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Once More To Get It Right

Chapter 28

He had arms around him, familiar arms, forgotten arms, and all he could do was stand there in her embrace stiff and dumb, barely breathing and heart slamming; Elana, Elana, Elana in recognition like a welcome home.

Kurt choked trying to draw in breath, his frozen body unable to break the invisible shackles made up of his confusion and shock. It was horribly, awfully jarring to be so suddenly full of emotion; of affection and familiarity and love and not be able to know why exactly. The link was severed and all he was left with was a huge yawning space where his memories should be connected on the other side, a taunting void that ached with longing.

Tears fell down his cheeks silently, a much needed outlet for the emotions storming through his system but still he couldn't hold her back. She felt like an illusion to him, an idea so far away for all the time he'd known about her, but here she was now, in front of him, holding him and he couldn't move.

"Kurt," she whispered over and over in a litany that sounded close to reverent and she sounded different than that glimpse he saw of her only moments ago. Older. Mature. The flash of that spoiled princess who didn't want to play with him and seemed to only tolerate him with suppressed fondness was hard to reconcile with this fully grown fae women who looked to be in her early twenties, perfectly pressed in a dress you only saw in movies nowadays, dark hair upswept over a stunning face and dark eyes.

Their father's eyes.

It all seemed so surreal. He knew her but he didn't, it was completely different to what he had felt with Blaine because Blaine had been there his whole life with him as an imaginary companion, his best friend when he had none, an ideal to hold any future romantic interest up to… but he'd only just had his first real memory of this women that was his sister, the headache still pounding behind his stinging eyes from the force of it.

"I heard you…" she breathed almost to herself as she pulled him desperately tighter running her hands all over him as if to check he was there and fine continuously, the emotions bleeding out of her and into Kurt and he struggled with the overload. "I kept the gem in my chambers after you passed, I don't even know why… but I heard you, I didn't imagine it, I heard you, I heard your voice and I had to come, it had to be you, the stars wouldn't be so cruel," she rambled and Kurt struggled to shake the numbness that had overcome him.

She heard him…

His mind supplied an image of the rock Jeff had tried to instruct him how to use, the rock that was still very much where he left it probably covered in paint downstairs in one of the training rooms forgotten about for the time being.

"You remember… Stars… how is it possible that you still remember?" she continued to ramble to herself.

He opened his mouth to speak something, anything, but nothing came out as his throat seized up and his mind blanked. He needed some space. He just… he needed to breathe.

"Kurt?" Blaine called out sleepy and muffled from the bedroom, breaking into his rising panic but not quelling it. The fae imagined Blaine rolling over and not quite feeling him there and knew the vampire would immediately panic. "Kurt?" came again but far more awake and then seconds later the vampire was racing into the living area in just his boxer briefs, muscled body tensed and coiled for action.

Blaine, he begged internally but still couldn't say what he needed or wanted. He couldn't concentrate, he couldn't think, he was just so overwhelmed right now. He hadn't imagined it would feel like this at all when the time came to reunite with his other family… that it would hurt.

Gold eyes locked onto their intertwined bodies and took note of the scene quickly, resting on Kurt's tear streaked face for only seconds before he was next to them and deftly pulling Kurt away from Elana and to his side, fangs bared and eyes darkened.

Kurt hated that he felt relieved, that the air of suffocation lifted into something more easy but it was just, it was a lot, maybe too much, to be faced with his long lost sister for the first time and expect it to be all laughing and smiles and the happy, joy reunions that you saw in movies. Hell, it had taken him weeks to even come around to Blaine who he had been dreaming about all his life, let alone a sister he never knew he had up until a couple of months ago that dropped into his life unexpectedly.

Warm arms snaked around him protectively and Kurt leaned into the comfort and inhuman warmth his soulmate offered, blurry eyes fixed on Elana who was staring back at them critically now in the darkness of the still destroyed room.

"Blaine," Elana greeted impassively into the charged silence forming around them like an electrical cloud and in that one word it was like a million walls sprung back up visibly around the beautiful woman that was just seconds ago holding him tight. Her lovely face smoothed into an expressionless mask that was disconcerting to look at, detracting from her beauty and making her appear cold and almost unfeeling.

The contrast in character made Kurt's head spin faster. Made him doubt that she was in fact, real.

"Elana," Blaine returned carefully.

Kurt had no time to process before she was approaching and the resounding sound of flesh against flesh filled the air.

Kurt gasped in complete and utter shock at the slowly reddening mark on his soulmates downturned cheek and as it grew darker something fierce in him grew stronger, knocking him out of his haze and back into reality firmly. He was moving before he even registered it putting himself in between Elana and Blaine and forcing her backwards with a strong gust of air that burst forth from him wildly. She stumbled in her skirts, hair going flyaway.

"How dare you!" he raged, eyes flashing at her, the swirl of his unruly magic still very much a dangerous factor here, sister or not, and going haywire. As if in time with his thoughts the lights flickered on as a result of his wild magic and they all blinked at the sudden harshness as their eyes adjusted.

Elana righted herself surprisingly easily and sent him an incredulous look that was all high handed contempt, like she thought Kurt didn't know any better and she had to educate him. "How dare I? You do not understand little brother, do not interfere."

"I think it's you that hasn't got a clue what she's talking about," Kurt countered feeling the tempest in him bubble under the surface of his skin.

She narrowed her eyes but there was a flash of surprise in them that gave her away. "Kurt, he kept you from your family for goodness knows how long! He would have continued to do so had I not come here!"

"I have a family! And for your information it was two months and it was my choice, Blaine was respecting my decision so keep your royal bitch hands to yourself," he snapped back giving her a disgusted glare before turning back to Blaine who was frowning down at the carpet.

Kurt swallowed and raised a gently hand to the handprint marring his face, he knew it would probably heal in a few minutes but he didn't want Blaine in discomfort for longer than necessary if he could do something to prevent it. He concentrated and it took a little longer to focus because of how enraged he was, but soon enough he felt that warm sweep of energy pouring out of his hand from his core.

"Blaine?" he whispered. "Please sweetie, look at me." Blaine raised his gaze and it was dark and haunted… guilty. Kurt shook his head firmly. "Don't you dare, Blaine Anderson," he warned. "Or I'll give you another slap to replace that one."

The vampire drew a deep inhale then let it out shakily and nodded his head. Kurt pecked his lips tenderly, framing his neck and cheek and brushing their noses together like he knew Blaine loved. It got him a half hitched smile and a nudge back before Kurt could relax slightly.

He could feel holes in the back of his head from where Elana was staring- or maybe glaring- at him and he risked a glance over his shoulder.

He didn't expect her to be gaping, undignified, and somehow he knew that expression was so far out of place on her face that it made it worse.

"You healed him," she whispered quietly pieces visibly clicking together inside her head, her pale face going almost ashen. "You healed him."

Kurt narrowed his eyes on her, still fuming on Blaine's behalf. "No thanks to you."

"You should not be able to do that," she whispered more to herself than anyone, shaking her head and looking at him in awe. "Oh stars, it is true… Father would not speak of it but it must be."

Kurt frowned at her.

"Princess," Blaine spoke up again finally.

She looked towards him, face again morphing into something expressionless and neutral. It was clear she placed some sort of blame at Blaine's feet and it kept that pit of anger Kurt was feeling burning. He wouldn't have her coming in here and ruining the progress Blaine had made by. He wouldn't.

"It's true?" the vampire asked quietly.

"How did you come to the same conclusion?" she frowned.

"Jeff. We didn't know for sure."

She rolled her eyes. "Ah yes, the blonde nuisance."

"Hey!" Kurt broke in. "Did you seriously just come here to slap my boyfriend and insult my best friend?"

She had the grace to look a little sheepish though she brushed it off a second later. "Yes, well, I did not possess all the facts at point so my actions were regrettable-"

"Regrettable!" Kurt cut in. "You slapped him. In his face!"

She arched a brow that was horribly familiar to the ones he'd seen in the mirror. "I am aware of where I struck, little brother."

"That's it!"

Blaine's arm snaked around his waist and hauled him to his side securely to prevent him from doing something like ripping all that perfect hair out of her head Santana Lopez style.

"Calm down, beautiful."

"Blaine, she hit you! And she's not even sorry!" Kurt struggled looking at Elana who was regarding him coolly, long gone was every trace of warmth she'd first greeted him with.

So much for the lifetime reunion he'd pictured.

Elana turned to Blaine, ignoring Kurt completely. "You have not told him?"

That got Kurt to stop. "Tell me what?"

"I wasn't sure, I couldn't tell him that if I wasn't sure," Blaine said quietly, gold eyes solemn, voice heavy with something.

She looked at him then, as if gauging his sincerity, then nodded her agreement. "It is true."

"What is?" Kurt demanded, voice loud now, his magic making the destroyed pieces of furniture shake on the floor.

Elana slowly looked to him. "Have you never wondered, brother, how you came to be reborn?"

"Yes," Kurt said slowly. "I always assumed some kind of magic."

"Not just any magic, it is ancient and almost impossible magic," Elana explained her own voice weighted with the gravity of what she was saying, so much so that horrid little goose bumps were breaking out across Kurt's skin. "Not just anyone could perform such a spell… in fact there hasn't ever been a recorded successful attempt before now."

"Okay," he choked. He wasn't sure he wanted to know, he just had this feeling that it was going to turn his world upside down for the hundredth time and what if this was the time he couldn't take it? That it knocked him reeling and he couldn't gain control again after that.

"Kurt," Blaine broke in gently, rubbing soothingly over his hip and side as he spoke into his ear. "Do you understand what she's trying to tell you, my love?"

Kurt turned his head and met his boyfriends gaze. "That someone powerful performed the spell to bring me back?" he breathed, brows drawing low, sweat breaking out over his face as his heart began to pick up.

Blaine nodded, hearing the race and placing his hand over the beating organ as if to help keep it there and prevent it from bursting out of his chest. "Not just anyone though."

"A spell of that magnitude would require more than power, brother… it would require everything."

Kurt got a chill and he wrapped his arms around himself and leaned further into the warmth and strength Blaine was exuding for him. "What are you saying?" he whispered, already having the sickening notion that he knew where this was leading.

"Spells require equal amounts of energy to work successfully. We draw this energy into us and convert it into the magic we need. This can come out in different forms, usually in elemental form; Air, Earth, Fire, Water. Creating life is another form of magic entirely and bringing someone back before their souls time to be reborn is probably hardest of all," Elana said clinically.

"Take a plant for example. We can create life in the form of a pretty flower as a party trick almost, but it takes the tiniest amount of your life force in order to do this. It is easily replaced and restored after the fact but life is required to make life. Now you apply that on a larger scale."

New tears sprang to Kurt's eyes and he shook his head in denial. "No."


He ripped away from Blaine and backed away from the both of them, shattered pieces of wood lifting from the floor to hover dangerously in the air. "No. I don't believe you!"

Elana swallowed. "Our mother gave her life for yours, Kurt," she said solemnly and it was like a physical blow that kicked into him sending the wood that was held suspended flying in different directions, harmlessly luckily for all of them.

He choked, tears spilling free, feeling bile rise and he barely managed to run to the bathroom on unsteady legs before he was violently sick in the toilet, heaving and gasping and crying over the porcelain.

His mother had killed herself for him.

It was a morbid, awful mantra flashing on and off like a neon sign in his head.

He heard an inhuman flutter of steps and then Blaine was there next to him on the floor, rubbing over the arch of his back as he lurched and shook and whispering soft things into his hair Kurt couldn't wrap his head around. "Kurt, breathe my love, shhh, c'mon beautiful, it wasn't your fault. It was her choice, Kurt. I'm so sorry…"

His mother had killed herself for him.

"Kurt," Elana spoke, she had obviously followed them through, and the tone had a softer edge again but the fae couldn't appreciate the change in mood again.

His mother had killed herself for him.

"Elana, I think you should leave," Blaine said firmly, reaching up and flushing the toilet to rid it of its acrid contents. Kurt watched the swirl of the water rushing in through blurry vision, watching as each droplet from his face dripped into the bowl.

"Listen vampire-"

"My mother killed herself for me," Kurt spoke out loud, syllables slurred and wet but heavy, like saying it really made it so.

The silence that followed achedand pulsed like the tension there was alive and writhing around under the weight of the fact.

"She did what she thought was right," Elana whispered.

Kurt sobbed a laugh, curling in on himself and almost hugging the porcelain he was propped against. "There's nothing right about any of this! My life is one giant clusterfuck after another," he spat angrily.

"Kurt," Blaine said gently, stroking his hair away from his flushed sweaty face. "You know that isn't true."

"Why?!" Kurt shouted now, turning his head so he could face his sister. "Why tell me! Why couldn't you just leave it alone! I didn't have to know, I didn't have to feel this way!"

She clenched her jaw, dark eyes flashing. "She deserves to be honoured for her sacrifice."

Sacrifice… Death.

Kurt's stomach turned over and he dry heaved into the bowl again, coughing and spluttering. Blaine hushed him, petting his back before quickly grabbing a flannel, wetting it before pressing it all over Kurt's overheated skin.

"Elana, leave," Blaine ordered. "You can come back when it's sunk in but you pressing him like this is just hurting him and I won't have that."

"You cannot hide him away in here forever, Blaine. Our father will know of his return."

"Oh God. How am I supposed to face him, Blaine? I killed her!" Kurt cried hysterically, almost hyperventilating.

"ELANA!" Blaine growled and there was a rustle of skirts and patter of footsteps before they were alone again. Blaine pulled him back against his chest and wrapped his arms securely around the fae's, holding on tightly as Kurt struggled to control his breathing. "In and out, beautiful. That's it, follow me. In… out…"

Eventually Kurt calmed down enough to listen and then he was slumping bodily into the vampire, feeling the chill of the bathroom on the naked skin under his robe as his temperature dropped.

"You didn't kill her," Blaine said after a stilted silence.

Kurt took a shuddery inhale.

He knew that his mother's decision wasn't anything to do with him. She had chosen to act; he hadn't asked, begged or pleaded her to but that's because he was dead. She had reacted to the situation that had very much to do with him. But was that his fault?

Thoughts of Blaine's misplaced guilt struck him hard.

It was impossible not to draw certain similarities to the two. Blaine thought that Kurt's death was his fault and now Kurt was on the verge of blaming himself for his mothers, all because of one vampire. Jeremiah had wreaked far more havoc and destruction than he ever probably fathomed he would when he took Kurt's life that day.

But Kurt had spent so much time and effort, tears and heartache trying to get Blaine to see he wasn't at fault for other people's actions. It was hypocritical of him to do the same now though the ache in his heart hardly cared for rationality. But thinking a little clearer now, Kurt could understand why the fault didn't lay at his feet… it didn't make it any more bearable to deal with however. And it made him sad that it was Blaine's pain and misery that let him come so quickly to his own resolution.

"Kurt?" Blaine questioned worriedly.

"I met my sister," he said in a small voice. It was the easiest thing to deal with out of everything that had happened.

Blaine hummed.

"She isn't very nice is she?"

His vampire choked a startled laugh. "Kurt!"

"She slapped you," he pointed out with a frown that made his face itchy because of the dryingtears. It felt like a face mask cracking over tightened skin.

"She loves you," Blaine stated. "She's a little… hard… maybe more so now than she was before, but she loves you. You shouldn't judge her for her reactions."

"She blamed you, Blaine," Kurt stressed glaring at the white tiles on the wall. "That's not okay."

Blaine was quiet for a while. "She doesn't understand. Maybe you can help her to? Just don't give her up over this, Kurt. She's part of your family and she thinks she's doing right by you."

Kurt was silent, letting it sink in but neither agreeing nor disagreeing with what he had said. He felt Blaine sigh, chest expanding out then back in again.

"Want to go back to bed?"

Kurt immediately shook his head. He couldn't sleep after that, he was afraid that he would dream or worse remember and he couldn't stand seeing her smiling face so soon after the revelation of the cause of her death in relation to his own second chance at life.

"How about a bath?" he asked soothing his palms up and down Kurt's forearms.

The fae nodded absently and Blaine manoeuvred him easily like a ragdoll. Up he went to sit on the toilet seat lid once Blaine had pulled it down, then he was stripping the robe off of him after the bath was drawn, steamy with bubbles frothing at the sides and finally, gently, he was easing him over the side and into the water.

He was soon stripping and following him, taking up position behind him again, but Kurt didn't immediately relax into Blaine; instead he drew his knees up and wrapped his arms around them, leaning his chin on his knees as another wave of tears fell free from his eyes.

"Kurt," Blaine whispered sympathetically, cupping the back of his head gently, legs bracketing him more firmly as he leaned his now damp chest against the fae's foam covered back. "It wasn't your fault, my love."

Kurt nodded against his wet knees clenching his eyes shut, because he knew that, he'd reasoned it out for himself and it wasn't so much guilt that was tearing him apart now than sadness and anger.

"I hate him," he admitted quietly but with such force and power behind the words that he felt Blaine draw back startled for a moment.

He couldn't help it though.

He'd never felt this emotion so starkly and honestly before. The all consuming power of it trying to eat him up from the inside, leaving him tainted by it's presence but unable to get rid of it. He didn't want to feel this way, so sick on the inside, but he couldn't help it.

"It's okay to hate him," Blaine whispered behind him, voice full of his own battles and struggles.

Kurt nodded but couldn't help the sob that broke past his lips once more. There was a ripple of movement behind him before Blaine was a warm presence plastering himself bodily to Kurt's curled up form completely. He wrapped his arms around him, helping to hold him together and laid lips to his bare shoulder as his chest heaved with crushing grief, mourning a second mother in one lifetime.

"I miss them," he whimpered softly.

"I know, my love. I know," Blaine hushed into his flushed skin, rocking him gently.

"Is it stupid to miss someone you've technically never met?"

"You're still you. You have met her, she was just as much your mother as Elizabeth and she raised you and loved you just as you love her," his mate explained reassuringly.

"She was really beautiful," he said next but two faces were flashing in his mind and he choked a shaky half sob, half laugh. "They both were. Jesus my life is unbelievable."

"I'm sorry you lost them, my love," Blaine said softly into his ear and Kurt closed his eyes nodding as he allowed himself to shut himself down to just those sensations. To exist for the moment, solely because of Blaine and how he made him feel, how he touched him, where their skin connected.

He could feel the drag of lips on the curve of his bare, damp shoulder; not kissing, just the plump flesh of Blaine's parted mouth skating back and forth over the same stretch lovingly, hot exhales warming his skin in a way the water never could. Slowly he relaxed into the soft cocoon of Blaine's love for him and it helped to dull the pain, to blunt the knife twisting in his heart and he suddenly wanted to thank her.

Thank his mother for giving her life so he could have another chance at having a full one with Blaine. He supposed that Clarisse saved both him and Blaine and he knew he could never repay that debt. Nothing would even come close.

"Do I have anything of hers?" he asked suddenly, sniffling a little. "I have pieces of my mother like her cookbooks and her vanity but…"

Blaine didn't need to ask what he was referring to and he nodded against his shoulder. "I kept everything of yours. It's there for whenever you want it."

Kurt sighed in relief. He didn't think he could look at them now, still afraid that something might trigger a memory and he's still too raw to handle that without falling completely to pieces, but it's a comfort to know that it's there ready for whenever he is.

They emerge from the tub after it begins to cool and dry off before changing to their sleep wear, locking the door, turning off the lights and climbing back into bed facing one another, bodies aligned and finding the perfect fit like always.

"Can we go somewhere," Kurt suddenly asked into the dark.

Blaine creased his brow. "Go where?"

"Outside somewhere. Anywhere," Kurt stressed. "I just feel I've been cooped up down here forever and if I stay I'm going to do nothing but think about it. I want to do something."

"We can grab a few of the coven tomorrow and go to the movies? Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? We could meet up with Santana and Brittany? Visit your dad?" Blaine's voice was a little cautious of course and Kurt understood why. After all Leon had been attacked only around a week ago and the coven was no doubt under intense scrutiny after the fact; one glimpse of Kurt by the wrong person could ignite this volatile chemical mix that was slowly stirring up.

"Anything. I just need out," he confessed. He feels claustrophobic, like all he can do down here is sit and think about everything he doesn't want to.

"We can skip school. I'm not letting you go in after this anyway, but you still have to deal with your sister my love. She's not just gonna disappear as fast as she arrived," Blaine murmured across the pillow they were sharing.

"I'll… I'll talk to her tomorrow," he decided, breathing the words out on a sigh and Blaine kissed him tenderly. Kurt melted into it. Soaked it in because he needed to be here and now and not stuck in his head thinking and reliving. He pressed closer, grasping Blaine's hair in a needy fist and moving his mouth frantically against his soulmates trying to fill himself up with sensation and love to stave off the crushing sadness lingering around his every move.

Blaine lets him indulge, gives him what he needs by holding him close and sucking, biting, laving in gentle waves that stop short of being overwhelming but are just enough pressure to make sure Kurt really feels it. Swollen mouths part for air and Kurt whimpers softly and tucks his head into Blaine's neck.

As much as they'd like to, they can't hold it off forever and Kurt can feel the start of all he was trying to push away trickling back in. Blaine wrapped himself around Kurt protectively, gathering him into his arms and body so there is no space between them at all.

"It'll be alright, beautiful. You'll see."

Wes walked into his office at about two in the morning still dressed in the clothes from the day. He hadn't gone to sleep yet and didn't actually feel tired because he was in such a constant state of exhaustion and worry these days that the feeling blended in seamlessly. Two vampires in cells that had never been used before, one of said vampires actually in his own coven and coupled with the threat of rogues bearing down on them Wes was surprised he even found time for the luxury of sleeping. In light of that he thought he might as well get some work done and be productive with his insomnia at least.

He nearly tripped over his own feet thinking he had indeed fallen asleep and was now dreaming when he saw that none other than Princess Elana of Geldian was standing at his bookcase, radiant in her full green skirts and bodice, caramel tresses curled and swept up to dangle teasingly along her pale length of neck, a tumbler filled with amber liquid in her dainty hand.

He couldn't see her face properly but he knew it was her.

The tiny mannerisms were too uncanny to be a copycat either and he just… he just knew it was her. He'd never spoke to the Princess personally, but he'd greeted her formally and observed her intently from a distance on the rare occasions their paths crossed those many years ago before Kurt's passing and so he knew the tilt to her head, the way she held glasses with her index finger rubbing along the smooth surface intermittently.

She was just as stunning now as she was then. Elegant grace in a more feminine way than Kurt but definitely a familial trait they shared… in fact they shared many physical likenesses, almost uncannily other than the fact that Elana had inherited the Kings eyes instead of the Queen's like Kurt.

And this was all well and good; mooning over a beautiful woman- one that he'd never admit to admiring from the first time he saw her and all these years passing- but what the hell was said woman doing in his office when she should be off behind impenetrable fae wards? He was going to have an aneurism at this rate with the amount of people slipping into his coven right under his nose. Maybe he should get a big red arrow sign pointing to the entrance and a welcome mat and be done with it.

"Princess Elana," he greeted managing a clear and even tone.

She threw him a cursory nonchalant glance over her shoulder like she had been aware of his presence all along or simply didn't care, before going back to what she was doing, running fingers over the spines of his personal collection. It made him feel a little out of sorts watching her touch his things like she had the right and he couldn't place his finger on just why that was but he knew it wasn't just her invading his privacy.

"You have very… limited taste," she observed in her smooth almost husky tone that he refused to be affected by.

"I prefer fact to fiction," he answered stepping further into the room and closing the door behind him. The scent of cinnamon assaulted him and he fought not to inhale long and deep and risk losing his mind.

"Yet there are some notable human poets here," she commented pulling out Keats.

He wasn't going to debate his literary tastes with her. Wasn't going to let her know that occasionally he needed something with more substance that wasn't inane human storylines with cliché characters. Wasn't going to voice that he suddenly found himself actually wanting to tell her these things.

He'd discovered many of his favourites through Leon's recommendations and they often sat down quietly to discuss various poets. An image of he and Elana doing to same pushed itself into his mind and he scoffed internally and threw it away.

"I doubt you're here to hear my opinions on Shakespeare," he said instead walking to his desk to lean against it with one hand splayed on top of the dark wood. Her being here was surreal but he wasn't going to allow it to affect his judgement or sense. There was a reason she had sought him out and Wes wasn't wholly sure he was going to like it.

She put the book back and turned to face him finally, so heartbreakingly beautiful with a heart shaped face, a red cupids bow mouth and a straight tipped nose and Wes clenched his teeth against the urge to let his eyes stray to her figure. He held her dark gaze solemnly.

"I remember you."

Wes felt his heart pick up and damned himself for the absurd reaction. "You do?"

She nodded looking him over. "You were Blaine's, Second."

"I wouldn't have expected you to notice, your majesty."

She arched a brow but let that go, instead walking around the desk towards him at the front of it and letting the fingers on her free hand trail over the top.

Wes watched her cautiously but made no move to impede her.

"My brothers alive," she stated like this would be news to him.


She swirled the drink in her hand and stared down at it icily like it had offended her. "He will not come home."

He felt like finally they were getting somewhere and he continued to observe her closed off expression for a while. Such a glacial beauty it appeared on first glance.

"He has a family here."

She snapped her eyes back to his and there was a muted fire banked there melting the ice. "He has family there," she countered evenly.

"I won't help you force him, I'm sorry if that's what you came here for."

She rolled her eyes. "I would expect no less, vampire."

He narrowed his eyes at the veiled insult. "This would go much faster if you got to the point, Princess."

She lifted her nose into the air at the challenge. "My father, Kurt's father, deserves to know his son is alive."

"It's Kurt's choice to make, not mine," Wes stated firmly. She wasn't going to win him around on this front; she was wasting her time as he had already said.

"How can you say that? Stand here and look me in the eye when you know damn well that every second he spends here he is in danger," she seethed, barely contained.

"The rogues don't know about him yet-"

"Yet?" she cut of condescendingly. "Oh how comforting a sentiment."

Wes clenched his jaw. "Was that all, Princess?"

"That sorry excuse for a council… do they know?"

Wes shook his head. "Only those within this coven, Blaine's brother and his Second."

She laughed though it lacked humour before throwing back her drink in one. "Oh such confidence I am filled with now I know the vanity queen with the big mouth knows about it."

She practically threw his tumbler down on the desk where it clunked heavily.

"He was ready to contact you," Wes offered after an extended silence.

She stared off at the wall thoughtfully. "That is why he was using the gem."

"We need your help."

There was no point skating around the issue and there was only a small window of opportunity he was working with here.

She observed him analytical, like she was attempting to read the answer from his skin alone. "Why?"

He took a breath and decided to go all in. "The rogues were never really stopped, princess. You know that like few others do, intimately."

She clenched her jaw and pursed her lips at the reminder of her brother's death but it was necessary, Wes needed her to care about this. "They are back?"

"They never left, some have just acquired the skill to be discrete."

She shook her head decisively after a tense pause and Wes' hopes fell to the floor, shattered. "He will not do it and I do not blame him."

How could they not help? How could she think her father would share that opinion when they knew that Kurt would be in danger here? Unless…

"Kurt won't leave, Blaine."

"He does not have to leave to go," she stated and Wes narrowed his eyes at the message there, clear as day. They would take him if needs be.

"You can't be that cruel."

She laughed mirthlessly for the second time, short and sharp. "It is cruel to want my brother safe?"

"It is when you have to kidnap him to do it! And what about, Blaine?!"

Gods this would break him. He wouldn't survive losing Kurt twice, there was no if, buts or maybe's about that.

"What about him?!"she shouted back, a growl in her heaving chest, eyes flashing dangerously with all the emotion she usually denied herself to show. "Why should I care about the vampire who got my brother killed?!"

He stared at her with disgust and it dawned on him that he really didn't know this woman at all. He'd idolised this version of her in his head but she had just shattered it to pieces with one sentence.

"Blaine, did nothing wrong and you know it," he gritted out between clenched teeth stalking towards her to give her the full force of his angry stare. He would never allow anyone to say otherwise, he'd pull out their tongues first.

She met him look for look but said nothing to counter or acknowledge the point in contestation.

"Say it," he order and she narrowed her eyes.

"You do not order me," she hissed.

He put them nose to nose and growled. "Say. It."

Her chest was heaving and Wes could feel the dangerous magic sparking in the air around him, sending little currents of what felt like electricity through his skin.

They stayed that way for a time, the gauntlet thrown down between them.

"It was not his fault," she finally breathed and Wes pulled back slowly only to go flying backwards on a gust of air to land on his ass. "But if you ever assault my person again I will not be so forgiving of the slight, Wesley Montgomery."

"I think you'll find I never touched you," Wes gritted, coming back to his feet with easy enough grace, if a little wounded pride.

She dismissed that as easy as waving her hand. "My father will notice my absence by dinner this coming day. I will not lie to him about my whereabouts."

"Yet you snuck out easy enough. Your moral compass is a little skewed."

She ignored that too. "He will find where I am quickly, there is no preventing that."

"He'll hate you if you take him away. He has a father here, a family. You take him from Blaine and all of the people he loves he'll hate you."

"He would be safe," she said simply. Like she could handle the hate as long as Kurt was protected.

"You can't hide behind those wards forever princess."

"I think you will find that we can."

"So you'll watch while the rest of the world suffers and do nothing."

"It is not our place to mange the affairs of vampires!"

"And you don't want revenge on those vampires who wronged you, who killed your brother and caused your mother to sacrifice herself?"

It was guess based off Jeff's speculation that the Queen had in fact traded her life for Kurt's but it didn't matter if it was wrong or right anyway… it was the wrong angle to play.

"We are fae. We do no get revenge, nor need such a thing."

But there was a flicker there in her eyes… a small shadow that Wes' keen eyes picked up on. Maybe most fae didn't… but Wes had a feeling that this fae did.

He decided to push.

"So you're saying that if I told you I had two rogue vampires sitting in my cells right now, you wouldn't be tempted to gain any sense of justice?"

She narrowed her eyes. "You are baiting me."

Wes held up his hands and walked towards the sideboard to pour himself a drink. "Not baiting. Simply asking. They're not talking anyway so someone might as well get some use out of them."

"So my brother is not safe here then. You are telling me that there have already been attacks on your coven," she snapped.

"Not attacks. A trigger happy kid of theirs attacked one of ours and we managed to find our own little spy in our coven but he hasn't done anything major as far as we can tell."

"But how would you know if they will not talk," she gritted. "Your incompetence astounds me!"

"You're more than welcome to take a stab at one of them princess."

She scoffed. "If you would show me to a set of rooms. I will not be staying long."

With that she swept from the room, leaving Wes to down his drink and follow. He'd left the seeds in her mind, what she did with them after that was up to fate.

"Blaine," Kurt whined pathetically grasping onto his shoulder, creasing up the material of his light blue polo.

"Kurt," the vampire sang back laying a kiss to his lips that stuck and tasted like vanilla thanks to Kurt's lip balm and crossing arms over one another around his small waist. "You're gonna be fine, she's your sister."

"But I might explode things," he scowled.

Blaine glanced around their destroyed living area. The fried television, the toppled books and paintings, the smashed glass and the remnants of what was once their coffee table.

"I don't think there's much left for you to explode, my love," he admitted with wry amusement.

Kurt smacked him lightly in the chest. "That isn't funny, Blaine!"

Blaine squeezed him apologetically. "I know, I'm sorry. But I have to go and see Wes, talk to him about Sebastian."

Kurt tensed. "You're not going to…"

"We need to know what he told them, Kurt. This is everyone's life and safety at risk here," the vampire said seriously.

Kurt swallowed over the bitter pill but nodded because he was right. The stakes were stupidly high right now. Blaine kissed his temple. "I'm sorry, beautiful. I'm sorry that it hurts you."

"I'm sorry that it hurts you too," Kurt whispered back. He knew for a fact that Blaine didn't like the prospect or in fact being violent, but he sometimes lost control or he had no other choice because he was defending the ones he loved. Kurt couldn't fault him that, even though he didn't like it. There were clear lines the vampire wouldn't cross of course, but the vampire version of violence and the human one were vastly different things and Kurt couldn't wrap his head around it properly. He wasn't sure he ever would.

Blaine seemed to hesitate, gold eyes concerned. "If you really want me to stay, beautiful…"

Kurt smiled a little, drawing little patterns on his shoulders and chest."No, I'm a big boy I can handle it."

Thumbs rubbed along his sides soothingly as Blaine's face softened. "And you're okay… well not okay but-"

Kurt cut him off with gentle finger to his lips. "I'm as okay as I was the last fifteen times you've asked me this morning."

"I know it's hard, but you can get through it," Blaine promised ignoring the joke and seeing it for the deflection it was and Kurt couldn't dispute it. Blaine did know what it was like to lose someone really close to you, to have that moment of self doubt and guilt sitting on top of you like a mountain.

"I believe that. I believe that I'm gonna be okay eventually because I've done this before… it's just… I'm sad." He swallowed hard and looked up at Blaine from under his lashes, eyes dark with grief as he tried to explain what he was feeling. "My dad always used to ask me how I was feeling when I was younger when my mom first passed and it was like that emotion was so big that everything else just faded away under it. I wanted to be angry, I think I was at first but it all got lost under that tide... It went away after a while, not completely, but it didn't stop me from feeling anything else anymore and that's all I can really describe this achy, horrible feeling as now. Just… sadness."

Blaine ran hands under his purple top with the cowl neck, running warm hands over the planes of his bare back as he pressed his face into the side of Kurt's now downturned one. They didn't speak. They didn't need to, Blaine just held him for a long while, subtly rocking him back and forth as Kurt struggled for composure and let his soulmate feed love into that hollow area in his chest making it more bearable.

"It's getting later, you better get going," Kurt finally spoke and Blaine drew back spotting the resolve on Kurt's face and deciding not to smother him.

"I'll be back later and then we can go somewhere okay? Most of the coven has gone to classes but they can easily get out of them if you want them. Have a think about it," he murmured sweetly, pecking his nose.

Kurt closed his eyes at the attention before fluttering them back open. "Love you."

"I love you too," Blaine returned laying one last kiss to the ring on his hand, sweeping his thumb over the silver before exiting the room and closing the door behind him after throwing a cheeky, "Be good," at him.

Kurt stood there for a while after he had left, a little adrift before his hand was going for his pocket and pulling out his phone. He found the well used number and hit dial.


"Dad," Kurt smiled at the distracted tone, gruff and terse and he knew the man was clearly at the garage even if he couldn't hear the telltale sounds of heavy machinery in the background. "Hey."

"Kurt! Why aren't you in class?" he asked surprised, clearly having just picked the phone straight up instead of looking at the caller ID.

Kurt winced a little. Shit. "Uhh one of my classes was cancelled and I just wanted to check in, see how you were. How's the shop?"

"Well I'm fine, yes before you ask, I'm eating right and no, I didn't sneak a bacon sandwich from one of the guys. The shop is fine too. Busy actually which equals good… could use a few extra hands around here though."

"Was that a hint?" Kurt asked amused, eyebrow arching. The achy, sad feeling in his chest melted a little bit more.

"Just an observation from a tired old man."

"Oh and now with the guilt trip, bravo father," Kurt rolled his eyes with a grin, not buying a word of it.

He heard Burt chuckle. "You sure you just wanted to chat, bud, because we're gonna have to do this later. It really is busy here kid, sorry."

"Oh no that's fine," Kurt said, feeling disappointment well but feeling better than he had after speaking to his father and connecting again even on some small level.

"You're still coming to Friday night dinner yes?"

"Course… and maybe I'll even help out around the shop on the weekend if you're lucky."

Burt made an approving noise. "Hey, bring that boyfriend of yours too. We can show him and Finn the ropes, see if they can really keep up with the Hummel men huh?"

Kurt grinned widely. "You say that like it's even in question but sure thing, we'll be there."

"Okay, see you later, kid."

"Bye dad. Love you."

"Yeah, yeah. Love you too."

They hung up and Kurt put his phone away sighing but feeling more grounded, eyes suddenly drawn to the utter mess of everything. It really was something and he wondered what Elana had thought of it all when the lights had gone up last night. It couldn't have been a good impression to leave on her that was for sure and he didn't want to imagine what had run through her mind.

Needing to be occupied he began clearing up, his nervous energy allowing him to make quick work of the mess. The table was unsalvageable so Kurt found an old box and began collecting up the pieces ready to throw as well as carefully picking up the shattered glass. He picked up all the books and bent the pages back into some form of shape before stacking them again and hanging the paintings back on their respective hooks. The television would have to wait until they bought a new one, he wasn't even going to attempt to ask Thad to take a look at it, he knew the thing was completely frazzled.

"Kurt?" Elana's voice inquired from the now open doorway and Kurt was momentarily startled that he hadn't heard it open.

He straightened up from where he was arranging a few throw pillows and swallowed, feeling his heart pick up before beckoning her in. There was no need to feel this apprehensive, he scolded himself sternly, this was his sister! And though they didn't get off to the best of starts… severe understatement… he was going to take Blaine advice and wasn't exactly going to rule her completely out. He still wanted some sort of relationship with her, though he wasn't sure how far that extended just yet, this was all still very surreal. But he'd welcomed Finn and Carole into his life with open enough arms after the initial bumpy start so it was possible for him to do so now, he just had to want to work at it.

They both had to.

"Elana, hey," he greeted cautiously as she closed the door primly behind her. She had a different gown on today, deep burgundy with gold trim that set off her eyes, hair and skin , it was strange looking at her in the proper light of day, he could see the similarities between them and the differences, but it wasn't just her appearance that grabbed his attention however, he noticed that every move she made was measured and conscious. The tone of her voice was even and proper, her movements precise and regal. It was as if she believed herself to be under constant scrutiny, that she couldn't let her guard down for even a moment.

It made Kurt a little sad to see actually, that she couldn't be herself, and it gave him an immediate affinity with her, a common ground to work from. He had struggled with much the same thing his whole life, feeling the pressure to be someone he wasn't and having the courage to disregard that and accept the consequences that went with the choice of refusing to conform.

She was silent for a few minutes simply taking in the newly repaired and cleaned up room and Kurt shifted on his feet. "Do you want to sit down or…"

"I came to apologise," she said instead of acknowledging his offer, cheeks actually betraying her with a faint pink flush as she looked anywhere but at him Kurt was a surprised to say the least but let her continue instead of interrupting. "I am sorry for causing you such distress and pain, it was not my intention."

He managed to meet and hold her gaze finally. "It's not just me you need to apologise to," he stated honestly but he didn't want to come off as the bitch here. He wanted to make the effort, so he added, "But thank you, I know you didn't do it necessarily on purpose."

"I did not… I was… emotional," she admitted clearing her throat and clenching her fists, as if relaying a great weakness.

"Well emotional happens a lot around here, trust me," he informed her dryly, sinking down to sit on the sofa and motioning her to sit next to him.

She hesitated only briefly before sweeping over in a rustle of silk and lace, perching herself on the very edge of the seat.

"That is hardly news to me, drama always followed wherever you stepped brother," she said in return, a slight smirk pulling up the corner of her full red lips before they drew down again and she stared at the space between them.

"I will apologise to your soulmate as well."

Kurt took that small statement for the hugely meaningful gesture it was. She was admitting to being wrong about blaming Blaine and though he was immensely relieved that she had seen sense, he wondered just what had triggered the turn around.

Risking himself he reached over and took one of those perfectly folded hands in his and laid them in the space between them. "Thank you," he said softly.

She looked down at their clasped hands an expression of disbelief on her face for a moment before it was erased by something sadder and she laughed softly. "We never got along you know."

Kurt stared at her, watched as the walls slowly came down one by one, fascinated.

"I gathered that, believe it or not," he sassed a little playfully.

She rolled her eyes. "Mother and father would get quite vexed at us but there was scarce a time we could agree on anything," she frowned briefly before meeting his gaze. "But still, I loved you fiercely."

Kurt heart pounded hard in his chest and he felt tears prick the corners of his eyes at the admission.

"I want you to know that, Kurt. I need you to know that I loved even through all the fights… I couldn't show it then, so caught up was I in being better, in a child's jealousy."


She smiled wryly. "Mother had a special place in her heart for you and I do not mean to say that she loved you more, that I felt deprived, it is just… you were so similar. Your love for life was vast and shared between you in a special sort of bond that father, nor I, could properly grasp the depth of." She looked him straight in the eye. "You were always a better fae than me, brother."

"Elana…" he didn't know what to say.

She held her free hand up. "I did not see it then, I was blinded by pettiness. You took to magic faster than I, easily made friends and you found your soulmate so young…" She shook her head. "I truly regret all that time I wasted being stubborn and spoilt. It was almost unbearable when you were gone, to live with the realisation that I never told you that though I found you to be the most vexing excuse for a little brother... it couldn't change the fact that I loved you."

"I… I know you did," Kurt promised breathily and he did, deep down he did even if he didn't have a memory to attach the feeling to, the actual feeling was still very much bright and present, burning in his chest. "And from what I can remember I wasn't exactly a picnic," he said at last and Elana smirked losing some of the melancholy.

She sniffed tellingly and nodded. "Yes you gave me back as good as you got I suppose. You and that ragtag blonde of yours."

They were silent for a few moments composing themselves. Kurt had expected many things from this meeting but this was not one of the scenarios that had ever entered his mind.

"Elana, how did Jeremiah manage to kill me?" he finally asked quietly.

She clenched her jaw and was quiet so long Kurt didn't think she was going to answer at all.

"I do not know," she said simply and Kurt sighed in defeat. "Father and mother would not discuss it then and father would still not discuss it after all these years. All I know is that he should not have been able to, in a fair fight, though you would have hated to, you would have killed him easily if it had come to that."

"A fair fight," he picked out, staring at her intently.

She pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. "You always were too clever for your own good."

"Don't do that," he warned.

She let go of her face and quirked a brow in question.

"Try and protect me, coddle me like I'm a baby. Blaine did enough of that already and I'll only accept that from him because I know where it all stems from, but this involves me whether you like it or not," he stated strongly, daring her to defy him.

"He must have found a way to dull your magic, or cut you off completely from it," she explained, getting straight to it, sparing him no sugar coating.

"And there's such a thing that can do that?" he asked, shivering a little at the prospect. He'd only been really in tune with his magic for a short time but the idea of not having it now he had discovered it left him feeling bereft and uncomfortable. It was like trying to imagine yourself without a limb.

"Nothing that I have ever heard of," she shook her head. "Father forbid me from looking into it."

There was something in the way she said that… Kurt recognised the kindred spark of mischief. "But you did it anyway," he guessed slowly.

She arched a superior brow before examining her nails. "I may have inquired here and there."

Kurt gave a ghost of a smile before it dropped. "And you found nothing."

Elana sighed frustrated. "Nothing of use or consequence."

He hitched a breath, heart picking up speed as the consequences really sank in. Sure Kurt talked a good game and he really did believe that they were stronger than Jeremiah, but he'd be a fool to underestimate him. That's what got them here in the first place after all. "That means he could do it again. Whatever it was, he'll do it again and I probably won't even know until it's too late," Kurt murmured.

She squeezed his hand and gazed at him earnestly. "Then come home. He cannot reach you there, brother."

Kurt frowned and ripped his hand away, shaking his head. "No. I'm staying here with Blaine and my family."

Elana swallowed then said lowly, "We are your family too."

It made his heart hurt.

"I know you are, I know that, but I can't just pick up from where I left off just like that," he tried to explain.

His sister closed her expression down and her eyes flashed angrily. "Really? Because you seem to be doing just that here, brother."

Kurt refused to rise to the bait, spine stiffening. "You don't know anything about me and Blaine this time around so don't go there. I'll only warn you once, Elana."

She scoffed. "So you will stay here with him and risk your life? Father will not allow it, you have to know that."

"He doesn't get to decide anything for me," Kurt snapped at the thinly veiled threat. "And if you're so worried then why don't you start helping us."

"We no longer consult with other races," she intoned like it was robotically computed into her.

"Well maybe you should start again," Kurt retorted.

"That is not my choice," she said. "He will be here by dark, Kurt. Father will come and he will want to take you back," she warned again.

Kurt licked his suddenly dry lips. "He can try, but I'm not going anywhere."

"You are so vexing, Kurt," Elana burst out rising to her feet to begin pacing. "Why can you not see that coming home is the right decision?"

"Because it isn't."

"You do not know any better!" she almost shouted at him and Kurt could see the stark fear inside her now, lit up under her skin and he felt himself soften. She cared about him and felt overprotective. Kurt knew this scenario well.

"Elana… help me here. Please," he begged with her. "I'm not going to go with you, you already knew that but you can help me."

"This is foolish," she hissed, dark eyes flashing. "You are a reckless, stubborn fool."

"Probably," Kurt agreed wryly, ignoring the insults.

"You are going to get yourself killed and I cannot…" she let it trail as her voice thickened, too stubborn to allow the weakness in tone to betray her. Kurt heard it though.

"I'm not. I promise I'm not, Elana. We'll be ready this time," he said quietly. "But we need you."

She stopped her angry back and forth and stared down at the floor for a few seconds as the words sunk in, before looking him the face serious and resigned. "What would you have me do?"

"Has he said anything?" Blaine asked.

They were standing on the other side of the one way glass looking at the tall frame of Sebastian as he paced the confines of the isolation room almost nervously. Blaine had never seen the vampire more than wary of something so this was a huge turnaround.

It made him feel satisfied on one level. That the infallible smartass finally got what was coming to him but there was also this small sad and hurt feeling. There was no love lost between him and Sebastian… well Sebastian and anyone in the coven really. But there had always been this tiny hope, a bud just waiting to bloom if they looked after it right, that the vampire would finally come around and let himself be a part of their family. Sebastian had crushed that under his heel the moment he had gotten in touch with the rogues.

And now betrayal stung them all once more.

"No, but then again I haven't sent anyone in there yet," Wes revealed rubbing at his lower lip absently, eyes faraway which wasn't like Wes at all. Something was playing on his mind.

"Kurt's sister is here," he guessed and he hit the nail on the head it seemed when Wes came back to the room and turned his head to look at him.

"Yes, I was made aware when she let herself into my office demanding a set of rooms."

Blaine shook his head. "She confirmed what we suspected… about Kurt's mother. She told him last night."

"Is he okay?"

"He's shaken of course, he's lost two mothers in one lifetime and he wanted to blame himself but I think he understands that it wasn't his fault," Blaine spoke his thoughts aloud before shaking his head and changing tracks. "She slapped me you know."

Wes snorted and went back to staring at Sebastian. "I'll take your slap and raise you being knocked on your ass."

Blaine couldn't even laugh, because he wasn't even surprised, something more pressing was weighing on his mind. "Darius will be here soon."

Wes tensed. "She thinks nightfall."

Blaine nodded feeling panic tighten his chest and squeeze his voice box until he was growling out words full of that tension. "He'll try to take him away from me."

Wes faced him fully then, eyes solemn and face serious hard lines as he clapped his shoulder and squeezed hard to let him know he was there. "We won't let that happen, Blaine. We won't."

"I can't see how we could get him on ourside. He hates vampires now," Blaine stressed running his hand over his tense face. Wes didn't seem to have the answer either as he let his hands drop and they stood in silence for a while longer both deep inside their own heads.

Blaine's was stuck on Kurt and how upset he was. He didn't really want to leave at all. He wanted to take Kurt in his arms and shelter him from the pain he was feeling in his heart, but he knew he couldn't. Kurt needed space to get his head straight, time with his sister to reunite and Blaine had responsibilities to this coven despite not being the head of it any longer.

"Dante is doing check ups on everyone in the coven, he'll be starting today so don't try and weasel out of it," Wes finally broke into the quiet snapping him back to reality.

"So Cooper actually sent someone useful for once?" he joked wryly. Dante was a damn good doctor Blaine remembered and a really fun vampire too. He was charming and friendly and didn't take himself too seriously, which meant he'd fit in easily here. "Is it the end of the world?"

Wes hitched a half smile that was three parts sardonic. "Apparently."

Blaine exhaled loudly at the heavier meaning. "Yeah."

Wes shook his head eyeing Sebastian's stalking figure intently. "Time to try and get some answers."

Sebastian paced.

Up and down the tiny grey room in barely restrained forceful strides, long since had his façade of cool escaped him and now he was left with only his fury, seething beneath his skin.

He knew what that asshole was doing leaving him in here for a day to stew.

Impassivity was hard to maintain when he was going out of his fucking mind and he hated himself for playing right into that joke of a leaders hands, for giving into such a weakness as to worry... but shit… he couldn't see a way out of this one this time and it was all because fucking Blaine Anderson was a paranoid psycho.

How had he let himself slip up like that?

The door slid open for the first time in almost twenty four hours and he whirled around to face whoever it was.

"Sebastian," Zach grinned toothily from where he was propped jauntily against the frame, a shock of red and purple and there was a definite hint of fang showing.

He clenched his jaw a refused to react.

He wasn't an idiot, for all of Zach's stupidity there was a reason his family hadn't managed to kill him when they turned rogue and it wasn't for want of trying.

The vampire stalked into the room nonchalantly and pulled one of the chairs out to sprawl into casually. He raised his arms over his head and stretched long and catlike before crossing them behind his head. "How's things?" he asked.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes, gauging him and trying to work out his angle. "Peachy."

Zach ignored the sarcasm and nodded along happily as his eyes scanned the bare room. "I like what you've done with the place… a dash of colour maybe and this could be a home away from home away from home."

He arched a brow at the redhead. "Tell you what…" he stalked closer out of his corner, smirking with a confidence he didn't quite feel. "Since this place seems to be in such high demand lately, I'll trade you if you want."

Zach snorted. "No thanks, man. I'm good with not being locked up and all for being a fucking snake in grass," he replied genially.

Sebastian laid a dramatic hand to his heart, feigning innocence with wide eyes. "Me?"

The vampire hummed and really, Sebastian should have saw it coming, should have saw the subtle tensing in muscles before Zach shot to his feet and had him slamming face first into the table. His vision blacked out briefly, pain radiating through him harshly when he came back to reality.

"Now, you know I like playing games Seb old buddy, but you see, I don't like this one so I'm gonna be straight with you," he leaned closer and breathed into his ear. "You either tell me what I want to know or I start cutting off body parts."

Sebastian laughed despite the blood in his mouth. "Ah, empty threats, my favourite."

Zach flipped him to his back and there was a stark harshness in his face, seriousness in his blue eyes, fangs glinting in the light. "Look me in the eye and tell me I'm lying."

"Oh I know you'd do it if you were allowed but Wes is such a moral vampire," he mocked.

"Ah but desperate times Seb," Zach growled back. "You really think he could stop all of us?"

Sebastian narrowed his darkened eyes but didn't say anything.

"You're a threat asshole. You're a threat to my Chosen and my family and Wes won't be able to stop me I promise you that," he hissed the last into his ear before pulling back and smiled at him big and wide like he'd just embraced an old friend. It was that unbalance that lay strength to Zach's words. He was just that much of a crazy enough bastard to do it.

"Now, I'm gonna let you sit on that cupcake 'kay?" he let him go and walked away towards the door before throwing over his shoulder. "Oh and Seb… you really think anyone's gonna step in if Blaine wants to take a crack at you?"

The door closed on his harsh laugh.


"Gods damn it!" Thad cursed softly, shaking out his hand before sticking his finger in his mouth to sooth it after he shocked himself on the circuit board he was rewiring for the fifth time.

He should be able to do this in his sleep. He should be able to do this drunk and blindfolded and just… he should be able to do this. Children could do this!

He pushed the thing away from him disgustedly and buried his face in his hands.

Like it had done for the last plus twenty four hours his mind replayed that fateful, awful, embarrassing meeting in The Hole once more.

Dante Manzo was everything that was good and handsome in this world. Standing tall at over six feet easily, cut like marble with short, dark, thick hair that was swept back off of his face artfully, setting off his natural olive complexion and dark sable eyes. He left Thad speechless. He was a literal Adonis walking among mortals and Thad felt like a mouse next to him. Jittery and twitchy and ready to scurry away at the first sight of him because there was no way he could compare. Dante no doubt had droves of people wanting to be with him, probably had a Chosen waiting for him back in New York even. There was no use dwelling over the slight five o'clock shadow that was dusted over the vampire's firm jaw or the way his eyelashes curved upwards to frame his eyes so stunningly.

Every time he resolved to put it out of his mind, lock it into a box of not-gonna-happen, there he was again, springing upwards and ruining his concentration as he lost himself once more in trying to remember the brilliance of his smile and forget the embarrassment of his ramblings during that brief conversation.

It didn't help that Thad couldn't find distance to rid himself properly of the inappropriate attraction.

Here not even a day and Doctor Manzo was already ordering check ups for everyone in the coven. Compulsory ones.

And though he'd thought of a million excuses, none of them held water. He would have to face him eventually and so that's how he found himself abandoning his work and outside the new doctor's office moments later.

"Come in," the smooth, distracted baritone called from the other side of the door and Thad breathed deep trying to fight the urge to bolt before pushing it open.

There he sat, at a desk in the far corner Thad guessed that had been taken out of storage for his use, bent over the files upon files strewn over its surface. He had a pen behind his ear and another in his hand- which wasn't at all endearing or familiar to him he told himself sternly- that he was scrawling notes with on a pad.

"Why aren't you using a computer?" It was out before he could take it back and Dante had snapped his head up.

Dark, sable eyes fixed on him and suddenly it felt like all the air in the room was gone.

He tried to ignore the instant spark of awareness that shot through him at the sight of him in all his gorgeous, freaking unfair, glory. He'd spent far too much time waxing poetic about this man as it was and it was such a pointless, wasteful practise. It wasn't like Dante Manzo was ever going to find him the least bit appealing back so he refused to put himself in a position to pine after someone so clearly out of his league.

That didn't stop his body's reaction however and it was such an embarrassing traitor!

Thad tried not to blush, he really did, but he felt heat in his face and knew it was useless trying to will the redness away, just like he knew the rapid thump of his heart Dante could hear just fine, wouldn't cease either.

"Thad," the older vampire stood up, walked around the desk and grinned… all those straight white perfect teeth. Not pining right? "I was beginning to think you were avoiding me."

"Ye-No! I mean, statistically we're bound to run into one another given the fact that you're staying here now so even if I was, which I'm not," yeah right, just keep digging yourself deeper, you're doing great, "then it would be pretty pointless, especially since you're the doctor now and these check ups are mandatory apparently, so I couldn't get out of them even if I wanted to, not that I'm saying that I want to…" he trailed off the pointless babbling completely mortified at his own inability to shut his own mouth and shifted on his feet uneasily.

Dante cocked his head, his eyes holding unbridled amusement that Thad didn't rightly understand. "Sooo, you're not avoiding me?"

I have no idea.

"No?" he asked it as a question wringing his fingers in front of him and wishing for a gadget or piece of wiring to keep his hands busy, something he could flash around to keep the attention off himself like normal. He watched the other vampires eyes travel there and self consciously shoved them into his jean pockets.

The Doctor looked back up at him and laughed, easy and smooth and- stop. "Well, I'm glad we got that cleared up."

Thad frowned a little at him. Was he making fun of him? Just joking? He shrunk into himself, hunching his shoulders. It was probably the former; after all he was making an absolute idiot of himself. "Right," it was short and quiet but he couldn't help the tone.

The doctor noticed and his brows drew together like he was genuinely confused how the conversation had turned.

They stared at one another for a few moments more before Thad couldn't take the scrutiny and averted his eyes to his battered converse.

"As for your original question, I haven't had a chance to get a computer and get it set up yet, my personal laptop just doesn't have the space on the hard drive I need so it's paper until then... I'd actually planned to ask your help when you have a free minute," Dante broke the tense silence.

His head came back up.

"My help?" Thad asked dumbly.

Dante stepped closer, eyes so dark, yet so bright at the same time while he looked at him and Thad felt uncomfortable because he didn't know why. "Yeah, you seem to know more about this technical stuff than anyone I know."

Technical stuff. He could talk about computers couldn't he? He knew computers. It wouldn't be so hard…

"Right, because I do that… computers, I do computer stuff," he babbled to himself and he could hear this epic amount of crap that was leaving his mouth again but it was like he literally couldn't help it. Like he was having an out of body experience, watching himself make even more of a foolish impression than he had the first time around.

"Is that a yes, kitten?"

Thad almost choked. Kitten? Kitten! A surge of warmth settled in his suddenly butterfly filled tummy, while electricity crackled down his spine lighting him up with this awareness. He had one indulgent second of actually enjoying that feeling before he shut it down.

No. No. No. No. No.

It wasn't what he thought. It couldn't be. Dante wasn't flirting with him, wasn't showing favour through the pet names he heard the bonded couples in the coven utter so lovingly, playfully, beseechingly to one another. They weren't bonded or going to be because there was no way Dante would be landed with him as a Chosen. It was laughable. And so he refused to read into it and get some stupid kind of hope into his head, because there was one thing Thad was certain of.

Dante wouldn't want him. Now or ever.

"Thad?" was called concernedly and Thad swallowed heavily, trying to ignore that stupid ache in his chest he couldn't even explain.

Computers, computers, computers, he chanted to himself. Just think about them. But stop saying that word because it makes you sound like an idiot.

He shook his head to clear it and his hazy gaze. "Uh, yeah, Wes will probably ask me anyway, might as well link yours up to the main system I'm implementing while I'm at it," he replied absently.

He saw Dante's lips downturn a little like his reply was unsatisfactory or hurt him in some way, but then he was smiling brightly again and gesturing to the gurney. "Well great, thanks, I don't want to put you out when you clearly have important things you're working on, but there's really no one else I'd want doing it. I think you've spoiled me for choice already and you haven't even done anything yet." He grinned utterly charmingly and Thad's heart could hardly take the strain. "Now hop up on there for me?"

Thad did as he was asked, shyly edging further into the room and jumping up to sit on the padded bed. Dante fiddled with a few things on his desk before throwing another smile at him and approaching.

"Okay so I'm gonna take some blood for my own records, check all the routine things, check your blood pressure… nothing too horrible," he explained with a wink.

Thad blinked at him stupidly, but surprisingly the next fifteen minutes wasn't horrible. Dante was obviously very professional when it came down to his work and he ran through the checks like a seasoned expert, checking eyes, ears and throat, asking him concise on point questions and jotting little things down all the time. Thad found it hard to look away from him, to keep from getting drawn into the intense focus that almost made the vampire mesmerising to watch as he practised his craft. Thad felt a kinship of sorts with him, in the way that he took what he did seriously and threw himself one hundred percent behind it. Thad could relate to that.

He was just starting to relax when… "Now if could take off your top for me and I'll listen to your chest."

His face lit on fire, even as he felt lightheaded from lack of oxygen to the brain. Take his shirt off in front of this living statue? Was this some kind of cruel joke?

He looked into those dark eyes and saw nothing but genuine confusion at his hesitance. "Is everything alright, Thad?"

"Do I have to? Can't you just listen through it?" he asked wrapping his arms protectively around his torso. Carlos always used to do it that way.

It's not like he had anything major to hide. No battle wounds or disfiguration or even something like three nipples, it was just he didn't have anything special either. No overt muscles, washboard abs or rock hard pectorals to boast. He didn't work out as much as everyone else, he was usually tucked away in his little geeky nook and exercising his brain instead of his body and that meant he was small and wiry and it hadn't bothered him much before because he'd never really thought anyone would get to see it. Now though…

"I like to do it that way, it makes it more accurate for me. Super hearing is generally a perk, but you add rustling clothing over trying to listen to someone's chest and it's a nightmare of distorted sounds," he laughed easily and Thad wanted to curl up in a ball and whimper. Dante seemed to notice that this was really causing him problems. "I can try and do it through if you're really that uncomfortable," he said softly grabbing his stethoscope from around his neck.

Thad swallowed. "No… I'm just being an idiot, I'll just…"

His fingers hesitated over the hem of his top and he glanced up to meet Dante's eyes nervous and trembling.

"I'll turn around if you want?"

Just get it over with, his brain hissed. He's going to see either way.

He ripped the top off like ripping off a band aid and immediately felt a chill wrack through him, though he was sure it wasn't from the cold. His arms curled around his stomach and he hunched his shoulders forwards eyes averted and flushing noticeably across his chest and clear down to the tips of his toes.

"Okay, this is gonna be a little cold," came softly and he felt the brand of a warm hand curling, engulfing, his shoulder in its palm, getting him to sit up straighter and loosen his grip around himself. The stethoscope pressed to the left side of his chest and he sucked in a breath, knowing his heart was hammering like crazy in Dante's ear. "Good, now breathe out for me."

He did as asked, then back again as he was bid. Dante moved the circle over his chest smoothly getting him to breathe for him almost rhythmically and it was only worse when he walked around the back of him to do the same. Something about not being able to see the vampire made every other sense he had heightened, especially touch. He fought not to whimper, to keep his reactions under control when he felt hot breathe ghosting over his bared skin making his toes curl in his shoes.

After what felt like an age Dante was finished and walking around in front of him again, looking a little ragged around the edges, mouth tight like he was hiding fangs and body tense, though Thad was too fried to even try to think of a reason why. The doctor cleared his throat and studiously looked down at the file he had been writing in. "Uh you can get dressed again," he almost mumbled and Thad found the change from super confident to reserved avoidance difficult to follow.

He jumped at the freedom however and quickly shucked his cotton tee back over his head, feeling far less exposed and vulnerable. He actively stopped himself from thinking on what Dante thought of him, he didn't want to completely depress himself just yet when he still had to be in the vampire's presence.

Dante put aside the equipment and had him jump off the bed to take his height and weight before jumping back up again to take his blood pressure and pulse. By this point the doctor seemed more like his old self, like the brief change in personality had never happened at all.

"When was the last time you fed?" he asked.

Thad swallowed and tried to focus. "Uh, two… no… three days ago?"

Dante looked up at him. "Two or three?"

He counted…

"Four," he admitted sheepishly.

Dante clucked his tongue disapprovingly. "You're barely past two hundred, kitten. You need to feed more regularly than that."

There it was again. Kitten. He was sure that embarrassing flush was back.

"How do you know how old I am?" he seized on, desperate to change tracks.

"All those files are the ones Carlos sent my way," the doctor gestured to the overflowing table over his shoulder with a jerk of his head, then gestured to the slim file he had been writing in next to him. "It has your birth date in there."

"Oh," he blushed.

Of course you idiot.

The doctor just smiled at him. "Don't think acting cute is gonna get you out of this, kitten. I expect you to head straight to one of the Giver's after this check up is over and then preferably every day after that."

"I have to get back to wor-"

It was the wrong thing to say because Dante narrowed his eyes and leaned in closer, he still dwarfed him, even sitting on this bed and Thad couldn't help but like that a little, even as he leaned back imperceptibly.

"Is that why you haven't been feeding?"

"I feed," he protested.

Dante arched a brow. "You're blood pressure says different." He grabbed the file and flicked over a page. "Your weight also concurs. You've lost ten pounds in a month."

"I just haven't had much time that's all. This is important, I need to get this system done and installed."

"Not at the risk of your own health you don't. Maybe you should take a step back, ask someone else to help?" Dante suggested.

"I can do it!" burst out of him, stronger than anything he'd said to this vampire so far.

Thad was tired of this inadequate feeling all the time. He knew he could do this. Prove to everyone that he was better than just fixing televisions and sorting through security feeds. That he wasn't just a 'baby' that needed coddling and protecting.

He jumped down off the bed and headed straight for the door, ignoring all the calls for him to come back.

Wes was stressed and tired.

The rogue vampire wasn't talking, Sebastian was backtalking and they were getting no where fast. There was a very real possibility that Sebastian had leaked something major, for example; Kurt's existence and they needed to know that like yesterday.

It was this urgency that sent the leader into the isolation room himself to confront their traitorous coven brother himself.

He wasn't expecting Sebastian to drop to his knees on sight of him and spill his guts, but he hadn't expected just how frustrating interrogating really was. Everything he said had an immediate snarky answer and he was dancing on his last nerve.

"You think they'll give you something we couldn't? They're never going to win, Sebastian. They didn't then and they won't now," Wes stated matter-of-factly, an hour into this pointless discussion.

Sebastian laughed and the sound was grating. "So confident."

"And why shouldn't we be?"

"Because you're weak!" was shouted and it was deafening. "You know… I actually wanted to join this coven," he laughed again. "You were all famed to be so powerful… imagine my disappointment," he deadpanned.

"You got one chance to tell me what I want to know, Seb before I let some of the others try more… persuasive methods," he threatened.

Sebastian smirked. "Aw, now you've gotten me all excited. I'll think I'll wait."

He was calling Wes' bluff and the vampire leader was at a crossroads. They'd tried threats, ultimatums, appealing to him, offering him a chance to redeem himself. Nothing had worked and if they had a longer timeframe maybe they could have worn Sebastian down, maybe Wes would never have been thinking like this but time was exactly the one thing they didn't have. He had vampire's counting on him to make the tough choices. He had to make the call, had to start showing Sebastian they were serious. The vampire wanted a show of strength…

He stood up and looked at the mirror. "Get Zach."

Blaine had left shortly after Zach had grimly re-entered the isolation room.

When he got back to his and Kurt's rooms he noticed that it had been cleaned and Elana was still inside, the two royals were sipping tea and speaking in hushed tones.

His beautiful Chosen glanced up at him as soon as he entered and smiled, eyes lighter than they were this morning. "Hey, sweetie."

"Hi, beautiful. Elana," he nodded to her a little stiff. He still didn't know rightly where he stood with her. She hadn't been there the day Kurt's parents came to take his body home and he obviously hadn't seen her since then. It was safe to assume after last night that she shared much the same opinion as her father however and that made his chest leaden and heavy.

The princess balanced her tea cup precariously on the arm of the sofa, because of the lack of table, and rose gracefully. "Blaine, I would like to issue an apology to you for my actions last night. I was wrong and I would like your forgiveness," she said formally.

Blaine's brows climbed his face higher and higher with every word. "You would?" he asked dumbly.

"Is that not what I just said?" she said a little tersely and Blaine knew not to push his luck with her less the apology turn into something else entirely.

"I accept your apology," he said, tone still incredulous.

He saw Kurt beaming on the sofa happily, trying to hide his smile behind his tea cup. Elana simply nodded and sat back down, taking her cup back in hand and sipping daintily like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

He forgot what a handle that particular Gelding could be.

Blaine shook his head bemusedly and made his way over to Kurt leaning over to lay a sweet kiss to his lips. He hummed at the taste of honey from the tea and pecked his lips just once more to get more of it. "Everything okay?" he asked into the plush skin.

Kurt hummed an affirmative, hand rising to frame his neck and jaw. "It was fine. Nothing exploded anyway."

Blaine huffed a laugh.

"Is this a new form of language I've missed where mouths have to be attached in order to communicate?" Elana asked dryly from next to them.

Kurt pulled away and levelled her with a haughty look. "Yes."

She gave him a withering glare and Blaine had to hide his amused grin at the bickering siblings. He was hit with a huge sense of de ja vu and felt happy that they were sinking into their relationship roles slowly but surely.

"How did everything go with you? What did Wes say?" Kurt suddenly asked him and Blaine brought himself back to the now and perched on the arm of the sofa on his Chosen's side, wrapping an arm over the back. Kurt leant back into it, his head still tilted to face him.

"Sebastian's not talking. The rogue in the cell isn't either," he sighed. "Wes is trying to do this right but they're not responding to being talked at or thrown around a little."

"He can't torture them, Blaine," Kurt scolded, tone disgusted.

"I know," he sighed. He knew that having Zach rough the vampire up a little wasn't going to do anything in the long run. "I'm gonna talk to Sebastian next."

"Blaine-" Kurt started.

"We need to know if he told them about you, Kurt. We need to."

That possibility was a tight constriction around his chest steadily getting tighter with every minute making it hard to breath.

"I could talk to one of them," Elana offered out of nowhere and they both snapped their heads towards her neutral expression.

"You want to talk to them?" Kurt asked, forehead creasing and mouth pursing. "Why?"

"I may be able to get something out of them by other means," she waved her fingers meaningfully and Blaine considered it before he called to Wes over their mental link. They didn't use it a lot, they never had really in the past either, but it came in handy sometimes.



Blaine eyed Elana's hard expression. I think we may have a way to get a few answers.

I'm listening.

Sebastian was still on the ground panting and cataloguing the damage Zach had inflicted with his far too happy 'persuasive skills' when the door opened yet again. He growled.

Did they have a fucking queue outside or something?

He glanced that way to see who it was this time and froze up, actual fear crawling through his veins to douse the angry fire that was simmering there. Yes Zach had knocked him around, nothing life threatening or too dangerous because after all, they needed him breathing, but this was something different.


The vampire's black tinged, gold eyes drew to him and stayed laser focused as he stalked closer, all intimidating predator in his compact body and Sebastian had never seen the vampire like this. Sure he'd been on the ass end of Blaine's rage plenty of times but this was something completely different. This was focused intensity like Sebastian had never known; a contained hurricane wreaking destruction on everything within its confines, a caged lion stalking up and down in front of the bars eyes fixed on its desired prey.

Blaine wasn't letting himself be ruled by his instincts this time, he was ruling them instead. Using them in a way that meant only bad things for him. There was no way he was a match for Blaine, he already knew that, it was the main reason he had wanted Blaine to be his in the first place after all, not because he loved him or some stupid fucking childlike nonsense. The vampire came from an impeccable line of old vampires and had control of the Ohio coven at his fingertips again if he ever pulled himself out of that pathetic slump that fae sunk him into after getting himself killed.

Sebastian saw opportunity there.

He didn't believe in Chosen bonds. He couldn't after witnessing his mother and fathers disaster of a partnership. They hated one another, so much so that the woman had left straight after he hit his maturity and had never come back. His father always said that finding her was the worse thing he ever did. 'She's a weakness, Sebastian. Don't make such a foolish mistake yourself.'

It was the only fault his father would ever admit to.

And so Sebastian looked at Blaine in an objective way. Yes he was hot which was a definite perk but really all he was after was a quick rise to power… only it hadn't worked out the way he thought it would. Blaine was a stubborn deluded asshole, like most of the vampires here pining away for loves they had yet to find, dreaming of epic romances. It made him sick and he didn't even have it in him to pity them when they found out the truth he had learned at such a young age. That they didn't exist.

But Sebastian was resourceful. He hadn't gotten this far without being so and he'd had to revaluate completely when Kurt 'came back from the dead' ruining any further plan to snare Blaine for his own means. He'd turned to a different route of getting his own way, trading information for power and it had been going well until Blaine had caught him in the act.

He felt the ghost of Blaine's fists on him and swallowed heavily coming back to the now and trying to shake the sheer presence Blaine brought to the room; dropping the temperature and making the air thick like treacle.

He put on his best mask.

"Heeey, killer, ladyface bore you already? Now that didn't last long did it?" he mock pouted, wincing slightly at the sting in his lip as the slowly healing wound split open again.

Blaine didn't react and it was slightly unnerving, he just continued to the toppled table and chairs and righted them again before sitting down in one, pinning him again with his eyes. "Cut the shit, Smythe, I'm not buying it."

"You wound my thespian soul," he drawled dryly, getting up himself and sitting himself down in the opposite, slightly bent, chair.

"Who's, Nathan?" Blaine asked getting straight to it and Sebastian fought not to betray anything in his expression.

"You know, I always forget."

"I could jog your memory," he growled darkly leaning over the table.

Sebastian hunched forwards to meet him, glare for glare. "You know you're kind of sexy when you get angry."

"You know I'm gonna kill you if you don't tell me what I want to know," Blaine replied back in the same tone and it knocked Sebastian back a beat or two because he meant it. There was no mistaking that particular tone, grim and hard, the one that sent shivers down your spine and not in a good way.

"You kill me, you lose your only inside line," he reminded him, losing some of his cockiness.

"If you're not going to talk then that makes absolutely no difference to me," Blaine shrugged carelessly.

Sebastian gnashed his teeth, snarling at being backed into this fucking corner with literally no way out. "You're offering me nothing! You kill me now, or I tell you what I know and then they kill me later when you eventually lose."

Blaine laughed mercilessly. "You think I give a shit if this is fair on you? Why the fuck should I offer you anything you fangless piece of shit?! Because you've got daddy issues?"

Sebastian narrowed his eyes but kept his mouth shut. That twitch was enough however.

"Oh yeah, we did a little digging. Apparently daddy didn't want you around and sent you away to stop being such a disappointment," Blaine mocked. "Poor pathetic, Sebastian. What would your father say now?"

Sebastian bit down on the urge to rip Blaine's throat out and smirked ruefully. "He'd probably be proud."

He could see that Blaine catalogued that implication away. That he made some kind of connection and Sebastian couldn't care less. He held no love for his father and he was stuck in here regardless, so possibly bringing daddy dearest down with him was actually an appealing thought.

"Did you tell them about, Kurt?"

Sebastian faked a yawn. "You know I'm getting really sick of everything being about, Kurt. Kurt, Kurt, Kurt. That's all anyone ever seems to want to talk about anymore."

"Sebastian," he growled.

The vampire laughed almost hysterically. "You gonna punch me again? Throw me against the wall? Choke me? C'mon, killer, don't be shy. Get inventive!"

There was a brief pause and Blaine simply shook his head. "Goodbye, Sebastian."

And fuck if that didn't sound final. Like the quiet before the floor went out from under you, the noose already around your neck. The hush in the crowd as the executioner lifted the axe.

"Aww, c'mon, Blaine. Don't go. We were just getting started," he said hurriedly, panic making him slip.

Blaine continued towards the door and Sebastian was starting to see his life flash before his eyes.

He had to do it. He had to. He wasn't going to die like this. "I didn't fucking tell them alright?!"

Blaine halted mid step, his head cocked to the side but not turning. It was clear he didn't exactly believe him right off and Sebastian ground his molars viciously.

"You think I would lay down my best bargaining chip right from the start? Only an idiot would let someone know about the ace up their sleeve."

Blaine nodded.

"Goodbye, Sebastian."

His stomach dropped.

"Hello," Elana greeted serenely as she walked into the dimly lit room.

The vampire chained there eyed her blatantly up and down licking his fangs before he snorted. "You here to seduce me, darlin'?"

She arched a disdainful brow at him and clasped her hands neatly in front of her. "I would sooner lay with a troll than one such as you."

He came angrily to his feet in a rattle of chains but she was unmoved.

"Did I say you could stand? I am royalty and you should be respectful of such a thing… in fact I think you should be on your knees," she said eyes flashing as she waved a hand. He crashed hard to his knees under a force unknown until Kurt spotted a few strands of her hair blowing as if in a breeze over the camera feed. Because Sebastian was still occupying the isolation room after Blaine had exited after finding out that he hadn't told the rogues about Kurt, they were forced to watch the happenings in a large, empty storage room a few doors down from the cells that a notably on edge Thad had rigged up to project the live feed from a laptop onto the wall via a projector.


Elana was using an air element.

"Better," she nodded satisfied smoothing down her hair once more. "Now you shall tell me what I want to know," she explained calmly.

He barked a laugh. "They think I'm gonna spill my guts to you?"

"I do not require a visual of your entrails, talking will suffice."

"I aint tellin you nothing, bitch, so why don't you scurry off and go paint your nails or summink?" he spat thickly.

"How long can you hold your breath, pray tell?" she asked innocently.

"What the f-" he cut off suddenly and made a choking noise, eyes going wide and hands clutching his throat.

"Curious," Elana said neutrally, cocking her head as if to see better.

"What is she doing?!" Kurt asked panicked as he watched the scene unfold on the wall.

"Choking him," Blaine realised, grim faced.

Kurt moved for the door but Blaine held him back. "She can't do that, Blaine! Wes, you can't let her!" he struggled, looking desperately at the tensed leader but stopped when Elana lifted whatever she was doing and the vampire fell forwards on shaky arms drawing in deep lungful after deep lungful.

"What is your name?"

"He'll do far worse than you, nothing you do will be worse than him," the vampire wheezed.

"That sounds like a challenge," she hummed idly and then he was choking again. "It is so easy to draw the air away from you, almost like a child's game."

He spluttered again once the air was allowed back to him. "You c-can't do this! You're not allowed!"

She laughed a merry bell sound that set chills on Kurt's arms as she stepped closer, uncaring that she came within his reach. "I am Fae royalty. Who is going to stop me?"

"You sh- you ca-"

He choked again and this time Elana drew it out for longer until the vampire was blue in the face, scratching at his throat like he could dig a hole deep enough to get the air a different way. Kurt turned his face away through it, burying it in Blaine's shoulder until he could hear the man breathing again on the screen.

The young vampire slumped to the floor weakly gasping and spluttering and coughing in rattling chains as she walked around him in a slow lazy circle.

"What is your name?" she asked again.

"Robert," he managed to say.

She looked towards the camera briefly. "Last?"


She hummed. "I think you are running under a misconception, Robert Shelly. Fae choose to be pacifists, we do not enjoy hurting others, we are loving creatures that nurture and love is what drives us…" She bent down to say directly into his ear, "I loved my brother. I loved my mother. They drive me now and I will not allow you to try and take part of my world from me again."

Kurt gasped at the words.

"It wasn't me! I wasn't even a part of it then!" Robert rasped before yet again he was struggling to draw in air that simply wasn't there.

"You are allied with them. You are guilty by association," she dismissed and Kurt could see the game she was playing, leading him into the trap.

He drew a breath and wrack with heaving coughs. "N-no it we-ren't me! It… it w-was Marcus, he's the o-one that's… b-behind it all n-not me," the vampire gave away, struggling to talk now.

"Marcus?" she asked dubiously.

He nodded. "Marcus Polland."

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