The Lone Wolf

By: YingYang13

~ An Unlikely Friendship~

Night had extinguished into early dawn as the sun peeked over the mountains, and across the hills. While a warm and gentle wind breezed the tops of the awning trees as the Mockingjays began to croon and flocked the skies. Before long, the indigo sky turned periwinkle blue within an hour. In this precise moment, everything becomes so peaceful beneath the scanty-green woods.

And deep within the woods, laid Cato resting on the rough ground while the breeze whisked his hair and face. Although undisturbed, he has his weapon ready in his grasp for unexpected company (or predators). However he's less than two kilometres from any tributes which can say the least for Clove, whose unwavering act of revenge is more restless and demanding.

Nonetheless, Cato had no trouble sleeping after what he encountered last night. Although Cato began to toss and turn while his forehead shined with sweat...

"No-" he mumbled, turning again. Cato flinched and thrashed. "NO-" he screamed.

Suddenly, a loud and distant boom echoed the whole of the forest. At once, the woods rang with perturbed noises while the ground gave a terrible tremor. As the earth continued to shake, Cato awoke and stood up in the process. His face etched in total bewilderment, almost forgetting that he is in fact armed with a superior weapon.

Next, Cato jumped a mile assumed he saw something sinister. Actually it's not sinister at all in fact it's cute and fluffy despite the jackal rabbit has insect feelers instead of antlers on top. Cato threatened the furry mutt with his sword and said:

"Get you stupid mutt, get," The jackal didn't move although he rashly hissed.

Cato moved back to see the creature writhing his three tongues at him. Cato's eyes had widened while he took off and grabbed his pack to the other end of the woods; furthermore he had a wild theory that this mutt was chasing him.

Then he came to a halt at the nearest shrub, where he saw a stream of water. Already reminded that he's running low on essentials, he cautiously knelt on a boulder and filled his silver container with blue liquid. But before he could continue with this task, Cato heard a rustle in the bushes. He assumed its the mutt again, yet his stomach clenches uneasily. It sounded human to him. So without further ado, he removed his sword from his sheath and advanced forwards...

Suddenly, the person jumped out of the shrubs with a dagger. Cato landed violently on the ground although he got to his feet pretty quickly to fight off the girl from 1. The opponent kicked his sword by the boulders before Cato could even think to get a hold of his artillery.

The Career who of course Cato has trouble remembering the name (and so with many others) pinned him to the ground, while Cato had slightly struggled to force the dagger away from his neck.

"Y'know...Clove is not the only one with retribution," she said, attempting to strike her blade against his throat. "And now, I'm going to get even...Clove will understand after all—Hold still!" She yells furiously, while Cato ducked although it couldn't say the same to his leg.

"You killed him, you killed Marvel!" she shouted, aiming a knife at his head. Coincidentally for Cato, she missed.

"I didn't kill him you stupid bitch!" said Cato, thoroughly annoyed. Whilst his sword is now in his grasp.

The girl from 1 had thrown her last knife out of resentment, barely missing his head.

Incredulously, his opponent is in tears. However, Glimmer (Cato had barely remembered her) attacked suddenly. But Cato was too quick for her this time as he pinned Glisten to the ground and splintered her forearm. She let out a weakling-like whimper yet not begging for mercy.

"Pathetic," Cato thinks conceitedly, although he has no intention to kill her despite that he injured her on purpose. The old Cato would've laughed and mimicked his victim before he could cut off the head with one quick blow from his sword.

"Stop whinging, I'm not gonna kill you," Cato said, insensitively as he rises.

Gleam stopped sobbing, instead she glared at him. Cato shrugged it off apathetically. True to his word, he retrieved his pack without a glare to his adversary.

"I'm still going to get even..."

"Yeah, you do that," said Cato sarcastically, assuming she has nothing behind her sleeve or her back for that matter.

But he had thought wrong as Glitter lunged at him with a knife that previously loitered at the river bank. She has the upper hand now although Cato gouged her eyes out. She whined in agony however it's not her eyesight that's the problem.

Cato observed the predicament; Glimmer (he got it right this time) toppled by the riverbank losing blood fast. Cato looked in mild surprise to see a small arrow, wedged in her waist.

"Who could've done that I wonder?" He thinks curiously, seeing the whiteness in his adversary eyes.

"Run Cato! Run you idiot!" shouted the voice, now nearing him.

Cato snapped his head to whoever dared to call him an idiot!

"Great! Everdeen is here...!" He thinks sarcastically, ignoring the pain in his chest. The pain to Cato is alien to him.

"Why, Girl on fire so you'll just snuff me and get on top?" He said frostily, rooted on the spot not going anywhere.

Katniss looked at him stupid while she stopped in her tracks for a moment or two. Katniss vigilantly watched Glimmer despite that Katniss attentively throw her bow over the shoulders. Glimmer sneered, not saying anything. Katniss had known Glimmer would not call for her Career's because of her characteristic independency to do things on her own rather being a team player. Plus it'd embarrass her that she attempted with fail in her associate's eyes.

"Simply, returning the favour," said Katniss, truthfully while watching Glimmer.

"You don't have to return anything," Cato retorts, still not moving from his spot.

Katniss gritted her teeth, still injured from the Gamemaker's fiery salutation. Cato moved an inch. His cold expression had thawed. Glimmer on the other hand expressed nothing but indifference although she calculated the subject later in her brain.

Yet Katniss sharply breathed like the pain will pass, next she got out her bow, inserting her arrow and fixed her aim upon Cato's head.

"I can do it y'know, just as quick before you can are you with me?" Katniss enquired steadily.

Cato stared incredulously to the arrow inching his forehead, then to Katniss to check she's just bluffing? His choices are already limited in his brain... Cato inaudibly groaned and nodded to agree with her.

"Ehh...Close enough," Katniss shrugged, relaxing her bow.

The two unlikely of friends haven't got a clue to comprehend at the corner of their eye when Glimmer slowly wrenches out the arrow while the minor wound squirted out blood. Glimmer's face looked almost ghostly but it was no matter as she at last seized her trusty blade.

"Katniss look out!" shouted Cato as Glimmer ran in a war cry towards them.

Yet with Katniss's level-headedness and quick thinking, she took out her bow and...Unfortunately for Glimmer, Katniss fired the arrow and this time.

There are no second chances.