It was about eight in the morning when they both woke up. Remembering what had happened last night. They both took showers and got dress. Rev had to put back on his clothes when he came there at night; not knowing he was going to stay the night.

Rev and Kiko were in the kitchen. Kiko was going through the cabinet for something to eat. She had pulled out a box with some muffins.

"Want a muffin?" She asked looking at Rev.

"What - kind - is - it?" He asked back.

"It's banana nut and chocolate." Kiko responded.

"Yeah,-sure." Rev said getting a muffin out the box.

"Just - asking - but- is- there - any - servants - in- this - mansion?" Rev asked.

"Yeah, their just on vacation." She answered.

They was interrupted by a ping sound. Rev was able to carry a micro communicator watch just incase of emergency.

"I - guess - I - have - to - go." Rev said, he then gave Kiko a peck on the lip and ran off.

After Rev left Kiko was leaning on the counter eating her muffin until she heard a strange noise. Trying to find out what it was she started walking towards the direction.

She kept walking around the mansion for about two minutes when she found the source of it. It was some kind of weird box. Hesitating a bit of rather pick it up or not she finally concluded in picking it up. When she did she was shoot through electricity and blacked out.


It was three in the morning at Acmetropilis and apparently there was crime happening.

"Who does crime in three in the morning?" Duck asked, the team was flying to the scene.

"Chill Duck," Lexi said looking at the mallard. "It'll probably won't take that long."

The team landed were they saw police lights in an area.

"What's up doc?" Ace asked.

"Thank goodness the Loonatics," the police said, "There was a explosion in the forth quarter of that building. The fireman tried to find if someone was in there, but couldn't enter in."

Ace started to think and looked towards Rev.

"Hey Rev is there anyone in there?"

Rev eyes turned into a crimson red using his GPS. "I see a person under a desk." Rev responded.

"Alright," Ace said, "Slam and Rev, go get em out." The two then went inside the building.

It was kind of dark, but had a amber orange color. Slam was picking up the metal and wood that was blocking the entrance. As they got to the third quadrate of the building they both heard faint screaming.

"This - way - Slam." Rev said running towards the direction. (Have y'all ever notice when Rev isn't using his super speed running he's actually the slowest member on the team.)

As they got closer to the screaming Rev went up to her. She looked about 17.

"Okay - were - here." Rev said trying to calm her down.

The girl who had stopped grabbed Rev's arm and pulled out a small controller. After she pressed a button both her and Rev disappeared into thin air.


Kiko started to wake up. Trying to remember what just happened. When she finally woke back up she found herself tied up to a large bar. She moved her head trying to scan the area only to find Rev unconscious behind her.

"Da hell," Kiko said not believing this. "Rev, wake up."

Rev starting groaning as he woke up. He was wide eyed when he saw where he was at. He tried to use his powers, but didn't avail.

"Where are we?" He asked trying to look at Kiko.

"You're in my lair." A familiar voice said. The two looked at the girl as she showed up in the dim light.

"Grace," Rev said. "What the fuck is this?!"

"Well I guess it's not obvious," Grace said with a crazy smile. "Rev, as you know I miss you. And since you're with this bitch I would like to make a compromise..."

"Uh, did you just call me a bitch?" Kiko interrupted Grace.

"Uh, I wasn't talking to you." Grace said with a smart ass mouth.

"What kind of compromise?" Rev said interrupting the 'cat fight'.

"Oh, well it's a bit of a trade," she said, "If you break up with this bitch..."

"There she go with the bitch again." Kiko said getting real pissed.

"... And get back with me y'all live." Grace finished.

"And if I don't?" Rev asked.

"Then y'all die. Just as simple as that." Grace answered.

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" Rev screamed at her. "I rather die with the girl I love than with you!"

"Awww." Kiko cooed.

"That's real sweet Rev. Real sweet. We'll see what you'll think in a few days stuck over here with no food or water." Grace then walked out the scene.

As soon as she was gone Kiko tried to use her powers, but they didn't work. "Ugh, why won't my powers work?"

"Because the bracelet your wearing." Another voice said entering through the doors.

"Wait wait, your that reporter that was on the plane." Kiko said.

"Yes I am," she said, "My real name is Ally. I'm Grace's best friend…"

"Well that explains it." Kiko said. "…Any who those are bracelets that neutralize both of your powers," Ally finished, "And you know this wasn't Grace's original plan."

"Oh yeah, what was Grace's original plan?" Rev asked.

"Glad you asked," Ally said walking to the other side, "Ya see Grace's original plan was to scare Kiko away from you by using the dead animals."

"Wait, but how did you put the animals in there?" Kiko asked curious.

"Well a thing you don't know about me; y'all and the loonatics aren't the only ones with powers. Observe." She said. Ally then disappeared.

"Where did she go?" Rev asked. Kiko tried to shrug.

They then both felt something pecking on their shoulders. They both looked at the source and saw nothing, until Ally appeared again revealing herself. Ally then walked back where she was in the beginning.

"Invisibility. Nice." Kiko said mildly surprised.

"I'm also able to go through walls. Just call me a phantom. Oh and on that day you was leaving I pinned a small tracking device on you. If you just happen to wonder how we found you and sat the trap. Grace's plan changed when Rev came to visit you. And yeah, we know what y'all did."

"Damn, she did all this to get Rev back?" Kiko asked a little confused. "What, she couldn't find anyone else?"

"Well to tell you the truth, she doesn't tell me the reason." Ally answered.

"Wow, some best friend. Isn't best friends suppose to tell each other everything?" Kiko asked.

"Oh yeah do you know what a best friend is loner?" Ally asked back.

"I had best friends before." Kiko said.

"Yeah, and as much as I enjoy this talk I gotta bounce out." Ally said leaving the room.

"Bitch." Kiko whispered.

"How are we going to get out?" Rev said panicking. Kiko started to think. They were both tied up by rope.

"Okay, I got a knife in my boot." Kiko said.

"Why do you carry a knife in your boot?" Rev asked. "Ninja 101, always carry as much weapons as possible," Kiko said with a smirk. "Now if I can only get it." Kiko was struggling to grab it when her bottom part of her pants was in the way.

"Hey Rev, do you think you can lift this up?"

"Yeah." Rev said while pulling the pants up.

"A little higher." Kiko said. He did what he was told and Kiko grabbed the pocket sized knife. "Okay got it."

Kiko started cut the rope as fast as she could. "Come on you bitch." Kiko grunted.

She kept going until part of the rope split. Both Rev and Kiko untied the rope and was now free.

"Now to get these bracelets off." Rev said. The bracelets were gold… with a small combination lock.

"You gotta be kidding," Kiko said. "Any chance you know it?"

"Uhh." Was all Rev said. A eight number sequence. It could be any random numbers. 'Eight numbers. It gotta be something Grace would always remember.'

"Got it." He blurted out while putting the numbers. The bracelet then unlocked. "There - we - go." Rev said.

"What was it?" Kiko asked curious.

"My - birthdate," Rev said with a smile, "11 - 05 - 2750."

Not long after Kiko's bracelet unlocked. "Ya know that girl is too crazy for you. It's more than how it was with Zack and T-Bird." Kiko said.

"Come - on." Rev said running out the door. "Hey wait up!" Kiko said.

Grace's 'lair' didn't look that big and didn't have much doors, so it wouldn't be hard to find the exit.

"We're - almost - there." Rev said. As they kept running they finally made it to a exit door up some stairs.

When the door opened they found themselves in a kitchen.

"I guess Grace's lair was just a basement," Kiko said. "Now all we have to do is get out of here. And get some police to take Grace in a mental hospital."

"Nice plan, only your not getting out." They heard the familiar voice said behind them. They looked behind and saw Grace holding a gun.

"You gotta be kidding." Kiko said not taking it seriously.

Grace shot the gun, but Kiko blocked it with a telekinetic force field. Kiko took the gun out of Grace's hand with telekinesis and was holding it now.

Rev started to look around for anything to tie Grace up. He finally saw and took some rope she hadn't used yet and ties her up.

"Hey, that's not fair!" Grace shouted.

"Well - the - idea - of - that - you - tried - to - kill - us - this - is - nothing - but - fair." Rev stated.

Kiko just shrugged and walked over to a phone on the counter. She dialed 9 - - 1 - 1 for the police.


Kiko and Rev were walking hand to hand back to the tower happy and relieved this is finally over.

Rev signed, but the good kind of sign. "I'm so happy this is over." He said with a slow pace voice.

"Me too," Kiko said with a smirk, "I just hope she doesn't escape and try to make revenge like they do on TV."

"Yeah." Rev replied.

Hooray finally finished. And on my last day of mid-winter break too. And I know it wasn't a good ending. I may do a sequel to the idea that Grace might escape; but then again I'm not sure. If you think I should have her again in my future fanfic then let me know. Also I would like to thank BETHMUM1 for reviewing my stories. THANK YOU SO MUCH!