Dry Ice as they call her was still studying at the library, it was like her thing everyday study study study, she just couldn't live without it!

"I need to get my grades up, being with Haru has made it suffer too much!" Shizuku Mizutani thought.

"BAWK BAWK" A rooster shouted at the girl's feet.


She remembered something. "Now that I think of it... I didn't eat breakfast today."

"BAWK BAWK" It jumped up trying to get to her face then shouted again quickly retreating behind the wall. Not before letting a white oval shaped thing coming out of it's butt.

"It's an egg."

"It's an egg..."

"It's an egg..."

A blacked haired guy jumped in the window from outside then noticed the egg.

"Shizuku... Don't tell me..." He frowned glaring at the egg then back at her then back at the egg several times as if he was trying to think of something. Probably something stupid as always.

"You laid an egg!" He yelled before picking up the egg.

"Yep... Something stupid" Mizutani thought before noticing who it was.

The girl started to blush staring at the boy who recently jumped in the library from the window. She remembered the other night, she had actually kissed him. She was still remembering the other night, every little piece of it.

"Hey, Shizuku, you there?" He went up to her face then started waving his hand, she didn't respond so he decided to stare at her up close.

Meanwhile Mizutani was blushing heavily but all she could do was look at the person who was right there in front of her, he was coming closer and stopped but still looking at her eyes.

"Shizuku!" He yelled once again this time at his loudest causing the girl to finally come back to reality after trying many different ways.

He once again looked back at the egg. "So Shizuku you laid that egg?"

"I-I-It was the chicken!" She replied.

"Oh," He saw the tail of the rooster then went after it. "Also Nagoya is a rooster"

He grabbed the rooster then left.

After that a girl about her age named Natsume came in just to see her friend in shock.

Shizuku's face was blue. Light blue. But really blue. "He thought I laid that egg..." Was all she could say in her head, she repeated it and repeated it over and over again.

Tip number one to make a guy love you! Show off some sex appeal girl!

Tip number two to make a guy follow you! Smack him down then order him!

Shizuku Mizutani couldn't believe what she read. This was the absolute worst book ever. Is this why their teacher always got rejected by guys she asked out? Yep. No wonder Haru grabbed me her.

Well maybe the sex appeal would work but... Smacking him head down then ordering him? That did not make sense. She imagined herself smacking Haru to the floor then ordering him to fetch her a text book.

"Hey Shizuku you hungry or something?" The black haired boy named Haru next to her said.

"W-What?" She responded with.

"Well your face was really red." He answered before jumping out the window into the trash can with a loud thump.

She stared at the window then turned back to reading the book.

"She sharpened her knife for the next kill about to torture the next victim to make them love her. The next person was brought, barely alive. She started cutting their fi-" The light brown haired girl read from the poorly written romance novel.

"Our teacher was reading this?" She thought staring at the text.

The girl heard whispering from behind the teacher's desk so she went to look at what it was. She saw a girl muttering something. Wait no it was Natsume. Still she was a girl.

"What are you doing." She asked with her eyes half opened like usual.

"Stalking someone."

This was a random story that happened because I was bored, I will not be making this into an official series, just a random one shot that I decided to do.

Sieler, out.