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It was once again a quiet day at the HQ for the seven heroes. Ace was meditating on his pad. Duck was playing video games. Tech was reading the newspaper. Slam was eating everything in the fridge...again. Kiko was in the lab. Rev playing air hockey by himself. And Lexi listening to her iPod6 also reading a magazine.

Rev started to get bored of air hockey and decided to visit one of his closest friend. Kiko. Rev got her a little present for helping him when he was injured. It was a book Kiko been trying to get for a few months now, but never availed. Rev was able to get it on eBay for $94 almost lost it by DarkAngel27. The book got delivered yesterday and if he a good chance of giving it to her it was now. He walked out the door of the game room to go get the book. When he got the book he walked down the hall to the lab. Rev has been having a crush on Kiko since they first met. He never told anybody, so he just kept it a secret. He never did anything like ask her out due to the fact she wouldn't want to go out with him. He also always thought she was out of his league which was pretty much true. Then the door slid opened when he was in front of it. Kiko wasn't doing any work, but she was meditating.

Rev always thought Kiko resembles everyone on the team. She knows martial arts like Ace, a girl like Lexi, egotistical like Duck, strong like Slam, intelligent like Tech, and has quick agility like well… Rev. Also due to her psychic powers Kiko's hair floats up like Zadavia when she uses her powers. She is so much like everyone it made her attractive to Rev. Rev's face grew into a nervous grin.

'Here we go.' Rev thought.

Lexi was listing to one of her favorite songs Starships by Nicki Minaj. In the middle of the song her iPod started messing up… "Damn." She said to herself.

Since she knew Kiko was in the lab Lexi wanted to see if she can fix it. She got off the beanbag and headed off to the lab.

The door slid into the lab. She then saw and heard Kiko and Rev talking.

"Hey - Kiko." Said Rev.

Kiko opened a eye. "Is there something you acquire Rev?" Kiko asked.

"Well- yes- actually," Rev responded. "I- wanted - to- give - this - to- you - for - helping - me- out- when - I- was- injured."

Kiko then opened both eyes. She then got up from her mediating position.

"This is the Vampire Academy last book made in the 21st century." Kiko said a little too excited with a big smile. She noticed it and decided to cool down. She then sat on the bench. "So umm, how did you get this?" She asked calming down.

"Well - it- wasn't -easy - as- you - know," Rev started sitting on the bench next to Kiko. "I- got- it- on- eBay. Someone - named - DarkAngel27 - tried-to- get- it." He then looked at Kiko.

"Is your eBay name SpeedDemon18?" Kiko asked.


"I was DarkAngel27." Kiko replied.

"Oh." He said mildly surprise.

"Well I guess this book will mean more to me now."

"Really." Rev said with a cute grin Kiko admired. "Yeah. If someone gives me something it means more than just getting it myself sometimes." She then spun around to the desk behind her.

She then opened the book about to read it. Rev then started thinking. He then took a deep breath and spun around to face Kiko.

"Uh, Kiko can I ask you a question?" Rev asked a little nervous. Lexi in the room noticed this as she watched him.


"Uh,-yeah-I-was-wondering-if-you-wasn't-busy-with- anything-sometime... " Rev then became really nervous and decided to drop it.

"Yes, Rev." Kiko said looking at him. He became even more nervous looking at her beautiful golden-yellow eyes.

"Oh,-yeah-hey-I-think-the-reconstructor-is-acting- up." He then said trying to change the subject.

"What?" Kiko said looking at the direction of where it was. Rev then made a ran for it when she wasn't looking. "Rev there's nothing wrong with…" Kiko then looked back and noticed Rev was gone. "Okay then." Kiko said to herself.

After that event Lexi decided to leave the lab and talk to a certain roadrunner.


Rev was in his room laying in his bed thinking about how he totally screwed up. He couldn't find a good position so he kept rolling over to different places. "Ugh, That's was the stupidest thing I could do." Rev said to himself in a slow pace then he sighed. "She probably think I'm a idiot." All of a sudden he heard a door knock. He thought it was Kiko and just stayed quiet until she went away. "Rev I know your in there." Lexi said. Rev sighed again.

"It's opened." He said out loud.

The door then slid opened and Lexi entered the room. Rev tried to play it cool by speeding up his voice. The avian then got off the bed.

"Hey- Lexi - is - there - a- reason - why- you- needed - to - come - in." Rev said with a fake grin.

"Don't play dumb with me Rev. I heard what you were trying to ask Kiko."

Rev started to blush a little. "I-don't-know-what-your-talking-about." He said avoiding the bunny's gaze.

"Come on Rev there's nothing to be shy about," Lexi then kept talking. "You was about to ask Kiko out but then you ran out the lab. I was in there when that happen."

Rev then just made a nervous small grin and then put a hand behind his neck.

"You like her, don't you?" Lexi then added.

"No, of course not." He then blurted out.

"There's no reason to hide it Rev." Lexi said trying to break him.

"I- don't!" Rev screamed. "Just- because - she's -a- smart,- athletic,- sexy,-and- talented - girl- doesn't - mean -I-like- her- that -way."

Lexi smiled at this 'Gotcha.' She thought.

"What - are - you - smiling - at?" Rev asked a little annoyed with this conflict.

"You do realize you just called Kiko sexy." She answered still smiling.

Rev blushed at what he just said. 'Shit, its over.' Rev thought to himself. He then turned around no longer facing Lexi. "Okay so maybe I do like her." He said with a slow pace.

"That's what I thought," Lexi said. "Why are you so afraid of telling her or me?" She then asked.

"Because she might not feel the same about me," Rev said with a sad slow voice. "She's out of my league anyway."

This was mostly true. Talking about a girl who know different types of martial arts, independent, is hard to break plus she is super intelligent who is a expert in chemistry and technology. Along with a guy who can't even handle himself in a situation.

"How do you know? She might like you." Lexi said trying to cheer him up.

"No she won't." Rev said.

"Rev just try… without messing up." Lexi said walking towards the door. "You'll never know until you actually try." Lexi then walked out the door.


Lexi's voice was still inside Rev's head. 'She might like you' 'You'll never know until you try.'

"Maybe -I- should -try- like -Lexi- said." Rev said aloud to himself. Rev then got up from his bed. "Okay -I- can -do- this." Rev said with a smirk. He then ran off to the city to get something. Maybe a rose.