note: has light swearing. :P

The next day, Mordecai woke up on the couch. The first thought that came to his head was the fight he and Rigby had the night before. 'Hmm. Maybe I was too hard on him, he looked pretty upset. But he did insult Margaret... I know! I'll just go see if he's up yet. Then I'll say sorry.' He got up, walked up the stairs, and pushed open the door. What he saw then was the saddest thing ever. There was Rigby, curled up in the corner by his trampoline, with wet fur on his face.

'Did I really say something /that/ bad? Poor Riggs.' Mordecai walked over, knelt next to his best bro's trampoline, and put a hand (or wing) on his shoulder. Rigby, being a very light sleeper, woke up to his friend's touch. He looked up to see Mordecai looking at him with sadness in his eyes.

Rigby just turned away and shrugged his hand off. With a slightly strained voice he said "what do you want Mordecai? I thought you told me to stay away from you." Mordecai was thoughtful for a moment. "No dude. If you stayed away from me, my life would be boring. Even if I was dating Margaret, my life would still suck if you weren't in it. I'm sorry Rigby."

Rigby sat up face to face with Mordecai. 'He looks so helpless and innocent like this...' mused Mordecai. What he did next surprised even himself. He grasped Rigby's still wet face, and leaned in close to his face to kiss him. With only centimeters between the two, Rigby closed the gap with his own lips. Neither of them had ever felt anything like this before in their lives.

Hours, minutes, seconds; Nothing mattered to the two anymore except the feeling of each-other's heat and lips. Rigby was the first to pull away after about 30 seconds. He saw that Mordecai was blushing madly and had a small smile on his face.

"So... What does this mean? What about Margaret? Your date?" Rigby was confused. Mordecai thought for a moment. He then came up with an answer. "Dude, screw Margaret and the date. And this means I love you Rigby."

Rigby was shocked. His mouth was wide open, as we're his eyes. "R-really? Mordecai this better not be some lame prank." Mordecai just laughed. "Dude, if this was a prank, I'd be video taping it." Rigby felt like he was going to cry tears of joy.

"So, you really do l-love me?" "Yeah Rigby. I really do love you." He then hugged Rigby really tight. His best friend hugged him back, nestled his head in the crook of his neck and said "I love you too, Mordecai. You don't know how long I've waited to hear you say that."

Both guys were the happiest they've ever been. Then Mordecai realized something of great importance. He stopped hugging and turned to Rigby, who had a large smile on his face and a tint of pink in his cheeks. 'He's so cute like that...'

He took a deep breath, and said with a completely emotionless face "so, Rigby... Does this make us... You know..." He was really embarrassed; he turned away from his best friend so he could try to hide his growing blush. Rigby was confused yet again. "Make us what?"

Mordecai swallowed and took another deep breath. He turned back to face Rigby and quietly said "g-gay..." The response he received was unexpected. Rigby wrapped his arms around Mordecai's chest and whispered in his ear "yeah... I guess it does... But that doesn't change anything, does it?"

Mordecai stayed silent. He really did love Rigby, but he didn't like the idea of being gay. Rigby on the other hand, was at peace with it. "Mordecai? It doesn't matter who you love, as long as you love them. I will always love you for you. But...This doesn't change anything, right Mordecai?"

Mordecai nodded his head and said no. "Ah good. So, now what?" He was met with a quick answer: "we should kiss." Rigby immediately complied, putting his lips to Mordecai's beak in a passionate exchange.

After a minute, they broke apart with smiles on their faces. "Come on dude, lets go get some breakfast." It was then that Rigby noticed his stomach had been growling the whole time. "Heh heh, guess you're right."

Mordecai stood up and held out his hand so Rigby could use it to pull himself up. But when he took it he didn't let go. Rigby liked how soft his friend's feathers were. He stroked the back of his hand with his thumb as they walked down the stairs. But they had to break apart when they saw Benson standing in the doorway to the kitchen.

He was really pissed. "MORDECAI! RIGBY! DO YOU SLACKERS KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!?" The two looked at each other and said simultaneously "no." Benson was even more pissed off then he was before (if that was even possible XD).


He stormed off, leaving Mordecai and Rigby alone. "AGHHH I don't wanna work todaaaaay! Man this sucks." complained Rigby. "I know dude. but if we finish our work really fast, maybe we can still get that day off he never told us about. Come on let's just eat and go." said Mordecai.

"Ugh. Ok." The two best friends then ate breakfast and hurried off to work (well, not hurried but... U no what I mean). Benson gave them their list of jobs for the day and they finished in record time. As they were walking to the house, a thought crossed Rigby's mind.

"Hey Mordecai, what do you want to do if we get our day off?" Mordecai thought about this for a moment. Then he said "I don't know dude. Play video games, or something. Why?"

"No reason." They continued their walk in silence. When they opened the door, they were met with the happy cheering of Pops. "Well hello gentlemen. How are you this fine evening?" Rigby noticed that behind Pops was the most wonderful smell wafting from the oven. "Hey Pops, We're fine. What'cha making?"

"Oh, well I'm just baking one of my famous pies. Would you two like a slice when it's done?" Mordecai looked over at Rigby, who was already drooling just over the thought of eating that pie. "Awww yeahh! Pops' pies are the best!" Pops beamed at this compliment. "Well thank you Mordecai! I'll be sure to make this one extra special for you then! I will let you know when it's done so you can partake of my pie. Until then, tata!" The two then left after saying "Later Pops."

Rigby jumped up on the couch and grabbed his controller while Mordecai set up their game system "alright dude, what do you wanna play? Alley fight dudes or strong johns?" "ALLEY FIGHT DUDES WOOO!" Mordecai laughed a little as he put in the game. Rigby noticed this and said "what?"

Mordecai walked over to him and put an arm around his friend's shoulder. He replied with a smile "you're so cute when you're excited." Rigby blushed and kissed Mordecai on the cheek. "Thanks. Now lets plaaaaay!" "Hmm. Hmm. Alright dude."

They continued to play video games for a while. Near the end of the day, Benson walked in and told them he wanted to see them in his office. Rigby paused the game and followed Mordecai to their bosses office. "Sit down guys, I have some good news." said Benson calmly.

The two co-workers sat in some chairs that were there and looked at their boss. This was one of the few times Mordecai and Rigby hadn't seen Benson angry. "Alright, about that day off on Friday. Since you two actually finished and didn't cause any explosions, I've decided you can have the day off."

Mordo and Riggs hi-5'd and yelled "OHHHH!" until a certain park manager stopped them. "But on one condition. You two have to do all of your jobs like that for the rest of the week or else no day off. Got it?" "DEAL!" yelled Rigby. He hi-5'd Mordecai again and ran out of Benson's office. It was getting late, so they decided to go to bed.

"Hmm. Hmm. I told you if we did our work right he'd let us have the day off! I told you!" teased Mordecai. "Whatever man, I never disagreed. *yawn* I'm going to sleep. G'nite." Rigby got up on his trampoline and crawled under the pile of dirty clothes. /'Hmm... Since me and Rigby are kind of a thing now, could he sleep with me in my bed without it being weird? I don't know...'/ thought Mordecai.

"H-hey Rigby... Can you sleep in m-my bed? With me? I mean, I-if you want to..." Rigby poked his head out from the clothes to look at Mordecai. He was fumbling with his hands and had blush growing on his face. Rigby smirked and walked over to his best bro's bed.

"Mordecai, sometimes you're just too cute." He climbed into the bed and snuggled up close to Mordecai and wrapped his arms around him. Mordecai put his arms around Rigby and gently kissed him on the lips. They stayed like that for what seemed like forever, but in reality only lasted about a minute before they had to break apart for air.

They both had large smiles on their faces and a light blush on their cheeks. They both lied down in Mordecai's bed with their arms around each other. As Mordecai was drifting off, a wonderful thought crossed his mind. 'I know what to do on our day off! I'll take Rigby out on a date! But where to... Hmm.' He decided to figure out the rest in the morning before falling asleep.