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Last Time

Harry hurried down to his bedroom and barricaded himself inside. He sat on his bed, covered his ears with his hands and he cried freely. He didn't know what he was saying or what he was doing anymore. Everything was messed up and Clint always ruined everything by saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing, why couldn't he have just backed off and left him alone like they'd agreed weeks ago? They had been doing so much better, they'd actually been getting on, but ever since that incident in the park, it had all gone downhill again and after today, Harry didn't know if there was any way of going back. If he didn't enforce the Omega Protection Act now that he'd said he was going to, then Clint was going to think he could get away with anything and everything and that Harry was just bluffing when he threatened to call the enforcers, but if he did go through with his threat and enforced the Omega Protection Act, then he could never take that back, his baby would never know who their Father was, only that they were an Alpha who had raped and violated their Mother. He felt sick all the way down his throat and deep into his stomach, he was caught now between a rock and a hard place, he had let his anger dictate his words and he couldn't take them back. He had to leave; he had to get the hell out of this tower before it was too late.

Chapter Fifteen – Enacting

Harry refused to leave his room for the entire of the next day and night, which caused even more stress and concern over his mental health and his physical one too as he had missed four meals…dinner from the day before yesterday, breakfast, lunch and then dinner the next day and he was set to miss breakfast today as well.

He knew that he was acting irrationally. He knew he was, but he couldn't help it, the feelings of oppression and suppression were tightening around him. He was told he wasn't a prisoner, yet he wasn't allowed to leave the Tower. He was told he was free to do as he pleased within the tower, and then he had his every move questioned, he was told when to eat, when to sleep, when to go and have a nap, he was fussed over, pushed around, dragged around, told what to do and then forbidden from leaving and going where he wanted. The lack of control, the lack of independence was grating on him and he felt like a dog called to heel.

He was being treated like an Omega before the new laws had been implemented, being locked up and ordered to do as he was told, the thought bought bile climbing up his throat. He wasn't Harry anymore, he was just the Omega and that was what kept him locked in his bedroom. He couldn't go out there again, he just couldn't face it, knowing as he did that he was losing himself, his identity, to this unlawful treatment. He was going insane the longer he stayed in this tower, around these maddening people. He had to get out.

Bruce had tried to speak to him, even Pepper had tried, but Harry ignored them all and he spent his time between packing up the minimal stuff that he had actually taken from his bags, made sure his baby things were packed up and crying hysterically on his bed, ignoring his aching bladder which wanted some relief and his growling belly that wanted food. He couldn't stay in here another full day, he knew that, he needed food and he seriously needed a piss now, but he really didn't want to go outside the bedroom door.

The psychiatrist had been called and that made Harry cry harder as he really, really hated the psychiatrist and even Director Fury had banged hell out of his door, demanding that he opened it, but he still refused, even when his job at S.H.I.E.L.D was threatened, living like this wasn't worth one job.

Phil Coulson was there next and he was the only person who Harry actually considered opening the door to, but then there was another voice, one that he didn't know, someone who claimed to be an enforcer.

Harry bit his lip in indecision. If the enforcer thought he was being abused or unduly distressed by the people around him, then he could arrest every single person in this tower, whether they were involved in any wrong doing or not. But then he had a thought, what if the man outside in the hallway wasn't an enforcer at all? What if he was just an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D that he'd never met before who was pretending to be an enforcer just to get him to open the door? Surely no Alpha would ever think to call the enforcers on themselves! It was preposterous, this visit would mar them for the rest of their lives, three minor visits like this meant a serious mark on their personal records, three serious marks meant a court visit where they could be sentenced to imprisonment or even execution depending on their personal records and their crimes against Omegas.

"Please open the door; I just want to talk to you Harry." The enforcer said calmly, his voice so soothing and inviting that Harry wanted to burrow into him and hide.

It was then that Harry knew that the man outside the door was a real enforcer, or at least it was more likely that he was a real enforcer as only they had the training to project their voices in such a way to distressed Omegas and it took them years of hard, dedicated study to learn how to do so.

Harry padded to the door and unbolted it slowly, half expecting several agents to burst through and prove that he had been tricked, but when he opened the door a crack and an unknown man slid in before closing the door again, Harry realised he was facing a real enforcer and he needed to tread very carefully to determine what happened next.

"Hello Harry, I'm Luke." The enforcer introduced calmly.

Harry nodded and sunk down onto his little loveseat carefully, supporting his baby bulge.

"Do you know why I've been called?" Luke asked him.

"I think I know why, I'm just not sure who." Harry said weakly.

"A Clinton Barton called us and he turned himself in, he's been taken to an enforcer compound for questioning on his behaviour and his treatment of you."

Harry felt light headed and he swayed lightly. Luke sat next to him and placed a large, sturdy hand on his shoulder to steady and comfort him.

"I've been told all about the circumstances, I'm the Captain of my team, so only I will know what has been said, but I would like to hear your version of what happened Harry, how you felt and how you saw what has happened."

Harry couldn't help burrowing into the mated Alpha, who smelt like chocolate spread, breast milk, playdough and a subtle cologne. Luke was not only mated, but he had more than one young child, his Beta mate was breast feeding and he was trying to cover those homey smells with cologne, but was unsuccessful when Harry was as close to him as he was.

"I don't know what to think or feel anymore." Harry admitted, trying to ignore the tears welling up in his eyes.

"My priority is you, Harry. You and the baby you carry. Those Alphas out there can say what they want, claim you need to be here for protection however much they like, but if I think you're not safe here or anything other than completely happy, then you're coming with me."

Harry nodded and slowly, he told the enforcer Captain what had happened, from being kidnapped, to being mated without his express permission, to having to trick the Avengers into telling him he was pregnant, how Clint kept trying to lay claim to him and the baby and how he felt through everything that had happened and how he was still being targeted by the people who had kidnapped him, to his house being blown up and barely escaping with his life. Everything came pouring out of his mouth and Luke sat there and listened quietly and intently as Harry laid out everything that had happened in excruciating detail, holding very little back and saying exactly how he remembered feeling.

He felt utterly drained and thoroughly exhausted by the end of the tirade as he finished by telling Luke about what had happened the afternoon the day before yesterday at lunch, where he had been so angry because of his delayed preheat, how his hormones had built up so much he had violent mood swings and how he had exploded when Clint had once again laid claim to him and the baby and he had told him he was going to call the enforcers to invoke the Omega Protection Act.

"Were you serious about that?" Luke asked him softly once Harry remained silent.

"I don't know." Harry said. "If I don't do it now then he's going to think he can get away with laying claim to me and I'm just bluffing and I won't do anything about it, but if I do, then my baby isn't going to know their Father."

"Is that something you wouldn't want?" Luke asked.

"I don't…I don't want my baby to think that they're the result of rape. I don't want to burden my baby with that when I'm not even sure if it was rape in the first place, it was definitely dubious consent, but it wasn't outright rape. I could have easily been begging Clint to…to do what he did, but it was while I was on a heat period and I would have begged anyone who had entered that room to do the same, even the men who had been torturing me continuously for three weeks. I don't know what to do."

Luke cuddled him and Harry absorbed that comfort like a dry sponge. He felt affection starved and drained and sick and a thousand other emotions, all of them negative and overwhelming.

"What you've told me, Harry, does not make me confident in the ability these Alphas have to look after you." Luke told him. "In fact it sounds like they've been distressing you at least once daily for the last several months. I do not like that, these Alphas seem like they have no clue how to act around you, what to say to or around you or how to look after you."

"I don't need looking after!" Harry snapped angrily, his out of control emotions inciting his anger quicker than a striking viper.

"That's not what I meant, of course you don't need to be led around by the hand, you aren't a child, I know, but you said the one Alpha actually ran from you when you were on a preheat before? That's unduly distressing, embarrassing and humiliating for you, that isn't caring for you as a person. You are more than just an Omega Harry, you're a person too."

Harry frowned. "That's just who Tony is, he's scared of Omegas because he's afraid they'll sue him or something."

"He needs to grow up and realise that not every Omega is going to leap on him in a bid to get pregnant for his money."

"Tony isn't…he's a genius, but he's not the most sensible person in the world. He's locked up in his own little bubble world and I care for him and he does care for me, just when I'm not on a preheat. The feelings it gives him, that lack of control, it frightens him, I think it frightens them all and they don't know what to do."

"Do you feel safe around them?" Luke asked him seriously.

"I feel safe around Bruce and Tony, Thor and Steve have always been nothing but protective towards me and Pepper is amazing. Agent Coulson treats me exactly same whether I'm on my preheat or not and he protects me whenever he takes me for my scans…it's just…"

"The other two, the Alpha Clint who put you in this condition and the Beta Natasha, what about them, how do they make you feel?"

Harry sighed and run a hand through his hair agitatedly. "Natasha makes me so mad, she tries, god knows she tries hard, she just does not understand anything, it's like she's made of solid ice and emotions are these weird, foreign oddities to her that she just cannot understand and Omegas are these creepy, emotional peculiarities that she's suddenly been forced into close contact with. She watches me like a favourite TV show, I can almost see her wondering what entertainment I'll provide next and I hate feeling like I'm some sideshow freak to her, something to be watched and laughed at as I go through different emotions or stages of pregnancy." Harry said honestly, saying things he'd kept bottled up for months now.

"And Clint?" Luke encouraged mildly.

"Clint, he tries too hard to the point where he makes me tense just when he enters the same room as me. He's always pushing, there is always something he wants, we had a talk a few weeks ago and I made him realise what he was doing and what needed to change and what needed to happen and everything got better after that talk we had. I thought then that there was a chance, a slim chance, but there was some sort of potential there that this could actually work out, that I could raise my baby with him, even if we never bonded or even mated ever again. I could handle that for the sake of my baby, then that incident with the shooter in the park happened and he went overboard again, he started pushing harder and pulling me to do this and that, continuously watching me and analysing everything I did, every emotion I had and then my preheat didn't come and my hormones haven't had any sort of release in months now and I can't take it anymore. I understand that he's protective of me, I'm carrying his baby and that's bound to cause some extreme emotions in him, especially as I was almost blown up and then almost shot, but it's like he has absolutely no rational thought, like all higher brain function just switches off and he slips back into his primitive state where he thinks he's king and can do as he pleases with me with no repercussions or any thought to what I want."

Luke smiled softly and Harry couldn't help smiling back a bit.

"Clint seems to have some possession dilemmas. He believes that you're his, you and the baby, despite not being bonded together and if you do something that he doesn't like, say teasing his Alpha friends about having sex with them, he lashes out and tries to make you see that you're his like he sees it. This is a common occurrence, where an Alpha lays claim to an Omega who just doesn't want to be near them or have anything to do with them. These Alphas do then turn to negative behaviour such as stalking, harassment, sexual harassment, physical violence against other Alphas or Betas who have touched 'their' Omega and in some cases, rape that they see as perfectly fine and consensual because they're just mating to 'their' Omega. So this behaviour needs to be stopped, you obviously don't want to be bonded to Clint at this moment in time."

Harry shook his head hard.

"Yet Clint sees you as his pregnant Omega. This could turn into a dangerous situation if not nipped in the bud, so I'm glad that he turned himself over to us and brought this to our attention."

"What are you going to do to him?" Harry asked a little nervously.

"We're going to make him see that what he's doing to you, how he's treating you and how he's behaving is not acceptable. We're going to get him to see things from your point of view, how you see everything he's doing. We have one special project enforcer, Burne, he's nearly seven feet and twenty stone of utter brawn, we'll see how Clint likes being Burne's Omega for a week or two, how he likes having Burne lay claim to him if he so much as speaks to anyone else, how he likes having Burne pull him around and push at him to do as he wants."

Harry couldn't stop the laugh that tumbled from his mouth.

"Burne gets very high success results." Luke said with a nod and a grin.

"Am I staying here?" Harry asked after a silent pause.

"You tell me, Harry." Luke said with a nod to his packed bags. "Do you have anywhere else you can go?"

Harry smiled sadly. "With how I felt last night, I just wanted to run and never look back, I've calmed down a bit since then."

"What do you want to do Harry? If you're worried about not having anywhere to stay, you can come home with me, my Wife would love you, or I could get you into an emergency Omega housing facility where absolutely no Alphas are allowed in the building."

"I have a new house; I bought it recently, I'm happy to go there." Harry said.

"Would you feel safe on your own?" Luke asked him seriously.

Harry nodded. "I've been looking after myself for years, I've been fine for years and I knew how to care for myself and how to look after myself long before the Avengers got involved, in fact it seems like my life was a lot less complicated before they came onto the scene too."

"You are in a delicate condition at the moment Harry." Luke said gently.

Harry laid a hand on his belly. "I know, but I am an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D still, I know hand to hand, which I can still do while pregnant as I told you and I still have a gun and I know how to shoot. I won't be completely helpless."

Luke nodded. "I'll escort you to your new home then on my way back to the office. This is my number, put it on your speed dial, the minute you call me and tell me you need me, I'll send an immediate response team to your home, which I'll have flagged for emergency response by specially trained enforcers."

Harry smiled at that. "Thank you."

Luke squeezed his shoulders. "Get what you need, you will let me carry the heavier things, and I'll get you to your home and out of this tower."

Harry had a fight on his hands; or rather Luke did as he, and the two other enforcers that were with him, argued with Fury and the Avengers over Harry leaving the tower.

"Is this really what you want Harry?" Agent Coulson asked him calmly and gently.

"You do not hound any Omega under our protection!" One enforcer growled strongly, stepping between Harry and Phil.

"This is what I want." Harry answered regardless. "I can't stay here, I'm going to end up killing one of them from the stress and it's not good for the baby. I have to leave for all our sakes."

"You're still being targeted." Steve fretted, wringing his hands together.

"We will protect Harry now." Luke said sternly as he lifted two of Harry's bags and the other enforcer picked up the new pram.

"You don't know what you're dealing with; he is an agent of my agency and we can…" Fury stated angrily, but Luke cut him off.

"Then perhaps you need to train your Alpha agents how to avoid violating and impregnating your Omega agents! This is unacceptable Director Fury, regardless of the extenuating circumstances, it should never have happened."

"On that we agree." Fury said. "But to take him from where he is protected…"

"We are taking him away from the Alpha who violated and impregnated him!" Luke cut in harshly. "You have forced Harry to live with his attacker, no matter how repentant, when Harry was not only confused and distressed, but hounded by that very same Alpha! You let Harry get into such an emotional state that the only outlet he could find was exploding into rage, which put his health and his baby's health at risk, we will not allow this to happen again, so we are removing Harry from this tower and placing him into enforcer protection, if any of you go near him without his express permission, you will be arrested and held at our compound, if you continue after that, we will press charges."

Harry was in the back of a car before fifteen minutes had passed and he felt awful for leaving the Avengers and the tower, but he had been planning to do it for a while and this way he didn't even have to drug anyone. He happily gave directions to his new house to Luke, who was driving, but he veered off course and stopped at a drive through fast food place first after hearing Harry's belly growling and he wouldn't leave the bay until Harry had ordered a large, greasy meal that he completely demolished in the car before they even reached the street he lived on.

Luke dropped him off at his new home, settled him in, scoped everything out and then let him watch as he used a tablet to flag his house for the response teams, if Harry phoned Luke or if he phoned the emergency number, both of which Luke had programmed into his speed dial of the new Starkphone that Tony had given him to replace the one he'd lost in the explosion, the response team could be here in under ten minutes.

Harry was confident that he could hold off an attacker for ten minutes, especially now that he didn't have Jarvis constantly watching and monitoring him or a tower wired up with more technology than most modern hospitals, he could easily use magic, though his attackers from the tower were still adamant that Harry had attacked them with coloured lights that had the force of a wrecking ball behind it, so maybe he would be better off using his S.H.I.E.L.D issue gun and just shooting the bastards.

"Harry, dude, if you need anything, just call me." Ollie-Jay, one of the enforcers, told him as he pulled him into a hug. "I put my number in your phone, I don't care if it's five in the morning, if I'm on duty or not, you want to talk, you call me."

Harry grinned. "Thanks Ollie."

"No problem dude, you remember we're here for you."

Harry nodded and then he was alone in a newly built, newly furnished house. The first thing he did was check for explosives with a sweep of his wand. It was unlikely, especially after the three enforcers had checked the entire house for him, but after the last time, he was taking absolutely no chances.

He warded it up tighter than a vestal virgin's legs and only allowed himself, Luke, Ollie-Jay and the other enforcer Brent, the Avengers minus Natasha and Clint, as well as Agent Coulson and Fury access to his home and then he sealed the wards shut, scanned again for any weak links or anything odd, before he finally relaxed and started setting up what would be his new home, colouring the white walls and white carpets to his preferences and using one of the spare bedrooms, the one closest to the Master bedroom that he would be using, to set up what he had so far for his nursery.

He was glad that his new house was furnished, no matter how sparsely, but it had beds, it had dressers, it had a working, but empty, fridge freezer, a washing machine, a kitchen table with four chairs and numerous empty bookshelves and cupboards.

Harry removed the one bed from the room he'd chosen as the nursery and shrunk it down and put it into one of the other spare bedrooms before he made a note in the notebook that Tony had given to him, that listed down all his baby stuff, to call the place that was holding his nursery set to give them the address so they could deliver the set to him here.

He went to bed happy and relaxed, knowing he could sleep for as long as he damn well liked without waking up to a fretful interrogation the next day. He would miss Steve, but not the flapping mother henning.

Harry had everything he needed set up during the next week and a half, his nursery was perfect and the nursery set he'd picked out was stunning. He loved it. He must have washed the sheet and duvet set he'd bought for it several times already, just so he could handle it and sniff it and make up the cot again and again.

He'd called Bruce twice just to talk and to let him know that he was fine and happy and that he wasn't stressed at all anymore.

Clint had been released by the enforcers, Luke had called him up before they'd done it to tell him and Harry was happy to say that he was fine with Clint being released. Bruce had told him that Clint was in a much better way and wasn't demanding anything from him, despite knowing that Harry had called Bruce and that he had Harry's phone number.

He didn't know how to feel about that, but he did wish he'd been there to see the huge enforcer Burne toting Clint around like a possession, laying claim to him and telling him what to do, he knew Clint would not have liked it at all and he hoped that it had opened his eyes to how he acted and how he treated Omegas, it was unacceptable and Harry had broken under such treatment, which is why he'd been removed by the enforcers.

Given over a week alone, the change in his mood, emotions and behaviour was unbelievable, his stress levels had plummeted and he'd started his preheat just a day after arriving at his new home, which he was happy to ride out alone in his house after ordering a food shop to be delivered to his home and stressing that the person delivering it had to either be a Beta or mated.

The elderly, jovial, mated Beta had been incredibly happy to help him put away his shopping after explaining that his Beta mate of thirty years would string him up if he let Harry put away the boxes by himself, pregnant as he was.

So with stocked cupboards and fridge, his nursery set up and no stresses or anyone to get angry at, Harry found himself with endless time to just sit and think and relax. He thought about anything and everything, he prodded his brain to remember more and more of his captivity, assured that a wailing siren would sound if anyone at all crossed the boundaries to his house.

His neighbours were kind and always happy to see him, the house on the left had a couple with two young children and the one on the right were a lovely couple who were expecting, what made Harry have a connection to the latter couple more was that they were both males and Harry invited Sean, another pregnant Omega, around often for tea, for snacks, for a chat and after realising that Harry was heavily pregnant and all on his own, Sean's Alpha, Joe, visited more too and promised to keep an eye on him, just in case he went into premature labour, a major fear of his as he hovered around Sean, who was five months pregnant with their first baby and had a history in his family of labour before the seventh month, which often resulted in the death of the baby. Sean only had one living older sister, but he had six dead brothers and four dead sisters, all having been stillborn or died in infancy after his Mother had gone in premature labour. Joe was majorly stressing over Sean doing too much, moving too much in one day or doing anything that could cause him to go into premature labour.

"We found out today that we're having a girl." Sean said proudly as he sipped at the tea Harry had made for him, he'd come straight to Harry's just twenty minutes after he'd arrived back from the hospital. "Of course Joe is happy just to know that she's healthy and growing well, but I think he was holding out hope for a boy."

"I didn't want to know what I was having. I still don't." Harry said softly. "It…it's hard enough knowing I'm going to be a single parent, having a boy…I don't know what I'd do if I had a boy and he was an Alpha."

"You'd do fine." Sean told him sternly. "Not only would he be your baby, but you'd raise him to be kind and respectful, I'm sure."

Harry nodded, but he was still worried inside about having an Alpha. If he had a baby girl, that would solve all of his problems and dash all of his fears, but his biggest fear of all, even bigger than having an Alpha, was if he gave birth to an Omega like himself. He never wanted a baby of his to be treated how he had been through his life, to experience what he had, being violated and mated as he hung from the ceiling after weeks of torture only to end up pregnant from it. The thought made him feel physically sick.

"Earth to Harry, are you okay?" Sean asked.

Harry blinked and he nodded. "Yeah, I'm meeting the baby's Father for the first time since he was locked up by the enforcers later and I'm just worried over how it's going to go."

"You'll be fine. Joe and I are home all night, if we hear anything, he'll be right round and I'll call the enforcers."

Harry laughed. "The others are coming too; I won't be alone with him."

"Still, any shouting, banging, screaming or eerie silences and Joe will be around because I won't be able to sleep otherwise."

"I thought that was because the baby Princess you're having sleeps on your bladder."

Sean grinned and laid a hand over his belly. "That she does, if she's not kicking my spine, but that's besides the point, I will be awake and I'll be listening."

"Thank you." Harry said softly, unused to having people looking out for him as a person, but enjoying the feeling all the same.

Joe came in through the back door, as Harry had told him he was allowed to do whenever he wanted if Sean was in his house and he snuggled Harry and blew a raspberry on his neck, much to his protest and chagrin, before he went and scooped Sean up and snogged him, his hands all over the belly that housed his unborn daughter.

"My Mother is coming over in half an hour to see you." Joe told Sean, who groaned exaggeratedly.

"If she tries to give me another five-a-day chart I'm going to hit her with it." Sean swore seriously.

"Deal." Joe agreed happily. "It's nice to see you looking well Harry, enjoy your night, we'll keep an eye on things later, when your guests arrive, so don't you go worrying."

"I won't, thank you Joe." Harry said with a grin as Joe dragged his Omega out the back door and supported him down the single step onto the snowy lawn, Sean rolling his eyes as he did so and giving Harry a jaunty wave through the glass.

"Insane, the both of them." Harry declared to himself before he put the two cups into the sink and set to cleaning up his house for the arrival of his guests.

He was both dreading and anticipating Clint's arrival; he had added him and Natasha to the wards for tonight's visit, but he wanted to see if Clint was any better for his stay with the enforcers, but he just didn't want to see Clint again. He'd been so much better, slowly coming to terms with what had happened and what his life was going to be now thanks to Clint's botched rescue attempt.

He placed a soothing hand over his seven month pregnant bump. It was January now and after hiding away from everyone for Christmas, Harry was glad that that season was over and done with. He hadn't celebrated Christmas for three years now, all through his S.H.I.E.L.D employment no one had so much as wished him a Happy Christmas, why would that change now just because one of the Avengers knocked him up on a rescue mission?

Sprucing up his living room with a simple wave of his wand, Harry felt the familiar flare of warmth rush through his body as he used his magic and he embraced that feeling wholeheartedly, he loved his magic and not being able to use it for so long had left him feeling slightly bereft.

The tentative knock to his front door had Harry sucking in a huge breath and holding it for a moment before exhaling to calm himself. He took one last look around and nodded. There were no magic books about, none of his photos were moving and his wand was back in its holster, he was good to go.

He opened the front door and smiled at the awkward looking group of men, and two women, on his doorstep.

"How do you live in this pokey place?" Tony greeted him.

"Tony!" Pepper snapped. "Don't be so rude."

Harry just grinned. "Just get inside before my neighbours see you and think the circus is in town."

"I definitely haven't missed your cheek." Tony said as he walked past him, ruffling Harry's hair as he did so.

Harry glared at his back, closed the front door and followed the Avengers into the living room.

"Sit down; let me get you tea and coffee." Harry said.

"You look really well." Bruce told him with a friendly smile.

"I feel amazing." Harry said. "No offense, but without you lot around I can actually walk around in my boxers and scratch my balls without worrying about if any of you are analysing me and my mental state."

Tony laughed, Pepper scowled at him and Steve blushed to the roots of his hair. Harry chuckled at them all.

"I was joking." He assured them. "It's very rarely that I walk around in my boxers. I've had delivery men coming left and right every day."

That set Tony off again and Harry grinned as he served them all tea and coffee how he remembered how they liked them.

"What have you had delivered?" Steve asked, not prying, just trying to make conversation, so Harry didn't swell up with indignant rage like he would have if he'd still been living in the tower.

"The nursery furniture for upstairs, I paid them extra to set it up for me, I had food delivered because I finally had my preheat last week and I didn't want to go out, I got a new bloody mattress because the one I had already was hideous despite it being brand new and a few parcels of clothes for the baby. Oh and more prenatal vitamins, I was running low."

"Thank fuck you had that preheat." Tony snarked.

Harry rolled his eyes. "I really, really needed it. As soon as that passed everything just calmed down and guess what? No more murderous rages."

"Did you find out why it came so late?" Pepper asked him softly, with an inflection of honest concern.

"Yep, I Googled it and apparently severe stress can delay a preheat period, I eliminated the stress and I went on to my preheat and I've never felt better."

"How is the baby?" Steve asked with a smiling glace to his swollen belly hidden behind a jumper.

"Fine. She's growing well and honestly bouncing around like a bloody jackrabbit at the moment."

"Wait…she?" Clint asked, speaking up for once instead of just staring at him.

Harry blinked. "Ah."

"You went to get a scan outside of S.H.I.E.L.D and found out the gender?" Bruce asked.

Harry shook his head. "No. I was thinking on if I wanted a girl or a boy earlier and my neighbour found out today that he's having a baby girl, so I just said she without meaning to, I still don't know the real gender."

"Is that why you smell like another Alpha?" Clint asked.

At once all the Avengers turned to glare at him and Harry frowned.

"My neighbours are a mated couple, Clint. Sean and Joe, I've come to be friends with them and Joe sometimes treats me like a kid brother. He blew a raspberry on my neck because he knows I don't like it when he came to get his five month pregnant mate from my kitchen where Sean was telling me he'd found out that he was having a baby girl. It was nothing and you have absolutely no reason to ask."

"I was just concerned." Clint told him.

"Keep it that way." Harry said before turning to Pepper. "How is work Pepper?"

"It would be a lot better if Tony would get on those designs I need to unveil in just three months for the release of the clean energy converter in New York, but other than that and a few competitors who think they can mess with me, everything is laying low."

"But Pep, the suit upgrade is almost finished!" Tony pouted.

Harry grinned. This is what he'd been hoping for when the Avengers came around. Resting on Thor's warm bulk, listening to Tony try to plead his case to a business headed Pepper as he had a cup of tea in his hands and a plate of biscuits within reach. This is how it should have been from the start; it shouldn't have taken seven months and the intervention of the enforcers to get things like this, all that stress could have been prevented if only the Avengers had known how to behave and interact with him from the beginning.

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