The Farewells

District Four: Erik Olsson

The inside of the Justice Building was unsurprisingly extravagant.

Erik noticed how brightly lit the hallways were, but the brightness was different to that of sunlight outside. It took him a moment for his eyes to adjust. The walls were turquoise with golden accents near to the ceiling. Above the white boarding were paintings of previous District Four mayors, as well as family and couple portraits.

The peacekeepers' boots thudded against the wooden but carpeted floor. Erik was walking to the crying room after volunteering for the Hunger Games – was that a good or bad thing? Good, he supposed. It was supposed to be good when you volunteered to gain respect from your father.

The walk was impeccably long, so long that Erik had enough time to memorize the faces of the people he walked with. The peacekeepers were all strict and stern-looking and there were four of them; three men and a woman. Walking with the woman and a male peacekeeper next to Erik was his district partner.

Her name was Rose Wildwood. She was quiet, Erik could say, and didn't say much even as she was reaped. He was sure he'd seen her in training multiple times before, and she did decently well. Nothing special; she wasn't much of a competition.

Soon they reached the end of the hallway, in which an archway was placed on the walls on either side of them. Erik walked through the archway on the right and Rose went through the left. They parted ways, but Erik wanted to make sure he talked with her again later on the train.

The peacekeepers left him inside an ornately decorated room and he sat on one of the purple velvet loveseats. It was nice to be alone even for a little while; it gave him time to think. About strategies, the arena, the chances, the battles. Oh, the battles – what kind of competitors would he face? Whatever, he knew that he could be able to beat them all, and he could only hope that Odin would stay on his side. He could win this, and even if he didn't, he would be able to die the warrior's death he's always wanted.

Erik believed in Norse mythology. It was strange to believe in religion at this time and age, but after being scorned by his parents for his whole life, confused by the Capitol's mistreatment towards their people, when he happened to come across a bunch of old books on Norse mythology, what else was there to believe in? What other kind of hope was there left? Wouldn't you want to believe that when you die, you won't just fade into a black nothingness? Wouldn't you want to believe in something better, something more worth hanging onto?

When his parents came in to say goodbye to him, Erik's brother Steig wasn't there. Good.

District Six: Axel Kray

The bone-crushing hug that Lucia Kray gave her son was enough to make Axel rethink his decision.

"Oh my gosh," Lucia breathed. "What have you done?"

Axel's little sister, Sara or 'Sparky', ran up to them with tears streaming down her cheeks. "Axel!"

Lucia pulled away, wiping the tears away with her hand as she let Sparky throw her arms around her brother.

"Axel," Sparky sobbed. "You- you volunteered! Why would you do that?"

Axel bit his lip at the naivety of his thirteen-year-old sister. Sparky had no idea of what Brandy, his best friend, meant to him, to the point where he would be willing enough to sacrifice his own family. When his hand had risen up from the crowd of hundreds of kids at the District Centre, he didn't even have to think twice about them or the fact that he would be fighting for his life in a week's time. All he could think of was Brandy, and how she would die without him being there next to him.

He shut his eyes and held his sister in his arms tightly. "I needed to help Brandy," was all he said.

While Sparky sobbed on and on, Axel's mother was still crying in the background. Her head was turned so he couldn't see her face, but he knew what she would have looked like. Tin lips, skinny face, desperate eyes… everything a prostitute from a poor part of the District would look like. But this time, she would be crying, her heart broken from the fact that her son who she had tried so hard to protect would be taken away from her and surrendered to the hands of the Capitol.

"What will I do now?" Lucia said, her expression sunken. "Axel, how am I supposed to raise Sparky on my own?"

Axel's eyelids flew open like window shutters and he stared at his mother. Helpless. That was the first thing that came to mind when he laid eyes on her. She had been helpless from the day Axel was born, from the day his father walked out on them, from the day she realized that she was alone in taking care of her children.

"You won't," Axel said to his mother. "It's only two weeks, maybe a bit more. I'm going to make it out alive, you hear me? I'm going to come out of the arena alive and rich and we'll never starve again."

Lucia stared at her son, her eyes watery. "But-"

"No buts," Axel demanded. "If I don't come out alive, then Brandy will, and she'll help you guys. I know she will."

This only made Axel's mother start weeping again, and he sighed deeply. "Come on, Mom…"

But then the door swung open and a Peacekeeper walked in. "Visit's over," the man said.

Axel bent down and gave Sparky a soft kiss on her forehead. "Take care, Sparks," he said.

Sparky nodded, squeezed her brother one more time and ran to her mother. Axel watched one of the few things he's learned to love walked away, leaving him alone possibly forever.

District Five: Alexander Burke

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up. What the hell just happened?

Everything had just passed him like a storm. The escort called out his name. Peacekeepers pushed him into the Justice Building. He had sat in the crying room for a while, not expecting anyone to actually show up. But then there was his mother, walking through the door, wrapping his arms around him and telling him how sorry she was. For what? Not being the supportive mother she should have been his whole entire life? Yeah, maybe.

Alex did feel a bit bad for her, though. She was alone. His father had died, and that had driven her from her already-distant state to rock bottom when she barely made eye contact with his son, let alone talk to him. Alex didn't have any siblings, either, therefore expanding the loneliness that he felt in his heart. But it also moulded his mother into something else, something he knew she hadn't always been; a distant, cold-hearted bitch. Or maybe that was just him.

Either way, Alex tried to show sympathy for her. She was completely alone in the house now, with no other relatives that weren't extended family, and she was probably going to be alone for the rest of her life. Whatever kind of woman she was, Ariana Burke deserved more.

Then she left. All so suddenly, Alex realized that he was alone as well. Maybe not physically; there would be plenty of other bloodthirsty tributes in the arena ready to kill him, possibly ally with him for a bit. But emotionally and competitively, he had no-one. He couldn't emerge out of the Hunger Games with someone else who would be by his side. He had nobody to confide his feelings into, no-one that he could relate to and actually feel affection towards. He was almost as much as a cold-hearted bitch as his mother was.

Never had he wanted more than his mother to stay with him, just be with him, for his father to come back from the dead and to cherish him just like the parents they should have been. He should have had someone to play catch with, someone to run around with and play tag, someone to pick him back up when he fell onto the dirt and treated it all like a joke. But he never had any of those.

Soon, Alex was pushed out of the crying room and into the hallway. He glanced around at the pictures of mayors and the mayors' families, and even photos of contraptions that had been specially created for the benefit of faster energy producing. The new world had turned to renewable energy ever since natural resources began to run out, and never before had technology been more advanced. Well, that was what he thought.

When he stepped outside into the open, he glanced around the empty area. Nobody wanted to watch some poor kid get onto a train and fed like a pig before slaughter. He noticed that someone else was walking in front of him; a girl named Joule Jenner. She was his district partner, but he doubted she would be of any use. She looked hung over and was wearing a crumpled dress that looked like she'd slept in it. But Alex wasn't about to judge. She seemed somewhat strong, and seemed athletic.

Joule didn't even look at him as she was pushed into a car. Alex followed after her, but she just leaned against the window, staring at whatever was outside, looking like she could care less if she died or not. She kept fingering a small pin on her collar that was glowing ominously a little too bright for an unlit place. Maybe it was made from some special Capitol material.

Alex glanced down at his hands. He doubted that he would see District Six again, so he whispered, so quietly that he himself could barely hear it, "Goodbye."

Joule heard it.

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