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Farfarello and the Blender.

"I love you too," Farfarello said while addressing the blender infront of him. He slowly carressed it then nodded, "I understand. I will go and get her... er, him... er....it as soon as I can, okay?" He was in love with the blender for some odd reason, and believed 'she' could talk to him.The whole situation had left Nagi, Crawford, and Schuldich staring in disbelief and bewilderment from afar.

"Does he know that's a blender?" Nagi asked, turning to face Schuldich.

"I'm... not sure," the German said, raising a brow.

Crawford didn't say anything, he just stared at the irishman with the most confused look on his face.

"I think..I can go now..To the store..where it is.." Farfarello leaned over and kissed the blenders 'forehead' before grabbing his coat off of the nearby chair and then he headed for the door. "She wants some cookies," he said, "She wants home-made ones. Chocolate Chip. I'll be back soon."

"But it's a BLENDER, Farfarello, B-L-E-N-D-E-R." Nagi spelled the word out.. feeling that it would get his point across.


"I don't even -want- to know how it got pregnant..." Schu said while slowly backing away from Farfarello. Crawford was still too shocked to say and/or do anything half intelligent besides stand there with his mouth hanging agape. Gee, I bet he looked like a -real- leader.


"YOU WILL BAKE! AND YOU WILL ENJOY DOING IT! I will be back, honey-muffin." And with that Farfie stormed outside and headed for Walley World where he had heard there was a sale going on for mini-blenders.

"What...the hell...?"

"I don't know. And I am not baking. Farfie can bake his own damn cookies."

"You should bake them."

"No. YOU bake them."







"...I hate you."

Nagi smirked, "Feeling's mutual."

"...I think I'm going to take some pills and go visit a psychiatrist because what I've just seen and heard... That could NOT have actually been happening..." Crawford mumbled as he left the room and headed to the bathroom to look for some pills, "It must be all this damn stress I'm under... why me? Why do I have to go psycho...?"

"...Has he gone over the edge?"

"Almost. Poor leedah dood."

"Um... Schuldich, how old are you again?"


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Farfarello hummed as he looked through the selection of all the current styles of the 'new, improved' mini-blenders. He just wasn't getting that 'vibe' from either one of them... So he decided to take -all- of the mini- blenders and put them in his cart. He then headed to a checkout line, eyeing a nun as he did so. Nuns were evil.

"Close your eyes, children... If you look her in the eye then you'll become evil just like her and I'll have to kill you." He continued to eye the nun who had been unconciously staring at the psycho from afar. Smirking as he began to unload his 'children' from his cart and onto the moving belt thingy (He didn't know what it was... all he knew was that it moved. o.O;), he began to humm the tune of 'The Nun Fell Down the Hill and Broke Her Neck.'

Now, a whole hell of a lot of mini-blenders (quite possible all that were in the store...) was not something the cashier had ever seen before. He raised a brow and looked at Farfarello, "Um... do you really need all these blenders, sir?"

"They're my children." Farfarello stated as he patted the last blender on it's 'head.' "My wife told me to come and get them, aren't they adorable?"

"Wife? Would she happen to be a..."

"Blender? To most, but not to me. Inter-racial marriges hurt God."

"Yes.. okay then.." The worried cashier carefully handled the man's 'children' and placed them into bags before setting them in the cart. He accepted the cash Farfarello offered and watched as the Irishman walked out of the store.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Holy...hell...what the fuck...?" Schuldich stared at all the blenders which had been clothed in baby outfits and each given their own little toys. "How did you pay for all this?"

"Remember that money of yours that's been missing..."

"You fucking MAN WHORE. I WILL KILL YOU." Schu then lept at the man and wrapped his hands around the others neck. "BEG FOR MERCY!! BEG FOR MERCY!!!"


...Crawford had been sneaking over to the mommy blender with a hammer in his hand. He raised it up into the air and brought it down upon the poor, unsuspecting inanimate object. Yes, there was even that big huge smashing sound.

"IIE!!!!!!" Farfarello, screamed, trying to break away from the German who had now began to pinch him in many, many places.

"Oh well... She's dead. Now for the rest..."

There was a whole lot of screaming. Farfie was tied to a chair which was in turn super glued to the wall and Crawford and Schu were smashing all the little blenders.


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