomes a full person and that person becomes two people and they throw themselves to the back of the elevator without really noticing you. You're sure they would have noticed you if they weren't so caught up with making out with each other. It's a guy with blonde hair and he kind of reminds you of a blonde Justin Bieber. The other person is a girl with jet black wavy hair, long eye lashes and full red pouty lips. You scan your eyes down her body and can't help but admire it.

She's wearing tight black jeans and a white fancy top. The girl shows just the right amount of cleavage to make you want to rip her shirt off.

Wait, what?

No you mean, you want to give her one of your shirts so that she can shield herself, because she looks cold.


But you're suddenly very jealous of the hand that sneaks underneath that white fancy top to press against to the bottom of her spine. You can almost make out the back dimples on her dark delicious skin.

"Mmhm" The guys' eyes roll to the back of his head when the girl attacks his neck with luscious plump lips. Slender fingers sneak under a blue shirt and toned abs pop up before your eyes. You don't focus on his abs any longer because the hand that was only a minute ago on her back is now grazing her boobs and you suddenly feel a strong need to exchange that hand with your own.

The girl is pinned between the mirrors in the elevator and the blonde Justin Bieber. And the way she arches her back to get closer to him makes you feel things in your lower abdomen that you're pretty sure you shouldn't be thinking about a complete stranger who's making out with another person.

When the second moan leaves the girls' lips, you've long forgotten about how awkward this situation really should be. Her lips trail their way up his neck and a pink tongue circles a pale earlobe. His hands are full on groping her boobs now and the caramel flesh on her chest is all kinds of inviting.

"You're so sexy," the guy whispers hotly in her ear and you can't help but agree with him.

"Mhmm," is the only sound that leaves her lips while still peppering kisses to the exposed skin on his neck.

A loud 'ping' makes you jump a little and narrow your eyes on the elevator door as if trying to remember where you are. You look at the slowly opening doors instead of the pair almost jumping each other right behind you. You realize how creepy you were being but avoid apologizing since they hadn't even noticed you staring.

Before your legs can do anything the girl is already out of the elevator with the guy closely trailing behind. You decide to close your eyes for a second so that you won't get distracted again. You really need to focus if you're going to get your keys out of your purse.

A loud moan stops you from finding the keys and you slowly turn around from where your standing right outside your door and lock eyes with deep brown. Her eye lashes then flutter close and her mouth forms an 'o' before she once again moans in his ear. You can't take your eyes away from her face even though you really want to know what he did to make her so turned on.

The guy pushes her against the wall and places a hand right above her head. The dark haired girl then slips a bunch of keys from her jean pocket and unlocks the door as fast as she can.

They're your neighbors. Or at least the girl and she lives right across from your apartment. If you can't control your eyes and body when you're around her, this will be really hard.

"Hurry", the guy whispers loud enough for you to hear and pushes her body harder against the wall.

Before the girl pulls the door open she turns her head just far enough to make eye contact with you. Her lips then turns into a smirk while her eyes rake up and down your body. You feel completely exposed and very stupid for being caught watching her make out with her boyfriend, or fuck buddy, or whatever he is. But you also feel a weird tingling sensation somewhere in your lower abdomen when she finally meets your eyes with a hungry stare.

The guy drags her into the apartment and just before the door closes behind them, the girl turns around, bits her bottom lip and gives you a not so sneaky wink.

Your knees quiver a little underneath you and you suddenly feel the need to sit down. Your whole body is throbbing.

You decide to stop thinking about the girl you saw for like five seconds and starts to unload your grocery bags. After making breakfast and catching yourself thinking about her boobs every two seconds, you go through every box in your living room and unpack so you don't have any moving boxes left.

Later that night when you lay awake in bed, you can't help but replay the 'elevator-incident' in your head. That girl had been so captivating, and then she checked you out, and then she winked. It was like she hypnotized you with her stare. And her body. Her body was great; she must be working out a lot. And she had really nice boobs.

Before you know what is going on, your hand is playing with the hem of your sweats, so close to where the throbbing has its source.

You let your fingers sneak underneath your clothing. You're pretty much shaking with need. A moan escapes your lips and echoes in the almost empty bedroom. But you don't care. You're so close to what you want and need the most right now.

That wink plays over and over before your eyes. Soon it becomes her hands all over your body instead of yours. That guy she was with is long gone; it's only you and her. Her skin against your skin, her lips sucking and kissing your neck. That dark hair splayed all over your pillow, her loud moans tickling the shell of your ear.

With one final push, your walls come crashing down. You're still shaking when you crawl underneath the blankets and close your eyes to let sleep take you away.