Sexy Latvia x sealand

Peter woke up somewhat slowly, he grabbed his cell phone and checked the messages. He had been talking to Ravis late last night, and had fallen asleep before Ravis had gotten back to him. There was one message from Ravis, and one from… Peter didn't recognize the number, but he had an idea of who had sent the text.

From Ravis "Sorry, gotta go 3"

From the other number "If you have to text Ravis, please find a way to convince Mr. Russia to give him his own room so he doesn't wake us up."

"Toris… " He whined, "How did you get my bloody number?"

He started to get ready for the day, today was, after all, an incredibly spectacularly important day.

November 18th, Raivis Galante's birthday. Today, Peter decided, was the day. Admittedly he was worried about how Ivan would react, but he couldn't worry about that now. He finished getting ready and then called Raivis.


"Hello! It's Petah." He said brightly.

"Oh! Petair! Are you still coming over today?"

"Absolutely!" Peter said, beaming even though Raivis couldn't see him, "I'll be there in just a bit!"

"Nevar gaidīt, lai redzētu jūs!"

"Uhhh… alrighty then!" He clicked the phone off and left.

"Ne! Go back in dere!" Toris laughed, pushing Raivis back into the bedroom they were all three forced to share, "And don't come out until ve say you caan."

"But Tori-"

"Hey! Do vat I shay or I'll make you cook for a veek." He teased, with a slight threat behind it.

"Fiiiinne…" Raivis looked around the room, "Dere is nothing to do around here…" He sat on the bed and before he knew it someone was knocking on the door to the room.

"Hello? Are you in there?"

"Hmm?... Oh! Petair! Hold on…" He opened the door, and was knocked over instantly by Peter who gave him a giant hug, forcing him to the ground, "Oi… Missed you too…"

"I haven't seen you in quite a long time! What was I supposed to do? Shake hands?"

The two laughed while they were getting up,

From outside the room they could hear someone shutting the door heavily, "I don't think I got the right kind of- mmf!"

"Shhh! He'sin the other room! You don't vant him to hear you, sir, do you?"

"Oh… I tought he was still asleep…" Ivan chuckled, "Sorry… You did say-"

"Taip, taip! That's perfect."

"Ignore them, eh Raivis." Peter said, "I dunno what they're up to, but I want all of your attention."

"Y-you do?" Raivis sounded a bit surprised, "Th-that's …"

"Absolutely." He sat down next to Raivis, "Did anyone ever say how lovely a shade of blue your eyes are?"

"N-ne… You're getting awfully close…" Raivis wasn't sure what to do with himself, "Wh-what are you doing?"

"Awww don't tease me too much…" Peter said softly, scooting a little closer to Raivis.

"Uhhh…" he stuttered quietly, "Whaaat are you doin'?"

"Just playing, I thought you liked games." He said, "How come you let Ivan play games but not me?"

"You say th- !" Raivis couldn't finish his sentence, because Peter had grabbed his chin and kissed him.

"Surely you can't tell me-"

"I… I think I … I liked that…" he whispered, "Uhhm… d-do it again…"

"Really? Well alright." Peter tenderly touched Ravis' face, and lightly brushed his lips, and kissed him again. He was surprised to find that suddenly Ravis had moved his hand onto Peter's face and was kissing him back very passionately.

"Man patīk jums, Pēteris ..." he whispered softly in the British territory's ear.

"What?" Peter asked, looking in Ravis' indigo eyes, which were blazing with something that he was almost certain no one had ever seen in their depths before.

Ravis answer by kissing him again, taking control and pulling Peter's chest against his own.

"Hey uh… Litva.." Ivan said, rather shyly for his usual nature, "I don't tink we should be bodering dose dva for a time, da? …"

"Hm? Vat do you mean sir- … mano dieva…"

"Da…" both Ivan and Toris blushed in embarrassment, and they left the house for a while, deciding to leave the two alone for the rest of the day.

"Wow… this place looks brilliant!" Peter said when they looked around at the decorations, "Your brothers and Ivan really outdid themselves."

"Ja…. They did…" Ravis looked around for a moment, "Where are they anyway?" The two looked at each other and made faces of sudden realization, and groaned.

"Well… that's that and I suppose we should … ya.."

"Alright, see you Peter." Ravis smiled brightly, and gave Peter a tight hug before the latter walked home.

Ravis ran to his room and rolled on the bed for a moment.

"BEST! BIRTHDAY! EVER!" He shouted happily.

OMGOSH I'M SO SO SO SO SORRY EVERYONE! ToT I lost my flashdrive and then junk started happening. I hope you like it…