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Chapter 1 - Missing

He's missing. Those words echoed in her mind as she raced down Sunset Drive towards his house; scene of the crime. Her breath was jagged and short, her hair surrounding her face, outlining her grim mouth and worried eyes. Her legs leaded her across the main road, making cars stop in an abrupt halt, headlights shining on her engagement ring, making it glint the spectrum. She saw his home come into view, with police cars surrounding it and sprinted faster to the doorstep.

Impatiently, she tapped her foot on the porch, waiting for someone to let her in and tell her what was going on. After 5 minutes of repeated knocking and standing, she turned to the back entrance, pulled out a bobby pin and picked the lock. Open.. She thought again and again - Voila! She cautiously opened the door and entered the familiar surroundings of his den, his scent still lingering. She inhaled deeply before sliding the door and showed her presence to the remain of his family. His dad (Drake) turned to her in shock while his mother (Liana) just sat there with no facial expression at all.

"Tell me what happened" She whispered softly. All she received was a sympathetic glance from a guy with a clipboard asking questions and noting down what could've happened.

"Someone tell me what happened!" She asked again, anger lining her voice. Noticing her frustration the clipboard guy ushered everyone out of the room so she was left alone with her fiancé's parents. Silence. The ticking of the clock indicated how long she had been waiting for an answer.

"What is going on!" She angrily repeated, her eyes set with determination.

"What's going on?! Because of you, our SON, your FIANCE, has been kidnapped. Don't know who, don't know when. All we know is that whoever kidnapped him wants YOU!" His mother screamed.

Letting the words register, she felt her knees give out as she collapsed on the floor, a desperate feeling inside of her. Her eyes began to prick with tears, slowly turning into a rushing stream. He shouldn't have proposed to you! Then we wouldn't be here and his parents wouldn't hate you! Her thoughts crammed inside her head, each one making her feel self-conscious and afraid. She never thought it would turn out this bad.

She was waiting in the line at Starbucks, humming the song that she was serenaded with. The queue moved up as she approached the counter.

"The usual Kate" she spoke.

"Sure Hun" Kate turned to prepare her Late and his Cappuccino. She tapped the countertop when her phone went off, saying she had two new messages.

New text message - Unknown Number
I've got him - you know what to do.

She scoffed as she deleted the message and turned to the next.

New text message - MIL(Mother In Law)
He's missing!

From that moment a surge of desperation went through her body. She jogged out the store leaving her order and headed for his house. For some reason, it seemed this had happened before.

Now look at her, that message could've helped the investigation, yet she had been stupid enough to delete it. Soon enough the crime detectives and the clipboard guy came back in. The same guy came down to sit next to her rubbing her back, comforting her. He then stood up.

"Hi, I'm Andre" He held out his hand with a slight smile. She quickly wiped her eyes, smudging her mascara, stood up with a bit of a wobble, using his shoulder for support and shook his hand.

"I'm Tori" During that short hand hold, Tori felt an evil sensation rush through her. Pictures of a man and a women flashed through her mind repeatedly before she passed out, her head reeling.

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