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Three months later.

It's been almost five months since you met. It's been almost three months since you started dating, officially. And yesterday it happened.

It was a normal afternoon and you were cuddling with your gorgeous girlfriend on the couch while watching TV. She had been placing tiny kisses to the back of your neck for the past half hour, and if you had been a cat, you would have purred to show your comfort. But since you're only human, you just shuffled closer to her, told her how awesome she is, and then closed your eyes while listening to the way Snookie and Jwow fought about what colour the walls of their apartment should be.

Suddenly she stopped kissing your neck and shoulders and you slowly opened one eye and twisted your head backwards to make sure she didn't fall asleep.

She wasn't asleep. She was just looking at the TV with wide eyes but when you looked back at the TV they were still just fighting about those walls.

You asked her what's wrong and she said 'nothing'. So you just waited until she would explain.

It came two minutes later.

Santana looked at you with her dark brown eyes and then she just said it,

"We should totally move in together."

You were quiet for a long period of time before you let your jaw drop open.


"Think about it," she said and then she pushed herself up into a sitting position. "We already live across from each other in the same building. The only thing we need to do is move your stuff into my apartment. It'll be so easy. And then we don't have to walk between our apartments all the time like we do now, and fight about which bed we should sleep in every night."

You raised your eyebrows and just looked at her, contemplating what she was saying. It is true, you do have arguments about whose bed you're gonna sleep in for the night. And it'd be so easy to just move everything across the hall. But, wait up.

"Who says it has to be your apartment?"

Santana widened her eyes and then she just shrugged.

"Well, I don't know. I just thought because I've lived here longer than you have and whatever. But we can totally live in your apartment too, it doesn't matter." Then she bit her lip and smiled shyly at you. "The only thing that matters is that I'll be living with you…"

You felt your cheeks heat up at her words and then you nodded your head. "Okay," you said and she smiled so big her teeth and dimples were showing.

"Really? You want to?"

And when you answered her with a 'yes' and an 'of course' she attacked you with her body and you laughed at her eagerness.

"And we can move into your apartment, it doesn't matter. Like you said, the only thing that matters is that I'll be living with you," you said and felt how your cheeks heated up again. You bit your lip to hide your bashful smile.

"You're such a cheese ball," she said and you playfully punched her arm.

"You started it!"


You just got off the phone with your parents and they proposed something that you became very happy and excited about. But then you realized that you have to talk to Santana first. Since you'll be living together and all. And it makes you all giddy inside when you think about that you have to ask your girlfriend about something that will require her approval, because you'll be sharing a home.

Santana's reading a newspaper in the kitchen and her back is facing you. You approach her slowly, not wanting to jump up behind her and scare her. You place your hands behind your back and bite your lip.

"Hey, babe," you breathe and slowly she turns around. She smiles coyly and when you see that she's wearing her reading glasses, your heart skips a beat. There's something so cute yet sexy about glasses. And when Santana wears them, it's like triple cuteness and sexiness and it's on a level you almost can't handle. You want to jump her and kiss her silly at the same time.

"What?" She adjusts her glasses on her nose and you clear your throat.

"Now when we're moving in together…" you go straight to the point and she raises her eyebrows. "Lord Tubbington really misses me and I just thought that maybe he could like, I don't know, move in with us…"

The look on Santana's face is so priceless; you might've laughed if you weren't so nervous about her answer. The truth is, you've really missed Tubbs too, and you know that he will fit right in. He'll love this apartment, and the environment. You even saw a paper about a cat club at the local store. It's perfect for him here, and your parents are getting a bit tired of looking after him all the time. Especially since he's a big trouble maker.

"Oh," Santana sighs and places the paper down on the kitchen table and turns her body fully towards you. "Are you sure he'll… like it?" She sounds extremely sceptical and you know that she knows that Tubbs means a lot to you. So she's trying to say no to you in a really sweet way.

You appreciate it. But you already have this all planned out. Tubbs is moving in, you just have to get Santana to like the idea. You know that she, you and Tubbs will become this perfect little family. You see it all like a clear picture whenever you close your eyes. You even dreamt about it last night. And sometimes you just dream about brilliant stuff. And this dream is positively going to be brilliant.

"I know he'll like it. Santana, think about it!"

You take her hand and drag her towards the living room, pushing her down onto the couch, and then standing in front of her.

"You, me and Tubbs, in this apartment!" you throw your arms out to emphasise your point. "We can cuddle on the couch together, watch sappy movies. We can take walks with him to the park and feed the ducks. I'll take care of all the bad stuff, like his poop box and stuff."

Santana still looks entirely uncomfortable with this idea.

So you go to step two of your genius plan to convince your girlfriend.

"Look," you sit down beside her, and slowly you lift your hand up to her knee. You draw a pattern on her skin with your pointer finger, and when you look into her eyes, you make sure to flutter your eyelashes. "He misses me a lot, and I miss him a lot. I'm already so happy with the idea of living here with you. But if he can live here too, my happiness will reach like, the rainbow, or something." You drag your fingers lower, and swiftly you dip them onto her inner thigh. You thank the weather for being so hot and allowing you both to wear shorts. She's wearing very tiny pink shorts and that makes this a lot easier.

You see how she bites her lip. By the slowly darkening of her eyes, you know that she's getting worked up. It's still so fascinating to you how a tiny touch like this can affect her this much. And you know that her touch has the same effect on you.

"Baby, it'll mean the world to me, if you let him stay here with us…" you shift your body closer and when your face is close enough, you nudge her cheek with your nose.

She sighs before turning her head a little bit, allowing you to place tiny kisses to her jaw line. As you drag your fingers closer to the beginning of her shorts, she shifts her head and suddenly you feel a pair of hot lips right below your ear.

"Britt," she sighs and you feel her hot breath against your ear. You feel your chest tightens and the pit of your stomach starts to burn deliciously. "Uh." She kisses right below your ear again and you shift your fingers to the edge of her shirt, swiftly creeping underneath her shirt to drag your fingertips over her abs. Suddenly she pulls back and her eyes are hooded and her lips are puffy and red. "Fuck," she says and you smile.

"So is that a yes?" you ask hopefully and she sighs exasperated.

"Yes, fine, whatever."

You squeal in excitement and joy and then you fly your arms around her shoulders.

"You are," you kiss her cheek, "the best," you kiss her nose, "and most," you kiss her lips twice, "beautiful girlfriend," you kiss her lips again, "ever."

She cracks a smile and you kiss her dimples.


You've invited everyone. And by everyone, you mean everyone.

Moving in together is a big step and for a big step, you need a big party. You've already, with your friend's help, moved all your stuff into Santana's apartment.

And now you're having a pizza party. Because you love both pizza and parties. And you've convinced Santana to invite her parents, so you'll finally meet them.

You sat down and wrote down invites to everyone a couple of weeks ago. And even though you got distracted more than a couple of times because Santana was wearing her glasses again, you manage to send out all the invites on time.

Santana's band is coming, of course, and your friends from work, and their friends. Quinn is driving to LA again, even your parents are coming and they're bringing Lord Tubbington. Everyone is going to meet.

Santana was very reluctant, but after two kisses to her cheek and some puppy dog eyes, you managed to get Olivia invited. She pulled her grumpy face but you really wanted to meet her again. You screwed up last time and you really feel bad for going on that date with her. You need to see her again to make sure she's still not mad at you, and what better way than to invite her to your own party?

Santana is lying on the couch when you get home from work the day before the party is due.

"What are you doing?" you ask as she turns her head to watch you walk through the door.

You see how she shoots up from the couch and fiddles with the remote for a while before the TV goes black and she sits down again, the remote in her hands between her thighs.

"I was just watching TV."

"What were you watching?"


You eye her suspiciously before looking at the TV, and then back at her. You take a few steps closer to her and her eyes are still widened and she's looking like a deer caught in the headlights. You instantly get a weird feeling about it, but you don't say anything, you just look at her. Maybe she was watching porn…

You slowly sit down beside her on the couch, Santana stiffens and tightens her hold around the remote control.

You look at her warily before you ask in a low voice, "Were you watching porn?" Her jaw drops open and her eyes widen even more.

"What? No!" she says quickly and you raise your eyebrows. Well, that's not suspicious at all…

"What were you watching then?"

"Nothing, just, a cooking show."

You snort loudly and she shifts her body uncomfortably on the couch.

"Honey, you never watch cooking shows. You could have at least said something like Jersey Shore if you wanted me to believe you."

You see how see swallows nervously before she looks around the room, opening and closing her mouth a couple of times, before looking back at you.

"Okay, fine," she breathes.


"I was watching..." she takes in a deep breath and you prepare yourself for her answer while biting your lower lip. "You."

Um. What?

You narrow your eyes and side eye the TV.

"I was on TV?"

Santana purses her lips and then shrugs a little. "Kind of."

You furrow your eyebrows, not really sure what more to ask her.

"Quinn gave me this video…" Santana looks at you cautiously, as if you'll not like what she's saying. "She told me to watch it, before…"

"Before what?" You ask urgently as you bite your lower lip. You wrack your brain, trying to understand what video Quinn has on you that Santana needs to watch before something happens.

"Before we move in together…"

"But we've already moved in together," you deadpan and she shrugs.

"I know, I don't really understand why Quinn sent me this now…"

"Well, play it," you say because you're really nervous and Santana's looking like you don't really want to know what's on this video.

"I'm not sure that's... necessary–"

You snatch the remote from in between her legs before she can say anything more.

You turn on the TV and press play.

A half naked 16 year old girl is standing on a table. With a spatula in her hand as a microphone, wearing pink panties on her head. She's singing that song that Simba sings when he's about to be king. The music's loud and her voice's even louder. You see her friend in the background, she's giggling hysterically. Suddenly there's a smash as the girl kicks her feet a little too much and knocks down a glass of something unidentified from the table. She doesn't seem faced by the commotion; she just keeps dancing and singing on the table. When her shirt leaves her body, you can't bring yourself to look anymore.

You quickly turn the TV off and the room goes completely silent.

Your face is redder than your cheerleading uniform you always wore in high school. It feels like your neck and your cheeks are burning. You can feel the presence of Santana's body closely beside you but you're too embarrassed to look at her.

"Well, you sure were a wild kid…"

You groan. She was not supposed to see this little version of you. You're not hiding it; you just think that you were a very immature and irresponsible teenager and that everyone will feel better not knowing about her.

"Hey," Santana scoots closer to you on the couch. "Quinn's an ass for sending that to me without your permission, but that was a long time ago." You feel a hand on your cheek and you lean into the touch, "I'm totally not judging you for it…"

You smile tentatively at your girlfriend as she caresses your skin. You guess it isn't such a big deal anyway; you just don't want her to see you as the type who dances on the table with your panties on your head.

Oh god.

"It was totally hot though," Santana sighs. "Can't believe you were already so hot at 16…"

You snort out a laugh. "What?"

"I was super ugly when I was 16. I had acne all over my face and my hair was curly and looked like those wigs you buy in costume stores."

You stifle a laugh in your hand as you watch as Santana crinkles her nose.

"Babe, I'm pretty sure that you weren't ugly. Nobody that looks like you do now has ever been ugly. Impossible!"

"No, seriously, you should have seen me." Santana laughs and you watch her face, her lips, her eyes, her cute nose. No way has she ever been ugly. "But then I grew up, and I tamed my hair. And the acne disappeared. Thank god."

You watch how her dimples show as she smiles and when she tucks a strand of hair behind her ear, your heart flutters. You watch her lips, and when her tongue pokes out and wets them, you start feeling too warm in your own skin.

"Am I the only one who's like really turned on right now?"

Santana whips her head and looks you straight in the eye, "uh, what?"

You swallow as you see how the confusion on her face turns into something else. "You're turned on? Now?"

You nod your head furiously as you feel the heat in your lower abdomen intensifying.

And just like that, Santana has you pinned against the couch, about to rip your shirt off.


You've been stressing the entire afternoon, pizza and alcohol have been shipped into your apartment and you struggle to take a shower while brushing your teeth. You don't know where Santana is, you just know that the guests will be here in five minutes. Puck was here before helping you out but somewhere between not getting the pizza delivered and not finding enough glasses for red wine, he disappeared.

You have a feeling Santana went with him but you're not sure.

You dry your hair while doing you're makeup and if you weren't so stressed out, you would have mentally high fived yourself for being so effective and fast.

As you're pulling the dress over your head, Santana comes running through the front door.


You scream back, telling her you're in the bedroom, and not even one second later she comes flying into the room.

"I have the wine glasses!"

Santana wiggles at least ten wine glasses in her hands. You breathe out in relief and mutter a quiet but appreciated 'yes!' before you kiss her cheek and jog towards the kitchen.

"We need to set everything up now, babe, they'll be here in like two seconds," you shout over your shoulder and Santana comes sauntering behind you.

"I need to get dressed." Santana purses her lips as she looks down at her sweatpants and tank top.

"Run, Forest, run!" you say as you slap her butt. She runs into the bedroom and you start putting up the glasses onto the counter.


Five minutes later, everyone is in your apartment, and Santana managed to get dressed on time.

"Hey Brittany," your mom hugs you and you hold her tight. "I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too, mom." Right then your dad comes marching in with a box in his hands, and you know exactly what it is.

"Dad!" you hug him close and he kisses your temple. Then you quickly snatch the box from his hands and bring it to the bathroom.



"I've missed you too!"

You put him out and you show him his litter box that you've prepared in the bathroom. Santana had asked you if it really was necessary to have that box and you explained to her that it was either him peeing in the box or in the bed.

You pet him a bit more before you walk out with him into the living room.

"It's so nice to meet you."

You whip your head around and what you see makes your heart thump extra fast.

"It's so nice to meet you too, I've heard so much about your daughter." Your mom shakes another woman's hand while she tells her how you never can stop talking about Santana.

You stand on wobbly legs as you tentatively make your way over to them.

"Brittany, we were just talking about you!" Your mom loops her arm through yours and you meet dark brown eyes. Her cheekbones are high and her lips are full. It's like looking at an older version of your girlfriend and you feel how your heartbeat leaps in your chest.

"Hey, it's so nice to meet you finally."

She stretches her hand out and you take it, shaking it firmly to make a good impression. You look into her eyes and smile,

"Lovely to meet you too, finally," you breathe and Santana's mom smiles at you.

Suddenly a man appears next to her and you make a double take as you take him in. He's dressed in jeans and a blazer and somehow he looks very young, but the wrinkles on his face tell you differently. With his dark curls and his almond eyes, he almost looks more like Santana than what her mom does. You shake his hand too when he offers it. He tells you how glad he is to meet you and when you hear his voice, you know why Santana has that raspy honey sweet voice. It's so amazing to see her parents, see what things she got from them and what is only all her. You're fascinated by them and the more you talk to your girlfriend's parents, the more you like them.

Quinn also shows up at your side a while later and she bumps her hip into yours. "Yo," she says and you smile at her.

She introduces herself to Santana's parents and you make a mental note to talk to her later about that video.

When you start to mingle later to talk more to all your friends who are here, you spot Olivia on the couch, talking to Mercedes.

You're a bit nervous about meeting her, honestly. But you muster up your confidence and sit down beside them.

Olivia greets you right away and when she even gives you a hug and compliments you on the delicious pizza (that you didn't even make yourself but you're not about to tell her that) you guess that all is now forgotten.

You talk to Mercedes and Olivia for a bit, and then Puck and Joe joins you and you make Puck eat fifteen slices of pizza because you didn't think he could do it. Apparently he could. And now you owe him 20 bucks.

Suddenly you start to freeze and you don't really know why until you remember that you haven't seen Santana for a while. You quickly look around the room but she's not there.

You excuse yourself from your friends to go find her.

It takes almost ten minutes before you find her on the balcony. Your apartment isn't that big so it shouldn't have taken that long, but you guess there are too many people in here right now.

She's leaning against the railing with a beer bottle in her hand. You look at her lips and when you see that they're moving you shift your gaze to her left.

Sam stands there.

Talking to your girlfriend and you shouldn't feel this itch starting to creep up your skin but you do. And when she laughs at something he says, the itch gets even worse.

"Oh, hey babe." Santana smiles at you and you try to smile back. You give Sam a look before you look back to your girlfriend.

"Can I borrow you a sec?"

Santana furrows her eyebrows but nods her head, "Um, sure."

You take her hand and drag her into your bedroom.

Once you're both inside, you close the door.

"Hey, I haven't seen you since the party started," you say as you pull her body close to yours.

"Yeah, I was caught up listening to Rachel talking about some Broadway show she wanted to be in." Santana rolls her eyes and you giggle. "And then Lord Tubbington decided to introduce himself by clawing at my arm."

You look at her arm and see a scratch. You tell her you're sorry before you kiss the marks.

"Well… I've missed you." You nuzzle her neck with your nose and intertwine your fingers behind her back.

"Baby, it's been like half an hour." Santana chuckles lowly and you shift your head so that your lips are right by the skin on her neck.

"Still. That's too long."

You let your lips taste the skin on her neck for a few seconds before you pull away.

"I saw you talking to Sam out there…" you start off slowly and Santana quirks an eyebrow at you.


You try to sound indifferent, "What were you talking about?"

"The party mostly," Santana shrugs and you hum. "What?"



"Okay," you sigh and then intertwine your fingers together, stroking your thumb over her knuckles while watching your hands.

"I guess… I don't really like him."


"Brad Pitt."


"Seriously?" you snort in disbelief. "I meant Sam. I don't really like Sam."


"Just, ever since that night in the club when he touched you with his greasy fingers and you spent way too long time in the back room together. And I mean, ever since the first time I ever saw you in the elevator. I guess he's just not really in my good books."

"Oh, honey. You know you don't have to worry." Santana coos in your ear and you melt at the sound of her voice.

"I know, and knowing that makes it worse. Because I shouldn't feel this way. Because he's only your friend." You sigh and Santana smiles at you with adoring eyes. "Right?"

Santana quirks an eyebrow, "Of course".

"Good, good."

"Like I said, you don't have to worry. He means nothing to me, nothing more than a friend should."

You nod your head, trying to make it understand that they're only friends. Still, it's not really Santana you don't trust. It's Sam. But you'll just have to keep an eye open when he's around, you guess.

"I met your parents by the way," you say, speaking of nothing.

Santana's eyes widen for a split second before recognition shows on her face.

"Right, cool, uh-huh."

"They're cool," you say, trying to console her and make her stop worrying.

"Yeah, I guess. We'll have to have dinner with them soon, just us, so that they can talk more with you and stuff. They want to get to know you." She rolls her eyes but you know she cares too.

"We should probably have dinner with both of our parents together sometime, they would love that." You tighten your grip around her hands when she smiles at you.

"That sounds good," she says and you can't help but smile widely at her, getting lost in mocha eyes.

"What?" Santana whispers, almost self-consciously and you smile even wider.

"I'll probably marry you one day," you say and Santana stiffens for a second before she relaxes.

She licks her lips, "Yeah, probably."

Your heart flutters and you feel how your toes tingle. Your mind is already starting to image your wedding dresses before you can stop it. "And have, like, five babies with you."

Santana chuckles, and then wrinkles her nose, "I don't know about five. Maybe three."

You giggle and plant a soft kiss to her lips, "Okay, deal."


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