Mr. and Mrs. Odair: The couple lived out the remainder of their lives in District 4.

Gilbert Strotworth: Mentoring children that would never return home took its toll on Gil. Eventually, he grew so emotionally distressed that he decided to run away from Panem altogether. In an attempt to flee District 4, Gil mysteriously drowned before he could make his escape. As a result, his own mentor had to return to the Games to take his place.

Sandy Rivera: Sandy Rivera became engaged to Wavely Jacobs before the rebellion. She also chose Annie to be her Maid of Honor. However, one week prior to the wedding, an announcement aired across Panem for the 3rd Quarter Quell.

Wavely Jacobs: Wavely married Sandy Rivera, and together they had three children who would never have to be exposed to the trauma of the Hunger Games.

Tyler Rutters: Tyler was reaped for the 70th annual Hunger Games alongside his friend Annie. He was later beheaded during the games.

Annie Cresta: Annie was reaped for the 70th annual Hunger Games. In the beginning, she joined the career pack with her District 4 partner, Tyler Rutters. Annie later broke apart from the careers and was driven to insanity, after Tyler was killed in front of her very eyes. For the rest of her games she hid until an earthquake broke a damn which flooded the arena. She survived by being the best swimmer, thanks to a little boy who had taught her how long ago. Years later, Annie married Finnick in District 13 and gave birth to a baby boy.

The Swamp Monster/Granny/Maggie/Mags: In her late seventies Mags suffered a stroke, which hindered her ability to speak. At the 3rd Quarter Quell, Mags volunteered, in order to protect Annie Cresta. During the Games she sacrificed herself to save the little boy, who once called her swamp monster, from a poisonous fog. This was the last time anyone saw the legendary swamp monster.

Finnick Odair: Finnick was reaped for the 65th annual Hunger Games. Using a net and a trident Finnick would snare and spear his enemies. This led to Finnick becoming a Victor, at the age of fourteen. For nine years after, Finnick was a mentor for District 4 tributes, including Annie Cresta and Tyler Rutters. By the tenth year after his victory, he was reaped again at the 3rd Quarter Quell alongside his mentor Mags. During the games, Finnick watched as the woman, whom he once called Granny, sacrifice herself to save him. This was the last time he saw his old friend.

According to Mockingjay, Finnick Odair died amongst squad 451, while in combat in the Capitol.

But not everything is what it seems. Finnick Odair will return.

Enter the Inferno and discover the truth.