The Lone Wolf

By: YingYang13

~~No Turning Back~~

The day wears on as soon as the periwinkle sky turned rosy pink. It's almost evening as Katniss and Cato stopped to make camp within the perimeter of the forest while a spangle of gold from the cornucopia had reflected off the sun in a distance. The area around them seemed tranquil although Katniss had appeared tense. Reason is, she killed someone for the first time and it occupied her mind for a few long minutes.

Cato was longed to puncture this unsettling silence. But he was so angry, that he preferred not to. Not a word got out of him after he warned Katniss, can you blame him? Cato was forced in this little companionship treaty. Yet strangely, he'd feel relaxed by her presence and would unlikely to tell her that.

However, what really put him off was her constant wincing. Cato couldn't contain his silence any longer.

"What's with you?" He said intolerantly, crossing his arms. However his expression was sympathetic.

Katniss gave another hesitant wince before she could answer him.

"I—well one of the fireballs had burnt my leg," As Katniss gently dabbed her burnt wound with water.

Cato had bit his lip before he could show any kind of sympathetic gesture that'd assume he has a light side. And it'd shock hundred of spectators and lose sponsors. Though, Katniss gave another excruciating wince, worse than the last. Therefore, Cato ineptly approached to her to look at the burnt wound.

A surge of distressing thoughts had taken over his brain (which made Cato grind his teeth). Yet he has an idea as he glanced at his pack behind him.

"Just a second, I think I can help-" Cato said, ending his sentence right there.

Katniss peered at him curiously as he knelt, rummaging in his pack. "What's in there," Katniss wondered while Cato got back, with a small tub of gel like substance. Katniss looked closely at the tub, like it would pop up a whole medical kit.

Nothing happened. Cato's eyebrows formed a line. Katniss attempted to open it, but it didn't work. Katniss pouted and tried again.

"Let me have it, butter fingers," Cato joked.

Katniss sarcastically laughed and dump it in his hand...for a split second, her hand softly touched his. It felt like a hundred volts to Cato. However, he had the mentality to stop and screw off the lid like it was no big deal. The gooey substance inside sparkled like crystals. Cato vaguely remembered being it called Nanocrystals.

"What is it," says Katniss, while she dips her finger in the blue material.

"N-Achem- they're called Nanocrystals...Watch," He said, smearing the stuff on her burn.

Katniss winced at first however she stopped to see the wound knitting together with new skin. Her face glowed with bewilderment as the Nano-thingy repaired a few layers of her skin. And out of the corner of her eye, Cato fixed his eyes intently at her.

However, he stopped and stared at the tree with last-minute interest.

"Where did you get this?" Katniss wondered, while quickly penetrating their silence.

"The same as you did...steal the backpack and get the hell out of there," said Cato, shrugging.

Katniss repressed the moment to laugh, although she seemed highly amused. Cato had got up with a fake yawn. Katniss had guessed that he's not in the mood to engage further in their discussion. Without warning, those two words let slip from her mouth.

"Thank you..." said Katniss, the patches of her cheeks glowing pink.

Cato blinked, staring at the gold tip of the cornucopia and a few scattered trees. He felt his heart thumped wildly. "There's no turning back on this..." he thinks. Cato nodded. Regardless that he turned his back on her earlier. However Katniss had accepted what she can get...

Once again, the sun rises whilst the sunrays are being reflected from the cornucopia. Cato shielded his eyes from it, already seeing spots. He yawned from the lack of sleep and suggested strongly that he can ditch Katniss, considering she's already sleeping. However, Cato stopped to hear Katniss murmuring. "Nothing unusual there." He thinks. Assuming that in the early hours of the morning, he'd watch her sleep for some reason?

He shook this warm sentiment for Katniss as he thrust his sword back in his belt before setting a lone venture. He prefers being alone, branding himself as the Wolf without a pack. Cato can feel the strap of his pack digging into his shoulder because he didn't pack light.

But before he's noticeably gone within the forest, a voice not far behind Cato had him postponed for a moment. He glanced and immediately turned away. "For fuck sake...I won't even be alone for five minutes!" He thinks, irritably

"Hey, where do you think you're going." said Katniss, catching up to him with a fast sprint.

Cato pretended that he didn't hear her and continued walking.

"Answer me, Cato." she hissed, careful not to be overheard.

"Stop calling me by my first name." said Cato, gritting his teeth.

"You used my first name, so where're we going?" Katniss said, now by his side examining the corners of the woods.

Cato didn't have the energy to retort or to run unless being in a sticky situation, therefore he continued walking to a route away from...well anyone. Clearly Katniss doesn't want him to go, considering she can be favourable and hold up as many sponsors by observing their friendship. All the same, Katniss felt warm by his presence that she never felt in a long time. Almost as if she can rely on him instead of herself once in a while. She mentally shook it off pretending that never had crossed her mind.

Seconds turned into minutes as Katniss and Cato hiked deep into the unknown woods. Katniss remained in silence while sporadically sneaking a glimpse at him, Cato couldn't hold his frusatation any longer so he stopped and want settle things straight.

"Will you stop following me, I don't need you y'know and I can take care of myself...I done it fine so far." He retorted.

Without any forewarning, his words emotionally hit Katniss like she banged her head on the brick wall. The warmness she felt turned bitter cold. Katniss had said nothing so far, although her expression screwed with immense anger and despondency.

Cato is not stupid but he just now realised he's screwed.

"Yes, you've done it fine so far...when Glimmer nearly had you in the throat." spoke Katniss, insistently. While Katniss repressed her thoughts of remembering Glimmer's spread-eagled body, dead by her hands for his wellbeing and done deal.

Cato was about to retort but he was stumped. It's not like him at all, he'd have just killed Glimmer and her sobbing face was a bonus. Therefore he wouldn't have this conversation with Katniss right now. He mentally cursed himself for being such a dick about killing people. He wanted respect and honour for his district.

"Guess I won't have that now, cavorting with Everdeen." He thinks sourly.

"And another thing, you need me considering you can't catch anything with that sword of yours!" Katniss said, raising her voice.

"Shh, Shut up." Cato hissed, approaching to her with his arms waving animatedly.

Katniss had barely realised why Cato told her to shut up. Katniss bit back her retort and glared at Cato with all the anger she can now muster. Cato had drawn back like a bee had just stung him. The awkward tension between them had just now set fuse.

Until Katniss spoke up quietly, she clearly is not finished with the subject.

"Furthermore, I won't stop following you considering you saved my li-" said Katniss in an angry like tone, before she got interrupted by Cato.

"Don't you dare Katniss!" he hissed, looking around madly making sure that this in not going in live.

Although, Cato replayed the words "I won't stop following you..." in his brain. And another awkward silence blended in within the sounds of the whole woods teaming with wildlife. Katniss had quickly let go of her fiery emotion and looked around except for Cato.

Cato sighed and resume walking to a different route, yet he walked slower thinking maybe Katniss is about to join him? Nonetheless he set off as Katniss followed him by his side.

"So where are we going anyway?" questioned Katniss.

"Don't have a clue, I'm just winging It." shrugged Cato.

Katniss took an opportunity to laugh while Cato felt an odd tingly sensation in his throat.

"Well winging it will have us fall for our deaths, whatever it's your call." said Katniss, teasingly.

Cato turned to her, tempted to smile at her although his will is strong. Maybe, just maybe the Lone Wolf is not really alone anymore...