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One sunny Morning, Amelia Williams, formerly Pond, was roused by the sound of her Husband shuffling around the Bedroom retrieving his work clothes. She slowly disentangled herself from the covers, yawning.

"Sorry" Rory winced when he noticed her sitting up. "I didn't mean to wake you. Go back to sleep, I'll be done in a minute."

"No, it's alright" Amy grumbled as she got out of bed, stepping into her slippers and pulling on her dressing gown, "Anthony will be up soon, if he's not already. Could you put the kettle on if you get downstairs before me?"



Amy trudged down the hall, stepped into The Nursery.. And all her her usual Morning grumpiness melted away.

"Mummy!" Anthony stood up in his crib, little wooly Doctor in hand, beaming at her. "Hewo, Mummy!"

Amy felt a smile tug at the corners of her lips. She'd never been able to stay grumpy for too long when she saw that cheeky grin, whether it had come from Anthony or her lost best friend whom he so closely resembled.

"Good Morning, Little man" Her smile widened as she lifted him out of the crib. "Did you have a nice sleep?"

"Ya!" He nodded happily. "Mummy?"

"Yes, Mummy had a nice sleep too" Amy replied.

"Luvvu, Mummy."

"I love you too" Amy smiled, kissing his cheek.

Rory, guilty for waking his Wife, had gone one better than the kettle. He had Amy's tea ready, just how she liked it.

"Oh, thank you" She said, shifting Anthony to one arm so she could pick up the cup and take a sip. "Sorry I was Miss Grumpy-pants this morning.."

"You're Miss Grumpy-pants every morning" Rory teased, giving her a kiss, "But I love you for it. Well, I should be going. Don't want to be late for work." He kissed Amy again, then moved to kiss Anthony's forehead. "Bye, Anthony. You be a good boy for Mummy, okay?"

"Kay-kay. Buh-bye, Daddy!" The little boy waved as Rory headed out the door.

"Have a nice day at work!" Amy called after him.

"I'll try!" He called back.

Amy knew his job was much harder for him here than it had been in their own time. People thought Rory was strange. They looked down on him for nursing, 'A woman's job', and feeling no shame at all in doing it, making no effort to find himself a better, 'manlier' occupation. The gossip followed Amy too, everyone wondering what was 'wrong' with a pretty young thing like her that would have 'forced' her to 'settle' for Rory. There had to be something, she would have much 'better' suitor otherwise.

Oh, Amy wanted to strangle those people. They had no idea that an Angel walked the halls of their local hospital, using not-yet officially discovered methods and medicines to save the lives of many (Mostly children) who would otherwise be dead. Or that that angel's name was Rory Williams. River brought him some of the medicine, and, as a 21st century nurse, Rory new a few simple, but potentially life-saving procedures. He couldn't save everyone, of course, but he did what he could. He made a difference, and no one had any idea.

Rory didn't care, though. Rory didn't really care about what people said about him behind his back, either. He knew the wonderful things he had done, and would continue to do with his life. He knew the kind of man he was. Amy did too, and River, and so would Anthony when he was old enough to really understand those things. Them, his family, theirs were the only opinions that mattered to him. After all he had been through to get to this point in his life, Rory didn't feel the need to justify himself to anyone else.

Which was all well and good for him, but it didn't stop Amy's overwhelming urge to cause serious bodily harm to those who so ignorantly spoke ill of him. Oh well, there was nothing she could do about it now.

"Okay, kiddo" She sat Anthony in his highchair, "What do you want for breakfast?"


"Of course" Amy chuckled. "Alright then, you can have your bananas today."


Amy stepped into the kitchen to prepare them, and soon returned to feed him.

It was a beautiful Morning, with birds singing, and rays of sunlight shining through the windows. As she spooned mashed banana into Anthony's eagerly waiting mouth, Amy looked around at the pile of previous nights dishes, remembered the growing pile of dirty laundry.. And thought to hell with it, she'd do it later.

"It's much too nice a day to stay cooped up inside, isn't it Little man? How about after breakfast we get dressed and go for a walk in the Park?"


"I'll take that as a yes, then" Amy smiled.

Little did she know that with this trip to the Park, she would discover another piece of gossip about her Family that had been floating around town.

"Ooh, look Anthony. There's a little squirrel!" said Amy, pointing, as she pushed Her little boy's pram through the Park.

"Skiwel!" Anthony cooed, clapping his hands.

"He's not the only animal we're going to see today is he?" said Amy. "We're going to the Pond to feed the duckies!"

"Pond?" Anthony sounded confused, then grinned. "Mummy!"

"Very clever of you to notice, but no, not Pond like Mummy's name" Amy laughed. "A different type of pond. This Pond is a place, where ducks live." She pushed the pram around the corner. "And here we are!"

"Yay!" Anthony cheered, pointing to the feathered creatures paddling around the water's edge. "Duckies!"

"Yup. I hope they're hungry" Amy smiled. She reached into her bag to pull out a half loaf of stale bread, then lifted Anthony out of the pram and set him down, before crouching beside him and wrapping one arm around his middle to keep him from straying too close to the water. "Now Little Man, just break off a little piece of bread and throw it in.."

Anthony did as Amy instructed. The ducks swarmed on the bread, and the little boy giggled as he threw another piece.

Amy smiled. The whole Universe was waiting for Anthony to explore when he grew up, but for now, he was completely enthralled with just feeding duckies. Then again, she thought, maybe it wouldn't be all that different. In her time travelling with The Doctor, they had seen countless amazing places, but it had always been the little things, like tinkering with the TARDIS, a new bowtie, or a big bowl of fish fingers and custard, that brought her friend the greatest joy.

"Amelia, dear!"

Amy suppressed a groan at the sound of the voice, instead forcing a smile as she turned to see Mary Brown, the woman who lived a few houses down from she and Rory, her young sons Michael and Thomas trailing behind her.

"Hello, Mary."

Mary considered herself a friend of Amelia Williams. Amelia herself wasn't so sure. Mary was always offering 'helpful' parenting advice, such as using whiskey to soothe a baby's teething, which Amy knew was not really advisable in the future. This wasn't Mary's fault, though. Many things that people did everyday now would become ill-advised in the future. No, the problem was that Mary always seemed to look at Amy like her own personal charity case.

"Hello. Ooh, look at little Anthony, growing up so fast!" Mary grinned. Anthony shrank back closer to Amy. "He must be almost One now, hmm?"

"He was One two months ago" Amy frowned. She fought the urge to scold Michael and Thomas for play-fighting with sticks a short distance away.

"Ah" Mary's grin faded slightly. "Well, seeing as I've run into you, Amelia, I feel I need to ask you something. I've heard gossip, from others, you see, and I thought it best to get it cleared up.."

"What now?" Amy sighed.

"Is Anthony, um.. adopted?"

"No" Amy instinctively tightened her grip on her little boy. Technically he was adopted, but nobody outside of her little unconventional family unit needed to know this information. Besides that, being unable to produce a biological child would be just another reason for people to pity her, and Amy Pond did not want to be pitied by anyone. She'd had enough of that in the version of reality where she'd grown up without Parents. "Why would anyone think that?"

"It's just that nobody seems to remember you being Pregnant" Mary continued. "And, well, not to be rude, but the little fellow doesn't look much like you or dear Rory. His hair, for one.."

"Some people choose to keep pregnancies private" Amy's smiled her sweetest smile. "Curls run in Rory's family, but sometimes they skip a generation. And even if Anthony was adopted, which he's not, it wouldn't be anyone's business but ours. Don't you agree?"

"Oh, of course" now Mary's smile seemed forced. "Like I said, the talk came from others. Well, I should be going. Michael, Thomas!" The two boys rushed to her side, still clutching their sticks. "Goodbye, Amelia."

"Goodbye, Mary" Amy resisted the urge to laugh until the other woman was well out of earshot. Oh yes, she had won this round. Of course, she wasn't to know that her debunking of this rumour would give rise to a worse one in a few years time, that would be a problem for then. For now, she was completely satisfied with her minor victory. Amy Pond 1, Gossip-mongers zero.

"Mummy" Anthony clung to her, his little eyes glaring after Mary as she disappeared around a corner. "My Mummy."

"Yes, your Mummy" said Amy, kissing his curly head. "No-one can take that away from me yet.."