Based on The Walking Dead Game. T_T Just watched the ending for the second time I managed not to cry...just.

I met you in the mist of destruction,
I met you when you were all alone,
Your Mum and Dad are dead
And you have nothing left,
But that cap upon your head and hope.

Darling you kept me sane,
And in return I promised to keep you safe
But look what good it did
In the end I've well; end up bit
Sorry, but I'll have to break my promises.

I can't go on anymore,
I'm almost paralyzed on this floor
But don't be scared, don't be scared.
Oh God, Honey, I'll miss you too
But there's not a thing we can do,
I can't go along with you.

Leave me, run away,
Get to someplace far and safe,
Remember me and all I've said
Keep that hair short on your head
Goodbye my Darling...