A day at Disneyland

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Hello everyone, it's me agent BM, you might know me as the guy who wrote those stories about Vanellope almost being killed by Terminators, aliens, that stuff. But none of that stuff will appear in this story; this story is just a nice family story with Vanellope and Ralph. So I hope you enjoy and please review.

Ch. 1

Today was a special day for Vanellope, she and Ralph were going to the new Disneyland game that was plugged in ever since Litwak's Arcade started to use console games. She woke up early, got dressed, and headed over to the gate to wait for Ralph. Ralph headed over there a half over later with a bag in his hands

"Morning stinkbrain, what you got there?" asked Vanellope

"It's a gift for you from Disneyland" said Ralph as he took out a pair of mickey ears

"What are they?" asked Vanellope

"Mickey ears, there something very popular with some people at Disney. It's just something to remember your first time at Disney" said Ralph

"Thanks" said Vanellope as she put the ears on

"Your welcome, so are you ready to go in?" asked Ralph

"I sure am" said Vanellope

"Then lets go" said Ralph

Ralph and Vanellope got on the train which was shaped like a monorail and went into the game. The train stopped in front of the main street train station and dropped them off.

"Wow, this place looks cool" said Vanellope as she grabbed a map off a stand

"It sure is, so where do you want to go first?" asked Ralph

Vanellope looked at the map but couldn't decide "I don't know, everything looks so interesting"

"How about I show you a few secret levels" said Ralph

"There are secret levels in this game?" asked Vanellope

"Yep, about 3 if im right, star tours, captain EO, and Indiana jones" said Ralph

"Star tours sounds cool" said Vanellope

"Then star tours it is, to tomorrowland" said Ralph as he and Vanellope headed over to tomorrowland

That's the first chapter, the first ride they're going to ride is star tours. Please review