Last Time

He tried to kick out to no effect as that thickly muscled leg clenched him tighter, making his legs useless as a weapon. He wriggled as much as he could to try and free himself, but it didn't work and he even tried to throw his head back to dislodge the cloth, but he was held too tightly, one huge hand from the man behind him clamped over his forehead to keep it still as the second man pushed on the cloth harder, forcing him to breathe in the fumes from the wet cloth. He even tried to bite the hand of the man pushing the cloth into his face, but the cloth was folded over too many times and all he was biting was the chloroform sodden cloth. This fight was over, he couldn't do any more and he couldn't break free, he could only hope that the Avengers and the enforcers got here quickly enough to stop him from being kidnapped and to help Sean, who was still huddled like a terrified child against the bathroom sink. As a third unknown man came into the room, the last thing Harry heard was Sean screaming and his vision petered out slowly and then, all at once, he fell unconscious.

Chapter Seventeen – Disaster

Walking around the house that Clint had come to see as Harry's home was difficult. The front window was smashed in; the front door had been open when they'd arrived. Too fucking late.

Harry's bedroom door was in pieces, shot to hell and back by what must have been a semi-automatic and the en suite door had been kicked in, the splintered pieces laying everywhere. The bathroom mirror was broken and shards lay where they'd fallen, speckled with drops of blood, whether Harry's or Sean's they were unsure as of yet.

There was a wet rag on the floor that was emitting a faint, sweet smell. He'd bet with everything he had that when it was tested it would come back as chloroform.

Two bodies had been found. One shot through the groin, which caused him to wince on reflex before realising that this man had attacked Harry and then he had the almost uncontrollable urge to give the already dead body a solid kick. The second had been shot right through the stomach; they had both died in agony. Clint took almost perverse pleasure in that piece of knowledge knowing that Harry had shot them both.

He had lost Harry again. The anger he felt, the failure, it ate away inside of him until he was shaking with the effort it cost him to suppress it.

The enforcer response team had arrived just a minute after the Avengers team had, led by an enraged Captain Luke. All nine members of the team were as angry and frustrated as he was, especially Captain Luke, who had the burdening weight of knowing that two pregnant Omegas had been taken from a house that was flagged for rapid response, his higher ups were not going to be happy with this perceived failure and he definitely wasn't happy with it.

"We have the enforcers helping us look." Natasha told him calmly. "We'll find him Clint, it took us a week to find him the last time, we will find him again."

"What state will he be in?" Clint demanded angrily, shrugging off her hand. "What state will he be in when we find him 'Tasha!" He shouted. He felt bad that he didn't even care about the other Omega who had been taken with Harry, as no body or quivering Omega had been found in the house, but he just couldn't bring himself to care about anyone or anything that wasn't Harry.

Steve came right over and stood as a pillar of silent support, but also to stop Clint from hitting Natasha in anger, he was sure. Not that Natasha would let him hit her; she'd beat the shit out of him for trying.

"S.H.I.E.L.D is here and they're processing the house." Tony said as he walked over, still in his Ironman suit, but his face plate was pushed up. "Let's say we head back to the Tower and start searching, Jarvis has already begun a CCTV search for Harry and I want to set up a separate search for every single car or van that came down this road. They had to have had a vehicle waiting or they wouldn't have gotten in, gotten Harry and Sean and gotten out again so fast. I'm thinking it had to be a van or a people carrier, even with Harry and Sean exchanged for the two dead guys upstairs, there had to be more people to subdue them both and get them out, which points towards a larger vehicle, I can't see many vans needing to come down to this suburban area, it'll stick out like a sore thumb."

Clint liked that idea, actually doing something instead of staying in this house that had come to mean Harry's happiness to him. He wanted to be doing something; he wanted to be looking for Harry. He wanted him back and he was not going to rest again until Harry was back with him.

Harry came around slowly and silently. He only remained still from experience and training as his brain slowly fought off the muffling effects of the chloroform and it took long minutes before Harry even realised what had happened and why his body hurt so much.

He gritted his teeth as he took an evaluation of his body. He was still dressed this time, he could feel his baby moving softly, but most importantly, as he slid a hand to his thigh, he still had his wand. He inched it out of the holster and into his hand which was bruised and swollen from being forced backwards and bashed against the side of the bath to get him to drop his gun.

He listened intently, but he heard nothing. He was lying on a cold, concrete floor of what he took to be an abandoned warehouse, or at least a rarely used one.

He sat himself up and closed his eyes as he swayed, he was still drugged, but thankfully he had magic, so he was fighting the chloroform off sooner than a Muggle would have, which is likely why he was alone and unsecured, they thought he'd be under for another hour at least and that it was safe to leave him.

He was so thankful that he would have kissed his captors for their stupidity if his mind wasn't so intent on murderous rage.

These people definitely were not professional kidnappers, Harry thought as he realised that the door to the room he was dumped in wasn't even locked. His wand in hand and the other held out as a shield for his baby belly, Harry peeked around the door and swallowed. Not such an abandoned warehouse after all as he watched the men rushing around, doing jobs, loading huge crates into lorries that were coming and going and he realised exactly where he was. The nuclear armaments warehouse that his original captors had been so insistent on him giving information about. The warehouse that S.H.I.E.L.D were watching intently from just over the road. He had to get to the S.H.I.E.L.D warehouse.

He closed the door and turned back to look at Sean, who was still very much out of it and still unconscious on the floor. Harry checked him over as best as he could, but he was no Healer, Doctor rather, and he had no medical training or experience past the numerous times he'd been in the hospital wing as a student, but Sean seemed to be doing alright.

He cast a spell on his friend to make him lighter than he was, as there was no way that Harry could pick him up and carry him in his condition, before he picked up Sean and carried the pregnant man to the door and he eased it open again. If Sean had been awake, Harry could have gotten him on his back at least, but it felt wrong to be exposing Sean so that he could peek around the door to make sure that the coast was clear, but it was the risk he had to take and it felt sickening that he was taking that risk without Sean's permission or even his awareness, but it was either this, or leaving him in the storage room and he definitely wasn't doing that, so this was the lesser of the two evils, though both were bad.

He slid out into the open warehouse and shut the door to the room he had woken up in and he stealth walked away from it, hugging the wall, hugging Sean and cursing his baby belly for protruding as much as it did, even if his belly was smaller than average for his stage of gestation.

He reckoned that if he wasn't seen, then he had about half an hour, a little under an hour tops before he and Sean were noticed missing. He needed to strategise and use that time wisely, it was their only chance to make it out of this unscathed.

If he remembered rightly from the reports he'd read and written up, that he wasn't supposed to have even known existed no less, this building had six levels. The only problem was, he had no idea what level he was on and he couldn't just find a staircase and walk down it. This place had to be guarded; they had to have security cameras somewhere. If he just walked down a staircase then he was going to be found, but likewise he couldn't just tear the boarding from the windows and jump with an unconscious Sean in his arms. He needed to alert S.H.I.E.L.D that he was here; he needed the agents just over the road to know that he was here.

Skulking around a busy warehouse that housed weapons, ammunition and nuclear missiles was nerve tingling, especially with his unconscious, unaware, pregnant friend being held in his arms like an overgrown, sleeping toddler, doubly so when he knew that he was on a time limit and that time was slowly, but consistently, running out.

It put an edge of urgency and fear to everything he did and his mouth was so dry that he couldn't produce enough saliva to even lick at his dry lips. He didn't know how much of that was the aftereffects of the chloroform and how much was fear, but he did know that it was a mix of the both.

He rounded another corner and almost knocked Sean into a man who was facing the other way, leaning against the wall and nodding silently, before he let out a happy burst of laughter into a mobile phone. Harry's breathing just stopped as his heart missed eight or nine beats and he was sure he had just aged ten or twenty years.

Then an idea formed, but he needed that phone. He could call S.H.I.E.L.D himself and let them know where he was, the problem was the man in front of him was all Alpha, he was over six feet tall and at least seventeen stone of bulk muscle.

Harry eased Sean down and back around the corner, very dangerous as anyone could come up behind them and see Sean slumped against the wall, but this was the first opening he'd had, the first chance to do something to get them both out of here, so he waited, silent, tense and so afraid that the fear was clogging his throat as he crouched down behind the man, still hugging the wall and down as low as he could get without making a single sound or restricting his movement in case he needed to move fast, which was difficult to calculate with his pregnant body, but he managed.

The idiot, who hadn't even realised he was there, finished his phone call and lifted the device from his ear. It was then that he seemed to realise that something was wrong as he sniffed exaggeratedly and turned his head to look to his left, still sniffing.

He was a sensitive Alpha. He could smell a pregnant Omega nearby and it was obvious that Harry and Sean were the only pregnant Omegas in this entire building; the man knew that one or both of them were close by and he couldn't work out why.

He sniffed deeply and turned to look behind him, looking right over Harry before turning to look the way he'd been facing.

"I know you're here little boy, I can smell your pungent scent." He all but snarled. "Honestly, it's turning me on; fertile little bodies always turn me on."

The man got a gun out from a side holster, under his left armpit and he started pushing buttons on the phone as he looked around critically. Harry whispered a stunner and as the man heard his whisper, he spun around, again looking right over Harry's head again, only to be hit with the jet of red light from below and he fell unconscious.

Harry took his loaded gun and the phone. He deleted the numbers that had been punched in and he called the number he knew off by heart. It rang and rang and rang and rang some more. It went to voicemail twice and twice Harry disconnected and rang again quickly. He had no idea how much battery life was left on this damn thing.

He picked up the feather light Sean and huddled them both into a corner between several crates and he looked through slim gaps and popped his eyes over the stacks of crates to see if he was still alone, thankfully he was, just as his call finally connected.

'What the fuck do you want?!' Clint's voice roared down the phone at him.

Harry looked around quickly, hoping to god that no one had been near him and heard Clint's yelling, which had made Harry's right ear ring violently.

"Speak quieter!" Harry hissed angrily as he looked around for anyone coming.

'Harry? Is that you?'

"Of course it's me you dick, who else would be calling you and telling you to stop fucking shouting before you give away my hiding place!"

'Where are you? Are you hurt?'

"Just shut up and listen, are the others with you?"

'We're all here; we've been searching for you.' Tony's voice said from a little further away, but Harry knew then that he was now on speakerphone.

"Is Director Fury there?" Harry demanded in a whisper as he peeked over a crate and scanned the area.

'I'm here Agent Potter, where are you?'

"I'm actually inside the nuclear armaments warehouse, just over the road from S.H.I.E.L.D." Harry stressed. "I have no idea what level I'm on. I knocked a guy out and took his gun and his phone. This place is crawling with people and there's no way for me to get out, not in this condition."

'What condition?! If they've hurt you, I swear I'll…' Clint's angry voice butted in.

"I meant my pregnant condition." Harry deadpanned. "Do not turn into an Alpha dick on me Clint. Control yourself! I need you now more than ever; do not ruin this when you've done so well recently. I need someone who can damn well think properly because my brain is still muddled up from the chloroform."

'You're sure you're in the warehouse over the road from the S.H.I.E.L.D operation?' Fury asked.

"Is there another nuclear munitions warehouse that I'm unaware of?" Harry demanded in a hiss. "This place is so full of weapons that I have to hide behind crates of them! Some of the crates have nuclear stickers on them."

'That place is too heavily guarded, we can't storm it.'

"I know." Harry said softly. "I need orders though; I can't do this on my own, even if my brain was working properly. There are too many people here!"

'Your orders are to sit tight, Agent Potter. Stay hidden, we'll get you out.' Director Fury told him.

"It's a bit hard to hide when there are Alphas here who can smell me." Harry hissed.

'Can you stop emitting pheromones?'

Harry clenched his teeth to keep from shouting at them. "I am terrified out of my fucking mind and don't know forwards from back because I was drugged with chloroform, no I cannot stop emitting the pheromones and even if I could, Sean can't, he's still unconscious from the drug!"

'Remember your training.'

"I was a junior Agent! I wasn't even cleared to go into the field; I have minimal training at best!" Harry hissed down the phone, which beeped ominously, almost cutting off his words.

'What was that?' Steve asked.

"The battery on the phone is dying." Harry said, feeling queasy.

'We have your location, stay hidden, stay safe, we'll get to you very soon.' Agent Coulson told him and Harry almost sagged in relief. He really liked Agent Coulson, he trusted the Alpha to get him out of this.

Harry pulled the phone from his ear and turned it off, it had low battery, but it wasn't critically low yet. He turned it off to preserve the remaining battery, hoping that if he needed it, it would have a few minutes of power left to let him make a final phone call and of course he had to turn it off to stop the sporadic beeping that warned him that the battery was low and would alert everyone within hearing distance that he was nearby.

He checked around and then moved from his hiding place to a better one with Sean slung over his shoulder like an empty sack. He found one that Clint would have been proud of as he, with great difficulty, climbed a stack of crates and hid in a small crawl space on top of a temporary room that was in the middle of the warehouse and from there he took out his wand and warded a small area, he held the stolen gun close and the phone closer, his wand gripped in a sweaty palm and he cuddled with the still sleeping Sean. He didn't know if it would be better or worse if Sean was awake and sharing this experience with him or not.

He forced himself to try and stop himself from emitting pheromones, putting up a scent dispersing ward when he didn't think he'd be able to force his body to stop oozing his pregnant state into the air. He berated himself harshly for getting so loved up that he forgot to reinforce his wards, how fucking stupid was he to actually forget to check on the one thing that was helping to keep him and his baby safe?

At the thought of his baby he slid a hand to his belly and rubbed gently. He'd shot two men back at his house. He hadn't even thought about hesitating over pulling the trigger as they'd come through the door, he'd just done it. His first thought had been to protect his baby, to protect Sean and his baby girl, and that's exactly what he'd done…to an extent at least. He'd shot first with no hesitation, his only regret is that he hadn't been able to turn the gun from the second man to the third before the bastard had pounced on him and gotten the gun from his hand.

A groan had Harry checking on Sean quickly, only to realise that it wasn't his friend making the groaning sound, so he curiously peeked out from his hiding place to see that the man he had stunned was regaining consciousness. He hunched down and checked the scent disperser, it was still working and he forced himself to be still and silent, lying flat on his back on the flat roof of the small room as he couldn't lie on his front and he listened as the Alpha growled ferociously, likely at having the better taken of him by a tiny, heavily pregnant Omega.

Pounding footsteps ran off in one direction and Harry peeked over the rim of the roof and swallowed, watching the leg of the man he'd stunned spin around a corner. His captors would know in minutes that he was missing from his room, though he hoped the man he'd stunned didn't remember the red light, Harry had been crouched by his feet and had aimed upwards, so he didn't think he had seen it, but he might have caught a flash of red and with his attackers from the Tower that were still rambling about bright lights and immense force, that mumble of red light might be all S.H.I.E.L.D needed to know that something was going on and he could even be pulled in for questioning. He wished he was proficient in memory charms, but he wasn't and after what had happened to Lockhart when he was twelve, he wasn't overly eager to try his hand at them either.

Harry stayed where he was, he wasn't going to move even though he had no clear escape if he was caught up here, he was leery of Apparating because of the effect it could have on his growing baby, it hadn't been dangerous while he was newly pregnant, but the further into his pregnancy he got, the worse the effects would be, including disfigurement or even death to his baby as the constricting travel could crush the baby's forming head or cave in the soft spots of the baby's head which could squash down so much it could affect the baby's developing brain or even completely destroy it. He would not Apparate himself and Sean unless absolutely necessary with no other option, which would mean he, Sean and their babies were facing certain death anyway.

A group of armed men came running around the corner and they searched everywhere, behind every crate, inside the ones not already nailed down, in every corner and they did it so thoroughly that Harry gulped fearfully. If he hadn't come up here, if he hadn't risked dragging himself and Sean up to this high, tiny crawl space, they would have been found, there was no question about that and that thought terrified him. If he'd been unable to climb with Sean, if he hadn't been able to force himself up to this tiny crawl space, then he'd still be down on the floor with Sean.

The armed people obviously thought him and Sean unable to climb in their pregnant states because they rushed off as soon as they cleared the area and Harry shifted carefully and quietly over the small crawl space and peeked over the other side to see the men using the same sweeping formation, checking behind all the crates in this area too, looking inside them, everywhere except where they thought they wouldn't be, which is exactly where he had hidden himself and Sean.

He lay back down with Sean and swallowed his fear, he just had to stay quiet and stay hidden, he couldn't see any security cameras, which did surprise him, but he was counting his blessings. He wished he had a way to tell the time, he had no idea how long it had been since he'd called Clint, he had no idea what they were doing, he just had to trust that they were doing something and that they would come for him and an innocent civilian. He just hoped that it was in time.

It seemed like hours had passed since Harry had called them and Clint's heart was hammering. He and Thor were of the same mind tonight, for once.

"We must go and get Harry!" Thor insisted loudly. Very loudly. "He has a babe growing within him; we cannot let him lose the babe. It would destroy him! I protect my friends, and their babes, I would see no harm come to him."

"I agree with Thor." Clint said quickly. "We need to get him now! He's hiding behind crates; they'll find him in no time once they realise that he's missing."

"We need a strategic plan of attack." Steve insisted.

"Fuck your plans!" Tony said with a snarl. "I say we go in, all guns blazing, find him and Sean and drag them out."

"This warehouse is heavily armed, Stark." Fury cut in angrily. "It's a weapons facility, they have crates and crates of guns, grenades, nuclear bombs, ammunition…we can't go in all guns blazing because one missed bullet could blow the place up and you already did that once and I want this situation controlled and done with. I hope by tomorrow that not only will we have Potter and his neighbour back, but we'll have the main instigators of the mercenaries and thugs sent after him and some answers as to why they're targeting him. They must believe he has information that they either want or need."

"We're wasting time!" Clint stressed, he was upset, angry and if he were honest with himself, he was scared for Harry. He wanted him back and he wanted him safe, nothing else was acceptable. "It's already almost one in the morning! Harry has been gone for five hours already."

"We understand your concern, Agent Barton, but we need to plan for this one. We cannot storm that warehouse; we have been watching it for almost two years now, watching their comings and goings, who they're dealing with, who they're buying off of, we know what's in that warehouse and I know that we cannot take it by storming it. It has to be infiltrated."

"I can do that." Clint said with steel determination. He would rescue Harry properly this time.

"At least you can't get him pregnant this time." Tony snarked.

Clint clenched his hands and his teeth, but he ignored Tony, Harry was more important, he needed his whole and undivided attention on rescuing Harry, he would not mess this up.

"I do not like this waiting." Thor growled angrily. "What sort of warriors are you that you would leave one of your own in such a place?!"

The huge blond did not want to fall out with his friends, but this waiting seemed pointless to him, he was clutching Mjolnir in his right fist and he had half a mind to fly to this warehouse where Harry and his friend were being kept and use his hammer to break open the walls to free them both. He cared for Harry, who had become very close to him and the thought of the tiny Omega suffering yet again at the hands of cruel men angered him to the point where storm clouds were gathering in the skies. It wouldn't be long before the thunder started and then the lightning would light up the skies and he would feed from that and truly lose his temper.

He hadn't had a chance to unleash his wrath upon those who had attacked Harry the first time around and he had wanted to, he really, really had and he hadn't even really known Harry back then, had never see him in person or spoken to him, but now…after knowing Harry for seven months, caring for him and his growing babe, laughing with him, being shouted at by him, just cuddling as they watched the Midgardian entertainment box, being fed by Harry. He had missed his feisty friend in the last month while he had been away in his own home, but he made sure to visit him often.

"I will go and destroy those who have dared take Harry again." He swore, talking over the arguments. "This waiting is useless, and pointless." He told them sternly. "We would be better suited going to this warehouse and fighting our way to where Harry is hiding with his friend."

"Have you not listened to a word I've said?" Fury shouted.

"I have listened and I believe that the best course of action to take is to break through the walls and take Harry from them. I will not have him stay in such a place."

"This is getting us nowhere." Bruce insisted. "We have to do something and soon. If we storm the place, we'll get killed and then where will Harry and Sean be? We need to be clever, we need to infiltrate the building and storm it from the inside."

"I like this idea!" Thor said loudly.

They agreed a plan of action quickly, called in to S.H.I.E.L.D for all the backup that was on hand and they left, they just hoped that Harry was alright where he was now that he'd switched off the cell phone that had had low battery.

Luke was going to tear his hair out soon, he was sure he was. Those damn government pricks had blocked him from doing his job. They had given him and his team a severely distressed Alpha named Joe, who's Omega, Sean, had been abducted with Harry, and then left him to it.

Poor Joe was almost crazed with worry and fear, having come home from work happy and eagerly awaiting some quality time with his bonded, pregnant lover, only to find enforcers all over the street, blocking him from his own home, the front door to his neighbour's house kicked in and then he had to be told what had happened and Luke had been the one who'd had to tell this poor man that his five month pregnant lover had been abducted.

He'd watched as genuine concern and worry for his neighbour, Harry, had turned into full scale panic, rage, heart stopping fear and utter distress.

Joe hadn't believed them; he'd about torn his own house apart looking for Sean as Luke had followed behind him to make sure that he didn't hurt himself in his primitive Alpha mind set. Only when Joe had searched every single room in his house and had sunk to his knees in the middle of his living room, a soft pink teddy in one hand and a small jumper that must have belonged to his Omega in the other, did Luke softly, calmly and carefully tell him about what had happened, about how Harry had been abducted before, which is how he had gotten pregnant in the first place, how those same people had sent thugs and mercenaries after Harry to kill or capture him and how Harry's phone call to the response team had clearly stated that Sean was with him in the house at the time of the attack. Luke didn't tell Joe that the phone call had also included gunfire, both Omegas screaming or that they'd found a rag with traces of chloroform on it and glass speckled with blood, he figured Joe was mentally tortured enough with losing his pregnant Omega, without being told all of the details about it too.

Burne was watching over Joe, who was trying to goad him into fighting, lashing out at him, but Burne was a complete professional with everything he did and he didn't rise to the goading, nor did he lash out back at Joe, he just spoke calmly to him, told him that he needed to ease himself down because his bonded was going to need him when he was found and Luke admired Burne for his collected calmness, Burne was definitely the rock of his team and he'd be lost without him, which is why he was thinking of promoting him when Mitch retired in a few months' time, Burne had certainly earned his upcoming promotion over the years.

He answered his phone when it rang, listening to Agent Phil Coulson speak to him, he murmured general agreements and then the call cut off and he turned to his team and to Joe.

"I just want Sean back!" Joe screamed at Burne, his voice ragged and his throat likely torn from the desperate shouting he had been doing.

"We understand Joe, we do, we want both Harry and Sean back, safe, well and unharmed. We have to trust that the Avengers team are doing all they can for them both and from the last update, Harry called Clint and he said that he was fine and he had Sean with him still, they're both fine."

"If that's the case then why didn't Sean call me?!" Joe demanded as he thrust his phone at Luke. The one he'd been holding like a lifeline for the last three hours.

"The battery was low; the beeping was going to give away their position." He said calmly as he held his hands up and out placatingly. "They're going in to get them both now, they know where they are Joe, they'll get them out."

Joe nodded and he sunk bonelessly into a chair and Luke sighed silently in relief. He could understand Joe's distress, he really could, all of them could, they were all bonded themselves, they all had their own families and this was every Alpha's nightmare, to see it played out in front of their eyes like this was rare and gut clenching in its agony and he was disgusted that anyone could take two pregnant Omegas and abuse them like this.

If that Director Fury ever told him who was responsible for this, he would make it his life's mission to kill them dead, if the Avengers didn't do so first. No one got away with kidnapping, abusing, hurting or scaring any Omega on his watch. Absolutely fucking no one.

Harry was on the edge of a panic attack, he was sure. He couldn't breathe properly and the overwhelming, all-encompassing fear was drowning him as he lay in that tiny space and tried to breathe normally, tried to keep himself calm as he quivered in jerky movements, his wand in one hand, the gun in the other. He was too afraid to sit up, even though his back was killing him and he was too afraid to look over the rim of the roof in case someone spotted him. The warehouse was crawling with people, mostly Alphas, though there were Betas too and even women dotted around. He stayed where he was, lying in the dead centre of the roof space right next to Sean so that he couldn't be seen and he waited and waited and waited for any sign that the several people he now considered friends were coming for him and Sean.

The wait was too much; he couldn't just sit here and wait to die. He was pregnant, but he was still a damn wizard and this was him reaching the end of his tether. He'd had enough, more than enough.

He crawled to the edge of the roof space and he started picking people off one by one with stunner spells. There was pandemonium when the bodies were found, which was what Harry had wanted. In the ensuing madness Harry managed to take down several more people, which ramped up the chaos even more. He crawled from one side of the roof to the other, targeting whoever was isolated and alone and if there wasn't one of them that he could immediately pick off, he laid low and waited.

He was getting tired however; pregnancy and excessive magic usage did not mix, especially when he had been awake for long hours now when usually he was in bed by now.

He lay down and curled up, letting the pandemonium chaos ensue around him. He was so tired his eyes were itchy and his throat was sore. He closed his eyes and clenched his hand tight around his wand; he made sure he did not tighten his hand around the gun, that was a rookie mistake.

"Where are you little Omegas?" A man shouted. "If you come out now, we won't kill those squalling things in your stomachs!"

Harry didn't move, he stayed still and tried to calm his racing heart. Maybe Clint wasn't coming for him after all. Maybe leaving him here was the only option, he knew it was impossible for them to storm this warehouse, it was too well protected and there were too many weapons just lying in crates that their captors could use. There was ammo strewn everywhere.

He knew he hadn't been the easiest person to live with, his damaged leg, his preheats, or lack of them as well apparently, his bitch fits, his hormonal crying fits, his murderous rages, the break in at the tower, the attack on his house and in the park, he was more trouble than he was worth, he hadn't done anything for S.H.I.E.L.D since his kidnapping, he hadn't done anything for the Avengers, he hadn't done anything but shout and scream at them, attack them and accuse them of all sorts. Why would they even want him back?

Two tears slipped out of his eyes and Harry clenched his teeth and swiped them away. If they weren't coming, then he needed to do something to get himself and Sean out, he couldn't stay here while he was carrying his baby and had his unconscious friend lying next to him. If it was just him, he'd resign himself to his fate and go out fighting, but not with his baby still growing inside of him and not with Sean and his unborn daughter right next to him.

He looked at his friend and saw blue eyes blinking groggily back at him. His heart went into his throat and he placed a hand gently, but tightly, over Sean's mouth.

"Be quiet." He breathed as loudly as he dared. "I got us safe, but they can hear us and they'll see us if we sit up or move to the edge."

Sean's eyes were wide and he started breathing quick and shallowly. Hyperventilating, Sean was hyperventilating.

"No, no Sean, I need you to stay calm, okay? You and the baby are fine, we're all fine, just keep calm. They're coming for us; we just need to stay hidden for a little while longer." He all but pleaded.

Sean nodded, but as he woke up more fully, it was obvious that he was terrified out of his mind and both of his hands were pressed tight to his belly.

"How…how did you get us up here?" Sean's voice croaked softly between them, looking at Harry's bigger belly.

"With great difficulty." Harry smiled. "Thankfully my belly is smaller than average and I do have a bit of training and a lot of determination. I wasn't going to let anything happen to you, even if it meant…meant…" Harry trailed off, but his hand went to his belly, showing Sean what he had been trying to say and his friend's face went white and his eyes widened.

"No! No Harry, I wouldn't have wanted you to." Sean said as he moved to hug Harry tightly. "You don't deserve this, you or baby."

"You wouldn't even be here if you weren't friends with me."

"I want to be friends with you, I like you, Harry." Sean whispered as he held Harry tighter. "I'm glad I'm here…well not glad, I'd much rather neither of us were here, but I'd want to be here with you, so we can deal with it together. I would have been worried absolutely sick at home waiting for news on you, at least if I'm here I know you're okay. Oh god, Joe! He's going to be out of his mind with worry."

Harry calmed him and snuggled into him. "Shhh, it'll be alright. Clint was agonising over where we were too, I managed to call him to tell him where we were, they are coming for us." Harry said with more conviction than he felt. "They would have told Joe too, so he knows you're safe."

"You called him, how?" Sean asked.

Harry showed him the phone. "It's got very low battery, it was beeping, I had to turn it off or they would have found us." Harry said sadly, seeing the longing in Sean's eyes to just call Joe to let him know that he and the baby were alright, just so that he could hear his Alpha's voice. He felt the same; he'd give up both his arms just to hear Clint's voice at the moment.

"You'll see him in person very soon." Harry said with a smile, but inside he kept worrying that no one was coming for them. If things went drastically wrong, he swore that he would give the phone to Sean so that he could call Joe, it had enough battery life left for one short call, but if he could get Sean out of here, even at the high cost of his own baby, then he'd do it. "He'll be there waiting for you and your baby Princess when we get out of here and then he's not ever going to let you out of his sight again, if he doesn't quit work to stay with you then you'll be going in to work with him."

Sean grinned and covered his mouth to stop himself from laughing. He shook his head.

"I won't let him and I won't let him blame you either. You're our friend, but he is going to be angry."

Harry nodded. "I sort of figured that out already, I thought that you would be too."

Sean shook his head. "I have been unconscious until very recently. You have been awake, you have been lugging me around, getting us to safety even at risk to you and…and your own baby. I would still be wherever we were dumped if it wasn't for you and who knows what would have happened to me then?"

Harry swallowed, because if he had been a Muggle like Sean, that's exactly where they would have been and they'd be having god knows what done to them at this moment and no one would have known where they were. He had no doubts that his captors would have used Sean as a way to make him talk, and for Sean and his unborn daughter, Harry would have blabbed anything and everything they'd wanted to know, just to save his friend and his unborn daughter pain or death. He'd have never forgiven himself if anything at all had happened to Sean or his daughter.

He carefully crawled to the edge when everything suddenly and unexplainably went quiet; he heard shouting a little way off. Their captors thought that they had gone down a level from what he understood of their shouting and all of them, every single last man and woman was rushing down to the lower floors. He moved then, going back to Sean and hoping that they could utilise this opening to get themselves out, only to be shocked into remaining where he was when the Hulk rushed into the room via the wall, smashing everything as he went.

"Bruce!" Harry shouted out hoarsely, leaning over the side of the roof space and waving. The Hulk turned bright green eyes on him and then grinned, holding a huge hand up and Harry rushed back to Sean and helped his friend over the little ledge, despite his terrified protests, and then he climbed onto that hand himself and before he could even get his bearings he was cradled to a huge green chest and was bouncing around like a rubber ball. He latched onto Sean and they held on tight to one another as Hulk ran with them both, hopefully to safety and before their brains were scrambled like eggs.

The Hulk smashed through everything in his way and Harry curled up in his hand, one arm clamped tight around his belly to protect his baby as he was lumbered around, Sean doing the same as they wrapped one arm around one another as well. Sean was whispering under his breath, chanting 'oh god' repeatedly under his breath like a mantra and Harry squeezed him tighter, hoping to comfort him.

"HULK! Did you find them?" Steve's voice shouted from down below.

Harry sat up and held on as he was suddenly shifted downwards and Bruce opened his hand and Harry was looking at the Avengers team. He'd never seen a more beautiful sight.

"I thought you said you weren't going to storm it." Harry said as he lurched from the Hulk's hand and all but fell into Clint's arms, holding on tight as Steve picked up Sean as if he weighed no more than an empty shopping bag and carried him out of the building.

Clint wrapped arms around him and cuddled him, their cheeks pressed together and Harry just didn't care.

"I'm so glad you came." Harry said in a hushed whisper.

"Of course we came." Clint said, holding him tighter and Harry just couldn't let him go.

"Get him out of here, Clint." Steve ordered, coming back without Sean. "Take the car and just go, get them both back to the tower, we'll finish up here."

Clint carried him to a car outside and he buckled Harry up and then ran around to the driver's side, he started the car then then gunned the engine and Harry felt like he could breathe again for the first time since he'd realised that it wasn't Clint who was knocking on his front door.

Harry turned to face Clint in the car and reached a hand back to hold onto Sean's hand, his friend who was crying in what he suspected was complete relief and a delayed release of pent up emotions of fear, horror and fright. Harry felt like doing the same, but he held off on the tears for now, he'd cry later when he was alone.

None of them spoke until Clint arrived at the Tower and he got out quickly and rushed around the bonnet to help Harry from the car, also helping to support Sean as he stumbled out on wobbly legs.

"I know you don't like it here, but I thought…well your house is a bit of a mess still. So I'd feel better if you stayed here until your house is fixed up…but if…I mean…if you want to stay in a hotel, I suppose that's okay, I wasn't thinking, I was just following Steve's orders, I didn't think to ask if it's what you wanted, I'm…"

Harry pressed four fingers up to Clint's lips, his thumb resting on his jaw, silencing his tirade.

"I don't want to be in a hotel Clint, I want to be here, at least until my house is fixed up. I don't want to be alone and we missed our date night."

Clint nodded jerkily and he escorted him and Sean up to Tony's penthouse floor, out of the bitterly cold night air and they found Pepper pacing the carpet between the seating area and the kitchenette.

"Harry!" She shouted as soon as she saw him and she clamped him in a hug. "Oh thank god! I was so worried, are you alright?"

Harry nodded. "They didn't get to do anything to me or Sean, the chloroform wore off me before they expected it to, we weren't tied up, we weren't even in a locked room. I just got up and went walk abouts with Sean in my arms. I found a man talking on the phone, I waited until he'd finished, knocked him out, took his phone and gun, I called you and then hid up in a small roof space with Sean, I don't think they expected us to be able to climb, they never even thought to look any higher than the floor."

"I'm so glad." Pepper said. "Let's get you sat down, we still have that tea you like here and I'm sure we have some fruit here somewhere."

Pepper went off on one of her tirades as she went into the kitchenette to find him and Sean something to eat and drink while Clint walked him to the settee and they both sat down, Harry pulling a silent Sean with him. Harry turned and cuddled into Clint and they held onto one another tight.

"I didn't think I'd see you again." Harry confessed softly. "It felt like it had been so long since I'd called you, I didn't know if you were coming or not."

Clint stiffened under him and pulled back, searching his face. He took Harry's hands in his own and those rough, callused palms comforted Harry.

"I wouldn't have left you there." Clint told him, staring straight into his eyes, his face as serious as Harry had ever seen him. "If everyone else had decided not to go, though they never would have, I would have gone on my own to get you back if I'd had to, but I would never have left you there."

Harry smiled and snuggled himself back into Clint, who was coming to mean more and more to him than just his baby's Father.

His life seemed to be one disaster after another from the moment he had been born…no, even before he'd been born he'd been trouble with the making of that prophecy. He'd gone from disaster, to disaster, to disaster with the odd catastrophe thrown in for good measure too. He just wanted to be normal. He didn't want to be a hero, he didn't want to be a target, he didn't want to be involved with all this fucking shit any more. He just wanted to be Harry; he just wanted to be free to live his life, with his baby and with the Avengers if they still thought of him as a friend, though they had come for him after all. Clint and Pepper at least seemed to still want him around, he just really didn't want to be the centre of attention any more, he didn't want to be the one always in the middle of the disasters, he wanted a nice, quiet life, with his baby, in the house he had picked out and decorated himself, with his friends, why was that so much to ask for? Why was it always him who was the target? He cuddled into Clint more as Pepper brought over a bowl of washed, prepared blueberries and three cups of tea. There was no way that he was going to be able to sleep tonight.

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