There was a meeting held between the three top Game Makers and the President of Panem.

Siberius Marrel was the newest one there. The other Game Makers were more experienced with working with the president, yet they seemed to be no less terrified than he was as they stood in the elevator leading to the president's penthouse suite.

Siberius was twenty-two. He had just graduated from an architectural university in the west of the Capitol, and his active imagination and brilliant artistic skills had earned him a place as the third most looked-up-to Game Maker in the business. Although it was the president herself who had picked him to be on the team, Siberius has never before been in her direct presence. He knew that one wrong move would cause him to be not only sacked from his job, but he might even suffer from an 'accident' that would cause his death, which might or might not be caused by the president.

It was completely tense and quiet in the elevator. Siberius looked at the other two Game Makers. Cerene Shock was a usually flamboyant man with an eccentric taste for fashion. His hair was an electric blue and his eyes were an enhanced bright orange. He was in charge of designing the outfits, weapons and survival items that would be put in the Arena. Cerene was much older than the other two, and he was some kind of a mentor for Siberius to look up to. He was very nice, honestly.

Karman Vethark was the only woman among the three. She was twenty-three years old, just a year older than Siberius. She was a talkative one, always trying to uplift people's spirits. She was the first one to greet Siberius on his first day and has been his tour guide to the place ever since. Her skin was dyed light lavender and her hair was a darker shade of purple. She dressed elegantly but simply, and Siberius thought she was quite pretty. It seemed quite odd to see his two colleagues so quiet and unlike themselves.

A ding was heard from the elevator and the doors started to slide open. Siberius took a deep breath and was first one to step out of the metal doors, followed by Karman and then Cerene. He looked back at them and they each smiled at one another.

"Good luck," Karman said.

"You too," Siberius answered. He looked at Cerene.

"We'll probably be safe," he said. "The president likes us, I think."

Siberius let out a low chuckle, but then his expression turned grim again. There was a glass door leading to the president's office, but the glass was carved into so it was hard to see through it. He pushed the handle and went inside the office.

President Kassia Marron was not at her desk, but she was standing in front of a shelf, her dark eyes scanning an oddly old-looking book. The other two Game makers came in, and President Kassia's eyes traveled upwards to stare at the trio.

Siberius was at a loss for words. The president's gaze was so strong that Siberius felt paralyzed for a moment. She looked like she didn't belong in the Capitol, with her natural-looking dark skin and plain dark hair. The only thing that made her different was her unnaturally bright blue eyes. The intensity of the color made everyone take a sharp breath, and for a few seconds it didn't sound like anyone in the room was even breathing.

Then the president lifted her head up and smiled. "Welcome."

Her shoes clacked against the tiled marble floor as she took small steps towards the Game Makers. "It's nice to finally meet you. Now, I believe you each have something for me?"

Cerene Shock was the first one to step forward. He presented a black folder with the words 'Designs' written on the front. "It holds all of the sketches, rough drafts, examples and a disk for virtual graphic designs of the costumes, weapons, armor, and weapons."

President Kassia nodded and took the folder from Cerene's hands. "I'll look at that."

Karman Vethark gave the president a similar folder, which was blue and had no writing on it. "All of the weather conditions, mutts, traps, force fields and such are in here. I've already uploaded any files onto your computer system."

"I see," the president said. Her eyes landed on Siberius, who was fiddling with a small black cube in his hand. She walked over so that he was in front of him and he handed over the object.

"Just press the red button over here," he demonstrated. "It's a hard drive and goes onto your computer."

The president nodded, put down the folders on a table nearby and took the small object in her hands. "Tell me about this arena."

"Well," Siberius began. "It will be a large piece of evergreen land. Ruins from old buildings will be placed everywhere, and in some of these ruins there are things that the tributes may find useful, such as backpacks, food or weapons. The Cornucopia will be located inside a large, ruined building with an open roof, and the tributes will be in a semi circle around the horn. Some of the exits will lead directly to the forest, or to a bay, or to somewhere random in the arena, whilst others lead to underground tunnels that may end somewhere, or go around in circles. Tributes can also climb out of the building by ladder-like vines that go up the building's wall."

Siberius continued explaining the rest of the details with such interest that no-one in the room could take their eyes off him. He was young and new, yet he had so much potential. President Kassia smiled at him.

"Well done," she said. "This year will be a definite success."

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