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Okay, so I don't know how many people will read this, since the series ended quit some time ago. But I have recently discovered the show and have fallen in love with it. This is just something I needed to write out and post here. This fic will be mostly a Lindsay and Nick shipping but there will also be Daniel and Kim and Ken and Amy as well.


Ten Year Reunion


The Class of 1982

"I can't believe my baby is graduating!" cried a emotional Jean Weir as she reached out and hugged her daughter to her chest. After two years of seeing Lindsay change from being her little girl to someone else, Jean was finally getting the moment she feared would not happen. Lindsay was graduating with honours.

"Mom!" cried Lindsay in embarrassment as her mother's emotional out burst but did not make any sudden moves to pull away. She knew how important this day was for her mother. It was a big day for her too. She knew that all her friends probably thought it was lame to feel proud about graduating high school. But a part of her couldn't help it. She had worked hard or at least not as hard as she could have to get were she was today.

Graduating had been something she had always wished for since stepping into the hallways of William McKinley High School. She had tried to fit in at the beginning by getting good grades and being a Mathlete. Being the daughter her parents wanted her to be. However, during the summer before her junior year, her grandmother had passed away. And her whole view point on the world had changed. Her grandmother had been a good person all her life and had gotten nothing from it in the end. Lindsay had been with her when she had passed away. There had been fear in her grandmother's eyes as she had looked on at her, telling her she didn't want to go. That there was nothing there, no light, no angels calling her name, no sound of God. There had been nothing. This had upset Lindsay. That being a good person did not get you anything in the end. So what was the purpose if we all ended up the same? She no longer saw a purpose to be good. It didn't get you anywhere it seemed.

She didn't anymore care if she was the first block on the Mathlete team or got an A on a test. She didn't care about fitting in or being the good girl of the school. Those were only small things in life now. It was then at the being of Junior year, she met her friend Daniel and started to hang out with his group of friends, the burnouts. She had always known of them but never really talked to them until meeting Daniel in her study hall. But during her junior year, they became her friends too. Becoming, some of the only people she could really turn to without the fear of being judged. They had introduced her to Rock n' Roll, drugs and the act of being care free and not giving a shit about what others thought.

All her old friends and her family had thought it was some sort of faze she had been going through. However, now two years later, she was still hanging out with the burnouts, the freaks.

Lindsay and her mom continued to stand in the middle of the living room, hugging for a moment longer before Harold and Sam Weir entered the room from the kitchen. "Picture time!" cried Harold to his family as he held up to camera in hands. There was a broad smile plastered on his face. This was a special day for him too. After what seemed like four long years of arguing and being disappointed by his daughter's behaviour, she was graduating with honours and attending a good university in the fall. This was a moment he had been waiting for since he had first held her in his arms. He had always wanted the best for her.

Smiling at her dad, Lindsay pulled away from her mom and turned to look at her brother. "Come on Sam," she cried, motioning for him to come stand beside her.

Sam, who was now sixteen, looked over at his sister and gave her a small smile. He then enclosed the small distance between them as he came to stand beside her. Over the past year, he had grown a good nine inches or so, making him almost six feet tall.

Wiping the tears quickly away from her eyes, Jean wrapped her arm around Lindsay's shoulder while turning and smiling at the camera. Sam did the same on the other side of Lindsay. Lindsay held on tightly to both of them as she smiled widely at her father.

"Say CHEESE!" cried Harold, as he raised the camera to his eyes and pointed it at his family.

"CHEESE!" chimed everyone, smiles plastered on their faces as they looked into the lens of the camera. Today was a day of celebration.


"I can't believe we are finally getting to leave this shit place of a school," spoke Ken towards his friends, Nick and Daniel as they shared a joint. They were hanging underneath the bleachers of the school. Their usual spot.

"I know," agreed Nick, nodding his head enthusiastically as he took a long drag from the joint before passing it over to Daniel. Nick had worked his butt off all year to maintain a C average like his dad had wanted him too. He no longer had to join the Army or at least not yet that was. His father was giving him another year to prove to him that he could take care of himself by getting a good job somewhere. Nick was still working at Mr. Weir's store, A1 Sporting Goods and taking drum lessons on the side. He was hoping to get in a band by the end of the summer. And hopefully, his music career would take off. He had gotten reasonably better at playing the drums over the last year. His father had even mentioned it to him one day after hearing him practice.

They had all worked hard this year to get that slip of paper saying that they were able to graduate. Even Daniel had managed to improve his grade enough to pass. He had cheated some along the way but with the help of Lindsay's tutoring as well, he had managed to like Nick maintain a C average.

"Can you believe this might be the last time we all hang out together?" asked Nick, looking from Ken and Daniel, who were standing across from him. He was thinking out loud like he often did when he was slightly stoned.

Daniel just shrugged at this, like it was no big deal that he might not see them again as he threw the now finished joint over his shoulder.

"Man, we still have all summer to hang out!" smirked Ken at Nick and his stupid deep thinking. Sure Lindsay was going away in the fall and Nick was working all the time or practising his drumming and Daniel had gotten a job for the summer working at his cousin's auto repair shop and Kim was waitressing at a dinner off the high way. And he was working for his dad for the summer. There was still two whole months to hang out before every thing changed.

"Yeah, stop being a pansy," added in Daniel, looking over at Nick, who was not paying attention to either of them. Ken let out a chuckle at this. Daniel looked over at him and smiled. He was glade he could make his friend laugh. He understood where Nick was coming from. It scared the shit out of him to think what he was going to do now since he graduated. His mom was even more on his case about getting a job and helping out more with his dad.

"And there's still that party at that stupid jock's house later on tonight, we will see each other there," added in Ken. "Man, you are so stoned!" he looked on at Nick, who was now sitting on the sandy ground, not caring if he messed up his robes.

Nick did not reply to his, he just looked away from his two good friends and out onto the football field, where families were gathering. The ceremony was being done outside on the field. He was glad that he had sneaked in a joint at home before coming over to the school. He had been nervous this morning about making a fool of himself when crossing the stage to receive his diploma. He was glad that he was stoned. He had picked up smoking again soon after he quite last summer. He didn't understand how anyone got through the pressure and stress of life sober. He needed to get high to relax and calm his anxiety. As he continued to sit in the sand, while Ken and Daniel joked around, the girls approached them.

"Hey Babe," cried Kim coming up beside Daniel.

"Hey," greeted back Daniel to his girlfriend tenderly, as he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist. They were recently back on again. Nick glanced over slightly at the couple as they shared a long kiss together.

"Hi Nick," whispered Sara, who was appearing down at him in his stoned state. Shifting his attention away from Daniel and Kim, he looked up at his girlfriend of a year.

"Hey," he whispered back, his face breaking out into a goofy grin.

"Why are you sitting down there?" she asked at him with a smile, "You're going to get dirty!" Sara then held out a hand to pull him up. Once he was up on his feet, he pulled her to him, kissing the side of her neck.

"Nick, stop that!" giggled Sara as she leaned back from his touch. She was use to hanging around his friend but she wasn't one for public affections. She liked to keep those things private.

"What's wrong babe?" he whispered, his brown eyes appearing into her's. He just wanted to show her how much he cared for her like Daniel and Kim did all the time.

But before Sara could open her mouth, they were interrupted.

"Get a room you two!" cried Ken, a smirking at the couple as they suddenly broke apart from one another.

"Ken," cried Amy, hitting him lightly on the arm.

"What?" asked Ken innocently looking down at his girlfriend, a smile playing on his face. Amy just rolled her eyes in response. She was biting down on her lower lip, preventing herself from smiling. The couple had been going out for little over a year now and were still going strong.

Ken then leaned down and captured her lips in a tender kiss.

"Why don't you two get a room?!" cried back Nick, as he wrapped his arms protectively. around Sara.

Everyone laughed at this, including Ken and Amy. Everyone was happy and in a good mood. The only person who was missing from the group was Lindsay who was arriving with her parents.

"So are you guys going to the party later on tonight?" asked Sara, looking around at the group. Even know she had been with Nick for a year now, she still felt like an outsider to his friends. "I heard that Josh's house has a dance floor in the basement. His mom's use to be a ballet dancer. Me and my friends are planning to have a dance completion." She explained excitably.

Kim couldn't help but snort with laughter at this. She didn't see how Sara and Nick had last as long as they had. They were too different people. She had tried to give Sara the benefit of the doubt at the beginning but now she was just annoying. All she ever talked about was disco and dancing.

Nick shot Kim a dirty look at this.

"No, that sounds really fun, Sara," replied Amy, smiling kindly at the girl. Trying to break the tension between Kim and Sara. "Count me and Ken in!"

"Really?!" replied Sara, her face brightening. "I didn't know you liked to dance, Ken."

"I don't," spoke Ken before being cut off by Amy.

"He does," replied Amy, elbowing Ken hard into the ribs. Ken shot his girlfriend a questionable look at this. However, Amy ignored it and smiled reassuringly at Sara.

"I do, apparently," he spoke, looking over at Daniel as he rubbed his side, where Amy had elbowed him.

"Great!" cried Sara as she smiled warmly at Amy and Ken before quickly looking up at Nick, who gave her a small smile back. A uneasy feeling had suddenly come over him. It was the same feeling that always came over him when he saw Sara getting along with his friends. "Well, I'm going to go find my folks!" explained Sara as she leaned up and kissed Nick briefly on the lips. "See ya guys later!" she cried over her shoulder and ran towards a middle age couple standing a few feet away from the bleachers.

"So Ken, show me some of your dance moves?" laughed Daniel over at Ken, who was giving him the death glare in return.


The ceremony was a success. Everyone walked across the stage with out tripping or making a fool of themselves, including a stoned out Nick. It had been long though, especially as the afternoon sun beamed down on everyone in their black robes.

"Smile everyone," cried Mr. Weir as he appeared through the lens of his camera as Lindsay and her friend huddled together. Lindsay and Kim stood in the middle, as the three guys towered around them. All five of them, smiled proudly into the camera. This was a moment of celebration for all of them. They had all ditched their black robes. Both Lindsay and Kim were wearing dresses. Lindsay's was a peach colour and Kim's a sapphire blue. The girls had gone shopping with Lindsay's mom earlier that week to pick them out. The guys were dressed up too, in simple white button down shirts and black pants.

It was this moment that they all would remember for the rest of their lives. Their friendship. Their future's were approaching rapidly and they didn't know if they would remain friends for much longer. However, they would remember each other and the memories they shared together no matter what happened after this summer. And this picture captured that. Just the five of them.

Both Amy and Sara were off with their own families.

Daniel's mom and brother had shown up for the ceremony but had quickly left afterwards. Only staying for a moment, to meet the Weir family and snap a photo. Daniel's mom had to get back to his father who over the last year had taken a turn for the worse. Daniel had been a little disappointed to see them leave so soon, his brother had to get back to work. But he had been happy for them to show up. Kim's mom had also had shown up for the ceremony and had stayed long enough to criticize her daughter for looking like a slut in her dress. However, Mrs. Weir had stood up to Kim's mother, saying she thought the dress was very figure flattening on her. Kim had gotten a quick picture with her mother and Mrs. Weir before she made some excuse about having to get back to the hair salon for work. Ken's whole family was here too. They hadn't tried to make a quick escape or anything. They were waiting for Ken to finish up with his friends before taking him out for a late lunch celebration.

Nick's dad and mom were here too and making pleasantries with the Weir family. Nick, who wasn't a big fan of his family was happy to see them making nice with the Weir family. He was glade to see that the day had not been filled with disappointment and arguing like most family gathering were.

"Oh, I'm so proud of all of you!" cried Mrs. Weir as she threw her arms around all five of them. Over the past two years, Lindsay's friends had become extended members of the Weir family. Both Jean and Harold had a soft spot for each of those kids in their hearts. They were happy that they all had been able to graduate high school, together.

"MOM!" cried out Lindsay in embarrassment.

However, neither of Lindsay's friends found this embarrassing or lame. In fact, they thought it was the opposite. "Thanks Mrs. Weir!" cried all of them as they gathered in a group hug.


"Bye Mom! Bye Dad!" cried Lindsay over her shoulder as she raced out the front door and into the summer night. Daniel's car had just pulled up in front of the house. Her , Kim, Daniel and Amy were all heading over to the party together.

"Don't be too Late!" called out Harold to his daughter as he watched from the porch as she climbed into the back seat of Daniel's car.

"Hey, Mr. Weir," called Daniel from the driver's seat. The young man smiled at the older man, raising a hand in greeting before driving off.

Harold waved as the car drove away from the house and disappeared down the street. He knew that Lindsay was in good hands. He just couldn't help but feel a little uncertain as he watched his little girl go off.

Unlike everyone else, Lindsay was still dress in her dress from earlier as she climbed into the backseat beside Amy. It was still warm out that night, too warm for her usual entire of jeans and sweaters. Especially her beloved Army jacket. She wasn't normally one for dresses but this dress was light and airy. And everyone said it looked good on her.

"Hey guys," she greeted her friends warmly as she shut the side door of the car and looked around at everyone.

"Hey Lindz," greeted back Daniel, flashing her a smile before turning his attention to her dad, who was still standing on the porch watching them.

"Hey girl, you're looking hot!" commented Kim as she turned around in the front seat to face her friend. "You really should wear dresses more often Lindsay!"

Lindsay blushed slightly at the compliment, "Thanks," she whispered, nervously tucking her hair behind her ears and smiling shyly at Kim. She wasn't use to compliments like this. She usually tried to hide herself in baggy clothes. She didn't like to be the centre of attention.

"Yeah, you look really nice today," added in Amy, smiling kindly at Lindsay.

Lindsay shifted her attention over at Amy at this and returned the smile, " Thanks Amy!"

"Doesn't Lindsay look nice, Ken?" asked Amy, looking up at Kenny, who was squeezed in beside her in the backseat. He had his arm around her shoulder. He looked down at his girlfriend in puzzlement. He didn't understand why he was being singled out. "Yeah. Sure," he stated in a monotone voice. "Lindsay you look nice!" he added looking over at Lindsay.

Lindsay couldn't help but laugh at this. "Thanks Ken!" she replied smiling over at him in amusement. Ken was one of her good friends but never before had he complemented her. He was usually saying something sarcastic to her.

"No problem Lindz," he answered, "Just don't go falling in love with me now!" he added sarcastically.

Everyone laughed at this. "Don't worry, I won't!" she replied back, sticking her tongue out at Ken. Ken just rolled his eyes in reply. "Good, because I'm taken!" he then leaned over and kissed Amy loudly on the cheek.


The party was being held at one of the football player's house. The whole graduating class and some of the younger classes had been invited.

"This party better be good," stated Kim as they pulled up in front of their fellow class man's house, which was more like a mansion. They were in the richer part of town. The house was a newly renovated two story home.

"Don't worry, it will be," replied Daniel as he stopped the car and gave his girlfriend a knowing smile.

"How do you know?" asked Kim, looking over at Daniel, a puzzled expression on her face. They rarely went to the popular kids' parties. Not that they were ever invited too them. But they always figured they would be lame.

"Because of this!" he answered, reaching into the front pocket of his jeans and producing a dime bag. He waved it slowly in front of Kim's face. His smile broaden as he watched as Kim's blue eyes widen in excitement.

"Yeah man!" cried Ken enthusiastically as he reached over with his free hand and patted Daniel on the back.

"I knew you would pull through," commented Kim as she smiled broadly at Daniel before throwing herself at him, pressuring her lips hungrily to his. Lindsay looked away from her friends at this and turned her attention to out the window, looking up at the party house. This would be the last high school party she would be attending in Chippewa. In September she would be attending Boston University. She didn't really want to go to University but knew she had no other option really. She knew she didn't want to spend the rest of her life in suburbia Michigan. And this was her way out. She knew she would be sad to leave her family and friends behind but was excited about the possibility of finally starting her life. She had thought about staying in the state and attending the University of Michigan instead. But decided she needed to broaden her surrounding by attending a school out of state.

Tainted Love blared loudly from the house as the five of them approached the front door.

"Should we knock?" asked Lindsay, suddenly over come with nerves as she looked over at the rest of the guys as they followed her up the stone steps of the porch. She had never attended one of the popular kid's parties before or even been over to one of their houses for that matter. She was both excited and nervous about the possibilities of the night. She felt like she was stepping into another world somewhat, even if it was just for one night. She felt suddenly grown up in away. She also knew that there was a large possibility that this party would be lame as ever. She figured by the choice of music that was playing at the moment, that this party would just be like all the other she had attended in the pass, disappointing.

However, it was still too earlier to tell how the night would play out.

"Nah," shrugged Daniel as he reached over and pushed open the door, "It's open!" He then wrapped his arm around Kim and the two of them stepped over the threshold, entering the party. They were followed by Ken and Amy. Lindsay was the last one to enter.


After about a few hours into the party, Lindsay was already bored. It had started off fun but after finishing her third beer, the disco music which was blaring loudly through out the entire house was getting on her nerves. It didn't help matters that all her friends had left her, splitting off to go hang out with their partners. After mingling with a few people from her math class, Lindsay had wondered out into the backyard to get some fresh air.

She was seated on the edge of the pool, dangling her bare feet in the cool water. It was still warm out.

It had never really bothered her before being the only one without a boyfriend amongst her friends. However in this moment she wished she did have one. Since Thanksgiving, she had been secretly going out with Neal's older brother, Barry for a few months until her parent's had found out and forbidden her from seeing him. They liked Barry but didn't like the fact that he was seeing their daughter, who was younger then him. She still heard from him now and then but it had been two months since they had called it off. His calls were less regular now. Lindsay had liked Barry and missed him. But she hadn't been in-love with him like she thought she should've been. The two of them had gone out for a sold six months. There were times however she found herself thinking about him and what he was doing. She missed his company. Especially at parties like this, where he would probably trying to make her laugh, making fun of her fellow drunken piers. Not one of her friends knew about her relationship with Barry, except for Kim.

Slowly drinking her fourth beer of the night, Lindsay studied the commotion around her. There were a few people splashing about in the pool but not many. The real action was coming from inside the house, were some sort of dance off had broken out. There was also a group of Football players playing beer pong on the patio. All around her, everyone seemed to be happily drunk and having a good time. Except for her.

Tonight, she had hoped would be like all the times she had hung out on the smoking patio with her friends. Laughing and poking fun at each other and how dorky the party was. However that had not been the case. She didn't want to feel sorry for herself but she couldn't help it as she sat there drinking her beer, watching everyone else have a good time.

"Hey Lindsay," spoke Nick softly down at her.

"Hey Nick," replied back Lindsay, looking up at him and giving him a small smile. She hadn't really talked much to Nick since arriving at the party. He had been all over Sara when she had arrived. There was still awkwardness between them as Nick and Sara had gotten more serious with one another over the past year. Lindsay still thought of him as one of her good friends but they hung out less and less nowadays. When he wasn't working at her father's store or playing his drums, he was with Sara. She missed him, his friendship. Nick was a good guy.

"What's up?" he asked as he sat down on the stone patio beside her. He was sitting cross legged, facing her, a beer in his hand.

"Nothing much," she shrugged casually, looking over at him briefly before taking a sip from her beer and looking out onto the water of the pool.

Nick nodded his head slightly in reply as he too took a drink from his beer and looked into the pool, wondering what it would be like to sink to the bottom and just lay there.

"Where's Sara?" asked Lindsay with curiosity, breaking him out of his deep thoughts. Turning his attention towards her, their eyes locked with one another for a brief moment. Before Lindsay shyly looked away. She felt like she didn't know how to act around him anymore when they were alone like this.

Nick however didn't seem to notice Lindsay's embarrassment. "She's inside somewhere," he murmured, shrugging his shoulders like he didn't give an interest where his girlfriend was.

"How's it going with the two of you?" asked Lindsay, as she looked up and briefly met his glance. From what she could tell, the two of them loved each other very much. Sara seemed like a good thing for Nick. She seemed to make him happy. She liked to see Nick happy, especially when he wasn't high. She had to admit that she was surprise that they had last so long together. But she figured that he had just gone out with Sara in the first place to make her jealous. But now, she saw the two of them differently. They seemed to have the real thing, Love.

Nick's face dropped slightly at this question. He didn't want to talk about how it was going with Sara at that moment. He was tired of everyone bringing up his relationship. "You look beautiful tonight Lindsay," he whispered, ignoring her question. He shifted his weight, so that he was leaning slightly towards her. His eyes were appearing intensely into her. He was a little intoxicated and slightly high at the moment but he did mean it. He had been wanting to tell her all day how beautiful she looked in that peach dress. But had never gotten the chance until now. He had never seen her dressed up like this. He was so use to seeing her in that oversized Army jacket of hers, he had forgotten she had a body underneath it.

Lindsay's brown eyes stared back at Nick with surprise. She was taken back by his sudden compliment. "Thanks," she mumbled, blushing, "My mom made me wear it!" She held his eye for a second longer, before nervously looking down. Tucking her hair behind her ear, she took a quick sip of her beer, not daring to look at Nick.

"Well, she made a good choice," he spoke softly towards her. His face was just inches away from hers now as he reached out and gently ran his hand down her forearm, sending a trail of goosebumps to form.

Lindsay looked up and locked eyes with Nick. Her eyes were wide with shock at his sudden touch. "Nick," she whispered at him with caution.

"Lindsay," he whispered back, his eyes not leaving her face as he leaned in closer to her. Their foreheads were now resting against one another. Lindsay found that she was holding her breath in anticipation of what was to come next. Placing his cup of beer down beside him, Nick placed both of his hands on either side of Lindsay face. His eyes were dark with desire, noted Lindsay as she felt his lips crashed against hers, pulling her into a kiss.


"This party sucks man," complained Ken as he wrapped his arms around Amy and rested his chin on top of her head.

"It does," agreed Daniel. They were all hanging out in the Den of the house, watching TV. The party had turned out to be a dud. It had started off fun but now they were bored of it. They had also smoked through all their weed and were coming out of their highness. It was now just after midnight. They were all a little buzzed but not enough.

"Let's get out of here," spoke Daniel standing up from the couch and pulling Kim up with him.

"You guys coming?" he asked looking over at Ken and Amy, who were talking intimately together in the corner of the room. Daniel and Kim watched as Ken whispered something into Amy's ear and she let out a girlish giggle.

"HEY, love birds!" called out Daniel, loudly to the couple.

Ken looked up and turned his attention onto his friend. "I think we are going to stay for a bit," he answered.

Amy nodded her head in agreement.

Getting the hint, Daniel smiled at this, "You guys have fun now!" he laughed before leaving the room, with Kim close behind him.

"I wonder were Lindsay went off too," wondered Kim as she and Daniel made their way out of the house and stumbled into the backyard. The song, Eye Of The Tiger was playing loudly now from the backyard speaker, which was hooked up to the main stereo system of the house.

"Who cares," replied Daniel as he leaned against the back wall of the house and placed his hands firmly on Kim's waist, pressing her against him. Leaning in to her, he then began to kiss the side of her neck. Kim closed her eyes at this. All thoughts of Lindsay exiting her mind as she wrapped her arms around Daniel's neck.

The couple continued to make out for a couple moments longer before being interrupted.

"KIM!" cried a panicked Lindsay as she rushed to her friend's side and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Lindsay!" cried back Kim as she pulled away from the kiss and looked over at her friend.

"Do you mind?" asked Daniel, sounding pissed as he looked over at Lindsay. He wasn't too happy to see her at that very moment.

"Shut up Daniel!" snapped Kim, smacking him on the chest, before turning her attention back on to Lindsay. "What's up?" she asked, her blue eyes appearing into Lindsay's brown ones with concern. "Are you okay?" she asked, lowering her voice slightly as she noticed the panicked look on Lindsay's face.

"Can we talk?" asked Lindsay, her voice barely above a whisper as she nervously shifted her eyes around her before focusing them back onto Kim.

Kim stole a quick glance over at Daniel, who was looking bored at their chit chatters before turning her attention back onto her friend. "Yeah, sure!" she answered, reaching out and giving Lindsay's shoulder a comforting squeeze.

Daniel let out a sigh at this. "I'm going to go get a beer," he announced to the two girls as he straightened his back. If he wasn't going to be getting any action at that moment, he was at least going to get drunk.

"Okay, see ya Babe," murmured Kim as he kissed her cheek.

"Bye Lindz," he spoke, looking over at Lindsay quickly before walking back into the house in search of a drink, leaving the two girls to be.

"Come on," whispered Kim as she took Lindsay's hand and lead her away from the crowded patio and to a more private location. She figured whatever Lindsay wanted to talk about was important.


"Okay, spill Weir!" spoke Kim as she leaned back against the seat and looked Lindsay straight in the eye. The two girls were seated in the back of Daniel's car. Kim had a spare key. Lindsay held Kim's glance for a moment before nervously looking down at her hands which were twitching slightly in her lap.

"Come on Lindz! Clearly there is something important you want to talk about, so spill! What is it?" asked Kim, trying to keep her voice calm but was failing. She had no patience. She was eager to know what Lindsay wanted to talk about.

"Okay, you first have to promise Kim, not to tell anyone...not even Daniel what I'm about to tell you," explained Lindsay slowly, her voice barely above a whisper as she looked over at Kim. Her face was dead serious, Kim could not tell anyone.

"Okay, I promise," replied Kim, her blue eyes looking straight into Lindsay's brown ones. "I won't tell anyone." Her voice was clear and honest. She figured whatever it was, was really important. The last time that Lindsay had sworn her to secrecy like this was when she had told her she was skipping out at the Academic Summit and following the Grateful Dead Tour instead.

"Okay," whispered Lindsay, letting out a deep breath. She licked her lower lips as she looked away briefly from Kim. "I think I just did something stupid, like really stupid!" She confessed, quickly looking at Kim through the corner of her eye.

"Come on Lindz, " laughed Kim after a moment, "There is nothing that you could do that is stupid that I haven't already done myself!" Kim was grinning at her friend. She couldn't believe that Lindsay would ever do something that she would considered stupid. Kim Kelly was known for doing stupid things. There was nothing that Lindsay could have done that was worse then what she had done before.

Lindsay didn't say anything at this. She just looked on at Kim, giving her a you have no idea look.

"Come Lindsay, what did you do that was so stupid?" asked Kim, trying to get Lindsay to spill her secret. "Did you like hook up with Nick or something?" she asked, half jokingly.

Lindsay held her friend's eye for a second before turning her attention to out the window. She was glad that it was dark out, so that Kim could not see the redness of her face. The amusement in Kim's eyes was quickly replaced with realization, as she looked on at her friend with shock. "OH MY GOD! You HOOKED UP WITH NICK!" she cried, her eyes widening. "YOU SLUT!" teased Kim, playfully smacking Lindsay on the arm.

"Ouch!" snapped Lindsay at Kim, rubbing her arm. There were tears in Lindsay's brown eyes as she looked on at her friend. She wasn't upset about the hit but about being called a slut. She hadn't meant for it to happen. "AND I'M NOT A SLUT!"

"Lindz, I'm sorry," spoke Kim, sounding deflated. She hadn't meant to hurt Lindsay's feelings. She was only joking with her. "I didn't mean it. You're not a slut." She stated, her eyes pleading for Lindsay to forgive her. She felt like a shitty person. Lindsay held Kim's glance for a second longer before bursting into tears. She felt like she had screwed up big time. She then buried her face into her hands, letting her emotions take over. She could never remember feeling so help less like she did at this moment.

"Hey," whispered Kim as she wrapped her arm around Lindsay's shoulder, pulling her slightly towards her. "It's going to be okay," she whispered, as she rubbed her back, trying to give her some comfort. They stayed like this for a long time it seemed before Lindsay lifted her head and wiped her eyes with the back of her hands. She gave Kim an apologetic smile as she shifted her weight slightly on the seat.

"Do you want me to beat up Nick?" asked Kim trying to break the tension. But a part of her was being serious. She hated that Nick had done this to Lindsay, making her an emotional mess.

"No, I don't want you to beat him up," laughed Lindsay sadly as she looked over at Kim.

"So, how did it happen?" asked Kim, suddenly not being able to take the wait any longer. Her blue eyes were staring at Lindsay intensely, waiting for her answer. Lindsay stared at her friend for a long moment before finally giving in.

"I'm not really sure," began Lindsay, running a nervous hand through her hair. It was all a blur to her. "I was seated by the pool, when Nick approached me. He was alone which I was surprised by a little. Him and Sara are usually joined at the hip."

"I know, tell me about it!" stated Kim, interrupting Lindsay. Lindsay just stared at Kim coldly for a moment before continuing on with her story. "Anyways, we were talking...and all the sudden he told me I looked beautiful. And then he was kissing me!"

"Did you kiss him back?" asked Kim with interest.

"Not at first. But I was a little tipsy and in shock at his touch. But I guess after a moment of getting over it, I did," she admitted, blushing slightly remembering the softness of his lips against hers. She forgot how good of a kisser Nick was. "The kiss didn't really develop from there before we broke apart," she added as she tried to piece together what came next. She was still slightly buzzed from the four beers she had drank that night. "He then lead me to the pool house, where we kissed some more. Then nothing happened for a while." After kissing on the bed, Lindsay had gotten nervous and broken the kiss. They had then began to talk. She couldn't quit remember what it was about. She figured it had something to do with Nick getting stoned again. Because the next thing she remembered was him pulling out a tiny joint. He had offered her some of it. "We then shared a joint," she admitted to Kim.

"Wait! you, Miss. Goody Goody Lindsay Weir smoked a joint?!" stated Kim both in shock and admiration at her friend.

Lindsay didn't really know what to say to this. She just simply shrugged her shoulders like it was no big deal. Like she did it all the time. After she had first gotten high while Babysitting with Millie, she had swore she would never get high or stoned again. Even on the Grateful Dead tour she had avoid all drug usage. However, tonight she had been curious. Not to see what it felt like to be stone. She already knew how that felt but to be stoned with someone else. Some one you cared about. She had been alone the first time. She was curious if it was any different to get high with someone else. So when Nick had offered the joint, she had accepted it. She hadn't really gotten high from it. Just slightly stoned. She had only taken about two puffs from it before handing it back to Nick, who had finished it off. It had been nice in away, she thought seeing Nick enjoy something he was good at, like playing his drums. Nick was good at getting high. However, even if he was in his intoxicated state, she had felt safe with him. "He then began to kiss me again and one thing lead to another..." her voice trailed off as she looked away from Kim and once again stared out the window.

"Was it good?" asked Kim, after a moment of silence between them. She was generally curious to know if Nick was any good in the sack.

Lindsay just shrugged at this, "I don't know. I have nothing really to compare it too," she admitted quietly. This had been her first time.

"You're a virgin?" asked Kim. This was news to her. "But you went out with that college guy!"

"Yeah, but we never did anything more then make out," stated Lindsay.

"But didn't you stay over in his dorm room one time?" asked Kim, not believing that Lindsay could go out with a older guy and not sleep with him.

"Yeah but I couldn't go through with it," admitted Lindsay. They had tried but she had freaked out at the last moment. She had been too nervous to go through with it. Barry had understood and had not pressured her.

"Was Nick at least good to you?" she asked towards her friend. She would kill him if he was anything but. Kim, knew how scary your first time could be, especially if the guy wasn't gentle. She had lost her V-card when she was fourteen and had not had the best experience.

"Yeah, he was," spoke Lindsay softly, smiling slightly at the thought. "He was gentle and slow." She remember Nick always asking if she was okay, reassuring her. It had been comforting. Looking back on the whole thing, she was kind of happy that it had happened with Nick, a person she trusted and cared for and not just some random guy she had been dating. Nick and her had a history. Even if it was sort of messed up.

"Because if he wasn't anything but, I will hurt him for you!"

"No, it's okay!" laughed Lindsay as she looked on at Kim. She was graceful to have her has her best friend. Every girl needed a friend like Kim Kelly she thought.

"So what know afterwards?"

"Oh, well after it was done. I think we fell asleep," explained Lindsay, thinking hard, trying to remember. "Because the next thing I remember was being a woken by Sara calling Nick's name. She was looking for him. Nick had then jump out of the bed, quickly getting dressed. Someone must have told her that he was there. I hid in the bathroom, while she had come in."

"Did you get caught?"

"No, I managed to escape from the bathroom window. But it sounded like Sara was pissed off about something," she added thinking about how Sara had not sounded like her cheerful self when she saw Nick.

"Yeah, they had gotten into a fight earlier," replied Kim, remembering how Daniel and her had been hanging out in the kitchen with them, when they had gotten into an argument. She couldn't remember what it had been about though. Probably about disco, she assumed.


Nick lay wide awake in his bed. He had been home for over an hour now and he couldn't fall asleep. He couldn't get the events of the night out of his head. Every time, he tried to close his eyes and quiet his mind, he saw Lindsay staring up at him. Her brown eyes piercing into his face. He couldn't get the smell of her from out of his nostrils. The sweetness of her perfume, lingering on the nape of her neck. She smelt like honey and vanilla. A slightly smile appeared on his face as he closed his eyes and thought of her touch. The softness of her hands against his chest, feeling the beating of his heart. The warmth of her breath against his ear.

He had dreamt often of what it would be like to make love to her. And now he had. He couldn't get over it. He had gone all the way with Sara but that did not compare to how it had been with Lindsay. It had been magical. And he knew it wasn't just the pot making it feel like that. He had been extremely stoned, much stoner with Sara, their first time then he had been with Lindsay tonight.

They had gone slowly. He had not wanted to rush anything. He wanted to remember every detail of it. He had wanted savour it. Unlike, Sara, who he just wanted it to be over. At the thought of Sara, a guilty feeling suddenly filled the pit of his stomach. He had hated how she had almost ran in on his and Lindsay. He had hated how he had been forced to deal with her and not being able to say goodbye properly to Lindsay. He had tried searching for her after confronting Sara but she had been no where to be found. He assumed she had left with the rest of the guys. He had wanted to call her but he knew it was too late. He had thought about stopping by her house but knew that she would just be creeped out. He didn't want to scare her and crowd her like he had last time they had gone out. If this meant what he thought it meant, he wanted to do it right.

Letting out a sigh, he turned onto his side and let his thoughts replay that magical moment over and over again, until he fell into a deep blissful sleep.

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