Lies in the Middle By: Princess Ashley

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Chapter 6: Slytherin for sure

Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, and Fang just starred at the scene. Was Harry just kissing that girl? Where did she come from? They could have sworn she wasn't there a minute ago. Whoever she was, she was too beautiful to be human. And after gawking at her for a few minutes, they realized that she wasn't human. She was a ghost.

Hagrid was the first to come out of the trance. He stuttered. "Har.Harry, who is this girl?"

Harry looked taken aback for a few minutes. They could see her? How? He was the only person who could see her, he and Draco. Right? He looked at Usagi for a explanation, finding that she could give none, he turned back to his friends. "Well, um.kind of a funny story. Well." He looked at Usagi for support. She smiled warmly at him, and floated over to his friends.

She smiled at them. "Well, I am Usagi. And you might have already guessed, I am a ghost." She bowed.

Hagrid seemed to take that quite well, he staggered forward. "H.hi, I'm ' Hagrid. The game keeper at Hogwarts." He reached out to shake her hand, but then he went back to his senses. He couldn't shake hands with a ghost, she couldn't feel it!

But Usagi only smiled, and she put her hand out to shake Hagrid's large hand. Hers was probably only the size of his thumb, but he didn't hold it against her. He shook it gingerly, almost feeling her flesh in the hand. Her hand was cold, but yet warm when he took it under his own. He smiled at her.

"Nice to meet you, Usagi. I'm Hermione Granger."

Hermione shook out of her shock at seeing Harry kissing a ghost, and shook Usagi's hand as well, and introduced herself, as if it had never happened. And Harry had a funny feeling that Usagi's handshakes were taking a few memories away. He could only chuckle as Ron shook Usagi's hand, and then smiled at her dreamily, as if he had never seen someone like her. *I don't blame him. * Harry thought.

Usagi patted Fang's head, and he snuggled up to her touch. But the more he tried to get more of the pet; he just seemed to go right through her hand. Usagi's faint presence in the flesh was a bit of a downfall, but neither Harry's friends nor Usagi seemed to be troubled by it.

She giggled a bit when Ron blushed a bit after shaking her hand.

Hagrid spoke up. "So, are you a new ghost at the school?"

Usagi hesitated; she wasn't supposed to reveal herself till Friday. Oh well. "Yes, Dumbledore said that my friend, Hotaru and I could stay here." It wasn't a lie. She had spoken to Dumbledore about staying.

"Oh, well, glad to meet you. Goodness knows, we need a few more civilized ghosts to keep some like Peeves under control." Hermione said. "A friend of yours as well, did you say? Who does she hang around?"

"Draco Malfoy."

Ron's, Hermione's, and Hagrid's eyes went wide. "Why would she want to hang around him?" They all asked at the same time.

Hagrid thought a little while. "You would'n 'ave to do wi' that li'ul outburst Malfoy 'ad earlier? Ya know, when 'e cursed in class?"

Usagi smiled a bit, and Harry had to swallow back a laugh, looking pained for a second. "Yep, that was me. He offended me a bit and when I insulted him back he seemed quite angry. I didn't mean to make him get in trouble. The Malfoy anger shows through in the, I guess. So much like Milliardo." She trailed off, thinking of Hotaru and her lost love.

Hagrid, Hermione, Harry, and Ron looked at Usagi, worried for a second. "Are you alright?" They asked.

Usagi smiled at them. "Oh, yes. Never mind."


Usagi turned to Hermione. "Yes?"

"Well, um.Hotaru hangs around with Draco, and you and Harry hang out a lot. you have something to do with those tattoos they have on their arms? Well, henna, but henna would have washed off by now. Do you.?" She trailed off, knowing Usagi knew what she meant.

Usagi shook her head. "No, they were the same marks that Hotaru's and my love wore in the past. And yes, they are permanent. We were from different worlds, but we were sent to help them in their world. We fell in love, but then death took us apart. Me and Hotaru are not allowed to go back to heaven till we find our loves again. But, that was impossible. They are dead and in heaven, and we are stuck here on earth, forever. Until the gods told us that two people, complementary to our other loves could help us to heaven. That was went dreams were sent to you two, because you were complementary to Heero and Milliardo. You are the ones who can help us to find our loves again. Draco is complementary to Milliardo, and Harry is complementary to Heero. Not to mention they look almost alike for that matter." She smiled as the others took in the information. "Well, that's enough. We should get to the castle now. I believe it's just about time to eat dinner. You go along. I have some business with the Bloody Baron before I tell Dumbledore that he can introduce us tonight. Good day!" She disappeared quickly before their eyes.

They all shook their heads.

Ron turned to Harry. "Does she always talk that rapidly? Leaving us hanging like this after she disappears, it's a lot to handle."

Harry smiled and patted his tattoos on his arm. "Yep, she is something." He smiled secretly to himself. Yep, defiantly something else.


Usagi met Hotaru in the halls; on the way to confront the Bloody Baron one some matters before dinner.

"Where have you been?" She asked, hands on her hips.

"Conversating with Moaning Myrtle, once I got her to stop moaning. Quite a sweet lassie once you get to know her." Hotaru said, smiling brightly, first time since she had gotten here.

Usagi raised an eyebrow. "Hmm.well, be a doll and got tell Dumbledore he can introduce us tonight. Harry's friends already know. Might as well tell everyone now. No point in keeping it."

Hotaru slumped. "Oh fine, you're just ruining my fun with keeping that Pansy Parkinson away from MY Milliardo. Who names their kid after a flower anyways?" She crossed her arms over her chest.

"You can still go invisible, you just might have a little bit more trouble telling the professors what you have against Pansy of all people." Usagi pointed out.

Hotaru scoffed. "Yeah right. I'll tell 'em straight out. That girl is out to take my Milliardo away from me and she will pay for it as well."

Usagi sighed. "Technically, 'Draco'" She corrected Hotaru. "Isn't yours. Milliardo is yours. Draco is a completely different person."

"Hmmm.whatever, they're one and the same. Anyone can plainly see that he doesn't like Pansy. Even if he isn't mine right now, nobody's stopping me from making him mine." She smiled, as if she had won the fight.

Usagi smirked. "Except the fact that you're a ghost. Now go tell Dumbledore, while I talk to the Baron. Okay?" She patted the smaller girl's cheek and faded out as she hovered down the halls.

Hotaru scoffed again, and then disappeared, headed to Dumbledore's office.


Everyone was in the Great Hall, chattering away. Harry, Hermione, and Ron were wondering if Dumbledore was going to tell the school about Usagi and Hotaru tonight or at breakfast in the morning.

"When did you meet Usagi?" Hermione asked.

"Well, the same day that I got the tattoos actually. Malfoy met Hotaru the same day. Kind of funny to see Hotaru get pissed off at Pansy for getting affectionate towards Malfoy. Making her want backfire and stuff." He chuckled a bit, looking over at Pansy, who was hunched over her food, still recovering from a broken backbone Crabbe gave her when Hotaru possessed him to tackle her.

Ron suddenly burst out laughing. "You mean when Pansy totally made that book go bizzirk the other day, that was Hotaru's doing?" He managed to get out.

Harry nodded. "She always goes off on Pansy whenever she shows even a pinch of affection towards Malfoy. It's really entertaining as a matter of fact. Even Malfoy seems to think it's hilarious. She must be really stuck on this Milliardo guy."

Hermione shook her head at the two boys. "Well anyways, what if you and Malfoy really are the future selves of that Heero and Milliardo that Usagi and Hotaru were in love with. Wouldn't that be really weird?" She asked them.

Harry almost wished he were this Heero guy just to have Usagi be in love with him. But he shook his head. "No, Usagi said. It's impossible. They're in heaven. And even if we are their future selves or something, Usagi and Hotaru would be in heaven by now, after finding us. We aren't them, no matter how much I wish we were." He looked down.

Hermione and Ron were quiet the rest of the time, until Dumbledore stood to make the announcement.

"Boys and Girls, please quiet down! Well, now that we are fed and watered, I would like to introduce two new members to out Hogwarts family. Two new ghosts that would be Miss Usagi Tsukino, and Miss Hotaru Tomoe.

Usagi and Hotaru appeared in the great hall, along with all the other ghosts who had appeared to greet them. Usagi was in an argument with the Bloody Baron, and Moaning Myrtle and Hotaru were talking about how to get Peeves back for all the pranks he had played on Myrtle in the past.

Pansy glared at her when Hotaru sent her a devious look, appearing behind Malfoy, arms around his neck, and the jealousy that was welling up in her eyes was more than Malfoy could resist.

"Get your hands off my Draco!" She yelled angrily at Hotaru.

Hotaru spit her tongue out at Pansy, and lifted a spoon of mash potatoes and flicking at her, spoiling all the self-control Pansy had. She leaped at Hotaru, hardly worth it, she went right through her and fell onto Malfoy.

"Pans! Get off of me!" He yelled, and Pansy shoved herself off of him.

"Sorry, Drac. But it was her fault." She blinked when she realized that Hotaru was gone. Draco smiled when he saw her with a whole bowl of punch behind her, and dumped it on her head. The whole all laughed while Pansy sputtered with the red liquid staining her hair and robes.

"Oh!" She shrieked. She let out a cry and ran out of the hall, completely embarrassed. Usagi almost felt sorry for Pansy, and looking at the whole hall that was laughing at her. Pansy was just in love with Draco, what was the point in punishing her for it? (A.N: Told you I liked Pansy. She's cool. I 'must' have her good side in this story. Sry for all u who don't like her.) Usagi quickly forgot it when the food fight broke out in the great hall.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione ran up to her. "Some welcoming party, hugh?" Ron said, laughing when he saw Ginny thrown into the humungous plate of green jello.

Usagi smiled at them as she watched Hotaru and the Slytherins seem to get alone really well. "Well, I guess she found her element. Slytherin for sure."


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