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Anyway, this is just the beginning, I've actually made an outline of 16 chapters, but then I got stuck, so I decided to post this one first. This is based only on the musical and movie, I have not read the book, do I intend to? Hopefully. I hope to take this slowly, I do not want them falling in love so fast.

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There she was again, always trailing behind Marius as if she were his shadow. He never seemed to notice how much this girl adored him. All of his friends see it, how she fawned over him every day while he seemingly brushed it aside as if it were nothing. No one knew if Marius was aware of the girl's feelings toward him. All they knew for certain was that every day the pair would enter and perform the same routine.

Marius will say hello to his friends while she will sit down at nearby table, ignoring the gazes of his friends as if they were not there. He will buy her a drink, she will take out a book, and he will move to sit with his friends. Every day he comes in with this girl, who sits at the same table with her books while she waits and watches. Then he would leave and she would soon after, rarely do they go home at the same time.

This was how the boys knew that this girl wasn't with Marius, but pining over him, following him around like a sad, devoted puppy. It was curious, how she so willingly tailed him, and as such had caught the eye of Enjolras. He didn't understand why she would follow this routine when it was obvious that Marius did not return her feelings. Maybe it wasn't even obvious to her and in that case, someone should probably tell her.

It was Friday night. Some of the boys would have parties to attend, but the ones that didn't stayed at the café. It was their spot; the place they met every day just to unwind, talk, have a few laughs, discuss anything that was on their mind. Despite this, there was only one who would be there every night, Enjolras would always be there.

Tonight only Enjolras, Combeferre and Joly were present, the rest had other business to attend. Marius and his shadow enter on cue. She walks over to her table, Marius buys her a drink and the girl pulls out a book, fingers playing with the tips of her dark brown hair as her mind lost in her reading.

"Marius! What brings you here tonight?" Joly asks as Marius sits with them.

"You make it sound like I'm not here every night." He says laughing, taking a swig of his coffee. He sat with his back to his shadow, Enjolras directly in front of him, Joly and Combeferre on either side of him.

"You're not." Enjolras answers dryly. Out of the corner of his eye he spots the shadow looking over at them. Maybe her book was boring her? Maybe she wanted to join the conversation? Well, maybe she should get a life instead of following Marius around all day long. It wasn't that Enjolras disliked Marius, he just thought that Marius was thoughtless and ignorant at times. His shadow was bothersome too, someone always eavesdropping on their conversations.

Marius ignored Enjolras' tone. "Where is everyone tonight?"

"Some girls at the dorms are holding a party, I bet everyone's there." Joly answers, his tone happy and upbeat as ever. Nothing seemed to get the boy down, if you overlooked the fact that his studies in the medical field seemed to be turning him into a hypochondriac.

"What is the point of these social events, other than getting wasted and regretting yet another night of your life?" The others rolled their eyes at Enjolras' comment. Did he always have to ruin everything? Enjolras looked at the shadow to see what her reaction would be to what he had just said, and caught her eye. She looked away so quickly he almost thought he had imagined it. Her eyes were such a deep brown, he could tell they held lots of secrets and, perhaps, bad memories. He is pulled back into the conversation by Combeferre.

"To socialise, to get drunk, to get laid… It's a never-ending list, really." Enjolras scoffs but the others seem to agree with Combeferre and launch into a discussion of what could possibly go down at a party, and why a person would attend one in the first place.

In the background he still sees her. Every few minutes her eyes would dart to their table and linger on Marius, she hadn't flipped the page of her book for a while. Enjolras looked around, was he the only one noticing her there? Yes, it seemed. The others acknowledged the presence of the girl shadowing Marius, yet they never made a comment; not a word. Their apathy bugged Enjolras so much that he took the effort to watch the girl himself, and he had started to notice things about her. How she always wore the same tattered jeans, only changing once in a while into another pair of old tattered jeans. How she owned a pretty old phone, and while he'd only heard it ring twice, each time she had run out of the café to answer it in a massive panic. The books she read were usually borrowed from the library, and those that didn't have library tags on them were terribly old. Her text books (which he had seen her work from a couple of times) were most likely all second hand, as he had seen the frayed edges and highlighted markings by previous owners on the pages.

He had noticed all this, and wanted to know more about the girl herself, but he refuses to approach her. He could ignore her altogether but instead he decides to wait. Wait for someone else to strike up a conversation with the curious girl, and then he would respond accordingly. Until then, he was left to ponder her name.

A/N: So it's not amazing. I never said it was. I don't work on my writing that much anyway. And I'm not going to lie to you by saying that it gets better, I mean, I hope it does, and I believe it does, but it all depends on your opinion of this piece. I hope you continue reading though. Thank you :D