So, finally got my metaphorical tail in gear and decided to favor our much beloved bro's with another adventure. I'm not sure exactly how long this story will be, but given past experience, you should proabably strap in and get comfortable. Inspired (and in answer to) The Third Biker Scholar's Great Romance Challenge, I now offer up the first chapter for her inspection and approval. And if you haven't read her series of one shots The First, you seriously need to! It is made of nothing but epic! :)

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"Oh man, I am so late…!"

Throttle put on an extra burst of speed, nearing the edge of the brilliantly colored Martian woods. If he at least looked like he was trying to be on time, maybe he wouldn't be sentenced as harshly!

The tan gold mouse stumbled out of the trees and underlying brush, tripping and nearly falling flat on his nose. He snorted and regained his balance. "Great Throttle! Well done! If you flatten your muzzle back into your skull maybe you can make a play for pity points…"

He trailed off, red eyes widening as he finally took stock of what he was seeing. "…"

Smoke was pouring out of the cave that had been his home for almost fifteen years. Furniture lay strewn near the door and down the hill leading up to the cave, having apparently been hurled out the door. There were other things there.

A comb, a shoe, a small stuffed animal…

The winded mouse suddenly broke into a run, panic stricken. Pulling a bandana from his pants pocket, he paused just for an instant at the door to suck in a clean breath of air and tie the bandana over his mouth and nose. Then he plunged into the hot, smoky depths of the cave.

His eyes almost immediately began watering from the smoke as he raced through the flames, frantically searching for any sign life. He searched room after room, desperately calling for someone, anyone to answer him.

Kitchen, living room, playroom, her room, their room…

Tears were streaming down his cheeks and he was pretty sure that it wasn't just from the smoke. He knew he needed to get out of there, Martian granite tended to emit gasses when set aflame like this. But he kept searching, feeling like he was going to cough up one if not both of his lungs if this coughing didn't let up soon!

But he couldn't leave!

He couldn't walk out of this cave without knowing for a fact that no one was left inside. That he wouldn't be leaving someone behind to burn to death when he walked out that door!

His vision began to swim, and he knew that time was up.

Sobbing, the tan mouse turned and bolted for the door, tripping over broken furniture hidden in the haze of smoke and flame. He had to get out! He was no use to anyone, especially them, if he was dead. Oh god, they had to've gotten out! They just had to!

He wasn't sure if he could go on without them!

Cool air smacked his hot face as he stumbled out into the sunshine, harsh coughs racking his frame as his lungs tried to expel the smoke and gasses he'd inhaled. He could barely make out anything through his watery eyes. His head was reeling, and he was pretty certain he wasn't walking in a straight line anymore. And he really couldn't bring himself to care.

A voice he didn't know was called out to him and he turned. That was a mistake. His foot caught and he tumbled forward, crashing to the dusty red ground of him home planet. Throttle lay there, like one dead or unconscious. He didn't have the strength left to twitch an ear, let alone get back on his feet.

That unfamiliar voice was coming closer. After a moments consideration Throttle decided to let it come. It wasn't like there was much he could do to stop it anyway.

Strong hands slipped under his body and carefully rolled him over.

He starred up through bleary eyes at a mouse with brown fur and long darker brown hair that fell over his shoulder in a pony tail. He vaguely remembered seeing this military mouse around town, but he'd never met him. He was pretty sure the mouse was a general or something like that in the Martian military.

"Kid, can you hear me?"

Throttle gave a weak nod, surprised to discover that he actually did have the ability to move if only just.

The older mouse's face showed relief. "Good. You ok kid? Can you tell me what happened?" muddy red eyes glancing at the still smoking entrance to the cave, he added. "Is anyone still inside?"

Throttle's voice finally seemed to break free of its paralysis and shoved its way out of his chest. "I don't know." Throttle sobbed, weakly trying to wipe the tears out of his eyes with a sooty hand and only irritating them worse as he got the grit in them. "I can't find them."

The mouse's grip on Throttle's shoulder tightened as he looked back at the smoking door. It seemed to take him all of a split second to put two and two together about what Throttle had been doing. He gently pulled the teen close, letting the much younger mouse's head rest against his shoulder. "Who kid? Who can't you find?"

"My…My mother." Throttle panted brokenly into the mouse's fur. "And Alexiana…"

And before there is an uproar of people asking who the hell is Alexiana, let me state quite clearly that she will be explained in the next chapter!

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