Lies in the Middle By: Princess Ashley

A GW/SM/HP fanfic. Unusual predicament the girls and guys are in. Only a few GW characters are used. Lemme give you the whole summary so you can understand a bit better.

Harry and Draco are both having dreams of a place in the past, and the possibility that they might have had a past life in a different dimension. And their past comes back to haunt them as the ghosts of the girls they see in their dreams come to follow them around Hogwarts. When they realize what is happening, they go to Dumbledore, but both of them know, the only people they can go to for answers are the ghosts themselves.

*** Lies in the Middle Chapter 1: Dreams of the Past ***

~*Dream Sequence*~

There was a dark brown haired man standing in front of a large machine suit. It reminded him of a over sized robot. He saw the young man with five other boys; they must have been about 15. They all had machines that were almost identical to the first boy's. One had a long brown braid, one had black hair and looked Chinese. Then an Arabian platinum blonde haired boy, and last a boy with long bangs covering one of his emerald eyes.

He didn't know how he got here, but all the boys had gathered on what looked like a runway with a few big buildings on the sidelines. But then a few other machines accompanied them. They were smaller and didn't look as advanced as the other five, but suits non-the less. A man with long silvery blonde hair and a helmet that covered his eyes and head. He was taller than the boys. But the dark brown haired Japanese one came forth and stood in front of him. The blonde man was a great deal taller than the boy, and apparently a bit older. The blonde man pulled out a white old-fashioned gun, and threw it aside, and turned to look at the younger boy. The boy took out a black magnum, and threw it aside as well. The solitary boy who was watching all this happen looked on in wonder: where was he? And who were these people? He didn't know why, but he held a connection to the boy who was facing the blonde.

There was a white suit behind the blonde man, as well as a few other suits, not as big or as stabilized. There was a woman in a magenta uniform, much like the blonde man's; she held out her hand to the machine that belonged to the boy, but he stood there, not making any move to protect the machine, nor trying to stop them from getting to it. The blonde and the woman approached the suit, the boy's back was still away from the sight, and the other four just looked at them as they rounded on the suit. The watchful boy started to wonder again: why are they letting them do this? It was pretty obvious that the young boy wasn't pleased about it, nor did he seem pleased about anything else for that matter. Then the younger boy pulled out a bar, with a red button on the end, and pushed it.

Suddenly the whole suit went up in flames, completely destroyed along with the man and the woman who were to close to the suit to avoid the blast. They were killed with the suit, as well as all the other witnesses, including the boy who destructed the machine. The boy watching felt the heat of the flames that came from the machine. Then everything went black.

~*End of Dream Sequence*~

A boy with jet-black hair woke up sweating and panting; another dream had disturbed his sleep again. He started to taste something on his mouth. He brought his finger to his mouth and felt the inside, and pulled it out. There was a red substance that was merging into the flesh on his finger. It was blood. If it was a dream, how come he had blood in his mouth, the same thing he had felt from in the dream? He shook his head, it made no sense. He laid back down, and soon fell asleep again, the dream no longer provoking his sleep.

*Another place in the waking world*

A boy with silvery blonde hair woke at the same time as the other boy. He wiped the sweat from his brow, and looked down at the green sheets on his bed and all the other beds but found that there was nothing to be seen. Soon realized that the curtains that surrounded his bed were closed, he smirked at his own foolishness that there was anything out of the ordinary happening. He then chocked a bit on something coming from inside of his jaw. There was a red stain on his sheets. It was blood. Where did that come from? It was just a dream right? And why did that young boy seem so familiar? And what was his connection to the blonde man? He shook it out of his head. It was nothing to go on pondering about. He lay back down, feeling that someone else had seen the same thing, someone not that far away. He would ask around tomorrow. He soon drifted off to sleep, all thoughts of the dream disappearing from his mind.


End of the first chapter. Hope ya'll liked it, I'll write more if you write reviews!!! Thankies!!!