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Unfortunately for the teens, Vernon was still mean, if it wasn't more than the year before. The Brookes brothers, Vernon's 'bodyguards', seemed different, though. But nobody, even Spence, could tell what was strange about them.

The morning passed slowly. They met their new teachers and there was some new people in the school. But, as every school was, it was really boring. Cam, Zack and Marie had fallen asleep during Math class, just before dinner, and the bell woke them up at the end of the period. Unfortunately once again, the teacher, Mrs. Tell, had seen them and gave them detention. At lunch, when Cam, Zack and Marie told their friends, Spence, Mandy and Gwen laughed their heads off, frustrating Zack.
- Shut up, now! That's not funny!, he shouted, slamming his tray down on the table.
- Okay, calm down, Zack!, Gwen said.
- Sit down, Zackie!, Marie added.
Zack didn't say anything, as it was Marie, and obeyed.
- Marie, you've got to tell me your tricks, Gwen said. I wish I could tame Cam like that!
The girls laughed.
- Anywayz, whatcha guys doin' tonight?, Cam asked.
- Nothing, Spence answered, but I believe you've got detention.
- You believed right, Marie said, but who said we were going?
She, Zack and Cam exchanged sly grins.
- You won't!, Mandy exclaimed. You guys gonna skip detention? Man, you're gonna have a double one!
- I know. We just don't feel to be in detention on the first school day. The second day is better, Cam laughed.
- Guys, I don't approve, Spence said.
- You don't approve anything, Cam protested.
- Can we drop the subject?, Marie asked.
- Sure, babe!, Zack said, putting an arm around her shoulders.
- What do you think of Mrs. Tell?, Spence asked.
Cam lied his head on the table and faked snoring.
- Does that answers your question?, Zack replied, smiling.
- You guys are mad, Mandy sighed.
- And proud of it!, Zack said.
They all laughed.



Finally, the last period of the day has arrived. Literature. The teacher made them read a short text.
- What does exactly this text means?, he asked after the reading.
Nobody answered.
- - Trust. When you tell secrets to someone, you've got to have trust in them. Trust…
Trust… Trust… Trust… The word echoed in Vernon's mind. What if a certain someone trust another certain someone but that this another someone breaks this trust?… 'I think I've found my revenge.' Vernon laughed inwardly. 'Yeah… Play with the trust of someone. I've got my plan! Let's just find the right moment.' He took a page from his copy book and started to write. A few minutes later, he stopped and looked around him to his targets. 'Um… why not?' Targets… Spencer Sharpe, Mandy Killerby, Cam Dunleavey, Gwen Killerby, Zack Greenburg and Marie Smith.


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