I hate school. Ever since the Cullens left Forks after the whole Volturi fiasco its just been appsalutely boring. Me and Edward decided we would just stay friends when we got back from Volterra and broke up on great terms. The family had to leave because Carlisle's age had started being questioned so they have gone to stay with their extended family in Alaska.

I have become much closer to Angela and Jessica and i can even tolerate Lauren a lot more now.

Me, Jess, Angela, Lauren, Mike and Tyler all sat together at lunch. The boys were arguing over something stupid whilst Jess and Lauren chatted about boys and who they were going to fuck next. That just left me and Angela discussing our latest project in English. "So i was thinking we could go to the library and look at different Shakespeare plays, and decide then which one we're going to write about" Angela spoke, her eyes not leaving her text book. "But i thought we were going to write about Romeo and Juliet?"

Angela rolled her eyes at me. I must have had a confused look on my face because she spoke again. "That is your faviouret play. Not mine. I just thought we could agree on one we both like instead of Romeo and Juliet."

"Okay, okay we'll look research some other play" I muttered. She sighed in relief, obviously expecting to have to argue with me to get me to agree.

Just as Angela was about to speak again the voice of Principle Green echoed through the whole canteen making everyone go silent.

"Students we have an announcment to make so if you could all please turn to the television in the corner"

The Tv flickered on and something i never thought i would see again flashed up onto the screen. The Volturi. "Hello fellow humans. This message is being broadcasted all over the world." Aro's silky voice flooded through the canteen. Murmers emerged throughout the students. My eyes were glued to the screen, i could feel my heart speed up. Aro spoke again .

"I am going to get straight to the point. We're Vampires. Now you may not believe us but vampires are all around. We do not burn in the sun and can not be killed with stakes, or garlic or even holy water. All the myths you hear about us are not true. We are sick and tired with hiding our selves from you lowly beings and have decided to reveal oursleves to you. We are now your rulers and things are about to change." They flashed of the screens again.

"omg omg omg" Jess murmered, her fingers rubbing her temples. The whole school were in a frenzy. I can not believe Aro broke his number one rule. On the plus note now that everyone knows i don't have to worry about an unexpected visit from Jane and Felix.

"Can you actually believe it." Angela spoke softly. "Vampires!" She said again much louder. I wasn't sure if i should tell her that i already know or should just go along with everyone else. I picked the first option. "Erm..yeah about that. I erm kind of alreadynewaboutvampires" I spoke really fast, not looking her in the eye.

"You what! How? When?"

"The Cullens were Vampires." Angela was just about to speak when Lauren interupted. "Omg that totally makes sense! I can't believe you dated a vampire. Are they the only vampires you know?" She asked jumping up and down.

I sat down and explained everything in detail. Everything apart from meeting the three kings. They were shocked to say the least. "I am so sorry for everyting you've been through. Were always here if you need to talk." Jess spoke softly. The rest of them nodded in agreement.

The rest of the school day went by, filled with questions about my knowledge of vampires. In last period another announcement was made. An announcement that made my blood run cold. The three kings were coming to visit Forks High. Tomorrow.

Hope you liked it. Sorry for spelling mistakes. I will go back and edit it.