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From last chapter:

When we were about twenty miles away, she stopped and looked at me. "Dad, what the hell was that?"

I honestly had no clue.

Charlie POV

Bella and I stood in silence for a time before I took an unnecessary breath, blew it out, and answered as best I could. "I don't know what that was, Bella. I just knew I needed to go that way. Once I got closer, I knew someone was in trouble. When I got closer still, I knew it was a girl. And then, before I got to her, I just somehow knew it was Angela."

Bella's head cocked to the side before she smiled. "Dad! You have a power!"

I blinked. "I do?"

She nodded excitedly. "I…it's like a combination of other people's powers! Could you read her mind? How did you know it was Angela?"

I shrugged at that. "Intuition, I guess. Maybe it was because I saw her car, though, it's her new one. I had only heard she got a new car to travel back and forth to Port Angeles for her drive from the community college and back so she could live at home for these next two years before she goes off to a four year college. I hadn't seen the vehicle. I didn't even know what color it was. Mr. Webber just mentioned it offhand when he and the twins came in to confess about breaking Newton Outfitter's front window."

Bella's brow furrowed but still she smiled. "Eh, well, we'll figure it out. That's cool, Dad."

I chuckled and pulled her to me for a hug. "Sometimes you seem like such an adult, Bella, but the other times you seem like a teenager."

"I am, Dad. I stopped aging at eighteen."

I rolled my eyes. "You know what I mean." Just then we heard a car approaching and Edward stepped out. "How is she?" I demanded. I had to know how the girl was.

Edward held up a hand. "She's fine, Charlie. I think she'll make a full recovery. I had Carlisle promise to call me as soon as he had her in his care and stabilized."

I blew out another breath. "Thank you, Edward."

His eyes narrowed slightly as he asked, "What can you tell me about what happened?"

I relayed the events to him as I had Bella and he nodded in agreement. "I believe Bella is right; you do have a power and it will come in quite handy, actually."

"Plus," Bella added, "It isn't one the Volturi would want. If you can't help vampires, only humans, then they wouldn't want you."

"Well, that's good," I commented. I'd heard enough about this Volturi and how they collected people with special gifts. Alice and I had a long conversation about it a few nights ago while Jasper was out hunting with Edward and Emmett. She told me the horror of watching the future unfold had Aro not given in when he had and though my Bella and Renesmee would have been spared and the Volturi killed, the loss would have been far too great for them to consider fighting. I couldn't imagine the world without Seth or Carlisle in it, or even Leah for that matter.

"Come on, we need to get you to Denali, Charlie," Edward told me. "Are you sure you are okay to ride with Angela's blood all over you?"

I looked down and noticed the darkening red staining my clothing and hands. I honestly hadn't even thought about it in all the excitement, but now that I had, the smell was overwhelmingly delicious. I raised a hand. It was coated in Angela's life blood; tinting my pale white hands much like the juice from a cherry pie would. My tongue was halfway out of my mouth to lap up the ambrosia when Edward grasped my wrist. "Don't do it, Charlie. One taste could send you on a spiral out of control."

I blinked and came back to my senses. I stripped off my shirt as I dashed toward the sound of running water; the river was nearby. I washed up quickly and smelling a deer close by, killed it and drained it for added strength. I then returned to the car where Edward had me a clean shirt waiting. Thankfully, the old one was nowhere in sight on my return trip. I had the feeling I would have done something immature like sniffed it or licked it or even ate the damn thing.

"Feel better?" he asked as I approached. I smiled and nodded.

"Once we get you to Denali, maybe Eleazar will be back and he can tell us a bit more about your power."

"Eleazar was the one that once worked for the Volturi, correct?"

Edward nodded. "He was part of their guard. I'm still not quite exactly sure how he managed to escape their clutches, though he has assured me it wasn't that difficult. I've often wondered what kind of dirt he has on them that they let him go that easily. I can't believe they haven't killed him by now."

Bella shrugged. "Maybe they realize that even though he could tell their secrets, he won't. Also, maybe they realize that he's worth more alive than dead. If they were ever to gain control of Tanya's family, they could steal Eleazar back again and have his power once more."

"I thought they had it when she started to attack Caius," he commented.

Bella put a hand on his shoulder. "We all made it out alive that day, everyone except for Irina. I'm glad we were there to help Tanya and Kate and I hope we can continue to help them through their loss."

I was once more in awe of my daughter. She was so kind, so loving, and so considerate of others. Renee had done a wonderful job with the girl, whether either of them realized it or not.

The drive to Denali took less time than I thought it would. Of course, Edward drove like a bat out of hell, causing me to argue with him the values of following safety guidelines and human highway rules. He argued that he had built in radar and vampires were superior creatures, so they didn't need to necessarily adhere to human standards. Well, I sat back and watched that argument unfold because Bella was quite opinionated on the fact she once was human and she began questioning if Edward was trying to say she had been beneath them then. That argument lasted most of the way to Denali and I had the feeling that he would be in the doghouse for the rest of the night, or week, or possibly millennia with his attitude. He was out of line to say it, but I couldn't help but to secretly agree with him, though I made sure I didn't let Bella know I felt that way. I could only imagine what would happen if vampires took over the world. And if the Volturi were in charge, that wouldn't be a good thing. I would have to speak to Carlisle and see if he thought Aro and his crew would consider doing such a thing, especially now that they were worried about humans and vampires mating and creating more Halflings like Nessie.

We pulled up to a huge log style cabin home set in the middle of snow dusted grass and mountains. It was gorgeous, as was the woman that stepped outside. "Edward! Bella! Welcome!" she gushed as she came forth. She stepped up to me and her smile was blinding as she said, "Mr. Swan, Charlie, welcome to the family!" Her arms wrapped around me and I awkwardly patted her on the back.

I heard Edward chuckle and I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Do I want to know what she's thinking? I asked him in my head. He shook his head minutely. Great, I told him. Now I'm going to have to worry about fending off a sex-crazed vampire. Super.

Edward snorted, earning him a raised eyebrow from his wife.

Tanya let go of me, though her grip didn't lesson as it traveled down my arm to clasp my hand in hers. "Come, let me show you around! You'll love being here, Charlie!"

I looked at Bella, who was now shooting daggers at Tanya. I swear I won't have sex with her, Edward! Tell Bella before she kills your cousin, okay?

Edward guffawed loudly, turning it into a cough when Tanya and Bella both looked at him. "Sorry, just thought of something funny Emmett told me a few days ago," he lied smoothly.

Nice cover, I told him. He inclined his head at me and took Bella's hand as Tanya dragged me in the house.

Tanya began prattling on about the local wildlife and we made small talk for a bit. It was all quite boring, honestly. I hated feeling like Tanya was basically going to babysit me and I was already missing Ness, Jake, and the rest of the family, even if they were planning on all taking turns coming to visit me.

Finally the moment came that I dreaded the most; Edward stood and said, "We need to get back home."

I stood as well, trying not to show how badly I wanted to whine for them not to leave me and to cling to Bella's leg like a three year old boy. I shook Edward's hand and gave Bella a big hug. We looked at one another and carried on a conversation with our eyes. Be careful, Dad, she seemed to say. I promise I'll behave, I tried to convey to her. She smiled softly and I hugged her again. All too soon they were in their car and driving away.

I turned to Tanya, who smiled. "Well, this is uncomfortable, isn't it?"

I chuckled. "Yes, it kind of is."

"Elly and Carmen won't be back for a few days yet. You'll enjoy having another man around, I'm sure. Elly's an interesting person to know. Until then we can occupy ourselves as best we can."

"How do you usually do that?" I wasn't sure I wanted to know.

She had a mischievous twinkle in her eye as she asked, "Want to go for a run?"

I thought about that for a moment. I had been on the track team when I was a teenager and I had always enjoyed running. But a torn ACL my senior year had been just one of the things that had kept me in Forks. Running now was a breeze, though, and I quite enjoyed it. "You're on," I told her.

She quickly pulled her beautiful corn silk hair into a sloppy bun and dashed out the door. "Come catch me!" she called.

I felt the stirrings of lust pooling in my stomach. How or why, I wasn't sure, but they were there. Oh boy, I thought. Maybe I won't be able to keep that promise to Bella after all…

I ran after her and we raced late into the evening. It was just turning twilight when she stopped and halted near the top of Mount Rainier. I came up behind her and poked her shoulder. "Tag, you're it."

She laughed heartily. "Are you having fun?"

I nodded. "This is terrific. I never knew I could ever feel like this again."

She bit her lip saucily. "I could make you feel other things…" she had fallen to her knees and popped the button on my jeans before I even realized it.

"Whoa!" I shouted as I all but pushed her to the ground away from me. "What the hell are you doing?"

She pouted prettily and that was when I felt it again…the lust. "Stop it," I commanded.

She blinked in shock. "No one has ever stopped me, save Edward. How did you know…?"

I frowned at her. "I don't know why I felt it and knew it was you, but I did. Can you control other emotions or just things of a…lusty nature?"

She shrugged and plopped down onto the ground like a child to sulk. "Just lust. I'm a succubus."

It was my turn to blink in awe. "Wow. Like the legends?"

She smirked. "My sisters and I were the reasons for those legends." Her smirk died on her face as she added, "But now I have one sister gone to the final death and one gone to true love, which if possible, is worse. Now I am here all alone." Her eyes pled with mine. "Charlie, please, I…I need a strong man beneath me, above me, inside me!"

She lunged for me and I grasped both her wrists, thankful for my newborn strength. "Look, Tanya, you're a great person, and, hey, who's to say in time I might not want to take a roll in the hay with you. But now…now, I'm just mending a broken heart and adjusting to life as a creature I didn't know existed for most of my adult life."

"But don't you see? The best way to recover from a broken heart is to have a body to share. Give yourself over to your wild side, Charlie. I can show you things you've never even thought of."

Of that, I had no doubts. "No, Tanya. And furthermore, you shouldn't be throwing yourself at men. You're better than that."

The fight went out of her and I let her go as she sank back down to the ground once more. "That's just it, Charlie. Don't you see? I am not better than that and I haven't been for centuries."

Centuries. Wow. She's been a slut for centuries. Interesting. "Look, you can think that you aren't worth it, but look at your sister, the one that's in love."

"What about her?"

"Can't you see? It could be you, Tanya. Just give it time…"

"I've given it time!" she screamed. "I've waited and watched and hunted and longed and coveted and where has it gotten me! A cold bed and a trail of dead lovers!"

Oh boy…do you think Edward realized he left me with a psychopathic killer? And furthermore, is this payback for all the shit I thought about him when he and Bella were dating? I'll need to ponder over that for a bit. I turned my attention back to the woman before me. "Tanya, calm down." I sat down in front of her and took her hands, though this time, in comfort. "Look at me."

"No," she moped.

I rolled my eyes. She's centuries old and acting like a spoiled brat that didn't get her way. Luckily, I had a bit of experience in the spoiled brat department. Bella went through a stage when she was a tween where she acted like she was the center of the universe. I gave in and started meeting her in California for vacation instead of making her come to Forks, but that was where I drew the line and I probably should have drawn it before that. "Tanya, I said 'Look at me'."

She looked up and I was caught in her innocent eyes and automatically, my paternal side kicked in. "You poor girl. Were you abandoned by a man? Is that what happened to you?"

Her eyes widened but she shook her head, adamantly denying it but I was too good at reading people. Over a decade of being the town's Chief of Police had honed my skills and now, becoming vampire had only made them stronger. "It's true, isn't it? Who was it? Your lover? Your husband? Your father?"

At that, she broke down in dry, heaving sobs. I pulled her to me for a hug as she wept tearlessly. Darkness was its blackest around us before she calmed enough to speak. "My father," she whispered, though I had no trouble hearing her. "He was a wonderful man. Truly, he was. He was the village miller. We made all the corn meal and flour for the town. One day he vanished. It was said he ran off with a woman and my mother and I refused to believe it. But someone said they saw him leaving with her, that she was leading him off into the forest. After that, we had no choice but to believe he ran away. We were the talk of the village." She paused for a time, no doubt seeing everything unfold in her mind's eye, and her voice was far away as she continued.

"My intended broke off our engagement because he did not know if I was like my father, if I couldn't be trusted with his land and his money which was far above my own station. We lived in poverty until my mother died of a broken heart. When she died, I struck out on my own. I was traveling the countryside when I became what I am today."

I winced in preparation for what she would tell me next. Somehow I just knew it wouldn't be all rainbows and sunshine. She saw the look on my face and nodded, her voice a snarl as she said, "A supposed gentleman coveted my beauty and wanted me for his own. That was how I learned of sex and how my virginity was stolen from me as he drained me almost dry."

Her voice dropped so low I had to strain to hear her. "He was almost finished when he decided he would enjoy my beauty and my body further. I writhed for days on end because my body had to regenerate from the venom without the assistance of my heart. Almost a week passed as I was tortured. I felt sure it was hell I was in for allowing this man to violate me in such a way."

Her eyes came up and there was fire unlike anything I had witnessed in them. "I killed him for what he did to me when I woke. He had never turned anyone before and didn't realize my strength would be more than his when I finally finished the change." She was silent as all of that sank in.

"I would never have chosen this life, not at the time, that is," she said to me. "It was while I was a nameless demon set loose upon the world I met up with my sisters and my vampire mother who loved me as only another woman could." Her tone turned bitter as she added, "It was a shame she had to choose a son over three loving, devoted daughters."

I listened to her and my heart went out to her. The poor girl had been disappointed by one man and then another before being killed by a man for her beauty. Bella had told me Tanya's mother had created an immortal child and what the consequences had been. How terrible this all must have been for her.

"You are a prize, Tanya," I told her with conviction. It was true, she was. I reached down and gently kissed each of her hands still firmly in my grasp. "You will be the best wife a man can have when you find him. Not because of how you were changed or how you were raised but in spite of that. You will become more. You just need to love yourself. I hate to sound like Doctor Phil here but I believe you have to forgive your father for abandoning you, forgive your human mother for not living for you, and forgive your fiancé for being an utter jackass."

She looked at me doubtfully as I continued; "As for the vampire that killed you, well, you got revenge, so I'd say you were good on that side, but the rest, including your vampire mother, you need to let it go. Then, and only then, will you find what you are truly looking for."

"Do you really believe any of this?" she asked softly.

I clenched her hands tightly. "I'm a man of few words. If I say something, I damn well mean it."

She leapt into my arms to hug me tightly. "Thank you," she whispered into my ear before she kissed my cheek. "Thank you for turning me down."

I chuckled. "It wasn't easy," I assured her. "Luckily I have an iron constitution."

She giggled and stood, brushing off her pants. Dawn was breaking and I gasped as I took in both our twinkling skin. In the watery sunlight of Forks you couldn't really appreciate the majesty of what we looked like.

Tanya smiled at me. "You're beautiful, Charlie. Inside and out."

If I could have blushed, I would have. "I could say the same," I told her honestly.

"Just not for you, right?"

I nodded. "Just not for me. But you are for somebody. Maybe you are like Edward…you have to wait until your soul mate is born."

She pondered that for a moment. "I suppose you're right." We watched the sun in companionable silence before she motioned me toward her. "Come on. Let's get back. Even though we don't feel the cold, a hot shower does feel wonderful."

I couldn't agree more about that. I was about to follow her when I had that tingling sensation again. "Charlie?" she asked.

I shook my head and closed my eyes. "Charlie? What is it?"

I felt it, the quickening in my mind, a person calling out for help. "Someone…someone is hurt."

She gasped. "What?"

"My gift…I think it has something to do with hurt people or people in trouble or something."

"If they are hurt, you can't be around their blood," she told me matter-of-factly as she tugged on my arm.

I stood my ground and shook my head. "No. It doesn't bother me. Yesterday I saved a girl, a girl I've known most of her life. Today, this feels different, yet the same."

"If someone is hurt, do you think you could find them?"

I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath to find my center. My brain felt fuzzy before it latched onto a location. "There," I said as I pointed. "He's this way."

"A man? You can tell it's a man?"

I paused and could see the color of him, his…personality or whatever. It was a deep, masculine green. Angela's had been the palest of pink. Odd that it now occurred to me. "Yes. This way." I led her to the top of the mountain and down the other side almost in a swirling pattern as we made our way to the man.

"How do you know where he is?" she asked in a whisper, afraid to break the spell, I guess.

I shrugged as we continued on at a hurried pace. "I can see…he was coming on a nature trail. He caught sight of a bear so he doubled back and got lost. He wasn't watching where he was going…he tripped, fell, he needs…" you. The thought popped in my head for some odd reason, but feeling the need not to share that just yet, I amended, "us. He needs us to help him. We are the only ones that can, given his location."

We continued on down the mountain until almost simultaneously, we caught his scent and the blood tingeing the air. She let out a growl and I grasped her tightly. "Tanya, no, you can not hurt him."

"He smells…oh, Charlie! I haven't smelled anything this delicious in all my years!"

Singer, the word kept coming to me. "Could he be your singer?" I questioned as she struggled fruitlessly against my cage like arms around her.

She stopped breathing and nodded, her eyes growing wider. I sighed. Great. Just what I don't need. A centuries old vegetarian vampire with a singer's blood singing to her. Excellent. "Go, back to the house."

She shook her head adamantly but I just shot her a look. "You can't help me if you're just going to eat him, Tanya."

She looked out at the trail and then pointed at me. I nodded. "Yes, I'll get him and get him to safety." She shook her head again and I sighed. "Look, Tanya, you'll kill him if you get close enough. I've got super control like my daughter, apparently, and I don't need to hold you back and I don't need your bloodlust causing me to do something bad, alright?"

She let out an almost whine in the back of her throat before she turned rapidly and raced in the opposite direction. I blew out a breath. One crisis averted. Now, let's check on the human.

I made my way down into the ravine where the man was to find him passed out. No helicopter could have gotten him, and by the time humans had made their way down this far, no doubt, it would have only been a body recovery, that is if he was ever even found.

I looked around at his gear strewn here and yon. I found his canteen just out of his reach and it was a little worse for wear but it wasn't cracked or spilled. I shook it and could hear a little bit of water left in it. I moved it to him and poured some into his mouth. He swallowed some down but didn't wake. Good. It would be easier if he was unconscious as I looked him over.

The physical exam didn't take long due to my limited medical experience. It was evident what was wrong with him. He had some scrapes and bruises all over his body but the big one was on his leg. His femur was sticking out through the skin grotesquely with torn, mottled flesh and muscle surrounding it. I smelled his blood but the scent didn't affect me as I went to work.

I wrenched off my coat and wrapped it around him before pulling off my outer shirt and ripping it to shreds. I gathered up wood to make a splint and got busy bandaging the wound as best I could. The other cuts and bruising was minimal enough, I just left them be.

When I had him situated as best I could and could finally put it off no longer, I hoisted him up into my arms and ran down the mountain. He moaned and cried out from the jostling, but nothing could be done about that. I ran him all the way into the city.

The smells of the humans surrounded me and I cut off my breathing just to be on the safe side. I took in a small breath to locate the scent of the hospital and then set off at a pace so fast humans couldn't see me as I dashed to the Emergency Department. I slowed my pace and walked in calling out, "Help! My friend needs some help!"

Nurses were all over us like a swarm of bees. I deposited him onto a gurney and melted into the background and out the door before anyone realized I was gone or that I had retrieved a prize in the process.

When I arrived back at the house, Tanya raced to me. "Are you okay? Is the man alright? How bad was he hurt? What's going on?"

I handed her the man's wallet. "I think you will need to return this to him in a few days."

"Why?" she asked.

I shrugged. I wasn't certain myself why I pinched his wallet as I laid him down on the gurney but I knew Tanya needed to get to him and see him. I had the distinct impression I wouldn't be staying here long. If my new-found intuition was correct, I was fairly certain I had just found her soul mate.

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