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Non Timebo Mala

"Well, what d'you think on this one? Witch?" Dean asked as he threw himself backwards on his bed in the motel room at the Elks Lodge.

"Seems like it, though I checked out the last vic's apartment, no signs of hex work" Harry said, the four had changed out of their suits and into their usual casual gear

"Well I'm gonna do some research" Dean said

"Le Gasp!" Harry said dramatically "Dean Winchester doing research? I though you guys stopped the apocalypse?" he laughed

"Real funny, I meant field research. Those chicks were all last seen alive in bars on the Strip right?" Dean rolled his eyes

"I should've known" Harry laughed as Dean left the room and they heard Baby's engine purr as the oldest Winchester drove her out of the parking lot, heading south towards the Strip.

Adam and Harry decided to head into their own room which adjoined their older brothers'.

"Are you ok?" Adam asked as Harry pulled out his book.

"Me? Yeah why?"

"You shot outta that morgue like an Angel outta Hell" the older boy said

"What can I say? After three months as a hunter I still get queasy around the bodies" Harry shrugged as he settled back to read his book.

Non Timebo Mala

Dean had been traipsing around bars for about three hours now and all he had to show for it was half a dozen come-ons from four chicks, on straight up guy and another guy who'd been wearing drag. Dean was just about to get back in his car and drive back to the motel when he spotted a pair of feet in an alley near the car.

Pulling his gun from his belt and crept down the alley towards the feet. Once he was close enough a sighed in frustration and flipped open his cell phone.

"Beres? We've got another one, an alley just north of West Harmon" he said, looking in sadness at the young brunette, a girl he'd definitely have flirted with.

About fifteen minutes later and Beres showed up with her team.

"Nice duds" she said with a glance at Dean's casual clothes

"I was doing field research, which was a total bust, I was just about to head back to the motel when I saw her" he said "I'd better call my team" he pulled out his phone and called Sam

"'Sup Dean?" the other man's voice said on the other end

"We just got another body, brunette, red eyes" Dean said

"Well if it makes you feel better I think I found something, all four of these women had messy breakups in the last few weeks, their ex's all went to the same Voodoo store, apparently they asked the Priestess to 'make their ex-girlfriends pay' for looking at other guys" Sam said

"And she burns their eyes out, makes sense" Dean whispered so that Beres wouldn't hear

"Meet you back here?" Sam asked

"Uh huh" Dean hung up and told Beres he needed to go check in with his team.

Non Timebo Mala

"A voodoo Priestess huh?" Dean said

"Yep, works out of a place on West Tropicana" Sam explained

Harry let out a small chuckle and looked at Adam, "You remind me of the babe"

"What babe?" Adam replied

"The babe with the power"

"What power?"

"Power of Voodoo"

"Who do?"

"You do"

"Do what?"

"Remind me of the babe" Harry finished

"Real cute Harry but we need to stop her" Sam rolled his eyes

"I know that Samsquatch, don't get your antlers in a knot" the youngest Winchester laughed

Non Timebo Mala

The four Winchesters headed to the voodoo shop and confronted the Priestess, she pulled few fancy tricks with her magic but Harry was a way more powerful sorcerer than she would ever be. Eventually he had her magically pinned to the wall.

"You will never get away with this, the black hearted brother will destroy you all when he is raised" she hissed at them

"The I guess we'll see you in Hell my dear, because it'd be the first time for all of us" Harry said sarcastically as he held her in place, he might not have ever had any formal training but he made up for it in raw power and he'd learned to control it by himself quite successfully.

With a single shot, Sam finished her off. With a wave of his hand, Harry removed any trace that the Winchesters had ever been in the building and made it look like the woman had been killed in a robbery gone wrong. After that they left.

Non Timebo Mala

Sam and Dean were packing everything into the Impala; they were just waiting on Harry who'd disappeared off somewhere.

"Where the heck is he anyway?" Dean asked, just then the boy rounded the corner, his bag slung over his shoulder

"Where were you?" Sam asked

"Saying goodbye to agent Beres" Harry lied smoothly

Non Timebo Mala

Next time on Supernatural

Harry wandered through a flea market outside of New Orleans, out of the corner of his eye, he spots something unusual.

Non Timebo Mala

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