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Once More To Get It Right

Chapter 29


There was nothing for a while.

No sight. No sound. No touch. No taste. No smell.

Blaine was stuck in a vacuum with one single name, which rolled around and around, writhing and snaking through the corners of his mind viciously. And suddenly, as if sliding past and accidently hitting the on switch, everything kick-started back into life like getting struck by lightning.

"Marcus Polland… as in; council stamped, he had nothing to do with it, Jeremiah's uncle… Marcus Polland?" Blaine growled dangerously low, eyes bleeding black.

"Jeremiah has an uncle?" Kurt asked, voice quiet and a shudder of unease visibly trembling through him as he stared at him with scared, wide blue eyes, like the idea that Jeremiah had family somewhere had never occurred to him.

It only ratcheted Blaine's anger higher and his fangs dropped enough to prick his lower lip, two beads of cherry bright blood forming.

"Blaine…" Wes started warily, the warning clear as a bell but by the time it reached him it was distorted.

He clenched his eyes shut and tried to breathe through the rage that was threatening to spew like a live volcano, ready to destroy everything in its path.

He felt a warmth along his side suddenly though and a soft pleading voice in his ear that doused him in ice. "Blaine, please don't. I need you right now. Please don't leave."

He shuddered at the words of his Chosen. The one person who held more of a power over him than even himself and so he fought to gain control. Scraped and scrambled for every inch until he felt like he wouldn't kill the nearest person he saw.

"Okay?" Kurt's soft voice asked concerned, his hand petting over his nape and in the back of his curls as he pressed his face to his temple and cheek.

Blaine managed a small nod, turning to the touch desperately because it literally was the only thing grounding him.

"She's coming out," Thad pointed out in a small, reserved voice and Blaine opened his still darkened eyes to see him gesturing to the screen where Elana was exiting the cell.

Kurt rushed for the door and Blaine shadowed him immediately, because he was tied and hooked to his Chosen irrevocably and him being out of his sight after this particular bombshell was absolutely out of the question.

He met his sister in the hallway and Blaine could tell immediately, even through the veil of his anger, that something wasn't quite right with her. Gone was the strong, cutting presence in that room; the princess that had choked a man for the answers they needed and in its place was a shaking fae woman, drawn and vulnerable.

"What the hell was that in there?" Kurt hissed angrily as soon as he reached her and she tried her best to draw herself up and slam the shutters back into place, but she was pale and trembling. Blaine knew that Kurt would realise in a minute and maybe he should have stopped his upset Chosen, but it seemed wrong to interfere with these siblings that had only just been reunited. "You tortured him, Elana!"

"I did what was necessary," Elana stated, pressing her dark red lips into a thin line with pain bracketing it. "You asked of me my help. I am giving it."

Kurt opened his mouth to rail at her again when it seemed to dawn on him just how out of sorts Elana was acting. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she denied quickly. Too quickly. "Now if you are done berating me I would like to retire to my rooms, you have the information you require, yes?"

Blaine saw that Wes was inching up in increments on his left, seemingly unaware that his feet were moving him closer. The look on his best friends face was shades past the vampire's usual expression of seriousness and that was another nail in the bed of Blaine's suspicions about the two of them.

"Yes we do. Thank you," Wes said in return and she nodded at him, staring just a beat longer than she did to anyone else before averting her gaze away.

"What the hell is going on down here? I could feel those magic ripples for freaking miles!" Jeff came bursting down the corridor still dressed in his school uniform, face tense and green eyes worried.

He stopped dead when he spotted Elana, eyes going wide and mouth gaping open.

She glanced over her shoulder at him as casually as she could manage. "Jeffery."

The blonde couldn't do anything but fish mouth at her stupidly.

She turned back to them. "I bid you good day. Please do not disturb me."

"Elana… you look sick," he stated wary and concerned, any semblance of his previous anger at her actions vanishing. "Do you need to see a doctor? Jeff do you know wh-"

"There is no need for this concern, Kurt. I am simply fatigued from my journey and then this use of magic was a little more… excessive, than I was anticipating," she cut across.

Delicate way of putting it.

Kurt still looked dubious. "Are you sure?"

She huffed out a delicate breath. "Please don't fuss."

Kurt clenched his jaw and all of them in the corridor stewed in the stilted silence created by the siblings for a few minutes.

"The King… will you…" Kurt started and trailed off unsure, voice wavering slightly with the depth of his unease.

Blaine tensed up at the mention of him. There was no way that meeting was going to be anything less than a disaster of epic proportions. He was talking; earthquake, hurricane, tidal wave proportions and in the literal sense too.

She gave him a half smile and a sure nod. "I will be there when he arrives, brother. After all, he will be looking for me, not you."

And then she was sweeping down the corridor passed a now troubled looking Jeff, leaving behind a tense Wes who appeared to want nothing more than to run after her.

The leader flexed his jaw open and closed. "Thad would you mind escorting the Princess back? Try to avoid the Giver's if you can, we don't want to broadcast her presence here."

The small vampire nodded and left immediately, not even bothering to collect his things from the other room before sprinting off with supernatural speed.

"Jeff… what's wrong with her?" Kurt asked his best friend quietly, staring after his sister.

The blonde swallowed, face showing conflicting emotions that Blaine couldn't quite place, but none of them were the usual happy, bright expressions that usually cut laugh lines into his skin. "Uh… what was she doing down here? It didn't feel… right."

Blaine felt his Chosen shiver next to him which said, even if he didn't already know, that he agreed with that assessment. Fae weren't supposed to hurt other living things, it went against everything in them.

"She was gathering the intelligence we needed," Wes said tight and concisely.

Jeff had a knack for reading between the lines though and the fae went pale. "You mean she forced it out of him."

"Nothing we tried was working. We needed to know," Blaine found himself saying evenly, though on the inside he was still trying to hold his shit together and not go tracking down that son of a bitch, fangless coward Marcus.

He had to know where his nephew was, he had to have known what he planned to do. In fact he'd probably congratulated him on a job well done before turning around in the next breath making nice with the council, condemning his 'tainted, unfortunate relation.'

The frayed threads of his already shaky control were slipping through his grasp fast and he reached for Kurt's hand, squeezing hard to try and keep himself present. Keep himself where Kurt needed him.

His fae reacted instantly to the touch and squeezed his hand back, stepping closer to his side.

The blonde opened his mouth to protest his statement but shut it again a second later, probably having the same conversation with himself that he and Kurt had, had.

The lines had been redrawn here, it was very much an us or them scenario now.

"She's not physically sick," Jeff eventually spoke into the silence, arms crossing over his chest. "But using magic for the purpose of hurting goes against every instinct in us and it hurts back."

"How?" Wes asked seriously, taking a step closer.

"It feels wrong," Kurt whispered, eyes faraway like when he got a flashback, only he wasn't under as deep as he usually got. "Heavy. Dead."

"Magic isn't just something we use, it's part of us and we feel it," Jeff stressed. "We use it mainly to nurture life and the feel of it is bright and vibrant and loving, but when you flip that, when you try and use it for hurting or killing…"

He let it trail, the implication clear.

"But she's not in danger from that?" Wes pressed.

The blonde shook his head. "She'll be weak and she'll need to channel all that bad excess magic out but she should be fine."

The leader nodded, his face a shade of relief before he wiped it away.

"So the gem worked then," Jeff said to Kurt with a half-smile, eyes flickering with something Blaine couldn't put his finger on.

"Yeah," his Chosen murmured. "Elana showed up last night."

"That's good."

It sounded like he meant the total opposite which was bizarre because he would have thought Jeff would be the first one to be happy for Kurt. Hell the fae made a song and dance about everything else from something as small as Kurt buying a new scarf to him mastering something in his training sessions.

So this reaction didn't make sense.

"Um, I'm gonna go find Nick and let him know the news," he mumbled not even waiting for a confirmation before rushing off. Kurt pulled that way after him calling his name but it was ignored.

"Give him a little space. Nick will sort it," Blaine assured him and Kurt sighed out his acceptance still looking like he wanted to run after his friend despite his own pressing problems.

"We need to call, Cooper," Wes said to himself more than anyone else, running his hands over his face and up into to his hair all the way to the back of his neck in such an unusual sign of open distress that it was a little scary. "Shit, we need to call everyone," he laughed mirthlessly. "And on top of that I'm hosting some weird fae Jerry Springer reunion show too."

The mention of that got Blaine's blood heated and pumping again. His fingers on his free hand shook but he clenched it into a fist.

"Well it's not exactly my idea of a good time either," Kurt snapped back before reigning in his angst fuelled temper. "So this Marcus… who is he other than the proof that psychotic runs in the family?" Kurt asked more calmly, but no less shakily.

"He's Jeremiah's mother's brother. They both come from an old and powerful line with money and connections much like Blaine and as I understand it, Marcus wasn't too happy with his sister's choice of mate," Wes explained, gesturing for them to start walking.

"Why?" the fae asked as he and Blaine fell into step.

"He came from a newer line," Blaine explained. It's one of the reasons why Jeremiah always had such a power complex. "Some of the Old Law vampires see it as diluting the bloodline to mate into a newer line."

"But she joined with him anyway and had Jeremiah," Kurt stated.

"That's when the family seemingly became estranged," Blaine bit out.

"And if he's been rogue all along then he's had a worryingly long time to plan what he wants to do," Wes said seriously.

"If Marcus was planning a full on attack he would have done it already," Kurt said quietly, mind turning over the facts they knew. "Like you said he's had a long time to plot something right? And this venom thing that happened to Leon says to me that he was never planning something so obvious as just an attack. I think we have a little time."

"Once he knows we know he won't care about subtlety anymore," Blaine said running a hand through his curls harshly before meeting Wes' eye. "Call, Coop. He's the only one we can trust with the information right now and he needs to know. We'll call a meeting for tomorrow morning after we see the damage done when the King gets here."

Wes quirked an eyebrow, a tired amused half-smile on his lips. "Giving me orders, Anderson. Now this takes me back."

Blaine shook his head a little at him.

He wasn't the same vampire as he was back then and it was high time he learned to accept that. His first session with Evelyn stressed that fact to him first and foremost without needing to know anything else. He couldn't live in the past, but he also couldn't deny that part of him would always be a leader, it would just take him time to embrace that forgotten quality again.

Nick had rushed back to their rooms worried when Jeff didn't meet him after his last class of the day and he had found his Chosen clearly distressed and upending their possessions. He got like this sometimes. His mate was built on strong emotions, feeling them and showing them in a purely undiluted way- a joy to witness most of the time because he had an uncanny ability to always look on the bright side of things. But it was a two sided coin and when it was bad, it was very bad.

Now it was just up to Nick to figure out why.

"Jeff," he attempted, shutting the door behind him firmly. "You skipped your last class… I was worried."

"I don't like these cushions. Why do we have these? We should get new ones," Jeff disregarded his comment pulling the plush, fur cushions he actually adored to snuggle up with off the sofa, to throw in a useless pile on the floor.

"Did something happen?" he tried again jamming his hands into his pockets to keep from reaching for him just yet, even though it's all he wanted to do.

"Did you not feel it? Stars I thought it was, Kurt. It felt so similar to him, I should have guessed!" he exclaimed kicking the pile so they scattered.

Feel it?

"Are you talking about magic?" he guessed.

"Who cares. I don't care. I don't," he insisted meeting his eye quickly before he was on the move again towards a vase of flowers on the side table. Nick watched in shock as they actually wilted under Jeff's touch instead of perking up like they usually did. "I don't care that she's here. She can do what she wants. They all can. They all have already right? They can just stay in their stupid bubble."

And suddenly it clicked in his head. There was only one other thing other than himself and Kurt to get his Chosen this worked up. His parents. But 'she'? Who was 'she'?

"Sweetheart-" he breathed in sympathy.

"Nick, don't," Jeff cut off ceasing in his random placement of their belongings. "It's fine. Kurt's got his sister back, his dad maybe if things don't explode because Darius has got one hell of a temper, did I ever tell you that? But you probably already know, I mean you met him a few times, but I don't know if he ever really got mad…"

Kurt's sister was here? And his dad was coming too? Gods…

But really, he couldn't concentrate on that inevitable fallout when his mate was hurting so much, rambling sadly and clearly lost. Underneath all the babble and almost frantic energy, Nick could tell just how raw Jeff was. How Elana's arrival had scraped like sandpaper over all those old, scabbed wounds that had never quite healed right. The scrapes from being cut off from the home he grew up in, the cuts from his family basically shunning him.

"You don't have to pretend with me, sweetheart," was all he said, quiet and soothing, and watched as Jeff dropped the book in his hand back to the coffee table. His whole body was tense like a coil, shoulders hunched and Nick just wanted to take all that built up pain away from him somehow.

He approached slowly until his chest was flush to the blonde's back, arm gently circling his waist and face pressed into the back of his neck as they breathed together.

In. Out. In. Out.

"They just ignored me," Jeff choked after a few more moments of silence and counting breaths. "It was like they all took my parents side and wrote me off."

"They were idiots," Nick assured him fiercely. "You're worth the moon and stars and more and they were too blinded by their own fear to see it."

"Well Elana hardly even acknowledged me. Acted like I hadn't basically just spent the last hundred years in exile because they were all too prejudiced and cowardly to face the rest of the world… I was grieving Kurt too!" Jeff finally let out the sob he was holding in, sadness and anger mixing together to form an awful mixture. "They were my parents, Nick. My parents! How could they? They were supposed to love and support me… but the way they talked about our joining like it was something ugly and worthless… I just-"

Nick kissed the top of his spine feeling his heart tearing with phantom pain. "Shhh… I know, sweetheart."

"They blamed Blaine too over Kurt's death," he ranted. "And boxed every single vampire into this evil stereotype like they were all beyond redemption or hope. 'A lost race' they said."

Nick span him around and wiped at the tears covering his Chosen's splotchy face underneath his fringe. "But we know better, don't we?" he asked gently, framing his cheeks. "We know that what we have is pure and worth the world over right?"

Jeff blew out a shuddery breath trying to regain control of his faculties.

"Yes," he eventually mumbled back, green eyes still swimming but brighter, a small smile hitching his lips and Nick knew it was for the same reason he had a smile on his face. Because mentioning what they had was never a cause for sadness, it was always the brightest spots in their lives.

"And we know for damn sure Blaine had nothing to do with Kurt's death."

"Of course," his fae said with conviction.

"And every race has its share of evil, even the Fae."

"I know this, Nicky… I just don't know why they say those things!" Jeff exclaimed throwing his hands up by his sides helplessly, mouth turning down again.

Nick grabbed onto them and intertwined their fingers. "I don't know either. I wish I had an answer for you sweetheart but I don't. What I do know though is that you have a family here that loves you. I know it will never replace them, but it's a pretty good substitute."

"It is… you guys are my family and I love everyone here so much that most of the time I don't even give them a second thought…" he broke off and looked down. The, but sometimes I do give them a thought, was silent but heavy in the air around them. "Stars, Elana turns up and I turn into a mess," he griped, but the tears were still falling.

Nick leant forwards and kissed his forehead before pulling back and waiting for him to continue. He knew Jeff needed to get it all out.

"I'm just so sick of crying over them. Caring what they think still after all these years," he sniffed miserably.

Nick smiled sadly at him, squeezing his fingers. "It just proves you're a better person than them, sweetheart. They're your family despite everything and you love them… you might not be able to forgive them but you love them."

A few more tears spilled as he nodded at the floor, glancing up through his matted lashes.

"I love you for your heart," Nick whispered bringing their joint hands up to rest over the space in between them. "I love you for all of you, but that brightness from inside of you is the thing I like best. You're like the sun, sweetheart."

Jeff crashed their lips together loosening their hands so he could frame Nick's face with them as he pushed desperately into the vampire's body. Nick absorbed everything he had to give, all the hurt and sadness, the love and need, he took it all in and kept the negative for himself only channelling his own love back, hoping to fill Jeff with happiness again.

He could feel his Chosen was still restless however, body constantly shifting and pushing against his, impatient, needy sounds chiming from the back of his throat as their tongues duelled. Jeff was filled with an excess of emotion he needed to get rid of and Nick knew just the thing to wear it out of him.

He reached for Jeff's belt without preamble, unlinking it efficiently through years of practise and pulling it through to let it clatter at their feet. Jeff seemed to get the idea and moaned in assent, not wanting to detach their mouths just yet but pretty soon blazers were being pushed impatiently off shoulders and down arms, ties discarded and buttons ripped open in their haste to get to naked skin.

Nick began backing Jeff up towards the sofa, lowering him down with one knee braced in between his legs, one arm around his waist and another by his shoulder for leverage. Jeff was mindlessly scratching at his back and shoulders to make sure he came down with him, leaving sharp red lines in his wake that made Nick groan in pleasure.

He detached their lips with a wet smack and a cry of protest on Jeff's part as he chased him as far as his neck would extend. Nick hushed him however and coaxed him flat again, petting at his sun kissed skin, starting with smoothing his fingers over his neck and his long established favourite feeding spot, as evidenced by the raised pink fang marks poised just under his pulse point. He loved to feel the thump of his racing heart against his upper lip as the delicious blood filled his mouth.

Jeff whined at the touch, arching into it and staring up at him with hazy jade eyes. "Nick, please I…" he trailed off with a gasp when the vampire skated his palm lower, across his collarbones and down his sternum to thumb at his nipple.

"I've got you, sweetheart. I know what you need," he murmured to him.

It really shouldn't surprise him how beautiful the blonde looked under him, so strung out and wanting, but it hit him like a hammer in the chest every damn time.

Pulling back he made straight for Jeff's zipper, undoing it and standing to take shoes, socks, pants and boxers off in quick succession before doing the same with himself. By the time he was laying back on Jeff the fae had one hand in his own hair and one scrabbling for grip on the arm of the sofa over his head, legs shifting and cock hard and leaking against his lower stomach.

"So gorgeous," he praised as legs widened to naturally accommodate him and snaked around his waist eagerly. "So perfect."

Jeff reacted to the praise as he expected, eating it up and getting even more desperate as he tugged at his neck to bring him closer. He was quieter than he usually was. Jeff was usually very vocal in bed; from noises, to demands, to requests, to pleas, which wasn't a surprise at all. But right now he was overwhelmed and it was showing in the near silence, his voice replaced by urgent motions.

Right now Jeff just needed.

He allowed the blonde to drag him forwards enough to slot their mouths together again, his tongue snaking out within seconds to curl around his teeth and beyond. And all the while Nick began a steady rock of their hips, the feel of their hard cocks dragging together tightening their stomachs.

"Fuck," he breathed into his open mouth, knowing this wasn't going to last for either of them. They were burning up hot and fast. "Need to get the lube."

Jeff shook his head, arms and legs tightening around him viciously. "No. Don't go."

Nick raised up as much as he could to meet his Chosen's almost wild gaze. "Sweetheart," he cooed at him, licking over his bottom lip soothingly. "I'll be back in literally two seconds."

The blonde shook his head again and there were tears forming again in his jade eyes that made Nick's heart ache. "Don't leave," he begged in a small voice.

"Never," Nick promised, smoothing a hand over his flank. "Never gonna leave you, sweetheart."

Their hips began a rhythm again and pretty soon he was working spit slick fingers into his Chosen, relishing every arch, buck and moan that he wrung out of his mate, concentrating on making this all about Jeff and what he needed right now as he curled three fingers towards his prostate.

Jeff keened, throwing his head back. "Now… stars, please now."

Nick could have blown his load just watching him. As it was his cock gave a hearty twitch at the prospect of sinking into that tight heaven again, only… "Sweetheart, let me go get the lube."

"Noo," Jeff whined again, sterner this time gripping the back of his hair in a fist. "Want you, ah, just like this."

He knew it wouldn't hurt the fae for long and it wasn't like they hadn't done it dry before either when they'd been caught up in the moment, but Nick was very conscious of inflicting even the slightest bit of discomfort on Jeff when he was like this.

But it seemed like Jeff really wanted to feel it and Nick wanted to do whatever it would take to make his Chosen happy.

Making sure he was as prepped as he could be he pulled his fingers out and slicked his cock as much as he could with spit and pre-come. He lined himself up and just before he pushed in he caught Jeff's mouth and whispered a soft, "Love you."

From that point onwards it was a blur of bodies, flesh hitting flesh sounding in the air, sweat slicking their skin. Jeff only wanted it harder and faster, urging him on with hands on his ass, fingernails biting into his cheeks. Nick was hard pressed not to lose his gods damned mind it felt so good, but he reminded himself on every thrust in and out that this was about Jeff not chasing his own pleasure and so he mashed their mouths together again and again, holding onto that curl of heat in his stomach as long as he could.

"I love you," Jeff ripped away to pant, lips still brushing lips, like he was branding them into his skin. "So much."

Nick peered down at the love of his long life, wrecked and vulnerable beneath him and wiped away more of the tears that were now falling freely down his temples. He lowered and brushed a softer, tender kiss across his mouth, such a stark contrast to the harsh movements of their lower bodies.

"I know. I love you too," he promised reverently, saying it again and again on every inward drive and Jeff lost it. The combination of words and hitting of his prostate enough to make him come untouched, spreading liquid between them, dragging his name out in a breathy cry of pleasure.

Nick tumbled over three thrusts later drunk on Jeff's high, grinding his hips into that vicelike heat before moving his mouth to his Chosen's neck and breaking the skin with his fangs.

Jeff jerked and moaned again, ass clamping down on him and thighs tightening from the oversensitivity but he held him there by the back of his neck, encouraging him to draw his blood, connecting them in all ways.

They ended up snuggled together where they were for the next hour, both too lazy to move or even clean up, only shifting enough so that Nick was on the bottom and cradling Jeff between him and the back of the sofa, lax limbs spread over his body and blonde head on his chest.

He was just about falling asleep, happy now that Jeff seemed to be better, running fingertips over the groove of the fae's spine when he heard Jeff speak.

"Suck on that mom and dad," Jeff mumbled, voice lazy and sated, lips dragging across his nipple.

Nick grunted at the sensation… and then the words sunk in. He looked down at his sleepy, passion mused Chosen with a mixture of disbelief and amusement. Jeff just blinked his eyes back up at him innocently, a devious little sparkle peeking through his lashes regardless.

He wasn't completely fine, he never would be, it was an old wound that probably wouldn't ever heal right, but he could be happy anyway. And Nick in that moment didn't think he could do anything other than burst out laughing, completely smitten with this wild, unpredictable creature he got to call his own.

"It's strange you know, I should be worrying about exams and studying and classes," Kurt laughed dryly as soon as they made it back to their room, hands going to his hips as he stared absently at the room that he'd been cooped up in for days and days now. "About the spring collections and what regionals songs we're gonna use."

"Kurt I-"

"Don't say you're sorry," he cut him off firmly, spinning on his heel and watching as the vampire threw the lock on the door. This wasn't going to be a pity party or a guilt parade. "We'll deal with this. Just like we've dealt with every other stupid thing that's been thrown at us."

"So bossy," Blaine half smiled, leaning back on the door jamb and stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"I think it might be a family trait," he shrugged coyly and Blaine cracked a laugh, lightening the sombre atmosphere and letting him breathe easier.

Kurt didn't want him anywhere near blacking out into his vamped out self like he'd almost done earlier and god wasn't that a close call! He didn't actually think he'd be able to pull Blaine back from flying off the handle like he'd done with Karofsky and Sebastian and the thing that had worried him most was that this Marcus wasn't anywhere around them so what would Blaine have done? Where would all that aggression have gone?

He didn't think for a moment he'd hurt him of course and he didn't really believe that he would seriously injure his friends knowingly, but the lines seemed to be skewed when he was in that state, where Blaine couldn't actually tell who his friends were anymore. He already had enough weights pushing him down, he didn't need something like that hanging around his neck as well.

"Yeah definitely a family thing. You've met your sister right?" he teased.

Kurt rolled his eyes. "She's definitely a charmer."

"Wes seems to think so," Blaine smirked, shaking his head a little bit.

Kurt arched a disbelieving brow. Wes and his sister?

His sister!



"Nope," he popped, cocking his hip and crossing his arms over his chest.

Blaine shook his head, amusement written all over his features as he gazed at him. "You can't just forbid them from seeing each other, beautiful."

He arched another superior brow. "Watch me."

He narrowed his eyes on him critically for a few moments and Kurt held still under the scrutiny. "You're not going to use magic on him, imp."

Kurt licked his lips and looked away innocently. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Yeah. Not buying any of that."

"He can't just drool all over my sister! Who does he think he is?!" he burst out knowing it was pointless to deny he was scheming things, throwing his hands up agitatedly. "She's only been here a day!"

"Maybe her soulmate? And he has met her before you know."

"No I don't know that. I have patchy brain syndrome remember," he snarked back, face getting flushed. He wasn't really too bothered by the fact that Wes might like his sister, he just felt like arguing about this was better than concentrating on other things.

Blaine chuckled. "Patchy brain syndrome?"

"Mock me. I dare you," Kurt warned, blue eyes dark.

Blaine removed his hand from his pockets and held them up in surrender. "I think it's a very good name."

"Oh shut up."

But he couldn't quite hide his own smirk and ducked his head, staring at his boots.

The vampire cleared his throat.

"Your dad isn't going to be mad at you or anything," Blaine reassured after a beat because of course he could read him under all the sass and bite, making him snap his head back up and holding his gaze seriously as he pushed off and closed the distance between them.

"But he'll be mad at you," he scowled. "Seriously Blaine, dad in another life or not I will kick his freaking ass-"

The vampire cut of the impending rant using his lips.

"You know," Kurt managed to gasp as their mouths parted for air before diving back in again, connecting hard and fast like magnets snapping together. "You can't just-" Another hot flex of tongues. "-kiss me whenever you don't like what's coming out of my mouth," he ripped away enough to pant and shivered delightedly when he felt the hot, moist path of his teeth, lips and tongue along his check and jaw heading for his favourite spot on his neck.

"It's worked so far," Blaine murmured cheekily, pulling him in sharply by his hips, up against the impressive bulge that was forming in his jeans already.

He groaned in his throat and felt himself respond because he couldn't not, but then the words started to sink in, slow like molasses. Kurt ducked away from his mouth… well tried to. It was that he tried that counted really he assured himself. "Excuse me, don't think you can just…ah…well…"

Blaine started worrying over his pulse point, sucking a healthy bruise deep into the skin and oh god he could feel the scrape of fangs on the sensitive skin, sending jolts of want straight to his groin.

He tried to focus, but his body was betraying him at every turn. Arching into every caress, fingers scrabbling at Blaine's back and neck to hold him right where he was.

"Wait… Blaine…This isn't like some, before we die sex is it?" Kurt asked and Blaine lifted his head eyebrows raised high, mouth sinfully swollen and damp, showing glimpses of those pearly white fangs.

Kurt just wanted to drag him back in and have them collapse into a naked pile of limbs on the floor. Who needed to talk really anyway? Why did he keep opening his stupid mouth? Bad mouth.

"What sex?"

Kurt blushed to his roots and chewed at the corner of his mouth. "It happens in movies all the time, Blaine!"

"Well if it happens in the movies," he teased mock seriously.

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Don't be a jerk."

"No, no, you're a damsel in distress right now and I'm the mighty hero that has to save you, sweep you off your feet," he did just that and Kurt squeaked from finding himself in a fireman's hold over the vampires shoulder as he walked them to the bedroom.

"Blaine! Jesus! Why do you always do this?!" he yelled indignantly, kicking his legs. "And I'm not a damsel you absolute heathen!"

"Shhh, beautiful, this is the part you're supposed to fall madly in love with me and then I take you to bed."

"Oh my hero," he deadpanned as unenthusiastically as he could.

He got thrown on the bed in punishment, bouncing softly and gasping in arousal at the rough handling.

"Play nice, imp."

Kurt rolled his eyes but his lips were twitching. It was easy when it was just the two of them. Everything else could just melt away and he wasn't going to upset this slice of peace and playfulness with everything looming in their immediate future. He'd make sure they grabbed onto it with both hands.

"I can be very nice if you want," he simpered, staring up at him from under his lashes and rising to his knees gracefully, making a show of it.

Blaine regarded him and his change in mood intently. "Is my princeling going to bestow a favour upon this lowly vampire?" he asked, an unmistakably thread of desire underlying the words.

Kurt bit his lip before putting his best superior face on and raised his brows with a little shrug. "Oh I don't know…" he crawled to the end of the bed, all rolling hips and dipping shoulders before coming back up again and pulling Blaine in closer by his top. "I mean, surely a favour from me would pale in significance when you rescued me so boldly."

He had to fight not to laugh out loud at the sheer ridiculousness that was escaping his mouth, like something out of a very badly scripted film, and truly, the only thing that had him continuing this silly little role play was just how affected Blaine seemed to be by it. How much this was working for him.

"What would you like, my vampire?" he purred and he watched Blaine lick his lips, pupils blowing wide. "A token of my affection perhaps?" He walked his fingers up his firm chest and snaked them around his neck, looking up at him from under his lashes. "A trinket?" He tugged him down and breathed against his mouth. "A kiss?"

Blaine hitched an audible breathe.

"Even the gift of just a simple flower from you is the greatest of treasures," Blaine stated roughly, looking intensely into his eyes and there was a thread of truth here now. No longer fiction but them. Their shared history. Their joint memories. Their love.

Kurt's face softened as his heart melted and he pulled Blaine down further and closer to delicately place a kiss right where he had that very first time hundreds of years ago in another world, just off to the side of his mouth. They stayed there like that for a moment, basking in the memory of when things had been so simple. Those scarce few minutes, innocent and untouched by anyone else, just for them with nothing pressing down on them.

"My vampire," he branded the words into his skin and Blaine turned into them helplessly, parted mouth brushing against him hot and damp, not closing the final gap, just resting there in the sweetest of teases.

Kurt's eyes fluttered shut and his stomach tightened in anticipation, fingers curled into the soft skin of Blaine's neck with nails biting.

"I wish I could take you away from here," Blaine admitted in a raw voice, lips touching and sticking around the vulnerable words.

"I know," Kurt nodded, noses brushing.

"I just feel like I'm on the edge all the time," he continued vulnerably, hands grasping his hips. "Like someone's gonna jump out from around a corner and take you away from me again. Jeremiah, Marcus, Sebastian, Darius and that's only the people that I know of-"

"Sweetie..." But he didn't know what he could say. It did no good to dwell on it but it was hard to forget.

"I'm supposed to be able to hold it together. I'm supposed to be helping Wes and the coven to keep everyone safe but all I can think about is you. About how I want to pick you up and run away with you to somewhere no one can find us and it's so selfish but I can't help it."

Kurt sealed their mouths in a deep long kiss that was all desperate urgency before he pulled slowly back resting their foreheads together, breathless with emotion. "No running. No hiding."

Gold eyes met his steady blue and he sighed out a long, heavy breath and nodded before capturing his lips again in a searing kiss that went on and on until they found themselves lying flat on the bed, divesting clothes piece by piece when they could spare hands or separate mouths.

Soon enough they were skin to skin and it was a soothing in a way that words couldn't be. All-encompassing and saying everything they needed to; every I'm here, I'm scared too, we'll get through this, I love you without having to worry if it was coming out right. It was in every kiss. Every flex of tongues. Every tender caress, grasp of hips, moan or gasp.

Blaine gathered their arousals together in one broad palm, too impatient and desperate to draw it out to anything more as he braced himself on an elbow above him, panting and sweaty already. He was the definition of gorgeous and wild in that moment and the fae felt a jolt of desire light up every nerve ending.

He hooked one leg around his hip to give Blaine more access to him and the other he braced flat on the bed to give him leverage to thrust up in time to the furious pace the vampire set straight from the start. There was no foreplay, no sweet teasing or coaxing, just this overwhelming need for now that was undeniable.

He thumbed at both their heads where they were leaking, spreading it around and down to ease the slide of friction and Kurt threw his head back into the mattress with abandon, a throaty whine of Blaine's name escaping his parted lips which Blaine returned.

The vampire was relentless with him, never giving him an inch of space to catch his breath, using that edge of vampire speed to make Kurt feel like he was going to turn inside out as he scratched streaks of red along the broad shoulders above him.

"Stars, Blaine... make me come," he pleaded breathlessly, toes curled as that red hot tension coiled in his lower stomach. Blaine was mouthing wet and messily at his jaw, no finesse and it was driving him insane. "I need to come."

Lips slammed together again, so hard they were going to be sore for days and Kurt only welcomed it, the edge of pain making this just that much more real.

Blaine was hard steel next to his own throbbing erection, every pass through his palm just pressing them closer and harder and one of his own hands joined his, twisting at the top making them both moan as they climbed higher and higher towards that elusive peak.

Kurt felt like sobbing with how much he needed that release, how much he just wanted to let this tension go when finally it stole over him like a train. He froze and arched and keened, shooting all over both of them and it took a few more passes of Blaine's hand coated with his release to push the vampire over with him, face burying in his neck as he growled and moaned.

They'd barely caught their breath back when Blaine rolled them over so he was on top and they started all over again.

"Sing to me," Blaine mumbled into his mouth sleepily, voice and body still lazy in the afterglow of their frantic lovemaking. Arm draped over him making him feel warm and safe, fingers swirling nonsense designs into the dip of his lower back.

"Mm, what?" Kurt whispered back, shifting his leg the tiniest amount over Blaine's hip, curling his knee inwards to press them closer still even though that seemed to be impossible at this point. He felt completely wrung out. Blaine had taken him through three powerful orgasms and now he was completely worn in the best sense.

"One of our songs," he requested on a sweet sigh, nuzzling their noses and Kurt cracked his eyes open slightly, smiling at the tickling sensation. He caught his breath at the naked contentment smoothing Blaine's beautiful face out in that moment.

He was continually surprised by just how in love he was with this vampire. It burned inside him like the sun itself was trapped in his chest.

"We have songs?" he teased and fought a giggle when Blaine huffed annoyed.

"Kuuurt," he whined. His soulmate was an adorable sap at heart, but that had never really been a huge secret.

He ran his fingers through his curls soothingly, tracing the rounded shape of his ear with his thumb. "You're not really narrowing it down for me, sweetie," he chided softly. Because yes, they were ridiculous and sappy and cheesy as all hell because they had songs for everything. For special, significant moments in their lives, for things as stupid cooking dinner together or shower songs, but he wouldn't have changed it for the world. It was just who they were. From singing along to Katy Perry in a pizza restaurant in the food court on their first date, to humming lazily along to Disney films after life changing events.

He smiled wryly and remembered his words from what seemed like years ago now, when they had laid in bed after the Karofsky incident and watched Sleeping Beauty of all things just escaping to their own world where nothing bad ever happened.

'Once upon a dream is kind of fitting for us.'

Yeah. Just a little.

He was humming before he even realised it, the tune resonating pleasantly in his throat, not too loud, just soft and sure like a lullaby. It was while before he even opened his mouth to sing the words. "I wonder… I wonder," he started and watched the corners of Blaine's mouth turn up, his fingers ceasing their play on his back as if to focus all of his attention on Kurt's voice alone.

"I wonder why each little bird has a someone... to sing to," he leaned in and pressed their lips together tenderly, dew damp and sticking, leaving a soft smile in its place. "Sweet things to," he smiled himself, stupidly in love.

"A gay little love melody," he crooned and resumed his play over Blaine's ear, dabbling with the soft curls behind occasionally. His voice the only sound between them, raw and pure, full of every emotion he felt for this wonderful being in his arms.

"I wonder, I wonder. If my heart keeps singing, will my song go winging? To someone, who'll find me." Blaine opened hooded eyes now, adoration and deep love swirling in the burnished gold playing hide and seek with his lashes and they locked eyes intensely, like the world itself would collapse if they even blinked.

"And bring back a love song to me," he finished and Blaine swallowed audibly in the sudden silence, searching his eyes and reading every, I love you that was written in his soul.

Their mouths came together, chaste and simple. A thank you, an I love you and a promise of forever all wrapped up into one kiss. Just pressing there with the perfect amount of pressure to still their tremulous lips.

Blaine rolled onto his back and pulled Kurt with him to lay him on his chest, directly over his heart and they stayed that way for, well, Kurt didn't know how long. The minutes or hours ticked by slowly in the rise and fall of Blaine's chest and steady thump under his ear.

There was a tingle through his body suddenly, a resonance that vibrated in his cooled blood, a sparkle of electricity that strangely familiar as it shifted the air around him. Frowning a little and too comfortable to truly concentrate he simply wrote it off as an aftershock and snuggled closer into Blaine's bare chest.

But all of a sudden Blaine was the one tensing up.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" he murmured concerned.

The vampire swallowed hard and Kurt glanced up to see his vampire's eyes far away and fixed on the ceiling as if he was having a silent conversation already in his head and Kurt realised with a small start that he probably was.

He knew about some of the covens telepathic abilities. As far as he knew it was; Blaine, Wes, Nick, Leon and David that had the skill, but it was so rarely used and obviously hardly broadcast that they were using it, that the knowledge of it often faded into the background most of the time.

Blaine sighed out in what could only be described as bone deep resignation before sitting up, gently dislodging Kurt from his perch.

The fae frowned bemused, truly beginning to lose that happy relaxed vibe they'd finally attained as he propped himself up on his elbow, watching his vampire for any sign of what was going on.

The sinking feeling in his stomach told him he might already know what it was however.

Blaine confirmed his fears in the next breathe, leaning over and pressing a kiss to his shoulder mumbling a small, "He's here," before climbing out of bed.

Kurt was frozen in time for a few seconds, a litany of, shit, shit, shit flying through his mind before he locked down that jittery deer in the headlights feeling and forced himself to move too.

He could do this.

Untangling himself from the sheets he walked to their dresser grabbing some clean underwear that he shoved on, throwing a pair to Blaine before grabbing an outfit from their wardrobe.

He had a brief crisis of what the hell am I going to wear, until he laughed out loud at himself, slightly hysterical. Stars, the last family he had just last night he was wearing nothing but his robe and his shock. He doubted the King would appreciate the merits of McQueen or Marc Jacobs.

Grabbing the nearest pair of jeans, sky blue, and a mauve shirt he began to dress hastily. "He's gonna believe it's me right?" he asked breaking the silence as Blaine sidled up next to him wearing the grey boxers he'd tossed, searching for his own clothes. "He's not going to like… fae exorcise me to prove I'm the real deal because I am not okay with that."

The vampire rolled his eyes in amusement even though he was still wound tighter than a snake. "You've been hanging around Jeff too much."

And like the devil the door was knocked a second later and when Kurt answered it was none other than the blonde on the other side looking dishevelled and a little flushed which was much better than the sickly pale from earlier, but the anxiousness was still somewhat present.

"Speaketh and he will appear," the fae joked weakly.

Jeff didn't laugh… or joke, or tease, or banter back though like he naturally would, instead he stared at Kurt intently like he was a ticking bomb he was expecting to go off. Kurt wanted to be pissed off at the insinuation but it was kind of hard when that's exactly what he felt like.

Jeff knew Darius was here then.

The thought caused another to surface, pieces clicking together. "That tingle I felt… that was him wasn't it," he stated. Not even a question.

"Hardly a tingle," Jeff shuddered. "Being able to transport from one place to another takes a very powerful fae. It's quite rare and as far as I know only the royal family have been able to manage that amount of magic."

"Why didn't I feel it like you did? Why didn't we feel it with Elana?" Kurt questioned confused rubbing at his nape and the baby fine hairs there that he felt like were still standing on end.

"The more you use your magic the more in tune with it you'll be I've told you. It'll just take a little time. As for big daddy fae, he used magic to take him straight here, I don't think he cares about the quiet approach at this point. Elana must have taken herself close and then snuck inside, it wouldn't have created the same impact," Jeff guessed. "Think of it like… a huge magic splash compared with just a few magic ripples. That's the difference."

"Right," Kurt said faintly, it really sinking in now that somewhere in this complex his… second? First? He wasn't sure how to categorise it with giving himself a migraine, but his other father was waiting.

"Nick's gone up to be with, Wes. They're in the feeding room right now, less stuff to break in there at least if things get heated… and I do kinda mean that in the fire and brimstone way. He's pissed."

Kurt winced. Great.

"Elana would have felt it too right? The big splash?" he asked just as Blaine walked out of the bedroom in yellow jeans, a white and black polo and black espadrilles, his hair still loose and wild from where Kurt had run his fingers through.

Jeff glanced between them suspiciously, eyes tracking the multitude of marks on Kurt's neck and Blaine's messy locks. Probably should have worn a scarf. But it was all too late as a more Jeff-like expression began to settle onto the blonde's face.

"You've been having seeex!" he sang.

Kurt gaped at him. Only Jeff. Only Jeff could tease about sex in a time like this.

"I think there's more pressing things going on than my sex life," he managed to bite out.

Jeff arched a brow. "There's no pressing things going on in your sex life? I don't think you're doing things rig-"


Blaine actually pushed past his worry to snicker quietly at them both. "I'm plenty pressing, thanks."

"Well now! Someone's sure of themselves."

"This isn't my life," Kurt lamented shaking his head disbelievingly.

"Alright, alright. But we're having another sex talk after this is all done," he warned him with a finger waving in his face. "Now let's go meet the father."

Kurt blew out a breath that spoke volumes.

Blaine leaned in and kissed his temple comfortingly. "He's your father. It'll be fine."

"People keep saying that but the insinuations that he may blow up the world or something kind of makes me second guess those opinions just a little," he sassed back but there was hardly any of his usual bite.

There was a sudden ominous rumble from above their heads and if the place were less sturdy he was sure dust would be falling around them.

"Yeah. Time to go," Jeff nodded frantically urging them out. They made their way quickly down the corridor towards the nearest elevator.

"Does Elana know he's here?" Blaine repeated the question tensely.

Jeff nodded coming up to the shiny double doors and pressing the button on the wall a few thousand times like it would make it go faster. "She would have felt the same thing I did."

"Let's hope she can calm him down a little," Blaine muttered and Kurt grabbed his hand firmly. There was no way he was letting anything happen to his vampire no matter who the King was in relation to him. He knew Blaine would just sit there and take whatever was thrown at him, wouldn't fight back because on some sick level he felt like he deserved it still.

So Kurt would fight for both of them.


"King Gelding-" Wes attempted, standing in the middle of the huge room amongst the blood red sofas and chaises. Nick was by his side, just a little in front, stance defensive as he eyed the huge figure the fae King cut as he advanced on them slowly.

And Kurt definitely hadn't remembered just how imposing Darius Gelding was in his memories. They hadn't done his stature or the sheer power radiating off of him in heavy waves justice at all and he wasn't ashamed to say he was a little afraid as he took in the male that was supposed to be his father from a different life. Even with those same sensations of dormant feelings rising to the surface like they had with Elana.

He looked different.

He still had the same clothes he remembered, the rich, dark materials of his tunic and hose. The heavy cape that sat on his broad shoulders adorned with jewels. The golden circlet around his head. But his face was lined and worn like parchment, the tale of too many years and too much sorrow etched into the hollows around his eyes and the grey of his once dark hair.

Kurt's heart hurt for him.

"Unless the reason for why she has come to be here is the next utterance out of your mouth I do not wish to hear another word," he interrupted harshly.

"She's here because of me."

He'd spoken before he was even aware of the words forming on his tongue and a thick, leaden sense of dread stole over him in their wake.

The King whirled around, rich green cloak swinging with him and shifting long after the fae himself had stilled completely, eyes locked on the son he thought was dead, wide with shock and disbelief.

Kurt was frozen to his spot, wanting to sink into the ground to avoid such piercing scrutiny. His heart was a pounding drum in his chest, the noise a deafening thump in his ears as he watched the play of emotions on this godlike figure in front of him.

He was swiftly feeling small and weak, confidence and fire banking against his will as he felt like a child again, like he would crumble under one harsh word.

"My eyes play tricks on me."

It was raw. Tormented.

"It's no trick," Jeff spoke up strongly making his way to Nick and leaving Blaine and Kurt alone in the doorway.

Darius cut the briefest glances at him, eyes flaring in recognition and softening perceptibly before his eyes were back on him again, not giving him a chance to find any sort of composure.

"My son is dead," he stated tonelessly and Kurt flinched. Blaine gripped his hand tighter, the only thing keeping him from flying apart.

"Its him. You know it is," his vampire said but the King didn't seem to be listening. He simply stared intensely at Kurt as if disassembling him piece by piece.

He took a step forwards, aborted the action and then went back again, arms jerking like he wanted to reach out. "She actually… she…"

"Yeah," Kurt agreed lamely, fingers twitching and skin feeling too tight for his body as proper panic began to set in. He felt like a fraud somehow. Like a cheap knock off of the person he used to be and he was suddenly and irrationally scared to death that this fae would find him totally lacking in some respect. That his soulmates sacrifice wasn't worth bringing him back at all.

"I thought she had failed," he whispered, eyes defocussing with the depth of his pain. It filled up the air around them, almost drowning them with how thick the melancholy was. "That she had wasted herself over naught."

Kurt winced, stomach rolling.

Their eyes locked again. Light on dark. "But here you are. Stars, here you are," he choked out the last, coming forwards at last to stand directly in front of him. Fingers rose and reached for his face but didn't touch, just hovered over his cheek as he searched his face, sorrow turning his lips down even as a new light started in his eyes. "You look so much like her… you always were her mirror image…"

That wrenched his heart right out of his chest and Kurt didn't know what to say as he stared up at him as the living reminder of all that this man had lost. Tears started to fill his eyes and eventually he couldn't hold that deep gaze any longer and looked towards the floor, curling a little more into Blaine for some support, but it seemed to be the wrong thing to do because suddenly the focus switched.

Darius' eyes narrowed on the vampire at his side and Kurt was sickened to see something akin to hate burning there when he looked at the man he loved.

"How long?"

Blaine drew himself up strongly against the ugly emotion, though Kurt felt a faint tremor in his fingers and saw the muscles in his jaw ticking. "A few months."

"You expect me to believe that?" he rumbled, the floor under their feet literally vibrating with the words. "HOW LONG!"

"Don't shout at him," Kurt snapped back at the man, finding his voice finally as a sense of de ja vu washed over him. This was very close to his first meeting with Elana and Kurt was very aware now after Elana's little show that this fae King could do much worse damage than just a slap.

Darius was startled for a second. "Kurt-"

"No. He's telling you the truth. He didn't know about me and I didn't know about him until a few months ago when we met by accident," he explained trying to be patient. He knew this was a shock and that emotions were running high all over the place but he wouldn't stand back and let anyone paint Blaine as the bad guy.

The fae soaked that in. "You did not know about him?"

Kurt shook his head. "It's kind of a long story."

"I have nowhere to be, son."


Now that was stranger than brother and he didn't know how he felt about it.

"I was born into a human family and thought I was perfectly ordinary like them up until a few months ago," he started. "Only, before that time I always had these dreams."

He was listening with rapt attention. "Dreams?"

"Strange things ever since I could remember. My mom used to think I had an imaginary friend when I was little," he smiled softly in remembrance and missed the wince from the King. "They didn't really make sense at first. They had no order or anything, just bits and pieces I thought I was making up myself. Sometimes I would dream I was a prince, sometimes I would dream of a million strange and wonderful things I couldn't even explain, like waterfalls with flecks of a thousand colours in and ceilings made of emeralds. But mainly…mainly I'd dream of, Blaine," he smiled lovingly at his soulmate before turning back to the man in front of him.

Darius looked between them, his face a hard mask. "They were memories."

"Yeah. I was appropriately freaked out when Blaine cornered me backstage at a singing competition we were both attending and I saw my imaginary best friend in the flesh… but well, that's how it started," he explained. He left out the part where he'd fainted, that wasn't going to go down well at all.

"You should have contacted me immediately," the King accused Blaine.

Kurt was so surprised at how fast he tried to turn this around again he actually scoffed. "Why should he have?"

Darius' eyes flashed, fists curling and Kurt was practically breathing in the power he was radiating. It tasted like he imagined a lightning storm would. Uncontainable. Uncontrollable. "Because his own selfish desires put you in danger. Again!"

Blaine flinched at that, jaw tightening further, about to break from the tension and Kurt saw red.

"Don't you dare go there," he warned from between his teeth.

His father ignored him and continued to stare daggers of accusation at the vampire. "Tell me that is not exactly what you have done?"

Blaine looked him square in the eye. "I can't."

"Blaine, shut up!" Kurt hissed at him before stepping forwards, letting go of Blaine's hand to point furiously. "And you. Don't you ever insinuate that he had anything to do with my death ever again."

"Kurt-" the vampire behind him tried.

He glared at him over his shoulder. "I said shut up! You're not going to fight for you but I'm sure as hell going to so just stand there and look pretty."

Jeff gave a startled laugh and Nick did his best to hush him. They'd been silent witnesses up until this point, allowing them some semblance of privacy while also staying just in case things turned ugly. Apparently that was a good call.

"I'll tell you exactly what I told Elana seeing as you both seem so intent to blame everything on my soulmate. I didn't want to contact you until I was ready, I was still trying to figure things out and deal with all of this. He was doing what I asked him to, so if you want to blame someone then I'm right here," he held his arms out wide.

"Now brother. I did apologise to your vampire for that," Elana spoke from the door at the other end of the hall gaining the attention of the room, pausing only briefly before sweeping inside with every ounce of regal grace at her disposal.

Darius watched her, relief sinking over his face before he drew himself up again. "What have you been doing, Elana?" he questioned concerned and disapproving. "I can practically taste the foulness running through you."

She stiffened from her place now at Wes' side and Kurt could see she still looked too pale. "I did what was required of me."

"You mean you did what you wanted with no regard for the consequences," he corrected sternly having none of it. "You know better, daughter. This abuse of your power and disregard for the laws of our people will not go unpunished."

"I asked her to. I take full responsibility and any punishment," Wes jumped in surprising everyone, especially Elana.

"This does not involve you, vampire," the King bit out archly, eyes flicking between them and not liking what they saw.

"No it does not," Elana concurred with a stubborn and proud lift of her head as she stared the leader down. "I do not need you to protect me like I am some quivering babe, nor did I ask you to. I knew the consequences for my actions and I shall accept them accordingly."

Wes frowned at her intensely and she seemed to regard him for a moment longer, face flickering with something before turning hastily away.

"We shall discuss this later when we are back home and after you visit the healers," Darius said leaving no room for arguments and gestured her forwards. "Come along."

Her eyes darted to Kurt's for a split second and alarm bells started to ring at the warning he read there.


The blonde startled at being addressed with such familiarity and turned wide green eyes up at the King as Nick tensed next to him.

"You have been missed amongst your people. Your parents-"

"Lost all rights to that title when they practically disowned me," Jeff cut him off crossing his arms over his chest, hurt written all over him as he looked at the man who for all intents and purposes had been a second father to him. There was so much of it resurfacing in that room that Kurt could hardly stand it. "If they wanted to see or speak to me they knew exactly where I was. You knew exactly where I was. If you were so concerned about having me come 'home', and I use that term very loosely, then I think it wouldn't have taken a century for it to come up. What happened? Did the request get lost in the supernatural mail? Werewolf eat it?"

The King stared at him hard but there was a hint of remorse showing under the harsh mask and Jeff shook his head at the apology he saw emerging there.

"That's not my home anymore. This right here?" he waved his hand around and looked towards Nick. "This is family. This is mine and Kurt's home," he stated pointedly, glancing back at him.

Darius didn't seem to take that sentiment well, shutters crashing down in his eyes as he turned his attention back to Kurt.

This fae before him was a bitter, broken spectre of the happy, caring man in his memories.

It was devastating to see yet more of the destructive aftermath of his death, the ripple effect just going and going, making Kurt fear it would never end. He'd seen it in Elana last night and now here too. It was clear they both were strongly affected, rightly so, but Darius seemed to let his hurt emotions flood outwards and spill over, whereas Elana had locked them down behind a cold mask of indifference. He had let that over protective streak Kurt could remember he had always had trouble with, morph into anger and hate and overwhelm him. It was like a sludge running through his veins and Kurt could see it like it was really there, black and toxic under the surface.

"We have been here too long already. Come, Elana," he said tightly but she didn't move and Kurt only stepped back.

"I'm not going."

Darius froze.

"I want you in my life… I want to get to know you again but I'm not leaving. I have a life here, a family… I don't think I'd be able to forgive you if you tried to force me," Kurt told him strongly though his chest was still tight with anxiety.

Dark eyes blazed down at him. "All there is here is pain and death."

"But that's life!" Kurt protested. "It hurts and it can be horrible and unfair but it's still beautiful and it's still there even if you lock yourself away inside a kingdom."

The King looked away from him and paced away a few steps like a caged tiger, all feral grace and lethal power barely contained, just waiting to be unleashed. And underneath all that was a deep seated anguish, the same he'd seen in Blaine so many times and that self-same guilt he felt then rose now bitter and acrid.

He swallowed past it, throat clicking and tears building. "I'm sorry about, mother."

He used the title out of respect for her.

Darius stopped, shoulders stiff and back facing him.

"It was not your fault. Mother… she made her choice that day alone," Elana spoke up throwing him a rare, soft smile in support. Kurt hugged it to his chest.

"You are not staying here. I forbid it."

Kurt snapped his eyes back towards Darius who was now facing him again, face impassive.

"I'm not going with you," Kurt said again. "I won't."

"You're not forcing him," Blaine stated darkly.

"Yours is an opinion that is the most worthless to me so what good are you words?" Darius growled, face morphing into a snarl. "Hold your tongue."

Kurt hissed in a breath, temper finally lost and unchained in an instant. "Why are you so intent on hating him so much?!" he shouted marching towards him unafraid now.

"Because he took you both from me! If he never came and took you away then you would not have died. It was member of his own coven that killed you and your mother… your mother could not live with you gone, Kurt. I lost both of you that day!" he yelled back and the room shook again, a dramatic undertone to every word.

Kurt was stunned silent. He could understand the anger. The torment he suffered and still suffered to this day. But a part of him couldn't tolerate it and how it was directly so wrongly in Blaine's direction.

"I am not discussing this here. You are coming home right now," Darius gritted reaching out with his hand to grab him and Kurt was sure once he got a hold that would be it. He'd be gone with no immediate way to get back.


The force that burst out of him was all the repressed build up he'd held back during this head to head. Every angry, righteous feeling bursting out of him all at once in a display of pure power.

Darius reeled backwards and sofa's and chaise's flipped and broke apart under the strain of such magical force as they hit the walls and went soaring over ducking vampire's and fae's heads. The lights flickered on and off, the candles in their scones flaring bigger and brighter as they licked at the walls hungrily, climbing towards the ceiling where they set the sprinklers off.

With a hissing whir water rained down on them, soaking them in seconds and still Kurt couldn't stop, couldn't control what he had unleashed inside of him.

"Pull it back, Kurt," his father ordered over the loud noise.

"So you can take me away?" he spat back as another wave of magic fuelled by his anger coursed through his blood and the sprinklers heads broke so water was gushing down into the room instead. He felt like he was burning up even though he was shivering wet with cold.

"Can't you stop him?" Nick asked Jeff.

"No, trying to counteract that amount of unrestrained magic is dangerous. It might hurt him," Jeff answered shakily.

"Close the doors and plug them if you can," Wes ordered quickly to Nick but it was all background noise.

"I am doing what is best for you!" Darius told him.

"No you're not! You're doing what is best for you and if you take me away I'll just find a way to come back here I promise you. Again and again and again! You can't keep me away from him!"

The room shook again but it was because of Kurt this time.

"Father, enough of this!" Elana ordered splashing over to the man's side, hair drooping and sticking to her neck, skirts heavy. "He could hurt himself if you continue to push. He does not know how to control this amount of magic!"

"Why haven't they turned off the water yet?" Wes growled in frustration, looking down at the dangerously rising tide.

"They have," Blaine told him anxiously and Kurt could feel his eyes on him as he forced the water to keep pouring down on them.

It was probably for good reason because Kurt was fading fast. The amount of magic he was using was draining him dry and leaving numbing limbs behind. He could hardly see past the stream of water in his eyes, fringe plastered to his forehead.

He swayed dangerously.

"Blaine," Jeff prompted without needing to because the vampire was already wading forwards through the rising tide that was now up to his shins.

"Stop now, beautiful," he commanded softly, grasping his hips to steady him.

Kurt shook his head frantically, mind hardly working and only disjointed things making sense. He couldn't. Didn't he see? He was going to take him away if he stopped.

Blaine turned him easily to face him. Weaving and hand into the soaked hair at the back of his head he pulled his Chosen to tuck under his chin, face pressed into his neck.

"Shh, concentrate on me. Just me," he soothed into his ear as the water continued to rise and the room continued to shake around them.

Dripping fingers clasped at the shirt plastered to his back, desperate to find an anchor.

"Blaine," he choked, feeling scared now because he just couldn't stop.

"I'm here. I love you. You're not going anywhere, beautiful, I've got you," he continued to coo. "Just let it go… you can do it, my love."

Kurt took a shaky breathe in and closed his eyes tight, pressing in painfully closer like he could merge them into one body if he tried hard enough. He focused on the fingers running through his soaked hair; the arm wrapped securely around his waist, the nonsense words in his ear, the unique scent of Blaine in his nose, his warmth on his chilled skin.

And like the sun breaking through the grey, dismal clouds after a storm Kurt could feel himself closing off the tap, yanking back until he could untangle himself from the dangerous pull of all that untapped magic.

The water raining down in a hundred little waterfalls slowed and then stopped abruptly, leaving behind a steady dripping into the pool of water they were standing in.

Kurt sagged into his arms exhausted, knees buckling and Blaine's strength the only thing preventing him from collapse at that moment.

Blaine met Darius' eyes over Kurt's head and rallied himself, feeling a courage from somewhere he thought was destroyed rise up inside him.

"You're not taking him," the vampire stated strongly holding Kurt tighter. "He belongs here with me."

"You would see him dead again to feed your own selfish needs?" was spat back at him. The man wasn't affected by the water whatsoever, he had obviously directed it away from himself unlike the rest of them.

"No. I would see him happy," he said simply. "He's his own person and we're acting like we own him. Like we have the right to tell him where he can and can't go."

It was wrong of them to take these insecurities out on Kurt. To put such restrictions on him because they couldn't face their fears and he had been struggling and coming to terms with this problem ever since Kurt first came back into his life.

"It is for his own good. He is not safe here with you."

Blaine soaked that in. It was truthful enough wasn't it? It wasn't safe here. But where was actually safe? Was there even such a place anymore? Ever since the revelation from Elana that Jeremiah had in fact found a way to somehow prevent Kurt from accessing his magic that day it begged the question… did that mean that he'd be able to get passed the fae wards? They were made out of magic after all.

It was a disquieting thought indeed.

"Maybe not. Maybe he can never be truly safe with me," he spoke like he was talking to himself more than anyone else. "But I love him. I love him more than life itself and I would die for him in a heartbeat and that is what I have to offer him. The only guarantee I can give."

"Which is almost useless," Darius spat striding forwards through the slowly lowering water level and Kurt jerked in his arms in distress, making a protesting noise in his throat.

"I didn't kill him," Blaine said lowly.

The whole room froze as well as Kurt.

Blaine met those accusing, hateful, scared eyes and was back in that room. Back with Kurt's cold, lifeless body on the bed. Back to that black void of space where nothing would ever be right again and Darius was accusing him. Blaming him. Hating him. But instead of accepting it and stapling those harsh words to his broken soul like he did back then he shook his head.

"I didn't kill him. I probably will never really forgive myself for what happened but it wasn't me who did it. I know you blame me and hate me but that won't change that fact," he managed to choke out, throat thick with emotion.

Silence. And for the stupidest, tiniest second Blaine thought that maybe Darius was going to accept his words.

"And he can hate me all he likes but I will not lose him again. I cannot," Darius said calmly. Too calmly.

But he barely got a chance to worry about the tone and what it meant when hands suddenly snaked forwards and tore Kurt out of his grip and to his chest, pulling him backwards and away from him, Kurt too weak to fight back. The vampire got a glimpse of wide, panicked blue eyes for a split second and darted after him on primal, desperate instinct as the air began to crackle around them.

"Blai-" Kurt tried to scream but they were suddenly gone, winking out of sight.

He was gone.

It felt like being slingshot through the eye of a needle. Every cell that made him up scattered and compressed and bent to a will not his own, taking him away from where he wanted to be most, everything in his soul cried out against it, scraped raw and bloody and all he could think was Blaine.

Blaine, Blaine, Blaine, BLAINE!

They hit the ground hard, crashed through what felt like bushes before falling away from one another and rolling for a few yards before coming to a stop.

Kurt was dazed.

Drained and exhausted in a way that resembled too closely how he'd felt after he'd healed Leon. White spots danced behind his closed lids and he shook violently all over, sweating face pressed into the hard, unforgiving ground while a chilling breeze swept over his wet skin and clothes.

Everything hurt. Aching and throbbing, bruises already forming from his collision with the ground, cuts on his arms and face stinging from where twigs from the bush had caught him as they smashed through. But the idea of healing himself made his stomach roll and he whimpered out loud and fought off the dry heave, coughing instead and breathing in a mouthful of dirt.

He heard the rustling of clothes nearby and the crunch of footsteps approaching.

"How is this-" the voice cut himself off. "Kurt? Kurt, are you alright?"

He opened his eyes and saw it was dark, bare trees surrounded him looking like gnarled fingers stretching up into the sky. He pushed up on shaky arms, elbows bowing dangerously, threatening another collapse onto the ground, but he gritted his teeth and managed to sit up at least.


He looked up and saw Darius, dishevelled with his crown lopsided, cloak torn and dirt streaking his right cheek and grey hair.

Absently he looked at the hands that grasped him and pulled him up to his feet. He followed the urging like he was a doll, just letting this man arrange him as he wanted.

"Are you well, son?"

That heavy cloak was settled around his shoulders and a hand on his cheek titled his face upwards to meet concerned eyes.

He could hardly register the question. Hardly reconcile the worried tone and gentle actions with the person who had just taken him away against his will.

It was starting to come back to him, the feeling and realisation of what just happened.

"How could you?" he asked, barely audible, tongue and lips as numb as his insides.

The fissure turned into an almighty crack and panic began to set in. Was he ever going to see any of them again? Blaine, his dad, Jeff…

"How could you!" he screamed at him suddenly ripping away from the hand on his face, tears beginning to sting his eyes as he beat on the King's chest weakly with all that he had left. "Take me back! Take me back now! I hate you! Take me back!"

The King grasped his arms as he wobbled to the left, legs not cooperating. "I cannot leave you there, you need to be safe! I cannot lose you again so quickly after just learning you are back. I want you to be home with your family. You're my son, Kurt," Darius tried to explain in the face of his anger and hurt.

"But you're not my father!" Kurt screamed at him and Darius gaped at him, anguish falling over his face as his hands fell away from him.

Kurt fell backwards, stumbling and trying not to fall, cloak falling to the ground in a pile. The wind bit harshly at the tears on his face and still wet body. He wanted to say sorry for his viciously spoken words, that he was the reason for putting such pain into the face and heart of a person that had already lost so much.

But his anger and own betrayed heart wouldn't let him take the words back.

Swallowing he turned on his heel and began walking in the opposite direction. He didn't know where he was, where he was heading, if this was fruitless. But he couldn't stand there a minute longer and not try to get back to where he was supposed to be. He missed them all already and he just wanted to hug his dad and kiss Blaine and laugh with Jeff and sit comfortably with everyone in the coven and argue over movie choices or their unhealthy obsession with take out.

He wrapped an arm around his breaking chest and swiped harshly at his streaming eyes.

He heard footsteps following him and tried to speed up but it was a futile attempt.

"You do not know where you are."

"And whose fault is that?!" he gritted over his shoulder.

"Kurt… please…" it trailed off and his steps faltered at the miserable, broken voice.

"Why?" he asked turning back around and meeting his eyes. "I told you I didn't want to. I told you why I couldn't and you still did it?"

"I love you, son."

Kurt felt those words like a punch in the gut.

"If you love me then you'll take me back," he choked over his tears. He didn't want to be strong anymore. He'd been pushed and shoved and dragged and pulled across all his limits, stretched until he was nearly tearing apart at the seams. "I just want to go home."

Darius opened his mouth to speak but what he heard wasn't from him.


He hitched a breath. That was impossible wasn't it? He looked around and suddenly the miserable nature around them was wonderfully familiar.

With a burst of energy he didn't know he had left he didn't look back as he turned and sprinted towards the familiar, beloved voice on shaky, useless legs.

"Blaine!" he called hoarsely. "Blaine, I'm here!"

The vampire came crashing through the underbrush in a blur; black eyed and fanged and swept him up into his arms immediately before he fell down from exhaustion. Kurt's legs went around his waist, arms around his neck and as those powerful arms cradled him and that familiar scent surrounded him he felt put together again. Whole. Complete.

He was pressed into a tree trunk and hands were all over him checking him over. Foreheads butted and rested as calloused fingers wiped away his tears, before replacing the wetness with soft insistent kisses that were pleasantly suffocating.

"I thought he'd taken me away. I thought I'd lost you because I didn't know how to get back," he admitted his fears and Blaine nuzzled him some more sighing his name again.

It made him smile through his tears despite everything. "Hey, look at that. Vampy you learned another word."

Blaine just hummed at him and continued to drown him in his love, licking at the cuts on his face to close them, making them sting but Kurt needed it. Needed everything Blaine had to give him.

"I love you," he professed as the kisses strayed to his mouth, repeating it every time they had to take a breath. It was fast and urgent, the press and bite of fangs welcomed greedily.

"Mine," Blaine growled in return, his own declaration that settled warmly in his heart as he crowded him further, if that was even possible, and Kurt just wrapped an arm tighter around his shoulder and shoved another into sopping curls to encourage him every inch and more.

Inevitably Blaine strayed towards his neck, nipping at the area in distress. He'd already had a taste of his blood and Kurt knew from experience that Blaine liked to comfort feed so Kurt arched into it, needing the comfort and reassurance for himself just as much.

He caught a glimpse of the King's face as he watched them, clearly uncomfortable, looking like he wanted nothing more than to rip them apart again.

Shivering Kurt pressed Blaine closer and tightened his legs on his hips.

"Oh thank the gods," Wes sighed, looking like a drowned rat as he came upon the scene with Nick on his heels not looking much better.

"Tell your coven member to remove himself from my son," Darius demanded, sounding helpless.

"MINE!" Blaine growled like a crack of a whip, deep and loud against his neck, chest vibrating the noise into him.

"I am yours. I'm yours," he whispered to him to calm him. Despite how he felt about the King now he didn't want Blaine to hurt him. The declarations also helped him to. Helped to settle his jumpy nerves to lose himself in his tether to Blaine.

"I think that answers your question," Nick stated simply.

"This is unacceptable."

"Do you want to try and take him off Blaine again?" Wes asked archly. "Be my guest but disclaimer, I won't be responsible for any limbs lost."

There was a beat of silence, the only sound the soft mewls and growls from Blaine as he mouthed at him. He wouldn't break the skin though, wouldn't allow them to be so vulnerable while an obvious threat was nearby.

"Take me home?" he asked him. More like pleaded.

Blaine wasted no time in hauling him off the trunk and Kurt ducked his face into Blaine's neck just in time as they burst off with supernatural speed. He closed his eyes and tried to control his chattering teeth until finally they were back in their room and Kurt had never been so happy to see the walls he had felt were closing in around him just this morning.

Blaine stripped them both of their wet clothes, leaving them in a pile by the end of the bed before pulling them both on and under the covers. Kurt let him guide him where he wanted, trusting him to take care of him as his body shut down slowly and surely now that he was safe and secure.

He ended up playing little spoon under their mass of covers, just melting into the mattress as Blaine slid up behind him and began nosing at his neck again. Heat began to seep back into his skin and bones eventually, and he arched in invitation as best as he could with his heavy limbs and drooping eyes.

The bite when it came was painfully gentle, Blaine sipping at his blood instead of taking frantic gulps, massaging his tongue against his neck in little circles inside the seal of his mouth, as if he could sense that Kurt's body couldn't handle more than that.

The fae sunk into sleep with the comforting feeling of Blaine's fangs still in his skin.

The next day...

It was late afternoon the next day when Wes gathered them together and broke the news about Marcus and Darius, not that the latter needed much more elaboration after the shit show from yesterday. The only reason the meeting was pushed back was because Wes had to do damage control on the complex and with the Principal above ground in case anyone had heard or seen anything. Thankfully other than the few ominous rumbles which they put down to thunder, the human population was none the wiser.

It was one piece of good luck in the run of disasters lately, so they all took it with open arms.

As for the King, he had retired to the council rooms after informing Wes he wasn't leaving without his family and Elana had gone down there with him to try and reason with him… or bite his head off for his actions from the way Wes described her mood. Blaine was trying very hard not to go down there himself and attack the man but somehow he held firm.

He couldn't have described what it felt like when he'd watched Kurt disappear in front of him last night. Didn't have the words or capacity to explain the fear andsoul-wrenching agony that had descended upon him. He'd dropped to his knees and let loose a scream of such rage and suffering that it had echoed around the room, the world bleeding into black.

It was seconds later that Wes got a call from Thad saying that he'd none other than Kurt in the woods on one of the camera feeds.

Blaine was racing away before he'd even finished the sentence and the rest was a blur of Kurt, mine, love.

He'd woken up this morning and hadn't been able to leave Kurt's side since as his instincts resettled.

They were the first two to arrive to the meeting after picking at some lunch that Blaine insisted on. His Chosen had slept straight through dinner and the night, as well as most of the morning as his body tried to recover itself after the excessive magic use and the vampire was suitably concerned.

They'd gathered in the entertainment room considering Wes' office couldn't hold them all and the only one's not present were Keith and Adam who were on patrol and Dante who was still in Cooper's coven effectively, even with his temporary presence here.

"I don't get it," David said to the room crossing his arms over his bare chest. He'd been in the gym working out like he did in most of his down time, evident by the droplets of sweat still present on his dark skin. The rest of the room was silent as the Second paced up and down in front of the bar. "How does something like that just slip through the fucking cracks?"

"It helps when they are lined with soldi, si?" Leon said grimly rubbing his fingers together meaningfully from his spot on the couch next to Tristan. They hadn't seen much of the Italian or his Chosen since the attack but Blaine was happy to note that he looked much recovered.

Zach shook his fiery head, he was sitting on the stage next to Gerran with his legs dangling over the edge, dressed as clashingly as ever in yellow and orange. "It's not just that… sure that would work for some of the newer bloodlines but the old ones have their own fortunes."

Leon conceded the point with a graceful incline of his head, he was from such a family after all.

Light blue eyes turned dark as he caught their leader's gaze. "This is about power."

"He has sway with the council," Wes nodded grimly.

"Sway?" Cooper laughed over the television that was hooked to Thad's laptop, the live feed of Cooper's private rooms behind him, as lavish and gaudy as Blaine remembered them being, as bright as Zach in the subdued, serious atmosphere. "He and my father get mani-pedi's together."

"He won't listen," Blaine murmured quietly, tucking his face tighter into Kurt's neck to try and calm himself down; concentrating on the fingers stroking through his hair, the familiar steady heartbeat in his ears, the scent of summer in his nose and the weight of him on his lap letting him know he was still here.

"And he'll make damn sure the rest of the council won't either if old Polland hasn't already got them twisted around his perfectly polished fingers," Cooper agreed with mocking.

"Surely some of the council could be swayed to our side?" Nick asked in optimistic desperation, clutching Jeff's hand tightly. "Wes' uncle. Leon's brother."

"Salvatore would hear us," Leon nodded.

Wes said nothing about his uncle, face inscrutable.

"That's not enough for a majority and you know how these things work," Blaine growled and hated that Nick wilted under the weight of the truths spoken, noticing a few of the others doing the same. He didn't want them to lose hope but things didn't look good right now.

"How?" Kurt asked softly, turning to look him in the eyes. He still looked so tired he just wanted to secret him away somewhere warm and safe and happy.

Blaine wavered only briefly. He wouldn't keep things from Kurt anymore. "Our Council leaves much to be desired, my love."

"They reach a verdict before they deal punishment," Tristan stated quietly.

Kurt glanced to him trying to read the answer on his sombre face, within his dark eyes and between high set cheekbones and piercings.

"And because he had these connections he'd know he was being accused," his Chosen surmised dejectedly.

"He'd disappear or worse it'd force his hand," Wes finished for them.

He heard Kurt swallow and sink back into him and Blaine wrapped him in his arms more tightly in reflex to his mates unspoken distress. He presented a strong face to their coven but inside he knew Kurt was scared to death by this constant talk of war and threats on their lives, the danger and shadows that dogged their every step.

He wished circumstances were different. He wished he had more to offer him. He wished he wasn't so selfish that he needed him by his side, because Kurt's father was right in that at least if nothing else.

Kurt deserved nothing but joy and light and all he was getting was fear and darkness and it was hard to reconcile that it wasn't his fault and sink back into that pit of guilt and despair. That he wasn't the one responsible. It was hard… but he felt the gentle press of lips to the side of his forehead, love pouring into him and he was able to ground himself. Remind himself what he was fighting for.

He would capture that bright future for Kurt he vowed, feeling a surge of strength from within.

"Maybe that's what we need. If he moves too early he'll slip up," David strategized, forehead creased in thought and finger drumming along the bar top absently.

Blaine was glad his friend hadn't taken to drowning his worries in alcohol like he usually did, he worried for his friend sometimes when he buried himself behind his vices as an escape.

"We're not ready for a war, D," Thad said hesitantly, brown eyes uneasy with the prospect.

Spencer walked over to him and laid a comforting hand on his shoulder and looked between Wes and Blaine. "We're not going to war… right?"

Blaine wished he could comfort him and give him the answer he craved. They were so young; Thad, Spencer, Keith and Gerran- even Adam and Tristan to a degree- they didn't deserve this.

A wry smile curved his lips bitterly.

None of them did.

"This battle may be inevitable," Leon told them sagely, eyes sad as he shifted subtly closer to Tristan. "We cannot hide from it when it comes."

"You need to come to, New York," Cooper said seriously and Blaine met the eyes on that screen that seemed to plead with him.

It was rare that Blaine had seen his brother so affected… in fact the last time was when he collapsed in front of him and begged for his help to track down Jeremiah.

The room fell still and silent under his words and Copper sighed, it crackled over the microphone as he threw himself back on his chair, thumbing at his lips agitatedly. "You're not ready for this… fuck it, I'm not ready for this either to tell you the truth. I'm much too pretty to get maimed by backwoods fangless assholes, but you can't stay there… you're too isolated."

"But I've been working on this new security-" Thad argued, face drawn and frustrated.

"Does it work yet?" his brother cut him off harshly.

"Not yet but I only need a few more da-"

"Days?" He leant closer to the camera and locked eyes with Wes as Thad shrank down and into himself. "You're on a ticking clock here, you might not have days. They'll know you have one of theirs the moment they called and he didn't answer."

"But how can you be sure they know he'd come here?" Jeff asked.

"You think the idiot didn't boast to all his little friends?" Cooper snorted with a disdainful eyebrow raise. "They'll notice he's gone, ask around and those so called friends will talk because they'll either be too scared not to or have a hard on for climbing the ranks and think it'll gain them favour… he'll find out trust me."

"Which may not have happened yet… he doesn't seem like anything important to them so we may have a little more time," Nick reasoned.

"Odds are he's a stray from another coven. He joined them, got all big and mighty delusions for the cause or whatever shit their selling and took off for here with their super, secret venom to prove his self like all the good little sheep want to do. You're underestimating, Polland."

"Or maybe you're overestimating?" Gerran shrugged.

"Coop's right. He didn't make it this far for no reason. He may not be the best leader or even fighter but he's cautious. He's too paranoid not to count every head, every drop of that venom he has," Blaine stated.

"And even if they don't give a fuck if he's missing they're gonna notice that some of the venom is and that's not going to go over well," David sighed then cursed, pouring himself the nearest tumbler of something and downing it before pouring himself another. They were all too tense to scold him for it in the end.

"I can't help noticing that there's a lot of what if's here," Kurt spoke up nervously.

"Princeling is right," Cooper agreed.

"I can't just up and move my whole coven and all the Giver's. I might as well take out an ad in the paper," Wes growled, pinching his nose between his finger and thumb.

"You don't need to take all your Giver's, the rogues aren't interested in them and I have plenty here. You'd only have to move the chosen Giver's."

"That still solves nothing."

"Where's Nationals held this year?" Kurt whispered to his vampire, an idea forming.

Blaine looked at him with proud appreciation as the thread of understanding sunk in. Gods he wanted to kiss him stupid!

"Nationals are in, New York," Blaine confirmed louder so the whole room could hear.

There was a ripple of chatter as the idea settled between them all.

"We could only stretch a week out of that max," Spencer pointed out.

"We just need an excuse to move our asses without raising an alarm, who cares if we don't go back?" David shrugged carelessly.

"This may be news to you vampires that have gone through high school a million times already but some of us can afford to miss endless classes and have father's that would notice if they just up and left for god knows how long," Kurt scowled at the dark skinned vampire.

"Well maybe it's time to let him in on the secret."

"David, don't be a dick," Jeff snapped at him.

He heard Kurt's heart skip a beat. "Oh it's that easy is it? Do you want to do the honours?"

David rolled his eyes but was noticeably silent.

Burt may be a simple human and most of the vampires had never met him in person, only viewed him from afar when they were watching the house, but there was just something about the man that was plain scary.

"I thought so," Kurt sassed.

"He won't tell him until he's ready," Blaine said firmly.

"Sorry, B, but this might not be one of those situations," Zach broached hesitantly. "I'm sure it'll be better to tell him in a controlled way before it gets sprung on him somehow. I mean, shits crazy right now so the chance of it happening has skyrocketed like a million percent…"

"Look! Zach's being sensible for once. Now you gotta know it's serious," Trent snickered from his spot in the corner, munching on a bag of popcorn. The vampire ate nearly constantly anyway but especially when he was anxious and he'd spent the whole of this meeting silent and stuffing his face.

"Shut up, all of you!" Blaine snapped feeling Kurt go tense and quiet, staring down at his lap with a crease in his brow. "This is none of your business so drop it."

The room fell still and silent under the weight of Blaine's command, old habits dying hard.

Cooper whistled over the screen. "Putting your big boy pants back on, squirt?"

He rolled his eyes not even deigning that with a response as he checked on his Chosen, cupping his cheek and capturing his gaze. "Hey, beautiful… don't think about that now okay?"

Kurt swallowed but nodded and Blaine wished, for the hundredth time, he had the ability to read minds.

"So all this hinges on whether or not we win a human singing competition?" Gerran asked to get them back on track.

"New York's more defensible," Blaine said to Wes.

"It's also a bigger target."

"Not when they find out about, Kurtie-kins. It's really only a matter of time and when that happens Polly's gonna want a cracker made out of your asses," Cooper pointed out. "He's not going to let you attempt to build another alliance with the Fae."

"That shit doesn't seem to be on the cards anyway from what I gather," David shrugged. "Daddy dearest has locked himself away in the dungeons after throwing a tantrum when he didn't get his way."

Kurt shifted uncomfortably and Blaine tightened his hold on him while flashing fangs at the Second.

"You're really starting to annoy me, David," he warned lowly.

"Joining our covens would give us the advantage," the elder Anderson pressed.

Blaine shook his head. "You're reaching, Coop. Yes it's the best idea, but we have no idea how many rogues they've got."

"From what you tell me of the baby you've got locked in a cage downstairs I wouldn't put much stock in their fighting power," he dismissed.

"Even if they have a hundred of those babies?" Blaine asked with a knowing look and Cooper was noticeably quiet. "We also have the issue of Sebastian's father. We're not counting Washington as friendly or neutral territory here," Blaine reminded them.

David clapped his hands together. "Okay so roll call then? Southie's loosened up now thanks to Kurt's stuck up sister-"

"I can freeze parts off of you, you know," Kurt cut in warningly, eyes flashing.

"And I'll let him," Wes growled gaining a few surprised looks and one glare from a certain fae brother that the leader ignored.

Cooper laughed delightedly at the exchange. "This is better than reality TV."

David seemed unaffected by the threats though and continued on. "-so we just get him to spill how many young hopefuls are running around with big vampire dreams of world domination."

"If he knows," Zach pointed out on a grunt. "He didn't exactly seem like the brightest spark and that was before I knocked his brain cells around."

"We have, Sebastian," Blaine mused, tilting his head in thought.

"Who will not parlare," Leon said with a shake of his head, braid shifting over his shoulder.

"We have more information now. He doesn't have the advantage he had before," Tristan offered softly, hand unconsciously rising to hold onto that dark hair and body shifting closer to accommodate the move. "Perhaps if you offer him a deal he would be more likely to help?"

"A deal?" Gerran spat incredulously, looking to Wes who was pursing his lips in thought, eyes cast off to the side. "You can't be seriously considering that!"

"My tesoro gives wise council," Leon countered with a little bit of an edge as he crossed a leg over the other gracefully. "Sebastian is a resource as yet untapped."

"He's a snake," Zach frowned. "I grew up in a pit of them and they don't do anything unless they have something to gain."

"He's lucky he has his life," Spencer commented in disbelief. "Why should we give him any more than that?"

"But he doesn't know that," Blaine said. "In fact I left him with the distinct impression of the opposite fact."

"I'm so proud," Cooper fake cried and was largely ignored.

They were silent as Wes contemplated it.

"It seems we have our leverage," the leader announced grimly.

"And what about, New York?" Kurt asked hesitantly.

"We need to prepare to win that competition."

"You are the strangest group of vampires there has ever been but whatever," Cooper said with a bright smile. "Catch you on the flip side and don't get killed when I've put this much effort in!"

And then the screen cut off.

Thad was out of the room before they could really register him going.

"Well screw this. I've just got Adam so no way is some rogue scum going to come in and ruin it before I even get to third base!" Zach declared, face red with the depth of his feelings. They all knew this wasn't actually anything about sex. The red head was venting in his own unique way because he was frightened of the fight looming ahead of them. "Fuck it. I'm going to grab my gorgeous hunk and we're going on a date and everyone else can go spin on it."

He hopped off his perch and stormed from the room as well.

"Get some," Trent declared weakly through his mouthful. He looked rather sick to his stomach actually.

"Okay, everyone can leave… I think it goes without saying that this stays in this room," the leader added and they all nodded their agreement as they filed out leaving Wes, Blaine, David and and Kurt alone in the room.

"I'll go talk to, Sebastian," Blaine sighed. It was the last place he wanted to go but it was necessary at this point.

"Sweetie…" Kurt protested but let it trail. His face was pale and drawn again as he looked down into his lap and Blaine hated it.

"I can send someone else," Wes intervened, probably knowing it had to be hard for them after yesterday.

"I'll go," David volunteered easily. "I have no issues threatening old Sebby's life and meaning it."

"No its fine," his Chosen seemed to snap himself out of it. "Blaine's the only one that's managed to get through to him so it makes sense. We need to know what he knows," Kurt stated, drawing himself up in a way that was regal almost, a ghost of his former self shining through.

"Maybe you could go visit your sister?" he suggested and Kurt shook his head emphatically.

"If I visit her I have to visit him and I don't think I can handle that right now."

"Neither could this building," David put in smartly, gaining a glare from everyone. He held his hands up and turned back to the bar.

"We'll argue again and I'll say things I don't mean because of how angry I am at what he did," Kurt shook his head.

"You don't have to argue, beautiful," he soothed his Chosen, rubbing over his thigh. It was hard for him to act neutrally towards the King right now, but he wasn't going to let his own feelings on the fae influence Kurt reconnecting with someone who was an important person in his life. Still, there was an overwhelming part of him that didn't want him to be within an inch of the fae ever again.

"I do when he's still set on whisking me away to some fairy-tale land," Kurt bit out, looking world weary and worn. And really, after all the excess magic use and emotional turmoil it was a surprise that Kurt hadn't keeled over again already.

"Okay," he conceded nuzzling his shoulder and pressing little kisses there.

"I'm gonna go rest I think."

Blaine nodded and released his hold on his fae reluctantly. "I'll join you as soon as I can and then we can see about maybe eating something else? You hardly touched your lunch."

He half smiled at him in acceptance, rolling his eyes a little and they got up, kissing before they parted and Blaine watched him go with that renewed fire from earlier stirring in his heart.

He would fight for Kurt and gods help anyone that got in his way.

"Woah, slow down roadrunner," Dante joked, catching him by the arm with his lightning reflexes before he could fall.

Thad felt his heart stutter madly at the touch and blushed heavily knowing that Dante most definitely would have caught it once again.


He barely managed to peek up to look into his amazing dark eyes before he was skittering them away again, trying not to concentrate on the fact that Dante's fingers fit perfectly around his bicep, squeezing with just the right amount of pressure to make him aware that he was there but not uncomfortably so…

Get a grip, get a grip, get a grip…

"Where are you in such a hurry to get to?" he asked knocking him out of his own head and gods, he was staring at his hand.

Stop staring at his hand!

He snapped his head back up and took a step back but the elder vampire just moved seamlessly with him, like they were weirdly in sync.

"I just need to get back to work," he mumbled out lamely, thinking he was going to explode if he didn't let go of him soon. It was like he was feeding electricity into his body but he didn't have any way to process it before it ripped him apart.

"Speaking of that…" he cleared his throat and Thad went a little pale. How could he forget the last time they spoke he literally shouted at him then stormed out! "Listen, I'm sorry I pressured you about the feeding issue. But it really is a concern and it kind of is my job to address it-"

"No its fine, I should be the one apologising for being such a brat to you!" he exclaimed, cutting in with the reddest face feeling so small next to his massive figure and presence. "I know I should eat more I just forget sometimes, that's all."

Which was one hundred percent true after all… only he'd noticed this strange phenomenon when he'd headed to the feeding room straight after his check-up. Dana had settled down before him, green hair glowing emerald in the light of the candles and offered up her wrist to him and… nothing.

Thad had felt no desire for her blood and at first he had put it down to the fact that he was still so wound up… but analysing the feeling closer, it didn't feel like a lack of appetite, more like an actual aversion to the blood pumping in the shifters veins.

Dana had made a quip about getting a complex that none of the vampires wanted to feed from her directly anymore and Thad had flushed and smiled tremulously at her, apologising profusely for any offence he might have caused. She'd laughed him off, told him he was cute and then offered her wrist again. Thad forced himself to bite down and swallow what his body needed and he barely got to finish before Wes came hurrying in and got him to help out with the prisoners on the lower level.

"You could never be called a brat, kitten," Dante said breaking him out of his own head yet again and smiled at him with … was that fondness? Nope. Couldn't be. Wishful thinking there. "I also wanted to apologise if you thought I was insinuating you were somehow incompetent at the work you were doing. I'm very sure that's the farthest thing from the truth."

Thad licked his lips nervously. "I get… touchy about it. I just think that no one takes me seriously sometimes," he admitted to him without knowing why the hell he was spilling his guts to this vampire he had just met when he hadn't told any of his coven whom he'd known for over a century and a half and change. "It doesn't really matter that much anymore though. They're not really that interested in it, I didn't get it done fast enough."

He watched Dante frown, the lines in his forehead doing nothing to detract from his attractiveness. Of course he's a handsome frowner. I bet he cries like they do in the movies too, all perfect and airbrushed and crap, he's talking still. "-not because they're not interested. Its better security right? Who doesn't want that?"

"Well they're planning on a move to New York instead of staying here and oh gods I don't even know if I'm allowed to tell you this!" he realised with dawning horror, smacking a hand over his runaway mouth.

"Cooper texted me a few minutes ago about the potential plans so your fine, kitten," Dante assured making Thad flush with embarrassment over the situation and the continued use of that gods damned nickname. "Back to the matter at hand however, they're not leaving straight away right? They're waiting for some human competition from what I understand in Cooper's message… so in the meantime what you're doing matters and after the fact too. Don't put yourself down just because you're a little frustrated, you'll get there."

Thad stared at him with a little bit of awe really. He wasn't saying anything he didn't really know logically, or anything he wouldn't have come to that conclusion eventually by himself in the end, but the surety in his voice is what got him. The sincere belief in Thad and his abilities with no questions asked even though he hardly knew him.

He knew his coven had the same belief in him and his talents. He did know that, but he also knew that their perception was often skewed of him under layers of protective instincts. He was the youngest of all of them and they treated him as such, like the youngest brother that wasn't allowed to patrol outside, who was always stuck at the computers in The Hole, that they always took it easy on when he did very rarely make an appearance in the gym.

Wes was a little better than the rest admittedly, but that was only because the vampire leader actively tried to distance himself from them. Not that it worked half the time, but his expectations of Thad were higher than the rest of them at least.

He remembered Gerran, Keith and Spencer sticking up for him in front of Dante that first day, defending and praising his skills like a mom would do a child and though he appreciated the sentiment, he almost wished that they wouldn't do that. That they'd leave him to defend himself for once instead of jumping straight in because they thought he couldn't handle it, or even just let his actions speak for themselves.

He didn't need constant attention and looking after and it made him feel guilty and ungrateful because they only did it because they cared and they were proud of him. Especially his three best friends.

But that was why he had never spoken a word to them about how he felt. Why he had never uttered a syllable… well until now.

"You're right," he nodded, head a little clearer now that he'd freed up some room finally. "The old system was completely outdated and obviously flawed anyway, so we do need it."

"There we go," Dante beamed causing his poor heart to flutter. "Sorriso gattino."

Thad was going to die.

Literally burn and melt into a puddle. He'd lived with Leon for years and had never thought to learn Italian, it always seemed to be his and Tristan's thing, their own little secret language. But now he was never sorrier not to know it.

Leon's was far heavier accented than Dante's, probably because he still spoke in his native tongue most of the time with and without realising it. But the doctors was just as smooth, perfectly pronounced it sounded but without the flourish Leon naturally gave the words.

Leon sounded like poetry was fluttering off his tongue. Dante sounded like sin was dripping off his.


The vampire smiled, slow and sure, his inner confidence lighting up his dark eyes and making them shine. And the hand that was still on his arm shifted a little, the grip loosening just enough so that his thumb could gently stroke up and down in a way that sent shivers up his spine. Had him leaning in closer and arching his head back further and further to keep eye contact.

"Listen, I know we're both busy but I was thinking maybe we could-"

"Dante Manzo?" a feminine voice asked loudly, breaking through whatever Dante was about to say next and knocking him sharply out of his daze. He stepped back and managed to slip his arm free, catching a brief flash of something on Dante's face as he went but there wasn't time to dwell or analyse it.

They both looked over Thad's shoulder and saw none other than Dana walking towards them, white dress shifting around her legs as she closed the distance, green hair swept over one shoulder like it had been when he saw her earlier.

"The girls were nattering on about some hot new piece of vampire ass all day but I didn't expect to be so disappointed to see your tired old face instead," she smirked at him wolfishly.

The doctor's brows went up in surprise, a flicker of hesitation stalling what Thad was sure would normally be a quick quip fired back.

The younger started to get a horrible feeling settling in his gut but he didn't know why.

"You two… you know each other?" Thad asked haltingly, looking between them carefully as he stepped to the side so his back wasn't rudely presented to Dana.

She smirked and rolled her eyes. "One way to put it."

Dante seemed to flail for another moment, finesse completely out the window and Thad's unease only grew with it.

"We met when I was visiting the New York coven for a few weeks about… what was it?"

"Ten years ago," Dante cleared his throat enough to say, thumbing along his lip in a nervous tick. "Give or take."

Dana shrugged uncaringly, green hair shifting as she put a hand on her hip and cocked it. "What happened then?" she teased. "Run through all the supernatural girls and boys in NY and needed some fresh meat?"

It was like all the colours in his world suddenly washed away in an instant at the sound of that revelation, leaving black and white facts behind.

Of course he'd probably had a stream of eager suitors after him and while it wasn't particularly common for vampires to partake in flesh other than their Chosen, it wasn't forbidden either. And gods… what did he really expect? Was he seriously harbouring some stupid, foolish hope that this vampire would ever find him desirable? That he could maybe, just maybe, be his-

He shook his head free of those kinds of thoughts quickly. They wouldn't lead anywhere good and right now he just wanted to be left alone from thoughts and feelings and vampires and shifters.

"I-I'll leave you two to catch up… I have stuff to do anyway," he rushed out, staring resolutely at the floor before hurrying off down the corridor.


He ignored the call and rounded the corner hastily, feeling his heart hurt more than he ever thought possible.

Dante watched the small vampire disappear with a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that he didn't quite know what to name. He'd never felt this way in his life, like somehow he'd wronged Thad in a way he couldn't take back or mend, which was insane. He'd only just met him! But that still didn't stop the sensation and he sure as hell didn't like the feeling. Not one gods damned bit.

In fact he felt awful and a little disgusted in himself and his past for the first time in his long life.

The number of lovers he'd had in the past weren't staggering, they didn't overlap and they didn't last more than a night or maybe a few days and both parties knew in advance where they stood. He'd never felt like he was hurting anyone getting a little comfort here and there before, but the look on Thad's face when Dana oh so casually called him out jokingly as a player, made him think that he had hurt the one person in the world he never should have.

It was confusing.

At first he was sure it was just strong attraction. He saw him, he wanted him, gods did he want him, and he was used to that. It was only when he'd had him in his new office for his examination he'd realised that it might have been something much more.

He'd never felt more nervous and unsure in his own skin while looking at someone else's. And Thad was perfect. It was unprofessional of him to notice but he was. Tanned and lithe and proportioned to fit right into his arms.

His hands had shook when holding the stethoscope to that warm smooth skin. He'd heard the frantic beat of the young vampire's heart and found himself hoping to the gods that it was because of him and not just because he found the situation uncomfortable and the urge to lean down and bite him when they'd been talking about feeding was one he still didn't know to this day how he'd managed to fight off.

It was scary.

He's always been a smooth talker. Always been a flirt. But he felt himself floundering for words and clever things to say while in Thad's presence. He didn't want to look stupid in front of someone who was so clearly intelligent for his young years but that's all he seemed to be able to do. He miss-stepped constantly and it was the most frustrating thing in the world because he felt like talking to Thad should be easy. Like he was made to listen to that soft voice talk about gadgets and wires and computer code and watch his lovely face light up in his passion.

"Oh no," Dana said next to him and he took his eyes off the empty hallway to regard the shifter tensely but she only laughed flashing teeth. "I've seen that look before. Many times around here."

"What look?" he asked, frowning.

She only grinned wider. "You'll see."

"Marcus Polland."

Sebastian kept admirably straight faced, he had to give him that but it was all useless in the end.

"Your rogue buddy decided he liked breathing too much so decided to sing."

"Sing? Really, Al Capone? Gone not even two days and your little band of do good vampires decided to go all human mafia wars-"

"You know it's kind of fucked up how every time you even get close to feeling an emotion all this shit just comes pouring out of your mouth," Blaine observed casually leaning back in his beaten up chair. They were seated back at the table in the isolation room, Sebastian across from him seemingly healed from his bruises and scrapes but still dishevelled in his bloody and torn school uniform.

"Oh yeah, Dr Phil? What am I supposed to be feeling right now?" he sneered.


Sebastian scoffed and looked away but Blaine leaned in closer, leaning his forearms on the dented metal.

"You're fucking terrified, Smythe. That you're not good enough, that your dad was right about you being a waste of space, that you'll fail-"

"And what would you know about it!" he spat back, cutting him off as he struck that raw nerve again. "Blaine Anderson, the golden fanged wonder vamp. His parents on the council, a coven to lead that he didn't work for, a pasty face fae prince by his side… you've had everything handed to you on a silver fucking plate."

"Oh boo hoo. You think you've had it rough just because daddy liked all the other vampires better than you? Try having your family murdered while you're still in the house, hiding away and hoping to the gods they don't find you too like Tristan did. Or try having your own family try to kill you because you won't fall in line like, Zach." He swallowed roughly then said low and raw. "Try having someone take away the most important thing in your life and then have to carry on for years and years living with guilt that eats you up inside, makes you want to put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger just to get it to stop."

Sebastian was tellingly quiet, in fact, he looked actually uncomfortable all of a sudden at the harsh truths falling like blades off his tongue and pinning him to his seat.

"You know nothing about struggle. You know nothing about real pain," he spat harshly, eyes flashing onyx.

The silence stretched between them, thin and taut for a few seconds.

"You think that a few sob stories is going to soften me up?" Sebastian asked, but his shaky tone bellied the nonchalant vibe he was going for.

Blaine shook his head regardless. It wasn't his intention at all. "I honestly don't expect you to give a shit, no. But one thing you do care about is saving your own skin and that's what we're negotiating here."

"Negotiating," he snorted harshly. "Thought you said I wasn't in a position to negotiate anything?"

Blaine ignored him. "Tell me everything you know about, Marcus."

Sebastian flexed his jaw, mind visibly working overtime.

"Well you've got to let me out of here first," Sebastian told him matter-of-factly, suddenly getting increasingly more comfortable in himself which wasn't exactly a good sign.

"And why would I do that?"

"Because nothing I tell you about Marcus is going to be anything new or ground-breaking, I'm not that well connected. But the redneck you have sitting in your cell definitely shouldn't know who's on top of the pyramid when he's on the bottom," he pointed out like it was obvious.

Blaine clenched his jaw and sat back in his chair stiffly. "Make. Sense. Now."

He wasn't in the mood for this shit.

"It took me months of grunt work to even get my contact and trust me, he's nothing exactly special in the scheme of things," Sebastian belittled with a nonchalant shrug.

Blaine stared at him for a second. "You really don't care about anyone but yourself do you."

It wasn't a question.

"You're just catching on now? Come now, Blaine. I at least thought you weren't completely stupid."

And Blaine actually pitied Sebastian in that moment. No friends. No family. No Chosen. Simply alone with every bad thought, every horrible intention, power mad and letting it lead him into a darker and darker place.

"So he shouldn't know about Marcus… but he does," Blaine got them back on track, refusing to soften now with everything that was on the line. "Inside vampire?" he guessed.

"There it is," Sebastian grinned, all sharp teeth, pointing at him. "Not completely stupid after all."

He ignored him.

"But why would someone leak that down into the masses?"

"I want out of this hovel," he demanded, switching tracks faster than a train.

"You can't be trusted without someone watching you twenty four seven and I don't think anyone's going to jump at the chance to spend more time with you," he dismissed.

Sebastian said nothing in return though. His terms set.

Blaine tilted his head towards the two way glass.


Wes… we need this information.

We haven't got time to cater to this fangless coward on top of everything else. He hasn't got anything to lose at this point, Blaine. That makes him dangerous.

He has his life to lose… he very much holds that in high regard.

"Answer my question and we'll talk," he said to the vampire in front of him who was eyeing him speculatively, as if judging his sincerity.

"If they wanted to make sure that the name got out without having to risk being caught telling the wrong vampires himself then leaking it down the grapevine to idiots with loose tongues would be perfect," Sebastian commented, crossing his arms over his chest.

"So we have a vampire on our side working from the inside," Blaine concluded.

But no clue who they could be. That doesn't particularly help.

Blaine eyed Sebastian for a moment.

No... Blaine, don't be a moron!

"Would you be able to find this inside vampire for us if we let you out?"

He laughed, sharp and loud. "Why on earth would I do that?"

"Because if you don't then we really have no use for you at all and you're taking up room we may need later," he shrugged, the implication clear.

He ran his tongue over his teeth. "It would be possible."

"If you betray us your head won't stand on your shoulders long, Sebastian. Just so we're perfectly clear," he growled flashing his teeth.

"Oh I think we understand one another just fine," Sebastian said wryly. "You want me to join in with your little fool's quest and you're going to get trampled. Let the games begin."

I hope you know what you're doing, Blaine.


"No, Leon," he said stubbornly and was on the brink of actually raising his voice it seemed which was telling enough. "Evelyn will be here in about ten minutes."

He watched his mate fuss with putting his art supplies aside. He didn't like leaving them out for others to see when they had company.

"You haven't fed from me in about a week. Do not be stubborn, piccolo," he chided from his spot, lounged out on their many pillows in the corner. It was set out like a Persian kings, with silks and satins and they both preferred it to the stiffness of the furniture most of the time, favouring instead curling up simply together amongst the softness of pillows and furs.

"Not stubborn. Smart," Tristan countered softly, packing his pencils away in their cases; long, stained fingers stroking over them lovingly. "The Doctor said your blood pressure was low this morning."

"A fraction! In fact he said that I was recovering remarkably," he pointed out to his concerned Chosen, sitting up. Cristo they needed to push passed this. He hated seeing his treasure in such pain, veiled in this cloak of sadness.

"Recovering. As in, still in progress," Tristan stressed, throwing him a worried look as he stepped closer. Leon beckoned him nearer still and the young vampire dropped gracefully to his knees on the pillow in front of him.

"You hurt my heart, tesoro. It has been too long since I felt the bite of your fangs in my flesh," he murmured, twining their fingers on his right hand and bringing his wrist to his mouth to press kisses to where the first of the vine leaves of his tattoo started.

"Leon…" he sighed back, lashes fluttering at the contact but trying to remain firm.

"Just a little," he coaxed shuffling them ever closer. "I cannot stand the thought of someone else's blood on your tongue before mine."

Unfortunately vampires couldn't get the blood they needed from one another and so when Chosen's were found with other vampires it created a problem. The call for their Chosen's blood was still there, still as fierce as ever, still had the same drugging, all-consuming affect, however, it couldn't sustain them.

If Leon could he'd only live on the ambrosia that was Tristan's blood, but it wasn't to be so they compromised. Found a Giver that they both liked, that they felt could respect their privacy and boundaries and then every time before they arranged to feed they fed each other first. It was a ritual of sorts for them, feeding before and after Evelyn had left so that they could somehow pretend that it was only each other's blood that was running through their systems.

"It's only for now," Tristan whispered, but was visibly wavering and the hint of lengthening fangs gave him away wholly.

Leon disengaged their hands and run light fingertips over the sharply drawn lines of his cheekbones before he swirled them back around to skate along his jaw, up over his chin until he was tracing at his perfectly, imperfect mouth with his thumbs. A flawless cupid's bow with the top lip being a little bigger than the bottom and the ring of silver that cut through the bottom left side.

"You want, my tesoro," he breathed leaning in dangerously close, nose's skimming. "Let me ease you."

He closed the gap and gently took Tristan's top lip between both of his, relishing the shuddery exhale that drifted into his mouth when he opened up to drag the tip of his tongue over the plush softness in front of it. His Chosen blossomed like a flower under his ministrations, unfurling and opening up as he relaxed and a different, much more pleasant kind of tension began to seep in around them.

His clever tongue coaxed him closer and wider, fanning the flames of their desire as they ducked and tilted their heads to accommodate their rising passion and then wrapped around the younger's left fang.

The noise that garnered was symphonies and choirs from the angels above to his ears and Leon had him on his back in seconds with a groan of his own, plundering his mouth mercilessly and paying special, particular attention to those sensitive fang tips.

Tristan writhed under him, whining and keening and pulling at his hair in tangled fistfuls that made him hiss in approval. They hadn't been properly intimate just as long as Tristan had refused to feed from him for much the same reasons and Leon was dying a long and painful death in the drought.

He pulled back with a loud smack, panting and in awe of the vision underneath him. The colours in his hair spread out and stark as they mixed in with the darker, natural strands, eyes half-mast and blow, mouth passion bruised and red as a rose.

"Bello," he breathed.

Tristan detangled one hand and brought those artists fingers down to splay against his jaw and neck. "Questo è quello che tu sei."

Leon shook his head, free strands of his hair falling and creating a dark curtain around them. He adored the way his Chosen shaped his mother tongue. "Nulla è paragonabile a te, tesoro."

Tristan gifted him with a smile, that rare and lovely smile that had been missing these past few days and Leon leant down to burn it into his own lips before rolling them over so that he was on the bottom. The younger vampire gasped and steadied himself on his forearms, their legs tangled beyond recognising whose was whose anymore.

"Take from me," he murmured into his mouth, cupping the back of his head before ripping away and arching his neck in invitation.

Soft as wings Tristan laid a single kiss to the cord of his straining neck, tongue flicking out to taste his flavour before fangs scraped and pushed.

"Si," he groaned, long and drawn out and heard Tristan's answering moan before everything scattered from thought and mind.

It was now all centred on the pulse and draw of his lifeblood from him to Tristan and it had a heady effect on his senses. The rhythmic suction that got him hard as diamonds in his slacks and sent electricity buzzing down his spine, the phantom taste of Tristan's own nectar on his taste buds making his mouth water and fangs throb in want.

As if reading his mind the younger pushed his wrist up in front of his face with a needy little sound that was all the urging he need before he grasped the appendage and sank in.

It burst on his tongue, sweet and sharp at the same time. It was everything he ever wanted or needed all wrapped up into a taste and cristo he wanted to stay here forever suckling on his lover.

They had to pull back eventually however and when they did their mouths gravitated towards each other, combining their tastes together to create a more delicious cocktail as they explored each other's mouths and nipped playfully at lips.

The knock on the door made them groan in unison, but they reluctantly pulled back from the bloody mesh of mouths and tongue and fangs.

"Later," Leon promised huskily darting in for one last kiss and raised his hand up for one more swipe along his wrist and the bite mark there like a brand of ownership before he got up to open the door to their chosen Giver.

Evelyn was a bright spot in the darkened hallway and she greeted him with an easy, demure smile, not mentioning anything about his dishevelled state. "Master Leon. I hope you are well this day?"

He inclined his head gracefully and stepped aside for her. "I am. I hope everything is well with you fair, Evelyn?"

"Yes thank you," she beamed like she always did. She was unused to people treating her with respect due to her and her twins Omega status in her pack, so she always treated even the smallest courtesies as if they were precious things.

It was one of the reasons he and Tristan had chosen her to be their Giver. She was unassuming, bright with life despite her position in it and truly a kind, lovely soul to be around. She was a good friend to them and someone they trusted which was essential, not only because of their private natures but also because of what her job entailed.

The act of taking blood from someone else when you had a Chosen was tense.

Vampires with living mates outside of the vampire community couldn't swallow down another's blood at all without expelling it seconds later in agony and doing it only because it was necessary wasn't much better. It wasn't an enjoyable experience by any means and there was a constant urge to either shy away from the offered blood or tear your mate away with possessive force when they were feeding that was hard to get passed.

Leon and Tristan had tried to feed separately at first in different rooms, but soon found out they got so agitated it couldn't be borne. Over time they'd worked out what worked best for them and Evelyn was always eager to please and adjust with them.

Tristan had straightened himself up in the meantime and was shoving a headband into his hair to push it back out of the way in preparation to feed. "Hi, Evelyn."

"Master Tristan," she grinned.

"Will the formalities ever end," Leon lamented closing and locking the door. "You'll give us a complex, si?"

She giggled and shrugged making her way to the Italian leather couch. Tristan was quick to bring over a plush cushion for her to kneel on and she thanked him softly. "It is a habit," she admitted.

Leon walked over and settled into the corner of the sofa and Tristan took the space in between his legs easily, leaning back into his chest comfortably. At first he'd been hesitant to take up this position, so clearly intimate in front of someone, but they'd found that none other soothed quite like this and soon enough the younger wouldn't care.

"We shall break you of it one day," he promised.

"She's fine just the way she is. But we are your friends, so you don't have to do it because you think we expect it," Tristan smiled taking out his lip piercing deftly and tucking it into his pocket.

With Leon it wasn't a problem to feed with it in but the younger didn't like putting the metal to Evelyn's skin. When he'd asked Tristan had just shrugged and said, 'It's only ever touched yours.' And that was that.

"My thanks," she grinned, then hitched back the gauzy white sleeve on her arm and offered up her pale wrist to the younger first as was the norm.

Tristan took a deep breath and Leon tightened the arm around his stomach comfortingly and pulled him into a snugger fit before he leaned down over his shoulder and licked across the skin first. The blonde on the floor didn't even bat an eyelash, just held steady until Leon deemed the area to have enough of him on it for Tristan to put his mouth too.

When he did finally break the skin and begin to suck Leon nosed and kissed at his jaw and neck possessively, leaving a trail of blooming marks on the pale canvas of skin, the vampire instinct in him demanding that he make his territory known even to someone as nonthreatening as the werewolf on the floor.

The feeling was a driving white hot brand in his stomach an; è mio, è mio, è mio, that demanded satisfaction. He found himself muttering the words into the skin under his lips, his rock hard erection that had been there since their earlier coupling pressing into his lower back.

The feeding was fast and efficient and soon Tristan was turning his mouth away eagerly and into Leon who caught it fiercely, cupping his cheek tight and forcing his tongue into the others mouth in an impressive display of ownership. He chased the foreign taste of blood away in deep sweeping strokes and replaced it with himself and Tristan clutched at his forearm and pushed back just as hard, straining his neck for deeper contact.

Forcing some semblance of sense back, he parted their mouths and dove for Evelyn's still upheld wrist, higher now to accommodate, damp from Tristan's mouth with his fang marks deeply embedded. He fit his own fangs over the holes and dug in, blood filling his mouth immediately.

It was an empty feeding, there was hardly a taste at all as he forced down mouthful after mouthful, the only thing that kept him grounded and focused on getting through it was his piccolo in between his legs.

He'd twisted sideways to allow Leon room to bend forwards, legs hooked over his outer one and had also bent so he could pepper kisses to the side of his face. Needy fingers run through his hair, tugging because he wanted him away from Evelyn and the whining noises that accompanied it were torture. It reminded him strikingly of all those years ago when they'd first met, the way Tristan's words to ask for the attention and love he wanted always seemed to get stuck in his throat and come out in plaintive, desperate sounds instead. And all he wanted to do was comfort his Chosen, turn away and sink into pleasing him and loving him like he deserved, but the edgy place this put him in always helped to get this done faster so he pushed on with it.

The second he was finished they were on each other and they barely heard the quiet footsteps of Evelyn leaving the room or the soft click of the door closing behind her.

Tristan straddled his waist and ground down into his erection, both hands catching clumps of his hair, pulling the braid out completely as they aggressively locked lips.

It was usually so slow between them. They loved it that way. Being able to connect so deeply and on a level that was so stripped down and so bare. Each breathe, moan and inch of skin savoured and mapped and worshipped, but these were the times that their passion and possession mixed to become this explosive thing. Volatile and unpredictable.

Tristan pawed at his neck, running fingers along hard and biting in with his nails until he couldn't resist anymore and ducked under his chin and bit down with a muffled whimper in the same spot from earlier that hadn't even healed over yet.

Leon's eyes rolled back in his head and he grunted, hands splayed along his Chosen's ass to push up into him as he let his head fall back.

They didn't last long.

When one detached the other latched, until it was nothing but blood and want and need steaming up the air between them. Tristan came first with Leon's fangs in his neck and hands in his boxers and just knowing that he had brought the one person he loved more than breathing pleasure was enough to throw the Italian over the finish line as well with stunning force.

"I love you, il mio cuore," Tristan rasped collapsing down onto his chest, sated and sweating. He painted the most beautiful picture of all.

"Ti amo troppo, tesoro," he whispered back kissing every inch of him he could reach. "Ti amo troppo."

Kurt found himself in a room he hadn't really spent a lot of time in. The underground Warbler choir room and soon he was seated at the pristine white piano, a wave of familiarity overcoming him as he stroked at the keys and polished wood.

He lost himself in rising memories for a while, eyes unfocused as he recalled the happy tinkle and press of keys under his fingertips, the flirty sound of duets, the feel of kisses on his neck distracting him…

He'd been happy in this spot but inherently he knew something was missing and it made him miss Blaine sharply because there was no doubt it was his presence. Even if he was just in the room watching him, goofing around with his camera or quietly reading a book, he was almost always in here with him.

Gosh they were a co-dependent pair weren't they?

But he supposed, Chosen's and soulmates wasn't the exact norm for every couple in the human world so why should he hold to those sorts of standards?

He breathed out and looked around the darkened room. He hadn't bothered with the lights, instead had lit a few candles to match his mood as he found himself replaying last night in his head on a loop.

They had been clingy this morning. More so than usual. In fact Blaine had been stuck to him like glue ever since he'd woken up, but he really didn't feel like complaining about that when he was still expecting Darius to sneak a hand out around a corner and whisk him away again.

He'd called his dad before school hours started so he wouldn't suspect he was having yet another day off- he had so much work to catch up on when things were back to normal it was ridiculous- and it had been calming like a safety blanket to hear his gruff voice, know he was still only a car ride away, that they weren't cut off.

And why was that?

He'd thought a little on what had gone wrong yesterday while he had been eating earlier but was still stumped. Effectively he should be tucked away inside fae wards right now but here he was, they hadn't even gotten out of the state! It made him wonder if he had something to do with that somehow. After all, all he could think about was not leaving. Had his magic acted on its own like it so often did, listening to his strongest desires and manifesting them? Maybe it was the bond between him and Blaine, he was his soulmate and he knew without having to be told that was a powerful bond, maybe the most powerful. So it could even have been a combination of both.

But it was hard to understand or wrap his head around when he still knew so little of the magic inside him.

Raising his hands he placed them carefully on the black and white keys in front of him, not pressing down, just resting them there on the polished ivory in a semi-familiar formation. He hadn't played a piano since Sectionals nor honoured his mom in this way either and inevitably, thinking about his mom made his thoughts come around to his dad again and more specifically what David had said in that meeting that had gotten him so agitated.

He was always going to tell him at some point of course. It was a non-negotiable. But now the prospect was looming he was shying away like a scared rabbit diving into the nearest burrow.

Was he ready to do this?

He didn't hear him enter, didn't know he was there at all until tanned hands were sliding over his, chest resting at his back while one knee came up beside him on the bench to brace himself, surrounding him with love and comfort and heat.

He positioned their fingers gently then pressed down, a pleasant tinkling filling the air, then moved them again and repeated until the very slowly a song began to take shape under Blaine clever ministrations.

Kurt just let him guide him; closing his eyes and allowing Blaine to take over, concentrating instead on the feel of skin on skin, hyperaware of the points where they connected to one another and the feel of hot breath on his ear and cheek. He turned into it like a moth to a flame, resting his face against the side of Blaine's as he took them through the slow, beautiful notes until they drifted into nothing but silence.

"They're right you know…. he should know."

Blaine changed his grip to rub soothing little circles into the soft skin of his wrists. "Who, my love?"

"My dad."

"Kurt," Blaine sighed.

"Especially before things get even crazier," Kurt murmured more to himself, letting his hands fall off the piano and to his lap, bringing Blaine's with him. "I mean… this is dangerous now. What happened to, Leon…" he let it trail, opening his eyes and staring blankly at the hard line of Blaine's jaw. "We're on the verge of some kind of fight or battle or war and he, Carole and Finn need to be safe until this is over."

"If you think it's the right thing to do then I'll be there for you," he reassured him, running his hands up over his arms. "You already know I think it will be fine. He'll be shocked but he loves you, so he'll accept it."

"But this isn't like coming out or something… this is telling him that his son is not actually human. That my 'boyfriend' is actually my soulmate and a vampire and we're on the verge of a civil war. What if I set off another heart attack?" he asked worriedly. "I mean that could happen if he gets too worked up-"

Blaine moved to sit next to him on the bench backwards and grasped his chin in his hand firmly. "I'll be with you and I'll listen to his heart. If it starts getting too heated we'll diffuse it okay, beautiful? Don't work yourself up."

Kurt silently nodded his head and they sat there for a moment longer.

"How did it go with Sebastian?"

Blaine pulled a face. "He doesn't know a lot but he let us know that there's an inside vampire inside Polland's operation. Quite high up it seems too.

"Do you know who it is?" Kurt asked curiously.

"No but we can find out."

Kurt read him without even trying. "He'll betray us as soon as he gets a better offer, Blaine"

"What's a better offer than keeping his head?" he asked. "He'll cooperate because he has no other choice. He isn't leaving here and he'll be monitored around the clock, there's not gonna be a lot of breathing room for him to do anything, beautiful."

"I still don't trust him."

"Neither does anyone else."

Kurt sighed. "I'll support you, sweetie. Getting in contact with this vampire is important obviously. He's like our very own, Jeremiah."

Blaine hummed in agreement and the subject dropped abruptly, the mention of him still an open wound for both of them.

"Do you still want to go somewhere?" he asked instead.

Kurt nodded emphatically. "God, yes please. I'm suffocating down here."

Blaine got off the bench and pulled Kurt up gently behind him before walking them towards back to their rooms to grab their coats, phones, his car keys and his wallet before they were headed for the nearest exit.

Kurt and I are going out for a few hours, he let Wes know mentally, too lazy to get his phone out.

Not on your own,came the immediate, stern reply.

I'm sorry, mom.

Can the attitude. You of all people would be the last one I thought would be taking risks right now.

Blaine sighed. It was true. His desire to make Kurt happy was blinding him but he looked to the side and Kurt looked so thrilled and eager to finally be going out.

Blaine could have sworn he heard a mental groan of frustration.

Zach and Adam want to have a 'date night'. Have fun dealing with that.

He grinned huge and wide. I love you.

Put it away, Anderson.

Blaine fought a laugh and dug his phone out of his back pocket with his free hand. "Do you mind if Zach and Adam tag along?" he asked his Chosen. "It'll be safer to go out in a bigger group."

Kurt understood the deeper meaning in that and sighed but nodded. "As long as we get out I don't even care."

"D'you want to tell your sister and-"

Kurt shot him a dark look and he quickly ate his words. "He's not my keeper. I don't have to give him a play by play of my movements."

"My love… he thought you were dead and he's only just got you back. I know how that feels," he reasoned, finding it strange to suddenly be defending Darius of all people especially after what he had done. But he understood the motivation behind it. There was a brief time that he'd even contemplated sending Kurt back to his father to keep him safe but he'd eventually discarded the idea.

Kurt chewed on his lip pensively for a few more steps before he groaned softly. "Can you ask Wes or someone to let him know that I'm just going out to dinner for a few hours? I really don't feel up to arguing right now."

"Sure," he acquiesced leaning in to kiss him on the temple before doing as he asked.

Have you got a death wish for me or something?

Blaine smirked. Well you can always tell Elana… thought you'd like the excuse to talk to her again.

The reply took a couple of seconds.

No idea what you're talking about.

The smirk grew. So that's a yes?

Go. Away.

He chuckled. "Done."

Kurt shot him a weird look and laughed. "It's strange when you do that. You make all these faces."

"Gorgeous faces?" he asked fluttering his lashes.

"Goofy faces," he corrected poking him in the stomach and skipping away as they came up to the door to the underground car lot.

They didn't have to wait long before they were joined by the pair they were waiting on. Adam was dressed in a grey Henley and a nice fitting pair of jeans that showed off his muscles to perfection, shaggy blonde hair tousled and wavy around his face.

Zach on the other hand hadn't changed out of his bright orange jeans, yellow tee and similarly coloured high-tops, only now he was wearing a red Bulls snapback as well.

He was glad they had gone for casual because Kurt hadn't exactly gone all out like he normally would for an outfit this morning. He had on a blue sweater that brought out his eyes and a mustard pair of tight chino's and brown shoes. And Blaine had gone for his stripped white and black Henley and black jeans with espadrilles, making him look effortlessly, unfairly, gorgeous.

"Hey, guys," Adam greeted giving them an adorable little wave and smile and blush combo.

"Hey, Adam," Kurt grinned back. "So where's this big date being held then?"

"Adam wants Indian," Zach said happily- good mood apparently restored through being near Adam and the prospect of their date- like that was the end of the discussion. Adam wanted Indian so he was gonna get some Indian. End of story.

"You like Indian right?" the large blonde asked to make sure, shuffling his foot a little.

Zach grinned and pecked him on the cheek once... or three times. Because apparently he had to make sure lips had made contact to skin of course. These things were important after all. "Sure, babe."

Kurt happy danced internally for them, turning into mush at how much they obviously loved one another and how in their honeymoon phase they still were and wished he was wearing his 'Zadam' t-shirt instead.

"And you guys don't mind it?" Adam checked because he was just too nice and too well-mannered for Kurt to stand.

"I like it," Kurt reassured, watching Blaine nod as well and now that he was feeling better his appetite was coming back with a vengeance. "In fact I'm starved, let's go!"

Blaine beamed at that, pleased that he was getting back to normal and patted him gently on the ass, leaning into his ear. "So bossy."

Kurt stuck his tongue out at him and pulled away with a pleased flush.

"I'll drive!" Zach announced happily.

"No, Zach we'll just jump in my car," Blaine protested and Kurt cocked his head at him in interest.

"Is Zach that bad of a driver?" he whispered. It wouldn't be a surprise exactly.

Blaine grimaced. "No."

They followed the hyper redhead who was towing Adam along by his hand and behind a huge Range Rover was a bright yellow mini. And not a new one either, it was completely vintage for lack of a better word.

"Oh my god… this is what you drive?" Kurt asked bursting out laughing. It was just so… Zach.

"Your majesty approves?" he grinned wiggling his eyebrows.

"Not exactly."

He pouted and hugged the bonnet, placing a kiss on the glaring surface. "Don't listen to him, Shelia. He just doesn't understand you."

"You never told me you named your car, Shelia," Adam commented and Zach jumped up, the blush on his face making the freckles on his nose stand out more starkly and the lovesick look on Adam's face said that he thought that it was adorable.

"Well… she never really came up," he said awkwardly, clearing his throat and looking around.

"I like it," Adam smiled, shrugging and putting his hand in his pockets and Zach snapped his back around to grin back at him like a Cheshire cat.

Adam was the only one on this planet who could make Zachery Kensington feel self-conscious and he didn't even know the power he held. Was happy to just gaze at the redhead like he'd hung the stars and moon.

"Back to the matter at hand… how do you even fit inside there?" Kurt asked eyeing the tiny car. He was already wincing for his own legs, let alone Zach and Adam who were both easily over six foot.

"He folds away after he powers down," Blaine joked and Kurt and Adam laughed.

"That would explain so much."

"He doesn't," Adam admitted shyly on a blush and they all stared at him with rapt interest. "Power down I mean."


Zach had the smuggest, shit eating grin on his face known to man and vampire. Literal heart eyes as his chest puffed up like the cavemen of old.

"You're ridiculous, Z," Blaine snorted in amusement then smirked. "We were just talking about how small what you're working with is and you're being smug?"

"Oh just get inside Sheila and find out," Zach rolled his eyes, but his lips were twitching horribly like he was on the verge of cackling madly.

"First of all ew," Kurt said with a grimace and Blaine snorted in surprise before laughing again as he caught on to the innuendo he had missed. "Second of all. Rude! And third of all… this isn't some freaky clown car is it?" he smirked as he headed for the door.

"Well it does smell like hot dogs," Blaine commented and Zach shoved him with that hysterical, infectious laugh of his finally breaking free that had them all cracking up for no reason at all.

"Hands off the merchandise, freckles," Kurt warned pointing at him mock sternly.

"Yeah, yeah. I've got my own, hotter, taller, muscly-er, blondier, amazing-er version of your boring ass vampire thank you," Zach crowed heading over and opening the doors.

"Zach!" Adam protested embarrassed as he shuffled after him, red as a tomato and trying to hide under his hair. "Please don't…"

"Proclaim your beauty and attributes to the heavens?" Zach asked back innocently.

Adam shifted and cleared his throat self-consciously. "Yes. That."

"But babe," he whined then finished quietly, morosely. "You're so pretty."

"Um… so are you," Adam mumbled with a smile, biting at his lips nervously and Zach's blue eyes flashed brighter and happier than a cloudless sky on a summer's day.

"Aw," Kurt cooed, clapping his hands to his cheeks dramatically, unable to help himself.

"Okay, okay. Enough of the love fest. Food time," Blaine broke it up with a grin steering his hips away from them and back around to the obnoxious car.

Blaine and Kurt climbed in back and somehow, amazingly, Zach and Adam squeezed in front.

"Now isn't this cosy?" Zach grinned at them in the rear-view mirror.

"It does smell like hot dogs in here," Kurt complained distressingly holding his nose.

"Soooo many sausage jokes just came to mind," Zach cackled.

Blaine cracked up.

"Your car is not a big yellow bun," Adam told him with a laugh, ever the innocent and not getting the innuendo, just taking the comment as the literal- slightly strange but not for the red head- statement.

"Whatever you say, babe," Zach agreed easily enough. Like if the vampire just kept smiling and laughing like that then he'd agree with anything and anything.

If Adam had told him the car was a rocket ship Kurt was sure Zach would have tried to fly it to the moon.

"Seatbelts," Adam reminded them all and they all obliged, wanting to please him for reasons unknown but it was a universal fact of life.

"And we're off!" Zach crowed turning the engine over and pulling them out of the space and up the tunnel.

The old radio was turned onto a classic rock station and set on a low hum in the car as they drove out of the barn and over the field to get to the side road.

"So… the royal bands back together then?" Zach asked, looking at them through the rear-view mirror again.

"Zach," Adam admonished immediately.

"No its fine," Kurt sighed playing with Blaine's fingers, still feeling a little bone weary and tired. "But I wouldn't call it back together. He did try to kidnap me," he stated sarcastically.

"But you talked, right? That's got to be a good thing," Adam asked sweetly, ever the optimistic puppy dog stuck in a huge, muscled vampire body.

"Amongst all the wild magic flying around, yeah, there may have been a few words exchanged," Blaine chuckled wry and uneasily, laying lips to Kurt's forehead and continuing to thread his free fingers along the hair at his nape.

The car grew silent once more.

"Well! No one died," Zach shrugged. "So go team!"

Adam groaned and Kurt shook his head at the redhead's antics. It actually made him feel a little better the way that he was making light of what happened. Like he could pretend for a moment that it wasn't as big of a deal as it was.

"How about you just concentrate on driving, crazy," Blaine suggested, kicking the back of his chair.

"Alright, alright, don't take it out on Sheila," he admonished patting the dash before settling his hand over on Adam thigh and they watched as the blonde slowly slid his hand over the redheads and laced their fingers. "The sooner we get there the sooner I can play footsie with my babycakes and get him fed."

The blonde went as red as the light they were stopped at.

Zachery got them to the Indian restaurant with four more blushes under his belt, which he seemed to delight in causing in the same way Blaine loved doing it to him.


They were seated at a plush booth in the corner almost immediately, the smells around them already making their mouths water and Kurt was feeling more and more energised just from being out and doing something for once. Cares a few miles away locked underground until he went back to confront them.

Menus handed out and drinks ordered they began debating over options.

"I want everything!" Zach said scanning the menu and bumping Adam's shoulder. "Get everything with me, babe."

"What's good here?" Kurt asked absently biting his thumbnail as his eyes tracked over the many options, idly flipping the laminated pages.

"Everything!" Zach declared and they all laughed.

"We order from here all the time," Blaine told him, a warm presence at his side, arm cradling their side of the booth at his neck so he could rest back. "How about we just order a load of stuff for the table?" he suggested and they all agreed.

The amount of food ordered even had the polite waiter rising his eyebrows but he dutifully took note of the obscene amount and soon came back with a stack full of poppadum's and dips which they sank into greedily.

"Stop hoarding all the mango chutney!" Zach scowled at Kurt and the fae prince kinked a superior brow and dragged the silver bowl closer to himself, making a show of dipping and eating his next piece.

"Oh, it's on! You've thrown down the chutney challenge!" Zach pointed at him, nodding and Kurt tried not to choke around his giggle.

"Zach. You do this every time," Blaine groaned in exasperation then looked to Adam. "What do you see in him?"

"Beside his clear ADHD," Kurt chipped in sassily.

"I resemble that remark," Zach pouted, crunching on his poppadum's sullenly like a five year old that had just been scolded.

Adam shrugged, shifting under the attention with nervous fingers playing in the condensation on his glass of water, but he was smiling as he said, "He's my Chosen."

Zach melted into a puddle of shivery goo and leaned over to pull the blonde into a kiss.

Kurt didn't squeak when it happened… or reach for his phone to take pictures to send Jeff… and he definitely didn't have to have Blaine restrain him from doing so either. Nope. He was totally collected and calm.

"You are such a fanboy," Blaine whispered into his ear.

"I can't help it! Look at them! They make me want to buy them a house and puppies and force them to have babies!" he ranted flailing a hand at them.

Blaine got a light in his eye and turned his body to lean closer. "You think about things like that?"

Oh. They were having this conversation.

"Uh, well… sometimes?" Kurt flushed guiltily. "I mean… we've actually been together for a lot longer than even I remember so it isn't too weird…"

Okay. Maybe it was completely weird that he had planned out their wedding and had an idea of what house he'd like them to live in and what he would like to name their future little boy and girl and shit, they hadn't even had sex yet! What the hell was he th-

Blaine dove in and took his mouth in a surprisingly dirty and open-mouthed kiss that left Kurt's thoughts scattered and him reeling when he pulled back. Kurt touched his tongue to his swollen, still damp and tingling lips in wonder and he stared at the lustful, hot way his vampire was regarding him.

"It's not weird. It's hot," he stressed lowly, gaze bouncing back and forth between his wide eyes. "I love that you think about that… about our future. I do it all the time."

And why was that hot? He didn't know. Maybe because it was said with such certainty. They would eventually get pets and have a family and live alone and the idea of it did it just as much as it did for Blaine.

If they were weird then it was a weird that worked for them.

They leaned in again and met in the middle in a sweeter press of lips that was no less heated, only more languid. Blaine cupped his jaw and tilted his head to deepen it when Zach wolf whistled.

"Babe, look! Dinner and a show!"

They broke apart, Blaine going very reluctantly with a groan and Kurt looked over to Zach to see him waving a familiar silver bowl at him.

"Shouldn't make out in the middle of the chutney challenge, your majesty," he grinned triumphantly, doing a strange, jerky victory dance in his seat with the bowl.

"Yep… you've got a keeper there for sure," Kurt smirked at Adam who just laughed and shuffled closer to Zach. It might have been subtle if he wasn't so big.

"I like his crazy. It makes him, him," he said quietly, fiddling with his napkin.

"Aw babe," Zach cooed putting the dish down and plastering himself to the bulky blondes side. "That's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me! Wanna sneak into the toilets and make out? Unlike these savages over here practically dry humping in the booth, we have class."

Adam's eyes widened and Blaine burst out laughing, loud and ringing, gaining sudden attention from other diners, while Kurt just scowled and crossed his arms over his chest huffily. He was not a savage.

It was at this moment the food arrived and they barely had room enough to fit it all on but they managed and were soon digging in with relish, challenges and huffs forgotten in the wake of such amazing smelling dishes. Kurt himself was almost moaning obscenely around every bite he was so hungry.

"So how are things going between you two?" Blaine asked the couple across from them after a few moments of silent filling their stomachs, daddy vampire coming out to play as he tangled their ankles under the table, spooning some more food onto Kurt's plate probably without even realising it.

Zach suddenly got a little uncharacteristically coy and he fiddled with his cap as he side eyed Adam. "Good… they're good… right, babe?"

Adam smiled back at him and took a second, but laced their fingers on the table top shyly. "Yeah. They're perfect."

"I can't believe how long it took you to work all this out," Kurt laughed gesturing to them with a hand. It looked so simple and easy now, the love they had between them.

"The Tom Jones song probably wasn't the wisest move," Zach conceded scratching at his cheek with his free hand, but he was unashamed at the show he had put on, only remorseful that it had caused his Chosen hurt at the time.

Blaine shuddered. "Yeah. It was like nails on a chalkboard in visual form."

"Harsh, bro. Harsh," Zach said putting a hand to his heart.

"It wasn't that bad," Adam defended with an easy laugh. "I overreacted and read too much into it. I thought he did it justice."

"Even with the hip thrusts in your face?" Kurt asked dubiously.

Adam flushed red and went noticeably silent, redirecting his attention and spooning masala onto his plate. Kurt thought there might have been an attempt to sink lower in the seat as well but Adam wasn't really built for hiding effectively under tables.

"Oh my god you loved it!" Kurt accused gleeful and astonished. "You loved all that Kensington grinding all up on you!"

Blaine raised a brow. "That worked for you?"

Adam raised wide eyes, flushed all the way from his roots to his collar and shifted guiltily. He fish mouthed once or twice, looked towards the door in a bad habit like he was contemplating making a run for it then resettled his eyes on the table, like a plate of mushroom rice was the most fascinating thing ever.

The red head on the other hand looked like someone handed him the key to the gates of heaven. "Well, babe. I can work it for you anytime you like. Just ask."

Adam swallowed, throat sticking as he peeked up at him, gnawing on his lower lip embarrassed.

"Adam. Quick. You can still run," Blaine joked.

"Please," Zach scoffed. "Like Kurt doesn't put up with your overgrown, puppy, goofy ass all the time."

"That's true," Kurt nodded, faking a put upon sigh and then squealed in laughter as Blaine tickled his sides in revenge.

"Imp," he growled playfully at him.

"Blaine! I'm gonna throw up if you don't stop!" Kurt rushed out passed a giggle.

He relented.

"Adam," Zach whined against his cheek, cajoling his Chosen. "Don't be embarrassed. You turn me on all the time! Hell, I'm turned on right now!"

Kurt was worried that their teasing may have ruined the night for the blonde but to their surprise and a testament to just how far the couple had come already, Adam cracked a laugh, relieving some of the tension and turned into him, nuzzling their noses. "You're always turned on."

"That's 'cause I got you to look at," he grinned wide and winked. "You just don't play fair."

Adam shook his head at him indulgently, then leaned forwards to press their mouths together for a chaste kiss. He pulled back and Zach licked his lips. "You taste nice."

And the blush was back full force.

Blaine and Kurt watched them like proud mama birds until the sound of Blaine's phone interrupted the serenity. He pulled it out and looked at the screen frowning as it flashed unknown.

"You can get it," Kurt encouraged him with a smile, turning back to his food and their friends.

"I'll be back in a minute," he said, laying a kiss to Kurt's head before he slipped out of the booth and then outside into the cold air. He swiped his thumb to answer, pressing it to his ear.


"Would you mind telling me why there was an attack on your coven and you forgot to inform the Council?" was the opening line, crisp and disdainful.

The blood rushed from Blaine's face. "Hello to you too, father."

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"Nulla è paragonabile a te, tesoro."- Nothing compares to you, treasure.

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