The Lone Wolf

By: YingYang13

~The Girl and The Wolf~

Night beckons when Cato slumped tiredly on the shaft of some tree at the perimeter of the artificial-green woods. The air around him grows colder, and Cato wasted no time to gather some kindle to light a fire. And in every minute, he'd vigilantly watch his back while he'd salvage for twigs and bits of wood. As he finished, he conjured matches out of his small grey bundle and lit the kindling.

As a result of his small bonfire, Cato slowly eased and drew up his hood to secure warmth while his eyes loosely watch the smouldering flames.

Yet not far above him in the trees, stirred Katniss Everdeen. Her eyes flashed alarmingly at the fire, thinking it was the Gamemakers setting a firestorm once more. Soon, short relief took over her to see a blonde head through the gap of heavy leaves. Katniss peered, trying to find familiarity with this tribute down below.

But the surging pain on her upper thigh burned as Katniss throws up her arm to her mouth and winced. Suddenly an ear-splitting scream had travelled to her ears, now followed by the explosion of the cannon. Katniss breathed steadily, using every inch of her willpower to ignore her recent injury.

"Ten to go," Cato thinks exceedingly, down to the ground.

Ten tributes left now. And Cato can almost feel the tension in the air, while he surveys his good chances of winning rather than losing. He thinks of bathing in riches and doing his district proud, in fact he feels more positive that he can win this thing.

Without warning, the bough under Katniss snapped in half. But her reflexes prove to good use as Katniss held on to the branch and hangs there limply, while failing to mount on again.

Cato leaped in the air to hear sounds that someone is there. Moreover on his right he can clearly see Katniss dangling helplessly on the branch with a pained expression on her face.

"Well if it isn't the girl on fire," smirks Cato. Like Christmas had come early for him.

Katniss didn't dare speak. Instead she glared at him as she struggles to hurdle upwards and feels her fingers slipping at any moment.

Without any delay Cato removes his sword from his belt and attempt to climb. But before his feet didn't touch the ground, he heard voices in the distance and so did Katniss, who throws her upper body on the bough and at last, boost herself up.

"Shame we've had to kill him...he could've done a hell of a good job—hey, someone lit a fire here," said the familiar voice, that Cato had trouble remembering. Something stirs inside him, and for once he thought of others instead of himself. Although, he glared at Katniss for even think that there's good in him.

"Stay there and don't even say a word," He hisses, while Katniss's eyebrows make a line whenever she's perplexed.

"I'm still going to kill you." He said under his breath. Katniss for a moment would've thought it was funny because it reminded of her bitter relationship with Buttercup, even that awful cat made her feel like she's home.

It felt like forever but it was only a few seconds when his Ex-colleagues had appeared in front of him. The Two are familiar to him. But the one behind him is new to Cato. Her hair is blonde and in ringlets. Yet what wondered about Cato is that she's silently crying. Clearly Cato can see that she has a motive.

Cato broadened his muscular shoulders while he crossed his arms rather menacingly.

"Well, isn't it Cato...who says he too good for us? Well who has the upper hand, not you," Said the two-faced jerk, that Cato remembered is Marvel.

"Yeah, he's bringing shame to our district," Clove leers. Cato rolls his eyes and said.

"If you don't like it, Go ahead and kill me I dare you..." Cato smirked.

Marvel and Clove looked at each other with hesitation. Cato already knows that the two of them won't go near him, because they saw what he did in the bloodbath. And would break neck if someone would even try to get his weapon that he proudly gripped by the side of him.

"I thought so." Cato laughed.

Marvel and Clove made silent discussions by facial expression. Cato's one eye shifted up the top of the branch then back to them again.

"Yeah, I agree...babe," said Marvel.

"Babe?" Cato thought while his face goes what the fuck.

Katniss is not surprised because of the elevator incident where she hit the button for two instead of twelve since she had a rough day with her mentor Haymitch, and then she realised she was in the wrong penthouse and caught the two of them kissing.

Marvel readied his spear as it touched Cato's neck. Katniss stopped breathing, and thought she's about to witness a horrid murder.

"I wanted to do this all week." Marvel smirked. Yet Cato possibly has a plan thought up.

Suddenly, Marvel is in halt with his mouth half-open. Katniss gasped but she stifled it in time. Marvel said something to Cato but a warm red fluid spewed out as it leaked immensely to the brim of his T-Shirt.

"Marvel-" Clove murmured, approaching closer to Marvel. But Cato saw the silver tip of a spear to Marvel's chest where blood seeped through it.

"That's for my Cousin!" said the girl with the ringlets.

Unpredictably, Cato never sees Clove this angry and without hope at the same time as she flings many knifes but it narrowly missed the girl when she took off in a run into the trees.

"Marvel...Marvel Don't-" whimpered Clove, her hands covered in blood by their hand-holding.

Cato wanted to get out of there and he seemed to lose all of his aloofness with other people's emotions. For a moment, Cato locked eyes into Katniss's grey ones. Therefore Katniss mouthed unexpectedly.


Immediately he took off into the south and hears the sound of the cannon and Clove's distant cries of the boy's name. However, Katniss is up in the trees where Clove kissed Marvel's forehead and screamed at the top of her voice.

Katniss was about to zip across the branch despite that her injury will slow her down. But she heard Clove again and this time.

"I'll kill you Cato! I know you can hear me! After I'm finished with her I'll kill you," she screamed.

"One down, nine to go," Cato thinks depressingly, as he saw the hovercraft sail away into the night.

That concludes part one.

Part Two will be completed soon some point this month.