Chapter One

Emily's hands were resting on JJ's hips lightly as they slowly swayed to the song. Her thumbs were rubbing in gentle circles almost subconsciously. Their eyes were gazing at each other and small smiles were playing on their lips. JJ's hands linked together at the back of Emily's neck and their bodies were almost touching. Emily entwined one of her hands with JJ's and pulled away, leading the blonde into a twirl which she completed gracefully. After, Emily pulled JJ to her, so their bodies were touching and their hands resumed their previous positions, almost unaware that the little space the two women had between them earlier had dissipated.

JJ moved impossibly closer and the two rested their foreheads against one another's. Emily's hands had slipped all the way around JJ's waist, so that they were resting on the small of younger woman's back. Their hands seemed to wander a little, but didn't linger anywhere that would deem them more than friends. But of course they wouldn't, because Emily and JJ were just friends. The brunette's eyes eventually fluttered shut and her nose nuzzled against JJ's. JJ chuckled quietly and bit her lip, nuzzling back. It ended with JJ placing her head against Emily's chest, enabling her to listen to Emily's heartbeat.

"You can't tell me they don't look like a couple," Morgan gawped at the two, watching them dance with each other.

Garcia swatted Morgan, hitting him across the head. "Stop looking at them like that!" Garcia scolded, admitted to herself it was partly because it made her feel jealous. "I've tried to tell them they're a super cute couple and that they've got feelings for each other but Emily just comes up with a smartass sarcastic remark and…" Garcia huffed. "She ruins it all. And now it's too late to do anything because JJ's with Detective Crawfish," she rolled her eyes dramatically.

Morgan continued watching the two dance and shook his head. "Oh come… Kiss and get it over with," Morgan muttered annoyingly. "Don't you think they're a bit clueless?" he asked Garcia as he turned back around to look at her.

"I've tried to tell them," Garcia shrugged. "They're just so oblivious to how friendships and relationships work," she told. "And the difference between them!" she shouted very loudly in the two women's directions. "And now they both use Will as an excuse. JJ says she can't possibly have feelings for Emily because she's with somebody and Emily says she can't possibly have feelings for JJ because she'd feel jealous and angry that Miss. Blondie is with someone."

"It's almost painful to watch," Morgan rubbed the back of his neck. "We're going to have to do something to get them together, whether JJ's with someone or not."

Garcia shrugged. "JJ has a fair point though. It wouldn't be fair on Will and you've seen JJ and him together. It looks like they genuinely like each other so…" Garcia sipped at the green sparkly drink she'd been given.

"I don't think it's fair on Emily though," Morgan brought the glass bottle to his lips and swigged the liquid. "I mean… It's obviously she's into JJ and JJ kind of uses her. Don't you think?" Garcia nodded to the question, seeing where he was going. "JJ purposefully goes to Emily with her problems and questions and stuff because she knows Emily will listen. Emily would never say no to JJ and she'd do anything for her…"

"I hate to admit it, but I agree with you. However… I don't at the same time. I really do think JJ's oblivious to what Emily feels for her!" Garcia commented. "And Emily denying it really doesn't help."

"Good point," Morgan mused.

"What's a good point?" JJ asked as she looked at the two with a smile on her face.

"Nothing," Garcia quickly covered. "We were just looking at the pros and cons of being a man and being a woman." Morgan shook his head and covered his face with his hand.

"Yeah? And which ones better?" JJ asked, turning around and grabbing the front of Emily's shirt to pull her to the table. The older woman was stood awkwardly behind JJ and the blonde wanted to bring her into the conversation. Garcia and Morgan rolled their eyes.

"We decided that because Garcia was fighting the case for women… That it was biased. There was no way being a man was going to win with my baby girl defending women," Morgan answered with a grin.

"Well listen guys, I've got to get home. Will's waiting for me. I was supposed to spend this week with him but we got a case and everything went crazy," JJ let out a poof of air.

"I should drive you," Emily piped up innocently. "I've barely had anything to drink and you've had more than a couple of beers," she pointed out to JJ, oblivious to the expressions Morgan and Garcia were sending each other. "I don't think you should risk driving."

JJ mulled it over in her head before slowly nodding. "Yeah, sounds like a plan," she smiled. "Thank-you," she placed her hand on Emily's shoulder and gently squeezed.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow," Emily looked at Morgan and Garcia as she picked up her jacket from the empty seat next to Morgan and began walking to the exit with JJ.

"Bye," JJ waved at them.

"Bye bye sweeties! See you on Monday!" Garcia called in their direction before they disappeared.

Morgan just shook his head.


It was cold outside and there was a chilly breeze blowing. The light from the streetlamps on the parking lot reflected off of the asphalt, due to the rain that had fallen earlier. The light also reflected off of the cars.

"So Will's at your place?" Emily asked, making it sound as though she wasn't too interested, but was just trying to find something to talk about.

"Yeah," JJ answered as she continued walking over the parking lot towards the far end where Emily had parked her vehicle. She wrapped her arms around herself, shivering as the cold wind hit her. "It's a shame that we got a case," she continued. "He has to be back in New Orleans by Sunday so we haven't really been able to spent a lot of time together."

Emily noted the shiver and unfolded her jacket, which had been strung over her arm. She placed it over JJ's shoulders and JJ sent her a thankful smile, pulling the jacket further around herself. "Are you disappointed that you can't spend a lot of time together? I mean… Do you like spending time with him?"

JJ glanced at Emily briefly, a little confused over the questions, but put it down to Emily being curious. Emily had, after all, asked some strange questions. Emily's curiosity towards everything was something that had always interested JJ. "I guess so…" JJ started hesitantly. "He's not much of a romantic though and he doesn't like staying inside that much. Sometimes I just want to lie on the couch, watch a movie and cuddle, you know?"

"Yeah," Emily answered. "He rushes things, am I right?" she asked, knowing from her own past experiences.

"Yeah," JJ nodded with a grin, glad Emily understood what she was talking about. "I think I may have dived too deep, too fast with this relationship. I like him, I really like him, I do but… I feel that if I'd have made him wait longer before we got this serious, that he wouldn't have lowered his expectations. He changed after we kind of… Crossed that line."

Emily pulled her car keys from her pocket and clicked the button on the small black key ring. The lights of a black land rover sport flashed twice to signal the vehicle had been unlocked and Emily opened the door for JJ. JJ blushed slightly and climbed in. Once Emily had closed the door, Emily moved to the other side. She sat in the drivers seat and closed the door, turning the key in the ignition.

"And are you okay with that?" Emily asked, continuing with the conversation as she placed her hand on the back of the head rest of JJ's seat, enabling her to look out of the rear window. She smoothly reversed out of the parking space before putting the car into first gear.

"Okay with what?" JJ asked, slightly confused.

"With Will changing," Emily reminded as she pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road. She left one hand resting on the gear stick as she drove, knowing that because it was late at night, she might be able to get away with driving a little over the speed limit. However, she knew she still had to be careful of speed cameras, red lights and law enforcement vehicles.

JJ contemplated what Emily was asking her and took a deep breath. "Yes?"

"You don't sound too certain," Emily commented with a chuckle.

JJ poked Emily in the side. "Well, I'm not," she admitted regretfully. Emily's eyes turned towards JJ for a moment. She gently rubbed the blonde's arm in a comforting gesture before turning her eyes back to the road.

In a soft tone, Emily offered, "Do you want to talk about?"

JJ took a deep breath, thinking about Emily's offer. Emily was a close friend and she knew that she could trust her. She knew that anything she said to Emily would stay between them. "I was attracted to him because of his charm," she admitted, biting her bottom lip as she thought about it. "He was funny, romantic… But then…" JJ paused.

"But then?" Emily ushered, knowing JJ wanted to talk about it. "You can tell me anything," she promised. "I won't tell anyone."

"We slept together after the second date and now I think about it… That isn't like me at all," JJ swallowed thickly. Emily couldn't help the shocked expression that appeared on her face. "Yeah, I know," JJ commented lamely

"That definitely isn't like you," Emily admitted, her tone soft and understanding, not patronising and accusing.

"It was after the Benjamin Cyrus case," JJ felt nauseas after admitting it. "I don't know why I did it. It wasn't even a date really I just… I got home and broke down and he didn't understand why. He was at my house at the time because we were supposed to be going on a date. I felt like I just… I needed to feel something, anything," JJ's eyes welled with tears. "The first time… It wasn't like I imagined. It wasn't slow and gentle… It was fast and rough and horrible and I regret it. I don't even want to know how easy he thinks I am."

Emily pulled the vehicle to the side of the road and turned in her seat. JJ turned and looked at Emily and one tear, disturbed by her movement, rolled down her cheek. Emily reached out and gently wiped it away with her thumb. However, she didn't know what she could say to console JJ. Instead, she pulled JJ into a hug over the console. JJ hid her face into the crook of Emily's neck as she let the tears fall, knowing that keeping everything in would make things a lot worse. They stayed like that for a few minutes, until JJ's breathing had evened out and the tears had stopped falling. Emily pulled back and JJ noticed the tear tracks on the brunette's face.

"You were crying?" JJ asked guiltily.

"I don't like seeing you in pain, whether it's physically or psychologically," Emily admitted. "But it isn't your fault," she quickly added. "I'm sure Will understood. He's a good man, he must know what it's like for you. The field he works in is similar to ours," she continued. "You are a strong woman, Jennifer Jareau, and I look up to you, do you hear me?" With teary eyes, JJ nodded. "Stop crying," Emily ordered softly, pulling JJ into another hug. It didn't last as long, but it meant just as much to JJ. Eventually, they continued the journey to JJ's house.

The whole time, the two kept their hands entwined, silently absorbing comfort from each other.

Once there, Emily stepped out of the car and rounded the vehicle, opening the door for JJ and offering her hand. JJ gladly took it and climbed out of the vehicle, closing the door behind her. Emily walked JJ to the doorstep and stopped JJ before the younger woman went inside.

"I have something I need to confess to you," Emily took a deep breath and lifted her head, looking at JJ. JJ looked concerned and confused. "I… I like you."

A bemused expression passed JJ's face. "I… Like you too. That's why we're friends, right? I generally wouldn't be friends with someone I didn't like," JJ chuckled. She stopped when she saw Emily's expression. "What's the matter?"

"I like you as in… Really like you. As in it's inappropriate for a friend to think of another friend in that way."

JJ's face dropped when she realised what Emily meant. "But I… I'm… I'm with someone," JJ stuttered, but eventually, managed to get out. It surprised her that being with someone was the first excuse that crossed her mind.

"I know," Emily nodded, sounded dejected. She fiddled with the car keys in her hands, her eyes looking at the floor. After a few long moments, she looked up and locked eyes with JJ. "And that's why I'm shocked I'm going to do this, because usually I wouldn't," Emily continued.

"Do what?" JJ questioned.

Emily stepped towards JJ so their bodies were mere inches apart. She reached up with her hand and cradled JJ's cheek in her hand. JJ shivered and the blonde knew it wasn't because of the cold. Her eyes fluttered shut and Emily slowly leant forward. Emily hesitated just before their lips touched and then decided JJ would have pulled away already if she hadn't wanted the kiss to happen. Emily closed the small gap between them and pressed her lips against JJ's.

JJ was in shock that she had allowed Emily to kiss her, but she kissed her back. There was a small voice in the back of her head telling that she'd wanted to, that she'd wanted to for a long time. The amount of feeling she managed to get from the kiss shocked her. How much it managed to arouse her also became apparent. After a few seconds, Emily pulled back. JJ whimpered and rested her forehead against Emily's, the loss of contact causing JJ to feel like a whole part of her had just gone missing.

"I'll see you on Monday," Emily whispered. She took a few steps backwards, watching JJ. She gave a small smile before she turned around and walked down the garden path. Emily got into her vehicle and started the engine, risking one more glance at JJ before she pulled away from the curb and drove down the road.

JJ watched the car go, her breathing an erotic pant. Her hand slowly reached up to her lips. She bit her bottom lip and turned around, opening the front door. She hoped Will didn't notice that something was wrong.