Second Verse, Same As the First

Play List

To make things slightly clearer, songs have been listed first by character, then title, and then credited creator.  Following the names of the creators, in parentheses, are the names of the individual artists, or musical group, who performed the songs (if known).

Disclaimer:  All lyrics are the intellectual property of their creators and have been borrowed strictly for entertainment purposes, not for any financial gain.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Angel:           "I Think I Love You"            By Tony Romeo (for The Partridge Family)

Anya:           "Little Rabbit Foo Foo"         By Unknown (American children's song)

Buffy:           "Fernando"                        By Stig Anderson, Benny Andersson &

                                                              Bjorn Ulvaeus  (for ABBA)

Giles:            "The Gold, It's in the..."       By Roger Waters & Dave Gilmour

                                                              (for Pink Floyd)

Tara:            "Last Kiss"                        By Wayne Cochran

                                                               (for J Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers)

Wesley:         "Copacabana"                   By Jack Feldman/Barry Manilow/                                                                                                          Bruce Sussman   (for Barry Manilow)

Willow:          "Welcome Christmas"           By Dr. Theodor Geisel (a/k/a Dr. Seuss)

     Excerpted from:

     How the Grinch Stole Christmas           

Xander:         "It's a Small World"             By Richard M. Sherman &

                                                              Robert B. Sherman

                                                              Copyright:  Walt Disney Corporation


The Host:      "The Very Thought of You"  By R. Noble.  (for Billie Holiday)