Ch. 9

Hi everybody, here's the last chapter of a day at Disneyland, I hope you enjoy it

Taffyta awoke to a knock at her door. She wasn't supposed to race for another hour. She opened the door and found a robot hovering over her porch

"Who are you, don't you know what time it is here" asked Taffyta

"I'm sorry to bother you, but my name is Roger, I'm a probe droid tour guide from space mountain at Kinect Disneyland adventures" said Roger

"That's nice but what do you want, I have to get ready for a race in an hour" said Taffyta

"I have a gift that president Vanellope Von Schweetz asked me to deliver to you yesterday" said Roger as he gave her a box in space themed wrapping paper

"What is it?" asked Taffyta

"Open it and find out, now I must go now" said Roger as he floated away from Taffyta's house

"Well it's about time that glitch did something nice to me, after all I am the best racer in this game" said Taffyta as she ripped open the box

She opened the box and found a pyramid shaped device inside. It was a mine from the battlegrounds of Space Mountain

"Not the best present I've ever gotten but okay" said Taffyta

She picked up the mine and found a button on it that said push me

"Push me, okay" said Taffyta

She pushed the button and the mine started to beep, then suddenly Taffyta and her house blew up. Taffyta came out of the ruins of what used to be her house all burned and angry and shouted "VANELLOPE, IF I SEE YOU I'M GONNA KILL YOU"

Everyone in sugar rush heard her scream. Vanellope woke up a bit and laughed

"That's revenge for all those years of torture Taffyta" said Vanellope before going back to sleep

The End

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