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Anyhows...This is going to be a soulmate reincarnation/ vampire fic! So if you like any of that then I hope this scratches an itch as it has me haha (:

Summary- Blaine, a hopeless vampire pining away for his lost love is ready to give up on this life when fate throws him a second chance. Kurt is just the same lonely boy from Lima, Ohio- the only difference is that he has these strange dreams of a boy with curly hair and golden eyes.

Vampire!Blaine Fae!Kurt Vampire!Warblers Klaine, Niff and Wevid!Bromance abound.

Warnings for future reference... Violence (nothing terrible, just your usual vampy stuff), smut? if people want, swearing and quite a lot of angst from the get go... i'll add as i write.

Once More To Get It Right


Not many people could say that they'd truly witnessed a love that had shaken Heaven and Earth. Even less could claim that they'd experienced something so usually unreachable; to know that instant spark, that intense joy, the pure connection of it all. Every dreamer, optimist, and even all the cynics in the world secretly longed for true love. For someone that was made just for them, their other half. Soulmates.

Blaine Everett Anderson didn't know whether he was blessed or cursed to have been a part of the second category.

Because Blaine had loved that intensely. Blaine had found his missing piece… and Blaine had lost him.

Chapter 1


The scene before him left him dispassionate at best. The same decadent luxuries. The same beautiful collective. Not that anything really excited in him any spark of interest… not since that day-

"Blaine, come on! You need to eat," Wes cut into his reverie before he got too far down the rabbit hole that he wouldn't want or care about climbing out again.

Gold specked hazel eyes flicked lazily to where one of his best friends sat, leaning back against one of the ridiculously expensive, high-backed leather sofa's dotted around the large dining room they were currently occupying. In between his legs he had a pretty little wisp of a girl, red hair tumbling down her scantily clad form as she bared her neck for the vampire above, her hands resting lax in her lap atop folded legs as was the customary position for a Giver. A cursory glance around the room would bring you the sight of many of their coven with Giver's of their own in the exact same pose, eager vampires staring at the exposed veins.

Blaine felt no such stirring.

He picked out Wes's sigh through mere habit as he tracked his gaze away to focus on some other point in the candle lit room. That's how he got by these days. Force of habit. Mere repetition and a heavy dose of relentless urging from his friends. It had held him together for a just over a hundred years now…but Blaine could feel himself slipping. They kept saying it would get better- or at least bearable. That the hole inside his chest would stop getting bigger, stop eating him up from the inside out in time… they were wrong and now he just felt hollow.


The dark haired vampire slowly turned his head back, realising that Wes had probably been calling his name a few times. He doesn't want to meet his friends gaze however, because he knows the pity he will see there just under the surface of every other emotion. It's laced in every word, every gesture from everyone.

"Just call someone over and you can be done in like two minutes. You don't have to go for the neck-" Blaine actually growls deep in his chest at the thought but the darker skinned vampire presses on regardless. "- hit from wrist like you usually do. Call Dana over, you didn't mind her last time right?"

Dana is a shapeshifter who is short, slightly stocky and has long dyed green hair with dark skin and eyes. About as far away from him as Blaine could physically get. She was one in a long line of 'opposites' that his coven dredged up for him to lessen the blow, the betrayal he felt stabbing at his heart every time he swallowed anyone else's lifeblood.



Blaine snarled and gnashed his fangs, eyes now clashing with the vampire's across from him. "I said no."

Wes tightened his jaw, holding Blaine's gaze for a few seconds before backing down. He turned to look down at the Giver at his feet, she was still in position, ready and attentive but Wes inclined his head towards her and whispered in hushed tones before he was helping her stand so she could walk away, her face miffed, but obedient nonetheless.

Blaine let out his own sigh then, sheathing his fangs as the guilt crashed over him knowing it was his fault his friend was skipping yet another meal. Why can't he just come back? It wouldn't be this way if he was still here. Tears stung the corner of his eyes but Blaine wouldn't let them fall so publically, though he knew Wes could tell.

They were silent for a few moments before Wes's soft baritone whispered through the almost silent room, the background the steady beat of hearts from the Giver's. "He wouldn't want this for you, Blaine."

Blaine clenched his eyes shut and balled his fists. Yeah and I didn't want him dead but we can't always get what we want now can we Wesley.

There was a whisper of sound before the sofa dipped next to him and a strong hand was clasping his shoulder. "You promised him."

That was enough to shake the numbness for a few seconds only to feel that blinding ache throughout every molecule. It was unbearable.

A single tear slipped free of its seal to track a miserable path down Blaine's cheek. And he promised me we'd be together for our forever. He didn't realise he'd whispered it out loud.

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