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Chapter 1

As Amy walked into the barn to start the morning feeds she couldn't stop thinking about all she could think about was Ty !What was wrong with her ?She just kept daydreaming about Ty kissing her and it was driving her insane.

As she started handing out the feeds,she heard Ty's truck pulling up went over to greet him and he looked like he was crying '' Whats wrong Ty ? '' she asked him softly,looking at him in concern. '' My dad kicked me out of the house!, I've got nowhere to go!'' Amy thought quickly '' You could stay here Ty!'' she exclaimed ''I mean if you want to that is'' she said smiled slowly and softly, ''I'd love to '' he said giving Amy a quick hug.

Ty was moving in later that day,he was going to cook Amy dinner since her grandpa was out of town for a was happy that Ty accepted her invitation to stay at she and Ty were finished the evening feeds,they went inside to wash up and make Amy changed from her yard clothes she thought about how great it would be to have Ty living in the same house as started to fantisize about her and Ty living together as a couple and started wishing it was real.

She walked downstairs after getting changed just as Ty was putting plates on the table.''Smells great Ty!'' she said looking apreciatively at the plates on the table ''Thanks,dig in'' Ty replied smiling softly at talked about the horses over dinner and then,after they washed the dishes, went to the living room to watch a movie let her head rest on Ty's shoulder smiling at how close they were,Ty chose a scary movie and Amy half jumped on top of him everytime something just chuckled and held her closer to him.

Amy was so happy being in Ty's arms without thinking she turned around and kissed him,quickly,she pulled back in suprise only to notice that Ty was smiling at her,he pulled her mouth back to his and Amys fantasys were coming through, she was kissing Ty!

The end!

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