Last Time

He crawled away from Tony's workshop, not knowing if there were more enemies in the tower, and he went into Bruce's workshop instead and found a dark corner to hide in, he was completely exhausted from his little trip just across the corridor from Tony's workshop. His vision failed once more and he fell unconscious again in Bruce's workshop, slumping onto the floor, completely hidden from the frantically searching Avengers team and the S.H.I.E.L.D Agents.

Chapter Thirteen – Resolve

Harry woke up slowly, the aches and pains in his body making themselves known as he became aware of where he was and the sensations running through his body, most of them pain, but there was coldness and hunger in there too, some lingering fear and from the way his body was shaking, likely some shock too.

He eased himself up slowly, grimacing as his face stuck to the linoleum flooring of Bruce's workshop, semidried blood pinching his skin and making the splits start bleeding anew.

The first thing he did was press against his baby, who was moving gently inside him, from the ferocity of his growling stomach, his baby was probably as hungry as he was.

Harry dragged himself to the door; his bad leg would not support his weight, not even on his knee, so he forced himself to crawl out of Bruce's workshop and to the stairs that led into the living room, dragging his leg behind him. The lights were back on, mostly, at least some of them seemed to be on, others were off, and from the shade of pale blue the lights were, Harry guessed that they were some sort of emergency lights.

"Jarvis?" Harry croaked out.

There was no answer, so Harry peeked into Tony's workshop, to see it still a mess, but the bodies of the men that had attacked him were gone.

He took out Natasha's knife, smearing blood all over the handle and he started crawling up the stairs slowly and painfully. He made it to the top, gasping for breath and wondering how the fuck he was going to fight anyone off in his condition when all the lights suddenly flared to life and almost blinded him.

"Got it!" Tony's voice sounded happily from just ahead and Harry sagged in utter relief. The Avengers were here, which meant that S.H.I.E.L.D was likely here too. He was safe.

"Jarvis, scan for Harry." Steve ordered, sounding so high strung that Harry found the strength to carry on crawling.

"He's just outside the door, Sir." Jarvis' cool voice answered.

"He can't be, maybe you need recalibration Jarvis." Tony answered consideringly.

"He's not lying." Harry gasped out, as loudly as he could, dragging himself into the main living room.

He must have been a state just from their reactions alone, but he soon found himself in Clint's arms, but he gasped and tried to get away, wriggling in pain.

Clint rushed him to the settee and sat him on it, kneeling down and hovering his hands over him, afraid to touch him.

"What happened?" Director Fury demanded.

"Where's Agent Vale?" Harry asked, looking around the room, seeing the blood that was everywhere, but no glorified babysitter.

"He's on his way to the hospital." Steve told him. "We looked everywhere for you, where were you?"


Tony shook his head. "We found everyone from my workshop, it's a damn mess, but I searched everywhere for you in there when I saw the bad guys knocked out, good job on that by the way, that was you wasn't it?"

Harry nodded and held the knife out to Natasha, the hilt bloodied and sticky, but the blade only had a few smatterings of red on it, mostly from where he'd cut his hand on the blade when he'd found it in the dark.

"Makes a good weapon." Harry told her as she eased the blade from a hand that he couldn't completely control.

"This was in my bedroom."

Harry nodded. "I knew you out of everyone would have a gun or a knife lying around. I hope you don't mind."

She shook her head. "As long as you're alright."

Harry nodded jerkily as Bruce checked his vitals and what not.

"I think I am. It doesn't hurt so much anymore."

"Because you're in shock." Bruce told him.

"I hit them with the hilt, I…I wanted them alive for questioning. It was me they wanted, when they came into Tony's workshop, I thought maybe they wanted his stuff, but they were looking for me. I'm not safe anywhere."

"The baby?" Bruce asked him calmly as Clint jerked in shock, being reminded that Harry was pregnant. His first thought had been of Harry.

"Fine, they tried…tried hitting the baby, but I moved my leg in the way, I can't walk on it now, I think it made it worse, unless…unless he had a knife too, I thought it might have been a punch, but would a punch make me unable to stand on my leg? If they've ruined my progress I'll kill them myself."

Bruce moved to see his leg, touching it lightly and pressing, he hissed and Harry knew it was bad news before Bruce even opened his mouth.

"It was a blade, Harry."

"Then it's a good thing I saw the movement of his hand and moved my leg when I did or it would have gone through my stomach instead."

"Where to in my workshop were you hiding?" Tony asked curiously. "I seriously couldn't find you and I know every inch of that workshop."

Harry shook his head. "Not yours, I…I crawled to Bruce's workshop, after…after I woke up."

"You were unconscious?" Bruce asked, moving to look at his head.

Harry nodded slowly. "I went in and out, only for a few minutes I think, then I went to your workshop, no one would think to look for me there with the mess of Tony's workshop opposite, I fell unconscious again."

"You've got a few cuts and splits on your head, looks like blunt force trauma."

"They were punching me and one hit my head on Tony's tool chest, only my leg was hit with a knife. They wanted me alive I think, or at least they aimed for nonlethal areas when picking a target to stab at, they would have killed the baby though."

Bruce nodded. "You're going to need to go to the hospital Harry, just as a precaution. Also your leg needs looking at, you can't leave an open knife wound in it."

Harry sighed and nodded. "I don't think I can walk."

"You didn't actually think we'd make you walk, did you?" Fury asked him.

Harry blinked, not understanding until Clint took him into his arms and stood with him carefully.

"Just don't take me to Doctor Mandes, or the one who does the ultrasound, Doctor Bennet. I don't want to be molested."

"I won't let them." Clint promised.

Harry's vision went black, but he could still hear a rhythmic thumping under his ear, but it wasn't long before he couldn't see or hear anything at all.

Clint refused to leave Harry's bedside and the Avengers had refused to leave the room as a S.H.I.E.L.D doctor was examining Harry. He kept his eyes on Harry's face, trusting that Steve of all people would beat the doctor to a pulp if he so much as breathed wrong on Harry.

When Tony had interrupted Fury's report, Steve had been the first to chastise him, but when Tony had told them confusedly that Jarvis was reporting a disturbance at the Tower; his heart had gone into his throat.

Jarvis had clinically reported that all power to the Tower had been shut off with an electrical surge that shouldn't have happened with the Tower being on its own grid and that Jarvis had been shut off at the Tower to was too strange and his first thought had been of Harry, at the Tower alone except for a brand new Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D who was just making sure Harry didn't run more than anything, he had not been trained and he was definitely no field agent. He wouldn't protect Harry with his life like a seasoned, trained agent would, Harry was right; he was a glorified babysitter who happened to be employed with S.H.I.E.L.D, nothing more.

Clint had raced to Stark Tower, knowing that Tony would reach there first as the Ironman suit was not restricted by traffic lights, not that Natasha gave a damn about a red light as she sped through the city to the Tower that had become their home, but she still couldn't go through buildings or other cars.

It was all in darkness when they entered, hearing Tony on the upper levels, shouting and shooting off jet propulsions at an enemy they didn't know. They had joined him to find a lot of blood and the newbie Agent Vale in a heap on the floor, Tony stood over him protectively. Harry had not been in the room.

Words couldn't describe how fearful he'd been when he hadn't seen Harry where they'd left him; they'd gone through the Tower with a fine toothed comb, trying to ignore the destruction of their home. Cupboards had been ripped apart, beds flipped, doors kicked off. In hindsight it had looked like they had been looking for someone, that someone had been Harry. Harry who was pregnant with his baby.

Tony's workshop had been ripped to pieces, mess everywhere and bodies everywhere too. Five of them, all unconscious, some bleeding, some were only just regain consciousness, but Harry had been nowhere in sight.

The only conceivable thought to them at that time had been that Harry had fought off the five knocked out in the room, but had been overwhelmed and taken by force and that thought panicked him and he had wanted to go out immediately to look for him, but they had no idea where to look for him, just like the first time Harry had been taken, only this time Harry meant so much more to him and not just because he was carrying his baby either.

Tony had worked quickly and tirelessly to get the power back on in the Tower while the rest of them searched for Harry, just in case he was still there, hidden away somewhere, they hadn't found him.

Tony had checked every inch of his overturned workshop, in all the nooks and crannies he knew so well and he had come back without Harry. Clint had thought that his heart was going to break, his mind going around and around and he felt like he couldn't breathe. It had taken all of his S.H.I.E.L.D training not to have a full blown panic attack right then and there.

When Tony had gotten the lights back on, not just the emergency lights, Clint had wanted to run right out and search the Tower again, just in case they had missed something, but Jarvis had flickered back online with the lights and Steve had asked for the newly turned on Jarvis to scan for Harry.

It had taken him several seconds to register that Harry had dragged himself up from the workshops, that he was battered, bruised and bleeding, obviously in pain if his grimace was any indication, blood oozing down his face from his head, his hands covered in blood, one wrapped tightly around the handle of a bloodied knife.

Then he had dashed to Harry, fighting through his panic and shock at seeing him so hurt in such a delicate condition. Harry had yelped and writhed in pain in his arms, so he had quickly gotten him on the settee for Bruce to check over, but he couldn't leave Harry's side, he didn't want to as he held one of those small hands in his own, a bit like he was doing now as the doctor looked Harry and the baby over carefully, aware that he had the eyes of several Avengers, a high ranking S.H.I.E.L.D Agent and the Director no less watching him.

"He's going to be fine, I'm not happy with the state of this leg, it's healed amazingly well, but the stab wound is deep and you said he couldn't walk on it?"

Steve shook his head. "No, he was dragging it behind him, crawling. He couldn't walk."

"It could have been the shock, or it could just be pain of having an already injured leg injured yet again. We'll need to do more tests and wait for him to regain consciousness to check the physical ramifications of what has happened, he has a mild concussion, he's alright to sleep, but we would like to keep him in observation. The baby seems unharmed, but we have a specialist on the way to confirm, but otherwise, he's going to be fine, we'll get his psychiatrist down to see him, he was in shock when he arrived, but the mental consequences of this attack could reach further than you might think."

"What do you mean?" Clint asked, his heart missing a beat.

"Harry saw the Avengers Tower as a safe haven, an impenetrable fortress where he could hide and be safe within. This safe haven has now been attacked and compromised, cracked open. It's unlikely that he'll feel safe there again."

"You're worried that he won't want to go back." Bruce said softly.

"It is entirely feasible that he will no longer feel safe now that he's been attacked there, it is also likely that this could negatively affect his mental health if he is forced to remain somewhere that he doesn't feel safe and reminds him of the attack. But then of course he might not feel safe anywhere and the effects of being attacked twice, no…three times now, all in places he feels safe, means that he might not feel safe anywhere, in which case he will likely have a breakdown."

"Is that really likely?" Steve asked.

The doctor sighed. "The pregnancy won't help in this case. He's been attacked twice while pregnant, this time he's heavily pregnant and the fear for his baby will add to his own fear, which makes a breakdown more likely, the sooner we have him talk to his psychiatrist the sooner we'll know how he's thinking and what sort of state he is in mentally."

Clint sighed and held Harry's small hand tighter. He swore then and there that he'd do his utmost to help Harry through this, Harry and the baby both and he was sure that the other Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D would help him too, they had to find these people who were attacking Harry, they had to find them and get them into S.H.I.E.L.D custody and find out why the hell they were chasing after Harry so hard before neutralising the threat. It was only going to get worse after the baby was born; Clint had no doubts that Harry would give his life for their baby. He had already protected their baby, a baby that he hadn't wanted in the first place, with his own leg, his already injured leg, and now he might not even be able to walk again, but he hadn't even thought about that when he had done it, all he had thought about was protecting their unborn baby.

Harry woke up slowly and groggily, floating on a cloud of drugs. He could tell he was being weaned off of the drugs because his mouth was as dry as bone and his thoughts and memories were fuzzy along with his heavy body that he couldn't move properly.

"Can you hear me Harry?" A voice asked him softly, all Harry could make out was that the voice was male.

He tried to turn towards that voice, tried to sit up, open his eyes, something, but all he could manage was a raw sounding grunt and a wiggle.

"Harry? It's Clint. Can you open your eyes?"

Harry breathed deeply and forced his eyes open, but his vision was so blurry it didn't really matter as he still couldn't see anything; he closed his eyes again and forced himself to turn onto his side, his leg jerking and sending pain through his body.

He opened his eyes again and groaned as his brain realised he was in the med bay.

"Seriously?" He croaked out harshly.

"You had a bad stab wound to your leg." Clint told him gently.

"I told you not to say anything!" A voice he didn't recognise said angrily.

"I will not keep anything from him." Clint defended. "I did that once and he still hasn't forgiven me, I won't do it again."

"What happened?" Harry asked Clint softly.

"The Tower was attacked."

Harry frowned as he remembered being cornered in Tony's workshop, pulling his leg up to protect his baby from a flash of movement.

"The baby?" Harry asked, trying to sit up.

"The baby is fine Harry, I promise, just lay still for a moment."

Harry calmed and settled back down in the bed.

"When can I leave?"

"You've just woken up." A doctor told him.

"Want to leave." Harry said hoarsely.

Clint handed him a polystyrene cup filled with melting ice chips. Harry took a mouthful and sucked on them, glad that he hadn't been given a bendy straw, not again.

"You need to stay for a little longer Harry, but don't worry, I'm not leaving." Clint assured him.

Harry was still a little fuzzy on the details, but being told there was an attack at the Tower helped jumpstart his memory over the remaining drugs in his system. The doctor could be as unhappy as he wanted to be, Harry was very happy that Clint had trusted in him enough to tell him what had happened when he had asked. He was capable of dealing with what had happened to him and he was old enough to make his own decisions.

"Just relax for a little while." Clint soothed him. "You went through something terrible, you need to stay calm."

"I am. I feel okay, a bit groggy from the drugs, but okay, I'm getting quite used to this."

"You shouldn't have to!" Clint hissed angrily.

"I know, but I'm no stranger to being targeted Clint, though I've never been pregnant before, but the baby's fine, you said that our baby is fine."

Clint smiled then and nodded. "Our baby is completely fine, yes."

Harry grunted softly as he felt his eyes getting heavy again. He frowned at his IV line, wondering if someone had given him more drugs, but the doctor wasn't anywhere near him.

"You need rest and the drugs are still in your system Harry, get some more sleep. I'll still be here when you wake back up."

Harry nodded slowly, sluggishly and he blinked, then he did again only this time his eyes stayed closed and he drifted into another deep, dreamless sleep.

Harry was sat up in bed trying to stab through a bowl of porridge with a spoon. It wasn't nearly as satisfying as spearing a sausage with a fork, but he wasn't allowed to eat such 'heavy' foods and he wasn't allowed a fork, oh they could feed him porridge all they liked because it was healthier for him and the baby, but he knew why they had done it, especially after the visit from the psychiatrist that morning. They thought he was crazy or something, that he was suffering from stress from being attacked so many times in such a short amount of time.

He rammed the spoon down into his porridge and snarled. He hated being picked apart by other people, they didn't know what he was thinking, they didn't know how he'd behave or react and they certainly didn't know how he was feeling. He didn't care how many certificates and doctorates they had he knew himself better than anyone and he didn't need a damn degree to tell himself that he was fine.

True he had been a bit shocky and shaken, he honestly hadn't thought he'd be attacked at the Tower, he'd underestimated how much these people wanted him, how far they were willing to go, but with seven of them now in custody he hoped that S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers got somewhere in finding out who these people were and what they wanted, this couldn't just be because he had survived a few torture sessions, it couldn't be just because he hadn't broken or that he was still alive, it just couldn't be.

Growling and trying to put the spoon through the bottom of his bowl, Harry tried to puzzle it out, but it just made him angrier. He should have hit those bastards harder in the head; they were all talking of bright lights and flying through the air and now there were questions floating around that he couldn't answer.

"Do you need some help with breaking your bowl, friend?"

Harry looked up at the hulking form of Thor and he smiled thinly.

"No, I think the doctors would be unhappy with me if I broke the bowl, but thank you for offering Thor."

Thor sat down in the chair by his bedside, looking a bit out of place as he examined the room.

"Where is Clint?" Harry asked curiously, trying to hide his hurt. Clint had promised him that he wouldn't leave, but he had woken up that morning to find Clint gone.

"The lady Natasha demanded that he get some sleep and when Clint refused, the lady Natasha had him drugged for his own good." Thor bobbed his head. "He has not slept since you were brought here for medical attention, though I am told that you and your babe are well."

Thor's hand covered Harry's bulging belly and he petted it gently.

"The baby and I are fine. I had no idea that Clint wasn't sleeping, I've been here for days. I assumed he was sleeping when I was."

"Nah, he's been staying up guarding you all night." Tony said as he swaggered in, coffee in hand and rubbing his eyes.

"He didn't have to."

"He thought you'd feel safer with him sat next to you, guarding you."

Harry frowned at that. "But I'm fine. I don't need guarding and I don't feel unsafe at all."

"Even after what happened?" Tony questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, yeah. It's happened before."

"Not when you were this heavily pregnant and not at the Tower."

"I was attacked in my own home Tony, if that didn't get to me then why would being attacked in the Tower?"

"The psychiatrist thought…"

"Fuck what the psychiatrist thinks." Harry growled. "I know myself better than anyone and if I say I'm fine then I'm fine thank you!"

Tony nodded and dropped the subject, even though he was dying to ask Harry about the five captives that had been found in his workshop. All five of them had the same story of bright lights, immense force and flying through the air to crash into walls without anyone touching them. They had thought it was concussion, as all of them were suffering from it badly, but they were all genuinely afraid and just the threat of putting them in the same room as Harry had them squealing like piglets. A fact that was delighting Nick Fury, who was questioning and threatening about everything they needed to know. They were getting some much needed answers, but not everything.

"When am I getting out of here now?" Harry asked.

"Today if everything goes well." Tony answered with a nod.

Harry smiled then; a sincere smile and he actually ate a spoonful of his, now cold and slowly congealing, porridge.

It took hours for him to be released and the psychiatrist still wasn't convinced that he was ready to leave, but the doctor allowed him to be discharged when the psychiatrist started stressing Harry out and he started reacting badly to his presence.

Steve didn't leave him for even a moment as they entered the Tower and Bruce was watching him carefully, but Harry was just very glad to get out of the damn hospital. He might feel differently later, but at the moment, he was just grateful to have a bit of space and was now able to walk more than a few inches from a disinfectant scented bed even if it was with the help of crutches.

He fell onto the settee and sighed happily. He'd gone to visit Agent Vale while he was in the hospital and the man was fine and was healing nicely, but he was now not sure he wanted to stay with S.H.I.E.L.D, Harry didn't blame him, it was days after the attack and he was still covered in bruises and healing cuts and that was just the damage that Harry could see.

"Do you need anything?" Steve asked him.

"Where's Clint?" Harry asked, answering a question with a question to keep from answering, Steve had been fussing about him for an hour now, since it had been confirmed that Harry was leaving the hospital on crutches.

"He's in his room, sleeping. He really needs it." Bruce told him.

Harry nodded. "I want to thank him for staying with me, even though he didn't have to."

"Oh Harry! How are you, are you alright?" Pepper asked as she came to check on him. "I got Jarvis to tell me when you came home."

"I'm fine Pepper, I promise. Thank you for asking."

Pepper gave him a smile and rested a slim hand on his belly before turning to Tony and briefing him on this and that to do with the company she ran for him.

"Are you sure you don't need anything?" Steve asked.

Harry swallowed to calm his temper. "A drink would be nice. Tea I think, it'll calm me."

"Are you nervous here?" Bruce asked.

"No, but I don't like fussing. You know I don't like fussing."

"We're just worried."

"I know, which is why I'm holding on to my temper, but tea will help. Honestly, I am fine, but all this fussing is making me feel nervous and uptight. If you lot are nervous, what hope do I have?"

"I shall protect you!" Thor swore, loudly, sitting down heavily next to Harry and placed an arm behind him. "No one shall get to you when the mighty Thor is here."

Harry chuckled. "Thank you Thor, I feel safer already."

Harry was fussed over, pampered, he had everything done for him and it only got worse when an angry Clint woke up and hunted down Natasha to yell at her for drugging him before he realised that Harry was sat right there. It was a bit stifling, but he endured it until he begged off, saying he was tired and was going to bed.

The Tower had been completely fixed up and nothing remained to show that it had been attacked, but Harry knew. He could remember it vividly and he got angry with himself. He forced the memories away as he climbed into his bed after changing and he made sure the crutches were within reach and that his wand was under his pillow. He would not be caught out again without it like he had when he had been abducted the first time and now after this latest attack, he was not going to let it out of his reach, if the Tower was attacked in the night, he didn't want to spend precious time fumbling through his suitcase for it.

Clint became like his own personal shadow after that and Harry found it very, very strange that suddenly the Avengers didn't have team building exercises or any sort of briefing at all now. Tony blamed his heavy work load, Bruce blamed a breakthrough in his research, Thor just shrugged, Steve blushed and Clint and Natasha were surprisingly released from their S.H.I.E.L.D duties for reasons they claimed 'they couldn't divulge.' Harry wasn't fooled and he wasn't sure how he felt about it, but after another session with the psychiatrist, he wasn't in the best of moods.

The psychiatrist was now asking him about the bright lights and exactly how he had subdued the intruders. He didn't know what to say, he kept trying to claim that it was the concussion, that he'd hit them hard with the hilt of the knife, but apparently S.H.I.E.L.D had done forensics on the knife and only his own blood was on the knife, none from the men he'd supposedly hit over the head.

He fingered the cuff of his jumper nervously, letting a fingertip touch his wand to make sure it was still there. He'd packed everything he had in his suitcases ready. He hoped that he could just pick up his stuff and high tail it out as quickly as he could while he could, he knew the Avengers had been told to watch him, which is why they were always here now rather than doing their jobs, but he just didn't know if they were doing it out of friendly concern or if they'd been told to do it as part of their job, keeping a professional eye on him because he was now a suspect after what he'd done in the workshop.

"It doesn't matter." Harry whispered to his belly. "Everything I did is worth it for you. Anything and everything is worth it for you, even if they turn on me and try to lock me up, but they don't know the half of it sweet one, they can try, but I'll get us both out of here, with our stuff if I can, but it's not important, not even the sentimental stuff if it means I keep you safe."

Harry sat back and sighed, running his hands over his belly. He was too afraid to even speak aloud when he was in the room on his own now because he was sure Tony had Jarvis recording everything he said and every move he made. It was a constant feeling of having eyes on the back of his head and it made his spine twinge every time he forgot himself and did something without thinking first.

He shouldn't have to! He shouldn't have to feel like he had to think before he moved or opened his mouth, this was no way to live and it was stressing him out, it was making him feel sick and all the psychiatrist wanted to talk about these days was the bright lights and the attack in the workshop. The one time he felt like he needed to talk to a professional and all the professional wanted him to talk about was the attack, it was so frustrating that he'd started sinking into sullen silence whenever he was forced to see the man. It didn't help that he never knew when the psychiatrist was coming, so he couldn't just refuse to come out of his room.

Sometimes he had afternoon sessions; sometimes the man was there for breakfast. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, it didn't matter. It was always a different day, always a different time and completely random. All he could do now was sit silently and try to ignore the psychiatrist when he came around for a visit unless he just refused to leave his room at all and didn't unlock the door, but then he would have issues with eating and drinking and going to the bathroom, so it wasn't practical to stay in his room all day on the off chance that it was the day that the psychiatrist was coming around.

He was alone for now, an illusion of privacy as he was sure Jarvis was watching him closely, hell maybe all the Avengers were down in Tony's workshop watching him on a live feed, he didn't know, but he wasn't going to forget where he was, he wasn't going to forget who he was dealing with. He had been a part of S.H.I.E.L.D; he had been a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, he still was as a matter of fact. They were foolish if they thought he would forget his training just because he was now pregnant, or maybe they thought he was the one who was unhinged after all these attacks, they were even more foolish if they thought that. He was Harry Potter with several titles after his name, he had survived a magical war, he had been on the front lines, he had been in the thick of the fighting, he had been the target for Voldemort and his Death Eaters, he had lost any and everyone who was even remotely close to him because of that. He had survived through much more than a few simple attacks where he was the target because he was connected to an agency that held top secret information. He had been the main target in the war, him, not merely because he had information, but because he was alive and breathing. Voldemort and the Death Eaters wouldn't have stopped if he'd thrown all the information his brain held at them, they wanted him dead and humiliated and nothing less than that would have sufficed.

He'd been through much more than a few mere attacks, he'd survived through much more and now he was alone, he'd been left alone in the world and he'd found himself a niche to live in, only now he had a baby. A baby who would love him unconditionally and would depend on him for life. He wasn't alone anymore, he'd never be alone again, he had a child to nurture and look after now, he had someone he could be strong for, someone to live for, if he ran now it would be easier, safer for his baby if he travelled while pregnant, but it was difficult with the entire Avengers team around, Clint could climb any structure, Natasha was wicked fast, Thor and Tony could fly, Steve would never give up, he had an unlimited amount of adrenaline and stamina and Bruce could turn into the Hulk. He'd never get away from them fast enough to Apparate and he couldn't risk doing it here, in the Tower, in case he was seen or recorded by Jarvis. That would defeat the purpose of him getting away from all of the questions, he'd show them instead and he didn't know what was worse, they might not believe him if he told them, if he showed them they'd have to believe it. No, he had to wait for an opening to take a chance to run, but before then, he had to get himself ready to run. He needed to be ready at any moment and he needed a plan.

Perhaps if he offered to cook for them and he put a few drops of sleeping potion in their meal, he'd make his way out in the middle of the night and Jarvis wouldn't be able to rouse them with the potion in their system. He could get well away then, but first, he had to find a way to send an owl to St Fiacre's Medical Centre for Magical Injuries and Illnesses without anyone noticing, he'd order a mild sleeping potion that wouldn't require him to see a Healer to order. He would find a way to do it and then he'd ward his new house so tightly that no one would ever be able to get into it. He and his baby would be safe; he just needed the opening to get out now.

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