Chapter 20


She tucked a lock of raven black hair behind her ear as she walked toward the principle's office. When she reached the door, Lilac tapped her worriedly.

"It's alright, this will be easy. But, hold this," she said, throwing her wand at Lilac who caught it easily. "I don't trust me with it in the same room as him."

Taking a deep breath, she walked into the main office, Lilac following behind her.

The two secretaries didn't even look up at her. A door in the back opened a fraction as an orange ball came running at her.

When it jumped, she caught the orange tabby easily. "Hey Peaches," she said, scratching him under the chin. "I know, I know you hate that name. You know what? I'm going to call you William. If Mr. Bighead wants to call you Peaches, then that's his problem. But you and I will both know your name is William."

Lilac eyed the cat suspiciously. She didn't trust cats easily.

William purred and rubbed his face against hers, making her laugh. She pushed the door of Mr. Smith's office open the rest of the way and walked in.

In the corner of the room she placed William in his bed. "G'night, William."

"His name is Peaches," said a voice behind her as the door was closed.

"I know, but he doesn't like that name."

"How do you know that he doesn't like it?" Mr. Smith asked, lowering his eyebrows.

"Well would you like the name Peaches? We could start calling you that instead."

Not amused, Mr. Smith motioned for her to sit down. Smirking, she plopped into the chair, waiting as Mr. Smith sat down across from her then picked up the paper with her name on it. Lilac chose to sit down beside her.

"So what's my fault this time?" she asked.

"We understand that you kicked Mr. Randle."

She snorted. "Kicked? I didn't. I knee-ed him in the groin. I can't believe he had the guts to report me after what he did."

"And what was that, exactly?"

"He attacked Lilac. He was holding her upside down by the legs when I got there. I had to knee him to get him to let her go."

"Yes, well, Lilac,"he said, glancing to her right where Lilac sat.

The way he said the name sent a cold bolt of anger right threw her. "Just because she can't speak to you does not mean she doesn't understand, Mr. Smith," she said, malice lacing her voice.

Mr. Smith cleared his throat. "I'm afraid, this is it." She sat up a little straighter at his change in tone. "We just can't have physical violence in this school."

"What?" she yelled, jumping from her seat. "Physical violence? When Sara McColin locked me in a storage closet that wasn't physical violence? When Bobby Ryan tried to bury me alive? When Mitch Lawern tried to see how many stairs I could fall down without stopping? When Ash Micon wanted to see if I could sleep upside down like a bat and hung me by my ankles from the top floor window? When Linda Thyme tried to tie me to a rock and throw me in the pool to see if I would sink? I still have nightmares!"

Mr. Smith left his seat too. "And what do all of those things have in common?" he shouted so violently that his toupee slipped down over his eyes. With a growl he pulled it off and fell into his chair again, folding his hands and trying to look dignified. "I'm sorry, but we're going to have to ask you to leave."

She folded her hands in an impression of him, but didn't sit down. "Well, I'm sorry too. But I'm going to have to ask you to shove your wand up your ass. Oh, and your cat hates you."

Turning on her heel, she threw the door open, waited just long enough for Lilac to proceed her, then slammed it behind her. One of the secretaries began to lecture her.

"Shove it." Just to be ignorant, she slammed the outer office door too.

"Let's go," she said, reclaiming her wand from Lilac, who followed silently behind her as she led the way to dorm thirty two.

When she reached the dorm, she yanked her suitcase out from under the bed and began to throw her things into it. When she had blown enough frustration on underwear and jeans, she sat down at her desk.

She pulled out a piece of paper, and anticipating her next move, Lilac brought her a pen.

"Why don't you go to sleep, Lilac? You've had a hard day." She waited until she knew Lilac was comfortable before going back to her letter.


I'm leaving as soon as it gets dark. Expect me a few hours after you get this. I don't want to come back this time. We're going to have to write what's-his-face again. I can't take it here anymore.

I'll see you really soon,


She handed the note to Garnet and kissed the top of her feathered head. "Take it to mom for me, okay?" After singing a note of affection, the bird disappeared.

With a sigh, she went pack to packing her things; a little more neatly this time.

When the door opened, she kept her attention on what she was packing and didn't look up.

"Where are you going?" came Miranda's voice.

"The other side of the world," she answered.

"What, did your father suddenly decide he wants to see you?" Miranda said with a chuckle.

"No," she responded, ignoring Miranda's comment. Once everybody had found out who her father was, she'd heard about it repeated. It didn't even stir the slightest bit of emotion in her anymore. "I'm leaving."

"Leaving? As in not coming back?" Miranda's voice sounded strained.

"Yes," she answered slowly turning around to face her. The voice had made her stop. 'Could it be? Is somebody besides William going to miss me in this God forsaken school?'

"Oh my God!" Miranda exclaimed.

'Maybe, just maybe they will. I can always get back in. Mom can make it happen again.'

"Oh, wait until I tell everybody!" Miranda turned around and slammed the door on her way out.

As she stared at the door, she felt her heart tighten, then pop. She fell backwards onto her bed.

"I don't need them," she said to the sleeping Lilac. "I have you." Her voice broke and there were wet tear drops on her light purple blouse that she didn't remember dropping.

She finished packing quickly. Students weren't supposed to do magic outside of class. It was a rule often broken, but never by her. But she wasn't a student anymore. She used charms to attach some of her luggage to her broom, and when Garnet returned, gave her some things to carry. The last thing she did was wake up Lilac.

When she walked into the hall, she was greeted by almost the whole grade. They all shared this hallway, and Miranda had probably knocked on every door. They cat called and cheered as walked past.

She scanned the crowd and spotted he face she was looking for. She locked eyes with him and he smirked.

Andy Randle. Above all, he had been the worst. Rather then her, his favorite target was Lilac. He knew she would always come to Lilac's defense. And as soon as she got Lilac to safety, when he knew he had her full attention, he tried to get into her pants. The tactic had worked before with a few other boys. They had convinced her that they loved her, and only did the things they did to get her attention. She'd learned her lesson after the third time she'd opened up and ended up back stabbed, alone, and humiliated.

She walked toward Andy, her head lowered, eyes downcast, and smirking at the floor. She stopped directly in front of him, setting down her package laded broom. The hallway grew quiet.

She looked up at him, her face calm, and put her hands on his shoulders. She was shocked, and as he was unsure what she was doing, he didn't move.

She smirked, and his eyes narrowed. She knee-ed him, twice as hard as she had the last time. He groaned and sunk to his knees on the floor.

Nobody moved, not even to help him. When she was attacked, she defended herself. When she saw somebody else attacked, she defended them. But she had never taken the offence, and attacked somebody.

"Karma's gonna kick your ass."

With that, she left without looking back.

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